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  1. Vger

    Would it be too late for incentive if order now?

    We got the incentive on our first Model S (Signature), before the price limit was put in place, and then missed it due to funds being exhausted on my wife's car. The program was funded again subsequently. I think we are actually on the third round of funding now. I would talk to your MLA and...
  2. Vger

    Battery researchers claim lithium metal breakthrough to triple electric car range

    One wonders if Dr. Dahn might have already achieved something like this, and that Tesla is using/will use it as the foundation for the super-dense battery pack in the new Roadster. They have something way up their sleeve, I am sure of it!
  3. Vger

    Hit a deer, where was the driver assisted features?

    A good friend of mine just hit a full grown Angus cow on a rural two-lane blacktop near Moab, Utah with his 2017 90D. It was open range country, and a line of black cows were crossing the highway at dusk. He did not see the cow in his lane until very late; he then swerved, but hit a second cow...
  4. Vger

    [Poll] - Are you buying the new roadster?

    I am as impressed by the aesthetics as by the specs. I used to own a Ferrari 360 Modena before I reformed and went all-electric, all-Tesla. This new Roadster is as beautiful or more beautiful than that car, and the specs are clearly mind-bending. I am going to wait and see. I am in no hurry to...
  5. Vger

    Rumor: Tesla Pulling all Inventory on Thursday 10/26

    Whichever branch of speculation one goes down, it seems to indicate to me that demand is strong and healthy. As an investor, that bodes well, n'est pas?
  6. Vger

    Ask The Audience: What Did Elon Mean?

    Exactly. My initial interpretation was heavy on the "deep" characterization and less on the "almost done." I genuinely hope I am wrong in that! :(
  7. Vger

    Supercharger - Sudbury, ON

    Great news! As new Canadian citizens, my wife and I are looking forward to doing a coast to coast trip in supercharger comfort in the next summer or two...
  8. Vger

    Possible Performance Model 3 sighting?

    And if this is a RWD single-motor car with hopped up software, that is cool with me also!
  9. Vger

    Possible Performance Model 3 sighting?

    Let us recall that the Model S is not traction limited anymore, nor is it motor-limited, it is limited by the maximum discharge current of the battery. It takes a big battery to do what Ludicrous does. It is not clear that they can put a large enough battery in a Model 3 to do sub 3-second...
  10. Vger

    POLL - Glass Roof

    I can confirm this, as a sample size of one. My S has the glass roof, and while my windshield got pummelled with rocks during our severe winter last year, and had to be replaced when one crater turned into a starburst, my glass roof is untouched and still delightful. Love it!
  11. Vger

    Factory running at full capacity 24x7 (looking at the parking lot)

    I can offer a longer term view. I was at the factory recently, and was shocked at the totally full parking lots and valet service required, even for factory visits and test drives. There was even a traffic jam just to get onto and off the property at the boulevard. Last time I was there about a...
  12. Vger

    Open Vehicle Monitoring System

    For the benefit of others here, @markwj and I discussed this offline, and it seems that my "missing password" was a red herring on my part. So my various issues with connectivity were probably caused by my old provider, and are thankfully all cured with the Hologram SIM!
  13. Vger

    Open Vehicle Monitoring System

    Just reporting another happy Hologram customer. Using various posts here (before discovering Tom's as-usual great write-up) I got the SIM programmed fairly easily. Since cell signal is very spotty out on our island, it is great to have the auto-roaming capability. I will also now be able to...
  14. Vger

    Open Vehicle Monitoring System

    Congrats! Excited! I just left a small suggestion on the Owner Manual. I will keep checking that to offer user perspective.
  15. Vger

    Vancouver Island

    Sorry about that. Glitch exporting it from my library... It is probably almost finished by now...
  16. Vger

    First Time S Buyer, some advice and ?'s

    When I first got my Signature Model S P85 in Dec 2012, I thought I would keep it for a decade at least. I could not imagine at the time how they could make a better car. Ha! After almost exactly four years, I traded for a P100D with AP2, what a gigantic improvement! The best advice I can give...
  17. Vger

    "Handover party for first 30 customer Model 3's on (July) 28th!"

