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  1. Cyberspeed

    CCS - buy now or wait?

    nice camper. My parents have a Escape which they love. The fiberglass campers are super nice and solid!
  2. Cyberspeed

    Car seats and car seat protection...what do you use?

    I've used these for 4+ years with car seat and then a booster: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JNVDMJV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1https://a.co/d/6HfAXGR
  3. Cyberspeed

    CCS - buy now or wait?

    about $4.85 for regular around here in Dayton. Electricity rates just spiked. Had been $0.043 /kwh for the last 8 years. Next month it goes to $0.104/KWH. Home electricity bill just doubled.... At least I get "free" charging at work.
  4. Cyberspeed

    CCS - buy now or wait?

    seams expensive to me. Home rates in ohio are $.08 per KWH and SC rates are $.21 per KWH.
  5. Cyberspeed

    Wall charger now shows in app

    I do not see it as an option. Only see add powerwall and Vehicle. TWC is not an option.
  6. Cyberspeed

    Wall charger now shows in app

    For those who have the WC in their Tesla app. What app version do you have, what WC firmware, does having a powerwall a must? My App is: 4.9.2-1087 WC: 22.7.0 WC in Tesla app now showing. I'm in the US.
  7. Cyberspeed

    Connect your Wall Connector to Tesla's app - Coming soon

    Thanks so much. Looked and didnt find anything. Will move over there.
  8. Cyberspeed

    CCS - buy now or wait?

    I went ahead and purchased from Korea just to have it just in case. Never needed it before but have a few road trips coming up and want to "be ready". Go ahead and buy. Better question should they choose to sell in the US does it acknowledge that Tesla's charging network is not sufficient...
  9. Cyberspeed

    Connect your Wall Connector to Tesla's app - Coming soon

    I'd be interested in energy sent / received. (Charge efficiency) beyond that maybe I'll finally get sonic on my MYP. lol
  10. Cyberspeed

    Connect your Wall Connector to Tesla's app - Coming soon

    Interested if anyone has the ability to add their gen 3 wall connector to their tesla app yet. I checked and wall connector firmware updated along with tesla app. Does not show in my add/remove tesla power wall / car yet. Cannot wait for a more elegant solution than the 2001 UI that comes...
  11. Cyberspeed

    Wall connector won't connect to my wifi

    your phone keeps switching back to your usual wifi because it sees there is no data when you connect. Try this video.
  12. Cyberspeed

    Wall connector - joined to WiFi, but can only manage on built in WiFi broadcast

    your phone keeps switching back to your usual wifi because it sees there is no data when you connect. Try this video.
  13. Cyberspeed

    Blew something up in the rear!…

    rear motor blew the pyrotechnic charges to cut power to the rear motor. My friend had this exact same thing happen to him 2 months ago. Call tesla service, tow car, and let tesla do their thing. ask for a loaner tesla replaced the rear motor and other bits. took 4 weeks total in his case...
  14. Cyberspeed

    Ohio model y range

    your experience will vary. For context around Dayton Ohio: I'm getting 277 wh/mile on a MYP with 21" ubers (as temps increase my wh/mile is going up and can run as high as 296 wh/mile) When running 19 gemini getting sub 245 wh/mile (winter) My average commute is 35 miles each way and avg...
  15. Cyberspeed

    TeslaFi and Battery Degradation Help

    I allowed the car to sit/sleep across a broad ranges down to 8%. 85-70: sleep 6+ hours 70-65: sleep 6+ hours 65-50: sleep 6+ hours 50-35: sleep 6 + hours 35-25: sleep 6+ hours 25-4% charged to 8% then let sleep (then scheduled charging to 65% after 7 hours) We have a 2 week trip so car...
  16. Cyberspeed

    TeslaFi and Battery Degradation Help

    best article on this topic yet. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Cyberspeed

    TeslaFi and Battery Degradation Help

    normal - tons and tons of threads on battery loss. search and read you'll come to the same conclusion as others. Normal. Tons of factors affecting range. driving habits, setup, ac/heat, wind, rain, temps, road surfaces, weight of cargo, and the list goes on.... Just drive and enjoy.
  18. Cyberspeed

    Model Y paint chip repair using

    I took sometime to use the tesla paint repair kit from Tesla to fix a couple of chips on the model y. pretty happy with the results. Kit works pretty good. See below Video: Paint Repair kit Paint Repair Kit
  19. Cyberspeed

    40 mi commute, office charger debate

    I have the same commute. I have a home charger and free L2 charging at work. I virtually only charge at work since its free. No issues going 2-3 days without charging going 70-80 miles round trip per day if needed. I just charge each day at work and skip home charging. Would go with...
  20. Cyberspeed

    Car names…

    Delores is what I landed on. (from west world) Short list: Magnum Robin 1 Outatime Air wolf Neo Trinity Morpheus Nebuchadnezzar Wolverine Red Dawn Hal some other ideas all from the same thread with a simple search... Car names… and more names.... What name did you give your new Model Y?
  21. Cyberspeed

