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  1. henderrj

    The savings from daily driving a Cheapo car vs new Model 3 devaluation

    No fumes in the garage alone keeps me away from any kind of gas vehicle or equipment. I think I breathe in enough carcinogens without adding to it myself! Plus, there's the health of your daughter. The younger you are the more time there is to affect things. Why in the world would you subject...
  2. henderrj

    2014 Model S 85 AP1 - Under 51,000 miles, Free Unlimited Supercharging, & 2 sets of wheels!

    I would consider getting the WK 057 tech battery warranty on it. Or at least making sure that it is eligible for this warranty. At 22k a lot of people are nervous about the battery. Another 2 years of warranty would make a significant difference, perhaps. It is a beautiful vehicle! Mine is...
  3. henderrj

    Battery Failures

    I have a December 2014 Model S and have the warranty from wk057.com. I highly suggest it! The Peace of mind alone is worth it. And, they are right in your neck of the woods.
  4. henderrj

    WTB Fog light and louver Model S driver side

    Try wk057.com. they should have them.
  5. henderrj

    Moving from Mercedes E450 to Model S

    Is the refresh model X quieter and smoother riding than the model s?
  6. henderrj

    Moving from Mercedes E450 to Model S

    I understand there is a dramatic difference in the ride quality and noise in the new refresh model s, as opposed to the 2020 that you drive. Can anyone comment on that? I'm interested myself.
  7. henderrj

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    I did upgrade the mcu on our AP1 car. It responds quicker, the navigation works better, of course the entertainment as you said, the web browser, two new screens not just one, and more. I cannot imagine why everyone doesn't pay the $1,500. I understand it's going to 1700, still a good deal. But...
  8. henderrj

    How long do EV main battery packs last before failure (not just manageable degradation)?

    Good luck my friend. Perhaps you can get your battery upgraded to a larger size, working with Jason and company.
  9. henderrj

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    The burden of proof, I'm afraid, is on you. I know of many vehicles even older than mine still driving on the original battery. I have a 2014 with 250,000 miles on it. Still the original battery. Only ancidotal evidence, but more evidence than you have provided.
  10. henderrj

    How long do EV main battery packs last before failure (not just manageable degradation)?

    Wk057.com. nobody better. (No, I don't work for them or get anything for referring people to them.) As to your warranty extending with the replacement battery,. You didn't pay for it, why would you get more warranty than you originally had? It is a bummer that those 60s only had 120k mile...
  11. henderrj

    Supercharger - Lacey, WA

    Why, I wonder, don't they use Starlink?
  12. henderrj

    Drawing 12A but charging only 1mph

    I hardly think I'm the only person like this, but we supercharged once or twice a day three or four days a week, charging it to 100% many times throughout the life of the car. I've had it to zero miles more than a few times, my son has three times had to be flatbedded to a charger. I bought it...
  13. henderrj

    Drawing 12A but charging only 1mph

    Supercharging will not age the battery in any significant way. I've got a Model S from 2014 with 250,000 miles on it and the original battery. It was supercharged a lot, albeit mostly with Urban superchargers. And of course they've really slowed down the supercharging on those old models. But...
  14. henderrj


    Sorry, guess you are not a truck guy. I would think people would pay a 20 grand premium for a pickup.
  15. henderrj

    A Dark Night...All Alone At a Supercharging Station in the Middle of Nowhere!

    I think this is where Tesla's snake charger plug-in device comes into play. I have advocated what I think is a better solution, the power docking port system, but it's never going to happen. Anyway, the idea is to not have to get out of the car. Of course you need to have a button that lets...
  16. henderrj

    150kW new charge rate MX D90

    That's about what we decided to. It actually works out okay for us, we're never in much of a hurry, and if you eat lunch, you don't have to get up and move your car when the charge gets to its max! Mostly because it doesn't get there by the time you're done, but then again you hardly ever need it.
  17. henderrj

    150kW new charge rate MX D90

    It does indeed sound like the same thing they did to the older model S cars with the 85 KW battery. Mine has over 250,000 miles on it, was mostly supercharged at an urban supercharger, which is the same rate they have lowered the supercharging to at all the superchargers. To say it another way...
  18. henderrj

    Cybertruck gigapress (9000T Idra Press) being assembled! in Italy.

