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    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    Weren't some of the 90KWh packs problematic? At least with the P90D, there were a greater number of failures than the P85Ds. Tesla was bringing silicon into the chemistry. I'm sure you're covered, but I think a few of those have been in/out.
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    Options for bad battery

    RE "huge amount of labor". It sounds like needing the right tools. Packs were designed to come down in minutes. Resister/shunt access may be relatively easy, afterward? Does the part require a handshake, or opening the battery? For the cases where someone only really needs a lift, or...
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    Model S Windshield cracks

    Sounds reasonable, LOL. In the case of my photo above, it was to be warranted but they came back saying a special measurement device detected a chip within the glass layers. ....It all comes out of the collective Tesla insurance hide. If you don't go with the crack program, I'd avoid...
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    Won't gamble with firmware updates any more

    It has been a ~couple years, but I noticed only 1, er 2, folks ever identify SCs as deploying staged updates, against their wishes. I think the techs had kind of a creed, not to. It was probably CA. They won’t say. You could say I “took my chances”, going in for a frunk recall and parking...
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    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    Really hoped by now, that '13 and '14 (this year's warranty expiries) owners would pioneer the way, but battery solutions look undecided. Options for aged, partial refurbs, or the alternative $~20k (w/o history?) from Tesla is all we have? Service plans (aka W057) are clever, but not something...
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    My $9241 XMAS 2021 & New Year 2022 Repair Bills

    I was having stuck pad issues, on both MS's. Electrified Garage has a video, where Chad goes over it. When you order new rear pads, the stainless steel backing no longer wraps around the top/bottom sides of the pads making them slightly less apt to bind as they float w/in the caliper. There's...
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    Won't gamble with firmware updates any more

    After holding until 2022, Tesla took 8.1 away from me today. The service center either force deployed a staged update, or someone did it manually and is not telling. Car was parked w/in the geofence, overnight. I had lost the cell phone app, couldn't engage service within it and with ATT...
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    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    334 wh/mi is not bad. I believe I'd be ~400 in those conditions (P85D). That said, 50 miles is a longer drive to smooth out those warm-up effects. Now, if we could find a non-LFP (NCA) Model 3 in those same conditions the assumption would probably be better wh/mi, but by how much? FWIW, my...
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    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    Thanks, your posts are very helpful. I'd like to ask: What has been the cold soaked, not trip, but your return home Wh/mi, ~10F? What range remains when you arrive, vs. leave work 8hrs later, in ~10F temps? How many additional miles of rated range do you lose, to get home. More than the ~30...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Playing TSLA's macro abuse from the pandemic was so much easier than this. Horizon was a vaccine. IMO, trading has become much more institutional. It's going to be hair-trigger selling, possibly for months, 4 raises, 5 raises, recession fear(?). We could already be off the bottom, or Rob...
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    Model S Windshield cracks

    Crack pictured. There is no chip, and it is to be covered by Safe lite Autoglass, after they line up the second replacement w/in a year (first being a stone). My wife said she was using defrost, when it happened. 2016 MS Accessing defrost is a safety feature, that I believe helped turn the...
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    An honest review of the yoke

    Not just Randy Probst, but the 'Ring time was with the yoke and the driver squirmed, when Misha asked about it 5:30 into this video: He put his life on the line, to do a 7:30. If you've driven track, had the front of a car wash out, or tail snap around, imagine it being somewhere within 2.5...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Gas wells signed up as demand responders. That's how backwards the TX railroad commission prefers things. Scarcity microeconomics work, for them. Tesla being a Retail Electricity Provider, on ERCOT, will mean good things. They know that market. They could some day be another FPL, with the...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Where our heads are in "multiple compression" and "law of big numbers" sets up the buy/sell, in my opinion. As stated, there is now a denominator to multiply...and keep us sober. Since 2013, I ignored (at peril) the simple buy&hold and worked trading ranges, instead. Today, with the added...
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    Tunein no longer available?

    Lost TuneIn about 3-4 weeks ago. Held off on posting, until I hard reset (pulled the fireman's loop and battery negative terminal. Still nothing. Streaming OK. I'm a hold out, on Version 8.1 (2018.34.1.3dd3072). I don't suppose the OP is on older firmware? I just prefer its features and...
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    Roadster vs Porsche GT3

    Had a 997.1 "Metzger". A really special engine, but even that (2007) is matched by Taycan's 7:43 'Ring time. The Roadster is going to crush the GT3 and Taycan. GT2 RS @6:45, maybe not, but without proof I'd almost be surprised if it doesn't land as a four-motor car, with the new carbon rotor...
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    Steering wheel

    Don't think it's a personal thing. It's a functional thing. For those who don't like sport driving, maybe relearning not to put thumbs on the horn (or other non-tactile locations that control ~something) can be adapted to. Seems pointless, to me. For sport, ~800 degrees of yoke rotation...
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    U-Joint Problems

    My pre-refresh 2015 had no protection (apart from the undertray). I did the 2016 refresh and it's a tougher job, but no cover. I'd say if you aren't sure what's the U-joint, steer the wheel to be sure you see the assembly rotate. No extra tools, and can still see it from the brake fluid...
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    Wiki Butt dialing FSD purchase

    All input is error. Tesla knows how to make bank, on error. Not having complexity, passwords, or two-factor authentication for 10k transactions is nuts.
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    "Single Piece Casting" - Does it matter to the consumer?

