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    rear rattle found, now to fix

    Removing some of the rear panels is not so intuitive and the amount of force required makes it feel like they are about to break. I would book a mobile service appointment and have them do it given that your vehicle is so new. It gives you a chance to learn by watching as well and that will come...
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    Found the rattling noise! 2nd row seatbelt housing

    I used 1" wide tape but 1/2" or 2" would work fine, too. You need to do a try and error on how long it must be. Roll it up and see if it puts enough pressure on the two parts to prevent the rattle.
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    Warning!!!! Do not recalibrate cameras in FSD Beta [RESOLVED]

    Just went through a full calibration as one of my pillar cameras got swapped. It will take about 10 to 15 miles longer for the system to calibrate for FSD. Fastest calibration was on well-marked highways. Nearly no calibration progress on city roads.
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    The service center used some felt tape. Anything that prevent metal to metal contact will work.
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    That is exactly the same fix the service center did.
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    Constantly rattling door at highway speeds - can you help me diagnose ahead of SC visit? [video]

    The door panel is made from several different parts that are "plastic spot welded" together and also being held by some clips (likely to make the welding easier). I had the lower panel as well as the upper fabric panel rattle. Easy to locate by gently tapping on them. Solution was to insulate...
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    Preventing and curing wiper chattering

    It does. 🤣 Also the reason I stated it being 100% my fault. "Fluids" includes any coatings in this context.
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    Preventing and curing wiper chattering

    Had really bad wiper chattering that I tried to cure for a while with no sucess. Finally solved the issue and want to share so that others do not have to make the same mistakes I made. The issue was 100% self-made. I used a windshield coating (Glassparency in this case but this likely happens...
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    Update after my service visit: Problem is solved (again, at least for now, hopefully permanent). They did not use structural adhesive. The noise is cause by two sheets of metal moving between spot welds as the area flexes. The fix is to pry the two sheets apart a bit to put foam insulation...
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    My service appointment is today. Will report back afterwards.
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    Have an appointment on 8/23. Was the earliest available.
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    I spoke too early... The sound is back as of today. Another service appointment is scheduled. :-(
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    A known issue that can be fixed in about 30 minutes by the service center. Just had our 2021 MY fixed earlier this week. It is noise coming from the spot welds and the service center will slightly pry the two sheets apart to squeeze structural adhesive between them. Cured the issue 100%.
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    Found the rattling noise! 2nd row seatbelt housing

    The issue I fixed was also inside the housing. Stuffing some rolled fell tape into the location indicated by the arrow fixed that.
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    Found the rattling noise! 2nd row seatbelt housing

    I have added felt tape a few days ago to (before reading this discussion) and it works well. Roll up a bit of it and stuff it between the metal and plastic. Secure with another layer. Works well. Yes, Mobile service did help me a few times as well to eliminate rattles. On some visits I actually...
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    First issue - passenger side b-pillar camera fogged up

    Had the same issue on a 3/2021 build MY last month. Service came by and replaced the camera. No issue since.
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    rear rattle found, now to fix

    I also had the amplifier rattling. Had a mobile service appointment to solve it. Handed the tech a roll of fell tape to put between the amp and mounting bolts the sound was caused by the amp metal mounting taps rubbing on the bolts (despite proper tension). Quiet ever since.
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    Horrible protection film from Tesla store

    I had good luck with this one: Paint Protection Kits (rear Fenders/Rocker) Well priced, Xpel and easy to wrap around the edges.
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    Horrible protection film from Tesla store

    I had the same damage and asked for a refund that was approved. Would contact them at [email protected] Include your order number and a photo of the damage. They will send you a return lable.
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    Anyone know of a fix for the rattle caused by rear seat middle head support/ headrest?

    Also implemented the above fixes. There are two additional ones that will help to eliminate the noise: 1. Remove the headrests and place to small strips of felt tape on each side of the of inside the top of the shaft trim. These should go from the inside over the edge to the outside (top of the...
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    Where to buy such clips/fasterners for interior panels?

    Contact you service center either directly (the one close to me has an extra email for parts) or Tesla via the app. Include a photo. Had good luck with them supplying or selling the clips. Some however only come with the panels and are not sold separately. Got a few for free that they took off...
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    Mud Flaps? Rear Door Chipping Bad :(

    Instead of trying to align all the edges, I would suggest that wrap around them. Have not tried that with the Tesla provided PPF but had no issue doing that with XPel. All pictures of damage show damage right to the edges making wrapping around a requirement. Makes the install process a bit...
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    Vendor Floor Mats

    Just got an email update that the 2021 5-seater version is now expected to be delivered by or before June 18. This is for an order place 4/2. A bit disappointed since this is much later than expected but also know that shipping from factories to the US is crazy right now.
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    OEM mudflaps

    They do however not get damaged when the scrape as they are flexible in that area. Overall a great fit and an easy install. The look grew on me, and I do like them now. :)
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    Help with accessories for 2021 Model Y..

    That is the one I am using as well. Looks like an OEM part and slides nicely. Highly recommended.
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    Trunk trim warped?

    Is there are chance to push the white insulation back a little? It might cause the extra load on that trim.
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    Trunk trim warped?

    Yes, there are no clips in that area. Just had that part removed yesterday and it is being held by the weather seal itself.
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    Jumped the gun with my ceramic coating..... Ok to put on PPF afterwards?

    I had my front protected with PPF and the rest of the car treated with CQUARTZ. Had a similar concern as the treatment was done before I had a chance to install the rear door PPF. Cleaned the area with IPA and had no issue installing Xpel PPF. It adheres well but tends to slip a bit long during...
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    Tesla vs. Rally Armor mud flaps coverage comparison pics

    They do look nice, but I do not think that flaps alone will save your paint. They cannot go low enough. Suggest a small experiment that I performed to better understand the impact area with the flaps installed: Put a yarn (or cord) under the tire, extend it all the way to the back door fender...
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    What To Do While I Wait

    Order mud flaps and the PPF to protect the rear fenders. Install it on day one. I install the OEM mud flaps on day one, but only got the PPF 300 miles later. Got away with one tiny rock chip.
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    Dots in the windshield?

    I had the exact same issue on our MY that got delivered 3/12. The service removed it with a clay bar. Was not just on the windshield but most horizontal surfaces.
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    Ear pain/Pressure help

    We took delivery of our Model Y on 3/12 and I also notice the pressure changes in the vehicle after I got over the initial "new Tesla owner high". Checked the rubber spaces and the two lower ones were all the way screwed in not making any contact at all. Adjusted them so that all 4 have equal...
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    Tesla trade in request response time

    Took 3 days to get the trade in offer from Tesla. It was 7k USD lower than the offer from Shift.com. Went with Shift and the process was super easy and painless. This was for 2016 BMW X3 diesel.
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    4.12 only for colder climes?

    Got 4.12 on our MY on 3/13. Based in WA. It's a LR build 3/2021.
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    Washington State Waiting Room

    Also got a VIN assigned today 1387xx. LR, Blue, 20in wheels, 5 seats, FSD. Delivery 3/10 to 2/13.
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    Washington State Waiting Room

    I just had an inspection by the City of Redmond this morning. No issue with the Wall Connector install and did not even have to explain that it includes the GCFI.

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