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  1. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    Just as an update I charged there last night. The street is fully open. The Hartmann Brothers building is quite a wreck. Amazing job by Montrose F.D.
  2. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger - Mountain Village, CO - Mountain Village Blvd

    At least with the very thin air, the electrons move much more easily. 300KW delivery for sure! 😏😆
  3. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA - Bernard Dr. (check navigation screen for status, 56 V3 stalls)

    Wouldn't be at all surprised if after the TG weekend they shut it down temporarily to pave it. And after that, hopefully before too long, add a solar canopy.
  4. ThisIsTrue

    Superchargers visited 3.0

    Haven't updated the spreadsheet since early 2020 ...on the last trip for awhile (thanks, Covid). But at least got one more in 2020, thanks to Montrose going online 20 minutes from home! :cool: Finally hit the road again this April on a "See my 97-yo mom in California or bust" trip. So...
  5. ThisIsTrue

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Humboldt County: my old stompin' grounds. Gotta do a drive through there!
  6. ThisIsTrue

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Oh, we have met. And we pass each other on the road all the time. The founder of OSM drives a Model 3. I met him when he stopped at my house to charge (I'm on Plugshare). @evp has also charged here, which is cool since I've charged at his house too! :cool: Yeah, considering how much they're...
  7. ThisIsTrue

    Routes from the Montrose CO Supercharger Station

    Definitely a fun drive. And if you can make it to the top of Monarch, you'll make it to Poncha -- it's a long downhill ride, and you'll end up at the SC with more range than you had at the top of Monarch.
  8. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    End of 2018, just barely before the end of 2020 -- pretty much right on, for Elon Time! (But hey, I'm happy: my stock is well over 10x! :D )
  9. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    I noticed the pedestals were numbered (with tiny tape: big numbers coming soon?) as 1-ABCD and 2-ABCD. Pilot circling overhead was extremely jealous. Taken 2:30 this afternoon. Picked up a few things from City Market (Kroger) while charging.
  10. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    Whoops: right you are! I'm too used to SMPA being my power company.
  11. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    Progress at the Montrose SC today: *two* SMPA (San Miguel Power Assn) cherry pickers working on the power supply.
  12. ThisIsTrue

    Tesla moments

    I was over at a neighbor's house a couple of years ago -- he's a doctor -- and was shocked to see a white Model S in the garage. I had no idea! We live on a dirt road. His is cleaner than ours. :oops:
  13. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger - Boulder, CO

    Hey, if it gives them a budget to do more maintenance on balky SCs, I'm all for some cost recovery!
  14. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger - St George, UT

    While I'm sure that there are jerks who are Tesla owners, don't make the mistake of assuming that any particular trash around a supercharger was left there by Tesla owners. Open-access sites are open to all, including those who have irrational fears of electric cars and the people who drive...
  15. ThisIsTrue

    You're suddenly well off, your lifelong friends are not. Now what?

    This is a fascinating thread. I definitely wouldn't do ANY gifting without talking to a tax professional first. I see you're in Canada, so your mileage may vary, but in the U.S. you trigger gift tax at >$15,000. (And that's tax for THEM, not you.) There are some ways around that, but you...
  16. ThisIsTrue

    WTB: Tesla Zero Emissions license plate card

    Well, as posted Sep 21, 2018...
  17. ThisIsTrue

    (Coronavirus) On UV Sanitization

    That's fine for a cloth mask, but NOT the N95 types. Studies have shown trying to clean them with any chemical agent (e.g., alcohol) degrades their filtering ability. If you MUST reuse an N95 (sadly needed with shortages), it's best to let them COMPLETELY dry out, ideally for 3 days, before...
  18. ThisIsTrue


    My MS has had that happen now and then. If I notice the car is offline (via the signal indicator on the main screen), I reboot the next time I'm stopped. In the meantime, neither the app nor TeslaFi can connect with the car.
  19. ThisIsTrue

    Model Y - Hands On

    Thanks SO much @SilverSmith for taking the time to get so many photos and answer so many questions -- because someone asked, and you answered, EVERY question I had about the MY. Yep, this will be a perfect replacement for my current small SUV (Ford Escape hybrid). Much appreciated. All I can...
  20. ThisIsTrue

    Anyone taking delivery of Model Y this week?

    Wow! That's twice the performance! :D
  21. ThisIsTrue

    Tesla sold me a Lemon and called me to buy-back - HELP!

    Now... can you provide that telephone number at Tesla HQ that's actually ANSWERED by someone with authority? :D ;)
  22. ThisIsTrue

    Tesla moments

    Gee... I hope she's not planning something crazy! :D
  23. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    There are 2 at Montrose Hospital (parking lot -- often they're full because at LEAST two ER docs have EVs). There are 4 at the "new" Montrose Recreation Center, 16350 Woodgate Rd, north side, where I rarely see any EVs (except when my wife is there!) And 2 at the city parking lot on 1st St, near...
  24. ThisIsTrue

    Do you have shudder on hard acceleration? AKA death rattle?

    How do I inspect mine? That is to say, how did you take this photo?
  25. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    Definitely several L2 chargers in Montrose, but they're pretty s-l-o-w!
  26. ThisIsTrue

    Do you have shudder on hard acceleration? AKA death rattle?