    Suspension components come both cast and steel (welded). When accidents happen, with for instance a Tesla, castings such as A-arms, or wishbones, are typically replaced (happened to me, on both sides, from a left side hit). Castings typically fail by breaking, cracking or developing small...
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    Operating Solar/Powerwall before PTO

    Agree it seems without a net meter installed, your *excess* generation can be seen as consumption. That doesn't mean balanced household consumption won't stop, or slow, the meter. Passed inspection 1 month ago. Utility still doesn't have final app. Today, I notice not only does system...
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    U-Joint Problems

    It worked great. Been a while, but wanted to come back. With bearing grease, using any kind of fine point that can get around the joint (I wend downward from the brake fluid reservoir, on Model S). I worked the grease into the joint, by suspending the front, and turning the steering wheel...
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    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    In the US there isn't much CCS, yet. The most compelling reason to "update" would be to regain access to the cell phone, or remote, app. Would be great to get that back, but I am worried about what could go away. ingineer / Phil Sadow once had an app, almost a couple years ago, but I don't...
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    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I haven't been doing updates (on Ver8) and have booth noticed and heard from an employee (FWIW) charge rates were dialed down for customers not taking delivery (kiosks were full of unplated cars). My curve, obviously unaffected by version, has dropped to ~60KW on DCFC, after only about 70-90...
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    For Sale: Model S P100D w/FSD and MCU2 upgrade, fully loaded

    Also need to reset camber. Given the massive pile of inside-worn rear tires these cars have left behind, I don't know why anyone would want "stock". Being 1" lower works for handling/looks, hardly ends up scraping and may only otherwise be an issue in show.
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    U-Joint Problems

    Confirming, tonight I have a failing U-joint. Also, reminded how Tesla can return "aligned" cars with steering wheels off 3-5 degrees. Happened to me on several occasions, until I started compensating the tie-rod nuts an equal amount to correct it (usually one facet of the nut / 1/6 turn is...
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    MA - "Right to Repair" Question 1 is heating up - (Voting 'Yes')

    Teslas don't need the OBD to tell you how to pass inspection, so you can keep a car on the road. The equivalent they lack, however even with OBD, is consumer provided drive train diagnostics. The message I once got, "Car may not restart" if shut off, ended up being a drive unit. That's all it...
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    MA - "Right to Repair" Question 1 is heating up - (Voting 'Yes')

    Tesla emailed me today, in MA, asking to "Vote No on Question 1". This is the Right to Repair law that last passed with 86%, in 2012. Here, they are joining a cabal of car-makers (below). I don't know if they are $upporting the lobby, but I have also been called and surveyed by a party who...
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    Very Stiff Steering Wheel Issue

    I'm on another TMC tech safari. Your problem sounds like mine, but not the others here. Most seem to report sudden failure, not a slow worsening. Mine is slowly worsening, and I know it is in part because my 245 / 21s are low in tread. Despite being the same 245 width, putting 19" snow tires...
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    Powerwall in New England ?

    Called Tesla: -Eversource is not offering a battery incentive, at my southwest metro locale -Mass Save: .04/KWh of solar production, toward your battery, if you include one in the install (incentive oddly not metered on battery use, or utility controlled). Was told "Connected Solutions"...
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    Powerwall in New England ?

    Anecdotally, Nat Grid seems less reliable than "Ever"source. Are you selecting a higher reserve, or "backup" on your PW's, to ensure the Connected Solutions compensation? If you are being paid unwittingly, it doesn't sound like there was any lead time to adjust. You may not know, but out of...
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    Just trying to figure out the economics, thanks in advance

    Right. Almost all utilities still considered to be full-NEM, are at least revisiting not writing checks to solar owners but instead crediting them for the over-generation and letting them "bank" those watts for lower sun periods (like winter). Personally, as a utility analyst, I don't think of...
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    Powerwall in New England ?