    And Elon has said for months that the 100kWh packs are very complex and difficult to build. I am not sure that has anything to do with Model 3 packs. Still, there is a chance that GF is a little behind on cell and pack production. More likely, I think it is the external supply chain that is...
  18. Vger

    Supercharger - Dows, IA

    Just reporting that my wife stopped and charged at Dows yesterday, July 5, near the end of a long road trip from BC. One pedestal was not working, but all others were. She reported that the landscaping was still being done! This site is great for us travelling from the I-90 route to/from...
  19. Vger

    Vancouver Island

    There is a Supercharger under construction just North of Nanaimo, near where the old and new Island Highways come back together. We stopped by there on the way to Tofino today, and were delighted to find that the station is almost finished. I talked to one of the workmen, and they indicated the...
  20. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    As a Canadian car with LED headlights, our headlights are on all the time, all the time— apparently, the new normal. I guess because the LED headlights use so little power, they figure that it is a safer way of meeting the Canadian requirement for DRL's, than just leaving the signature...
  21. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    I am still on 17.11.3. The return of functionality, which is ongoing, came without a software update.
  22. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    OK, so the trip happened, and AP2 remained in play the whole time!! Yay! I finally got to use and assess the state of this next-generation AutoPilot. It is a mixed blessing, still, after months in the field. While it certainly helped on the divided highway sections of the trip, I find its...
  23. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    Another update on Scarlett: Without a software update, and with TeslaFi still enabled, my AP2 functions started working again yesterday, and have continued to do so for several consecutive short (10-20 km) drives. I did notice that the car seemed to be coming out of a sleep state when it began...
  24. Vger

    Did Elon Musk lie to us?

    Time to market is just that, it all counts. New Zealand lost the America's Cup last time, despite a totally revolutionary design, because they showed their hand inadvertently to Larry Ellison's spies a few months too early, and his money beat their innovation.
  25. Vger

    Did Elon Musk lie to us?

    As a reservation holder, sure, I hope there is something cool yet coming for the premier edition of the car. As an investor and well-wisher of the company, I was actually really happy that there were very few apparent changes to the design that the "release candidates" are showing compared with...
  26. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    Just got back from a ski trip that encompassed several hundred km of driving and seventeen driving episodes of various lengths (on/off ferries, supercharger stops, short stops, three overnights, etc.) Not once did any of the AP2 functionality return. The ultrasonics are still there for parking...
  27. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    Glad to know I am not alone! Glad to know Tesla has finally acknowledged it is buggy firmware. So much for their Q/A process to 8.1—not impressed!
  28. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    Thanks for the perspective. Short drives only on local roads today-- no AP or TACC functionality again.
  29. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    Update: over the course of yesterday, it returned to functionality, and then disappeared again several more times, on successive drives. I would really like to know if other TMC's have seen anything like this after the update, or whether this is likely a hardware issue.
  30. Vger

    AP2 / 8.1 : "Cruise Not Available"-AP intermittently not working in 17.11.{3,10} versions

    i received 8.1 (first build) on March 30 and drove home from a ski trip with AP working as before (still no high-speed, but presumed calibrating). This morning April 3, I drove on both local roads and highways and noticed that the car was not detecting ANY lane markings. When I got on a highway...
  31. Vger


    But interestingly, quite a few model S's are getting it too (not me as yet), though mostly AP2 cars, so maybe there are some bug fixes or refinements to EAP as well. Tesla Firmware Upgrade Tracker Web App
  32. Vger

    SpaceX Falcon 9 FT launch - EchoStar 23 - LC-39A

    Even though it is all familiar, I still marvel at how short the whole process is— to fling a 5-ton machine into the mechanical constellation around us. Thousands of miles are covered in minutes, making every other form of human-wrought transportation seem crawlingly slow!
  33. Vger