    Thanks for your feedback, Alysashley79, I appreciate the different point of view. And yeah, I've heard about the diagnostic charge, which frankly sounds reasonable since I'm sure they get plenty of "My car sounds like a jet engine when supercharging at 110 degrees in the sun!" sorts of...
  27. ThisIsTrue

    Do you have shudder on hard acceleration? AKA death rattle?

    I'm arguing with Palo Alto right now about covering it under warranty at my service appointment tomorrow; my car has well over 50K miles on it. I pointed out that I complained about the shudder LONG ago, and the response was "we're doing an alignment already, that should fix it." I forgot to...
  28. ThisIsTrue

    "Hard" reboot... nonsense, right?

    Quit trying to deceive people. As we all know, the car must be pointed directly at Fremont!
  29. ThisIsTrue

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    Hmm. Last time I was in California for service (Palo Alto), they charged $9.75 for this "Courtesy Inspection"! On a car that shows exact tire pressures on the screen. :rolleyes::confused: I have an appointment there in January for my Clevis repair.
  30. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger — Montrose, CO

    Yeah, I was really surprised about the Ridgway action. Montrose makes a lot more sense. I had assumed "Telluride" really meant Mountain Village.
  31. ThisIsTrue

    New tire time - anything quieter than the Michelin Primacy for 19"s?

    Any rain experience with them yet, Bruce? I find the Michelins do very nicely in rain (and snow!), but yeah, they wear quickly.
  32. ThisIsTrue

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Ah! Thanks. Indeed those dates are a year off (early January "don't know the year" syndrome...). I will fix them.
  33. ThisIsTrue

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I just noticed that an error was introduced when we moved from the Wiki to the spreadsheet: my "Supercharging Since" start date. I got my car December 20, 2016, and my first SC was that date, not in January 2016. But I don't see a way to change that basic info in the spreadsheet....
  34. ThisIsTrue

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    My question also; I'm out of warranty, and my 2016 S75D has done it for a long time.
  35. ThisIsTrue

    Do Truckee, CA Superchargers Get Much Use?

    Sorry... I was trying to post that in Tesla Moments. :oops:
  36. ThisIsTrue

    Do Truckee, CA Superchargers Get Much Use?

    We had used our handyman for several years, but he never noticed what as parked in the garage, until he came over to talk to me in the garage (the door was open): "You have ...a Tesla? You have a TESLA?! You have a Tesla!" And he went home and never came back to finish the job. His day job...
  37. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger - Hwy 97 Wenatchee / Omak / Osoyoos

    This Just In: Tesla gives town a gift - Osoyoos News
  38. ThisIsTrue

    Go Ahead -- Grade my Vanity Plate Idea

    Luckily, Teslas NEVER draw attention on their own. Nope!
  39. ThisIsTrue

    Superchargers visited 3.0

    C'mon, man! You're harshing my mellow.
  40. ThisIsTrue

    Superchargers visited 3.0

    I've never seen a supercharger on grass, but I've been suspicious about some of the Tesla drivers at superchargers!
  41. ThisIsTrue

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Overlooking Ouray, Colorado, on our way to California recently. Definitely a must-visit place if you're in the southwest part of Colorado sometime.
  42. ThisIsTrue

    Glass Replacement and Geico

    Unfortunately that's not fully clear: it's wrapped up in the Comprehensive, which is $220/year.
  43. ThisIsTrue

    Superchargers visited 3.0

    But the leaderboard on the old thread is no longer being maintained, right? I've just been adding my own in the spreadsheet, which is being reflected on the automatic leaderboard. I went up a notch recently.
  44. ThisIsTrue

    Glass Replacement and Geico

    I made sure my State Farm policy had glass coverage and, when my windshield cracked from side to side, they reimbursed me 100% with no problems whatever. I have the winter package, so have the wiper heaters at the bottom. Total price at the Palo Alto SC: $815 for parts, $181.25 for labor.
  45. ThisIsTrue

    Walked in for a new shirt at the mall and left with this...

    Does AZ have a state EV rebate? If so, check to see what constitutes "new" -- in Colorado, 1800 miles would be too many (was 1500 miles when I bought my inventory S, and the car had 1200 or so). Still, seems like a screaming deal.
  46. ThisIsTrue

    Superchargers visited 3.0

    Thanks much, but I got it from the first technique presented. (Then had excel delete the rows where the cells were blank, then sorted.) I found the discrepancy -- and a few errors (wrong year noted on visit), which I'm fixing in the spreadsheet. I appreciate the help!
  47. ThisIsTrue

    Superchargers visited 3.0

    Is there a way to get (from the spreadsheet) a list of all of my visits, with dates? I have a file on my computer, and they seem to be out of synch now (sigh!), so I'm looking for a way to resolve. Thanks! (I'll be moving up the chart some soon: heading out on a trip Friday.)
  48. ThisIsTrue

    This must be the silliest reason to sell a Tesla

    "They're my children too: not only would I not put them at risk for cancer, but I got a special car to protect them: the SAFEST CAR EVER MADE -- a Tesla."

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