    Bumping, to see if people's compensation is working out? I also remain a bit cynical: -COVID 19 demand effects could blunt 2020 peaks. Does this mean zero battery comp, if peak events aren't declared this year? Looking more closely at solar + battery, I am wondering if the time is approaching...
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    Eversource - Demand Charges

    This truism may not last, if gas goes back to $3/gal. And, as noted, maintenance, if you do a couple things yourself, won't involve the cost of an engine light. What MA rates reveal is that there are controlling interests believing expensive energy is the right outcome, not how cheap...
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    New 340W Solar Panels on Tesla's Website

    Spoke to a TE advisor, yesterday. He was a former Solar City employee, who said Tesla has carried on with a "no ground mount" policy. "Too expensive". I share similar concern, as the nature of the roof means 8-9% capacity factors, where I'd get 14-15% at one end of the lawn. One way to think...
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    Just trying to figure out the economics, thanks in advance

    As with above, LADWP and other public CA retailers are still on Net Energy Metering. This reduces the economies most others now face, as NEM goes away and significantly lower rates of compensation (like 3 cents/KWh, in AZ) begin showing up. California will eventually trend that way, and...
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    Thinking of going solar

    Are you adjusting for seasons? 100KWh, on June 28, isn't what you'll get in January.
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    First impressions: Y vs Macan S

    Really odd thing to say. You already didn't seem to notice the Cg and here you are comparing a front engine mounted SUV, to the rear-engine mounted, low Cg, of a flat-six 911? And, thank God, 911's don't run on air suspensions. Gonna keep looking for hot takes. Enjoy your "Porsche".
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    When "Republican" means blocking a free market for direct-sales, alternatives are made to have that "ring". He needs to create that "Freedom" pressure, that can come from voters, or the jobless, up thru legislators who will ultimately determine the GF package; legislators currently tied to...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I can't get the Ark graphic to post, showing central-US Cybertruck interest. Elon's also in the middle of GF selection and probably not happy with the liberal ring, of "Tesla". So, he's more vocal (about what he partially agrees with, anyway): Freedom, "WTF" and other sentiments from a group...
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    Why Is Tesla Forcing Software Updates If No Safety Issue Is Involved?

    I work in this space. You disconnect the equipment, or expect that any wired/wireless portal will be exploited. What I don't know, is how frequently venders are the ones screwing around.
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    Why Is Tesla Forcing Software Updates If No Safety Issue Is Involved?

    Many of these all-in "Tesla's precious connection" types are newer posters, with less history than, well, customers. I repeat, why? Why would a group of people who aren't among the first owners of Tesla's cars be so bent on taking advantage? Who's in such a rush for the car=iPhone era? My...
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    Goodbye TMC

    Noticing same. Odd how some newer owners come to almost beat up on older ones daring to take issue with some things many have faced. What I'm guilty of, I guess, is coming here like it's "the family", a place to let the issues hang out, where elsewhere you're more an ambassador and maybe...
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    Why Is Tesla Forcing Software Updates If No Safety Issue Is Involved?

    Your prose can be isolated down to Tesla's intent to stay connected to its cars. Its cars, however, are people's property. That's not a "car guy" thing. I really don't think I'm complaining. After all, you're right. These are just cars. They shouldn't ignite a bunch of expert software...
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    Why Is Tesla Forcing Software Updates If No Safety Issue Is Involved?

    I have two MS, one V8, one V9, and this has been covered here. I'd suggest searching and reading threads with "Version" in the title. Curious. Just from your reply, how is it "more safe" to drive a car where one has to control a media toolbar from the bottom (Version 9), rather than fixed...
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    Why Is Tesla Forcing Software Updates If No Safety Issue Is Involved?

    Nothing strange about keeping a car, as delivered. Owners aren't being given the option of maintaining a "two year-old build". They are being told they will lose voice, remote app control, etc., if they don't submit to the possibility their BMS may be manipulated.
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    Why Is Tesla Forcing Software Updates If No Safety Issue Is Involved?

    Tesla has no right to make its cars worse, nerf batteries, or otherwise make its interface less, and less, ergonomic. I don't appreciate the software angle, because all it suggests is Tesla can't get the car right the first time. Yes, a car, not software. The unsupported features, if you...
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    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    No. The post you quoted, I thought, summed it up pretty well, "... they do a software update that makes your rooms 20% smaller. Then 6 months later say all your services go away if you don't update. When that update can change the size of your rooms." My understanding is Apple survived its...
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    Tesla Model S P85 BRAKE PADS?

    Correction. "going from the pads, to caliper 92244288 will get you to 18K1971X as the (Amazon sister) part number, for the springs and pins. " That quote got me a hardware set, whose retainers work, but whose pins are too short for the Tesla caliper (I re-used OE, and only needed the retainers...
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    Changes & Updates to the Model S over the Past 4 Years

    I read some of the blog, and wonder where else the terms "track tuned" and "air suspension" are found together? Coil P85Ds are 1 in 20. I'd say give their Bilsteins a shot, if you can. Coil or air, either way the larger rear motor cars have the more typical power bias of sports AWD.

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