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    Is it ok to share the title and registration photo to a online buyer for auto loan?

    Theres nothing regularly dangerous about sharing photos of titles, people knowing your VINs etc (outside of personal address info). The fear is fraud and duplication of vins, things reported "stolen", etc; in the end you hold the paper, you also hold the vehicle, and can legally prove it all in...
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    12v emergency replacement

    ive done alot of self repair on my car. by far the WORST thing ive ever done is remove my 12v from my 2013 base model S. It was the most knuckle busting piece of work and i almost put it back together and called it quits to tow somewhere. i hated every Fing second of it
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    12v emergency replacement

    i struggled with this when mine basically was dead. and Tesla changed mfg's and had NONE on hand with a multi month wait. I didnt end up having to do this BUT you can just create jumper cables probably 8AWG and flipflop polarity to the top fuse panel. you'll need to obviously leave it off the...
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    Take out HV batt pack / cut out bad cell? (S P85+)

    im just glad you're back in action! :D
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    Take out HV batt pack / cut out bad cell? (S P85+)

    I bet you probably hear less about one off conversions using mismatched tesla packs (as in, the converter doesnt probe forums with basic questions and often expects issues like that so doesnt "complain" about it) I couldnt hold a candle to Jason's knowledge on the topic, but I'd treat each...
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    Is my Model S going to start on fire? ScanMyTesla

    your temps are fine, the car will scream at you when they are not. and even if they were not, theres not much you can personally do, you'd be jumping a zillion hoops trying to prove to tesla that the cell temp went to 141 degrees for a minute on your 3rd party monitoring app.
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    Class Action Lawsuit - Model S - Auto Present Door Handles

    This mostly affects owner #2+ as it was fixed with gen3 handles. As an original owner of a low vin as well i replaced 6 door handles, but havent had an issue since this last round in over two years. Good luck with your suit, i dont think you'll actually recoup the thousands they used to be...
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    An issue which has stumped Tesla Repairs for the last 2 years

    100% grounding issues. if its not simple negative terminal loose or frame connection grounding (which mine was for similar issues that suddenly and randomly popped up) then you're going on an electrical hunt to find the ground that is bad.
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    Is my 2017 S90D Total'd?

    Impossible. Thats 20k bare minimum.
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    Keeping my Model S as she ages

    you're near enough to @wk057 to be worth a visit or a chat about his battery services. I'd likely do the same as you, barring door handles and leaky screens, a battery replacement will put the car "good as new" for another 200k miles for me.
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    Model S jumps into Neutral while driving

    Yes, but it also points to a bad ground elsewhere if the problem persists. I was really panic'ing i was gonna have go through the ENTIRE car and it was just the battery thank god.
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    Model S jumps into Neutral while driving

    I had this problem hopefully it helps you. My negative battery terminal ground was loose and it was causing super weird behavior. It only happened from time to time and worse almost drained the entire battery because the car wouldn’t turn off. I ripped the parking brake apart and made sure...
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    Please help to find pyrofuse on Tesla S 2014

    its under the air filter on top of the 12v battery, if your 12v is under the airfilter. they moved it in later years...
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    Please help to find pyrofuse on Tesla S 2014

    you're gonna need to take stuff apart honestly. its not hard, just an extra 30 mins of panels and screws
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    I'm getting various BMS errors, and my model S won't go into Drive (D) or Reverse (R)

    congrats, did you enjoy the 12v removal? mine was a blast... my knuckles still hurt to this day
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    I'm getting various BMS errors, and my model S won't go into Drive (D) or Reverse (R)

    probably 12v then. 12v and ground faults and pack corruption usually throw all these at once. 12v is an easy start, broken ground stud or some ground fault would be next imo
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    S 60 D Full Charge Battery.

    yes thats not bad, 294 is wrong, not sure where that number came from.
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    Buying a used model s

    with gas and used car prices where they are its hard to say. im not sure id pay that, but i also dont have a good pulse on the market. dont just look locally, the world is small, shipping isnt super expensive. compare used prices to tesla used prices as a barganing chip (carmax too)
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    2013 Model S a money pit

    not an awful price, maybe slightly above "a good deal", but with the current used car market i'd say you did alright. just drive it and see, cant worry about what you cant fix or know. its not like a gas car where you can look inside the cylinder walls for scoring or check the oil for signs of...
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    2013 Model S a money pit

    agree, i think its more painful to hear the number from one and only source, and not multiple repair shops... or even a real chance to take a stab at it yourself (which is how some people justify buying the old bmw's etc)
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    2013 Model S a money pit

    i mean that drags us back into the "is a 2013 (or any year/model) model s a luxury car"? I'd absolutely disagree, our cayenne is head and shoulders above my model s in features and comfort.
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    2013 Model S a money pit

    my 2013 is a money pit, yes. and when i complain about it i get smoked by the 2017+ owners... as this forum ages. There are less and less of us early model owners as they get wrecked/parted out etc; pre 2014 is a painful model s to own, there are alot of issues, and tesla doesnt do a good job of...
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    you cant physically replace the cluster as WK says, just swap the screen off of a good one onto your board/cluster. Otherwise your car will wig out.
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    2013 Model S Blows air - No heat or cool

    its super easy, sorta. it was the hardest repair ive ever done on the tesla because i was too lazy to take the tire off (and my lug nuts were stripped). but once it was out it was cake, as the video shows.
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    2013 Model S Blows air - No heat or cool

    DC/DC converter. fuse powers the compressor, especially relevant if you randomly had to replace your 12v because the system told you it was getting low. another classic sign of a failed or failing dc/dc
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    Support Escalation Options? Please help!