    Phantom Braking - Fixed.

    driving the same time of day I presume. My PB was in bright sunrise/sunset on non-divided roads/highways (country roads) I've just stopped using on non-divided highways (only have 2 miles on my commute. I've not had any either on interstate. I am on 2022.12.3.1 I do "feel" mine is better also.
  22. Cyberspeed

    Washing The Tesla Model Y

    3 months with brushes (unlimited washes 2-3x per month). zero issues. Wipe down after using microfiber towel. Car looks great no issues. After a spring wax car will look new.
  23. Cyberspeed

    Airport Parking for 6 days - Advice/Recommendations

    yep stop worrying and relax. I left mine for 14 days in the cold. lost 10 miles at most....
  24. Cyberspeed

    Delivery date advice needed

    Correct. I had 3 issues, all were resolved. My on comment is they should have fixed before delivery. Why I have to bring it back to fix a huge interior trim gap, paint defect, and window regulator popping (loose wiring harness) is beyond me. Besides that, love the car. 2k miles and no...
  25. Cyberspeed

    Best interior general cleaner

    It's stays mixed through its life/use. I little mix will not hurt anything. Has served well for many years.
  26. Cyberspeed

    Best interior general cleaner

    A few drops of dawn dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water. Also have used chemical Brothers interior clearer. Also tesbros. I prefer dawn and a micro fiber towel. I use baby wipes like you for quick on the go cleaning while out and about. Also use a good Glass cleaner and...
  27. Cyberspeed

    Model Y Performance too low?

    mud flaps scraping? I've had this on speed bumps...
  28. Cyberspeed

    Ohio Waiting Room

    lol! Nice sorry I missed you the other day. Austin can be hit or miss with the traffic.
  29. Cyberspeed


    I am $0.048/kWh here in ohio. Rates are great! Have never supercharged yet so no idea as to price/rate.
  30. Cyberspeed

    Ohio Waiting Room

    hard to tell - but probably. there is a vin tracker for model y. that can give some idea however tesla has a lot more capacity coming online so they should be get better/faster in the coming weeks/months.
  31. Cyberspeed

    Windshield Sunshade Suggestions?

    i went with heat shield. like the gold reflective and ability to roll up.
  32. Cyberspeed


    shut down the app and re-open. My stats showed up about 5 min after the 2022.3.101.1 update was installed.
  33. Cyberspeed

    Ohio Waiting Room

    cannot wait to see you around the hood! I'm going to have Ziebart do my front PPF and tint. They tinted my lexus and did a nice job. Just need to find time to setup and get it completed. Let me know who you end up using for tint.
  34. Cyberspeed

    Delivery date advice needed

    agree just relax and enjoy your new car. Look it over, if you find something tesla will fix. Best car I have ever owned. Could not be happier. People on these forums tend to be hyper picky. 98.5% of people be exceedingly happy with new car.
  35. Cyberspeed

    FS: New JOWUA 480° Rotation Car Mount with Wireless Charging 10w for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

    For sale JOWUA 480° Rotation Car Mount with Wireless Charging 10w for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Opened - never used or mounted. Not going to use as I like the Tesla supplied phone cradle/charging pad. Price: $50 shipped conus. Tracking provided Questions Please ask: Link to Phone Mount -...
  36. Cyberspeed

    Rear motor failure

    I love my MYP and agree most people are OCD or complain on all car forums. I'm middle of the road. My buddy has a 2021 LR MY and he had a motor failure just like the original poster. took to tesla & 6 days to fix under warranty. Happened 3 days ago. He was driving 25 MPH in his...
  37. Cyberspeed

    Tesbros Exterior PPF Bundle for Model Y

    bump for some spring protection.
  38. Cyberspeed

    Auto frunk options

    anyone know of a soft close like lexus, BMW, etc.. I don't need/want the up/down. Only want a soft close latch that allows me to not "dent" foil thin frunk. Just lay frunk down and it closes/latches.
  39. Cyberspeed

    Tesbros Exterior PPF Bundle for Model Y

    Bump for photos.
  40. Cyberspeed

    MYP Light adjustment needed...

    I've had the same experience. lots of people flashing. I've not adjusted yet but will today.
  41. Cyberspeed

    Tesbros Exterior PPF Bundle for Model Y

    For Sale: New never used: Tesbros Exterior PPF Bundle for Model Y Includes: - Full Rockers - Rear Trunk - Headlights - Taillights - Door Edge guard - Door Handles includes spray bottles and other tools for installation. Exterior PPF Bundle for Model Y Price: $130 shipped conus
  42. Cyberspeed

    Giga Austin MYP Vins and Delivery

    Just picked up mine 3 weeks ago. No mud flaps. Sa also said no ppf however was present upon delivery. Keep us posted
  43. Cyberspeed

    Premium Connectivity Yearly Plan $99

    Just changed mine. Thank you for making me aware. Click upgrades, manage, premium connectivity, then switch to annual plan. Done and saved $20

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