    Another perfect Model X delivery

    Ah, just missed seeing you there by a day! I was there on Friday picking up Scarlett, my P100D, after getting her fractured windshield replaced (stone strike on the Tofino road).
  34. Vger


    Yes, but in the previous release, installed on the 15th. I have been using the local AutoSteer to pretty good effect. It is about where AP1 was on smaller roads after a few months of refinement.
  35. Vger


    Just got it and installed. In addition to Autopark (parallel), the release notes cite the rollback of the power limiting scheme for P cars.
  36. Vger

    AP2 Glovebox

    Yes, this is true. But I suspect that the change happened with the "refresh" of the Model S earlier last year, some months prior to the AP2 introduction. Lots of changes were made to the front end of the car, beyond just the new fascia. We have one early-2015 car that still has the niche, and...
  37. Vger


    They were light grey or yellow, depending on proximity, while the new warning appears to be red. Presumably when the waning occurs, it means something is approaching your TESLA quickly enough to predict a collision if evasive action is not taken. My reading...
  38. Vger

    My Model X is SMOKING???

    Pretty much unprecedentedly problem AFAIK. Did you get the car out of the garage?!?!
  39. Vger

    Firmware 8.1 by the end of January '17

    8.1 is a very big release, with an underlying Linux kernel upgrade to boot. I am not the least bit surprised that it is now twice late. I think that their attention shifted to fighting fires with the AP2 system, trying to get it (literally) up to speed under 8.0. That has probably held back 8.1...
  40. Vger

    Autopilot rolling out to all AP2 HW cars today

    Please notify Tesla directly with any of these false-positive braking events! [email protected]
  41. Vger

    Autopilot rolling out to all AP2 HW cars today

    All this is in keeping with my experience in first 200 km using 17.3.2. I am sure it will get better quickly, but is is definitely worse than the first release of AP1 (wife's car).
  42. Vger

    HW2: It's been a week. How many miles do you have on autosteer?

    We have been unable to find a road A/S will activate on. I reported this as an issue to Tesla. They replied promptly, asking for more data. Apparently, they were surprised. I think we will see the speed limitation raised within a few days. What they are doing now is barely useful for anyone. I...
  43. Vger

    Autopilot for HW2 rolling out to all HW2 cars today!

    FYI: My car was taking multiple hours of driving to calibrate, so I opened a bug report with [email protected], inspired by a previous post here. I specifically suggested that they have a progress bar or other indication of the calibration process, so owners would not be in the dark...
  44. Vger

    Autopilot for HW2 rolling out to all HW2 cars today!

    AP1 (HW1) has gotten quite good at doing this—using whichever lane marking is most clear and relevant. I would have thought that HW2 would inherit some of this algorithmic refinement that happened over time (many months) with HW1, but due to the completely new platform, and the machine-learning...
  45. Vger

    How has your life changed since owning your Model S?

    Welcome to the community, @tiggerlily. We definitely drive more, even very long distances. @ChadS referred to wanting to have the car replace an airplane a fair amount of the time (as we waited for the Supercharger network to build out). That is definitely true for us now. It is also the...
  46. Vger

    Autopilot rolling out to all AP2 HW cars today

    Yes and no. AP1 came out came out in pieces over several months, with lots of refinement after that over multiple release. We believe that Tesla released Automatic Emergency Braking in shadow mode first, but never talked about shadow mode for AutoSteer.
  47. Vger

    Autopilot rolling out to all AP2 HW cars today

    Definitely trying to! I have done close to 1,000 km since getting the 2.52.36 "shadow" release. That included heavy snow, heavy rain, lots of nighttime, lots of twisty mountain roads!
  48. Vger

    Autopilot rolling out to all AP2 HW cars today

    I guess he means downloads tonight, so install tomorrow morning, unless it is a self-installing "push" release.
  49. Vger

    Lets see your garage!

    Here is mine, encompassing the Paleo, Meso, and Nuvo Tesla eras. See my signature for the vehicle identities.

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