    If the most critical aspect of the manufacturing line is designed, built and is being assembled, then I think the rest will go together pretty easily. But of greater import is battery production - same as every one else. That's the most likely area of delay.
  19. henderrj

    Cybertruck gigapress (9000T Idra Press) being assembled! in Italy.

    The chassis as one piece, probably yes. The sides, probably not. Many times Elon and others from Tesla have said that it'll be cold rolled steel. That means it won't be made in a single press like that. The sides will be bent steel.
  20. henderrj

    Unlimited supercharging unavailable for model x

    I would start by going into your local service center. Particularly if you have a relationship with anyone there. They'll do the best job of telling you if it's possible for someone at the low end of Tesla's totem pole to fix this. Hopefully I'm not stating the obvious, but don't take it out on...
  21. henderrj

    Is Tesla viable for very high mileage delivery driver?

    Once again, it may simply be a regional difference. We get loaners here, if they're available, whenever we bring the car in for repair. Paid or warranty. If it's a long repair and they don't have a loaner when you first drop it off, they let you know when they do have one available. Yes, I have...
  22. henderrj

    Is Tesla viable for very high mileage delivery driver?

    Not sure what the policy is there, but over here we get free supercharging when we have a loaner. That is to say, our account doesn't get dinged for it. That might make it actually a good deal to have your car in the shop!
  23. henderrj

    2015 model S efficiency

    Excellent points. Also remember that when you first start to drive the Tesla the battery has to be cooled or warmed to the temperature they like. There are other "startup costs" in battery usage. Thus a short trip takes a lot more power per mile than a longer trip. At one time it was determined...
  24. henderrj

    Salvage cars: Tesla permanently disabling SC from supercharger

    Although insurance companies clearly can declare a vehicle totaled, apparently that isn't always the case. Mine was declared totaled by New York state, before I bought it, and without myself or Tesla knowing it. They gave me warranty repairs and allowed me super charging for 5 years and 200,000...
  25. henderrj

    Salvage cars: Tesla permanently disabling SC from supercharger

    I assumed my moving to Oklahoma and getting a new title there is what caused them to suddenly kill my ability to supercharge. Apparently it was not. But on a stranger note I've owned my car for more than 5 years and more than 200,000 miles. I've had warranty repairs done from before 50,000 miles...
  26. henderrj

    Tesla to have salvage title supercharging reinstatement process by the end of the year, no s or x.

    My vehicle, which has been serviced under warranty and allowed supercharging for the more than 5 years and 200,000 miles that I have owned it, has suddenly been excluded from supercharging (and warranty). I moved to a new state and apparently Tesla has decided it is a salvage vehicle. Working on...
  27. henderrj

    Tesla and their “Airplane View”…… what gives?

    I've got an older vehicle with MCU too, but I've noticed the other side pinch zoom very carefully it also moves the map, and then loses the tracking. If I pinch zoom just a little at a time it usually works
  28. henderrj

    2nd HV battery replacement?

    That seems high, and from someone I at least have never heard of. I would try wk057.com. that is Jason Hughes' company. At least we know he knows his stuff. I would be interested to hear what you find out, and what you decide.
  29. henderrj

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    Where are we seeing these? What is "a lot"? Not necessarily disagreeing, just wondering if the data is statistical or more of a narrative.
  30. henderrj

    Model X 2017 P100D VS 2018 100D

    I cannot remember when they went to auto pilot version 2. Also the cameras have to be upgraded on the 2017, I think. Those are things you should consider. AP2 is way more Valuable than AP1. Besides all that there are numerous small updates that Tesla does continually. I myself would be tempted...
  31. henderrj

    Model X Financing

    Back to that original surprise rejection. My brother works in funding banks, and he said that it is very common for Banks to make up rejections because they simply don't have enough money to loan at the time. I actually had that happened for a smaller loan with a bmw. We were rejected by one...
  32. henderrj