    They gave you a loaner, which means the situation is quite grave lol. Condolences to your battery. Drive the free car for now I guess? BTW ask for a fresh 12v before taking possession of your car, its almost certainly toast with no HV feeding it, and your car is likely sitting outside at the lot...
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    Do 'Performance' models have different parts / hardware?

    My car is a P85 now, but the VIN is a base 85. This is because the pack and packfuse were inadvertently upgraded during a battery warranty swap before i purchased the car. I dont think this is really the case anymore, they are smarter than that now. you'd have to physically do this component...
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    Pacific Coast Highway

    3 years ago it was questionable. these days you'll be totally fine.
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    A Microcosm of what's wrong with Tesla service, the door handles

    i was not aware v3 needed any programming, mine was plug and play. and it is a massively simplified design.
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    A Microcosm of what's wrong with Tesla service, the door handles

    The new v3 handles are about 300 but yes they used to be 1000+ They are better haven’t had one fail in years
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    Oil selection help

    confirmed dextron 3, which is what i use/used in my DU when i do it myself. my mechanic for my ICE cars told me the are the same thing x-reference.
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    Model s 85D 2015 won't heat

    lame. although that replacement work i did myself was likely the worst car repair ive ever done. it was so tightly placed behind the battery and the tire it took my almost 4 hours to remove.
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    Model s 85D 2015 won't heat

    you can get to it if you take the passenger tire out. i believe...
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    Pin out for HSD/Ethernet "Fakra" Cable (2017 MS/MCU1/FSD/2020.48)

    depends on version, ethernet likely locked down at this point on your car. the port referenced for the cable is in above the kickpanel on the drivers side door frame (inside car, not door) a little trangle plastic piece pulls off and the connector is there. im actually not sure if you'd need to...
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    Model s 85D 2015 won't heat

    they moved it in the newer models, it was impossible to get to in older models like my 2013
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    Model s 85D 2015 won't heat

    this is the DCDC converter going bad, there are fuses inside that power the cabin heater. its a pain in the ass to do but doable yourself. they will want to replace it for 2k, you can get the fuse for about 40 bucks
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    Rear tail light assembly - repair or replace?

    i have the same problem, i have a replacement unit but disasembling the trunk is not super clear so ive held off. you can get to 2/3 bolts that hold this in place but to get to the 3rd you need to remove the trunk paneling. otherwise looks plug and play very very simple. buy it from a salvage yard.
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    No floor mats for $149K Plaid? REALLY?!!!?!!

    really inflating that post count huh.
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    Park brake fault

    12v battery or bad/corroded ground
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    S Continues to lock-up will not roll. Driveline or Brakes? Service will do nothing!

    that said, this is one of the few cars id splurge for CCBs on, since the brake wear is so minimal. ive had the same pads and rotors for 160k miles. still measure just fine, no need to replace yet
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    S Continues to lock-up will not roll. Driveline or Brakes? Service will do nothing!

    yes, your pads/rotors are wet and are fusing to eachother. because this car doesnt use the brakes as often, they are not as "clean" due to surface contact and use as normal car brakes. happens if your car got sprayed by the evening sprinklers for example, and sat overnight.
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    S Continues to lock-up will not roll. Driveline or Brakes? Service will do nothing!

    more info please, i have had a similar issue, i can explain what checks you can do.
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    Lost Interest

    At this point, in my experience with Tesla since 2013 as an early adopting owner, over nearly 10 years of learning... I'd put any amount of money on the fact that you will encounter the same "straw-meet-broken-back" experience at some point in your Tesla ownership. It is literally only a matter...
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    I can no longer, in good conscience, recommend Tesla vehicles.

    When they couldn't provide me with a 12v battery for purchase due to supply issues, and I couldn't just go get one from the store because they decided to make it reverse polarity in their infinite wisdom... I called it quits with Tesla. And my repair list is probably twice as long as yours. But...
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    Advice for parking Model S on a very steep driveway

    ive never heard of the brakes failing, you can manually deploy the parking brake as well by holding the parking button on the stalk for a few extra seconds, the light will come on. when my brakes were deployed as a part of a ground fault issue... that car wasnt going ANYWHERE. i removed the...
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    Accident in Tesla S....any advice??

    I'd agree with you for slightly over 50% of things ive seen come across this board in need of repair, however... For those repairs I'd go certified. thats a door skin, a rear QP (rivet and replace, you cant buy them new unless you're certified anyway, so he'd be getting a used QP), and depending...
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    Model S battery warranty

    would be more interested in what the battery department deems a "warranty issue" these days anyway. they've got plenty of things its NOT

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