    Battery faulted after sitting in Tesla Service for 5 months - still in service

    You could check with Jason Hugh's company, wk057.com, and see if they are less, but with shipping, I doubt it. Plus, 11k is probably not a new, but a repaired pack. Last I heard it was 22k for new.
  33. henderrj

    Beware of Model X

    As a great beard myself, I'm with you. Except, as already mentioned, these cars are heavier than most, and much, much more powerful. This means the old methods won't necessarily work. The great beards would without doubt give some help, but won't be the total answer. Like all things, we need...
  34. henderrj

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Mostly usability. It responds much, much more quickly. This is especially noticeable with the map. The web browser is pretty much usable. Faster on the phone though. Of course the games, YouTube etc, are good benefits as well. Since we have an older vehicle it's super charges pretty slowly, so...
  35. henderrj

    Should I sell my Model S?

    I'm on the latest firmware and, although it's hard to exactly remember what 10 was like, I do like what we have now. I think it's superior. The mcu-2 upgrade? Oh yeah, now that was worth the money!
  36. henderrj

    2018 Model X 75D battery deg

    You could check wk057.com, but I agree with JMK above. Smartest thing might be to just simply sell it, or trade it in. Or, as the tech said, supercharge the crap out of it and hope it dies! That means, in case you are unsure, get it as close to zero as you're willing to risk and then charge as...
  37. henderrj

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    Have you talked with wk057.com? They might be able to beat Tesla's offer. I have the battery warranty with them, which I'll hopefully not have to use!
  38. henderrj

    What mobile charging cable do I need for this situation? P85+

    Have you gone to plugshare.com to see where the j1772 chargers are in your area? I'm guessing, since you're in florida, that there are a ton all around you. There's really no reason to have the 110 volt one. They're pretty much useless. There are grocery stores everywhere that give free charging...
  39. henderrj

    Has anybody received their kit from 057 Technology for the extended service plan?

    I also purchased and have received a few emails and responses to questions I had. (Thinking of driving over to them and buying some miscellaneous parts for my car.). I'm still okay with it, I'm sure they're straight forward, even if we haven't got our test kit, or whatever they're calling it...
  40. henderrj

    MCU1: Black center screen / mcu failure caused by a faulty navigation MicroSD card

    Just a curiosity. The mcu-2 system is so vastly superior to the MCU-1 I don't know why people don't just pay the $1,500 to $2,500 to get it done. Is it not available in Poland and other European countries? Like I say, just curious. To each his own.
  41. henderrj

    Yet another 85kWh supercharging thread

    Haven't done an exact measurement but that seems very close to what mine does. I've probably used 10 different supercharger stations and it's always about that.
  42. henderrj

    Tesla Model X 2017 Battery Issue

    Maybe contact wk077.com
  43. henderrj

    Is a 7-seater with the 3rd row folded down the same as a 5-seater?

    Wasn't there something about the middle seat not being the same?
  44. henderrj

    Need thoughts on finishing a trip

    Or head first to OKC. OK needs more superchargers!
  45. henderrj

    Looking to buy model s 3rd row jump seats

    Curious, just sold them a few weeks ago.
  46. henderrj

    Yet another 85kWh supercharging thread

    I believe you to be incorrect. Check wk057.com.
  47. henderrj

    Yet another 85kWh supercharging thread

    I bought some peace of mind from wk057. My warranty dies December 1st, I'm hoping my battery does before that! I've got 250k on the odometer. And, yes, they slowed the charging to make the batteries last longer. Can't argue that it seems to have worked.
  48. henderrj

    GigaFest Austin, April 1,... make that April 7, whats happening.

    I usually agree with you, but Lyft and Uber? Not to mention all the taxis that will certainly be replaced. I do think there's enough business for this. Take away the cost of the driver, it really starts to make sense. But, we shall see!
  49. henderrj

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    It is possible the current rendition of the structural battery pack has a different chemistry. If, for instance, they went iron, that would explain a lesser range with the same number of cells. It would also be more readily available as materials go, and cheaper to make. It would also negate...

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