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  1. eml2

    12v battery upgrade - worth it?

    My June 2018 Model X is still on its first battery. Most nights it is parked inside with Sentry Mode off and door unlocked.
  2. eml2

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    I am not sure if it is going to be a Tesla Service Center. It keeps referring it as a "dealership". As we know, Tesla has no dealership.
  3. eml2

    Generator Charging Powerwall?

    I think starting in 2021.36.5, you can use Tesla API to adjust charge amps. See set_charging_amps in Charging - Tesla JSON API (Unofficial) I have been running my own Powershell script to match my Model 3 charging amps to excess solar without any issue.
  4. eml2

    Tesla app version 4.0.0 has app re design for both car and energy

    I downloaded the latest Andriod app (4.2.3) yesterday and it finally supports editing my utility plan. My peak buy rate is $0.16/kwh, but sell rate is $0.04/kwh for all hours. With this setting, my PW now behaves like the old Balanced mode -- no export during peak unless PW is full.
  5. eml2

    Clearing snow from panels

    I also use something similar to this one that I bought from Ace Hardware many years ago (before I have my solar panels). But I use it only to clear the panels on the lower roof (first floor). It is difficult to remove snow on the upper roof. But like @nyprepper said, it is important to keep...
  6. eml2

    Tesla app version 4.0.0 has app re design for both car and energy

    I assume you keep 4.2.3 on your phone for Model 3/Y? Do you think 4.x is better than 3.x for cars? I am still holding on to 3.x for balance mode.
  7. eml2

    Software v21.35.x

    I can confirm that I'm no longer seeing any off-peak trickle charging with 21.35.0 as well. @skepticcyclist Which gateway version do you have? I wonder if different gateway version plays a role here. I have v1.
  8. eml2

    Software v21.35.x

    I also got 21.35.0 overnight, and still able to use Balanced mode with Andriod app v3. Let's see if 21.35.0 will fix the trickle charge to PW at night during off-peak that was introduced by 21.31.0.
  9. eml2

    Powerwall 2 fans at high speed...why?

    Could it simply be the powerwall doing preventative maintenance on its thermal control system? See the release note for v1.23 (September 2018). https://www.tesla.com/support/energy/powerwall/mobile-app/software-updates
  10. eml2

    Natural Gas vs Heat pumps for heating

    Every heat pump should have an AHRI certified reference number. Using this ref #, you can find all the relevant info from here: https://www.ahridirectory.org/Home/
  11. eml2

    Best Way To Install Car Charger with PowerWalls?

    Tesla already provides ability to charge Tesla car from surplus solar when grid is down. It seems that the way it changes the charge rate (to match surplus solar) is via frequency curtailment. I observed (when off-grid) from local API (https://your-teg/api/meters/aggregates) that...
  12. eml2

    Time based control not working

    Yup. I will keep using v3 app as long as it still works with Balanced mode, unless Tesla puts back Balanced mode in v4.
  13. eml2

    Time based control not working

    In Balanced mode, PW may discharge overnight (off peak) if it thinks it won't go below the reserve by the next morning when the sun is up, and the solar is large enough to recharge it to full in normal case.
  14. eml2

    Tesla app version 4.0.0 has app re design for both car and energy

    I guess if Tesla doesn't give us back the Balanced mode, then the only way to charge Tesla car from solar is to go off-grid, and set Charging Threshold just below Powerwall SoC.
  15. eml2

    Software v21.31.0

    I am seeing the exact same thing with 21.31.0.
  16. eml2

    Software v21.31.0

    It also changed the icon for the powerwall on the Web UI. Now it looks like it has been chopped in half. Is it supposed to look like a Powerwall+? But I don't have it.
  17. eml2

    2024.24.1 - is time travel possible?

    It seems Tesla has realized the mistake.... It was downloaded onto my Model X about an hour ago. I didn't install it. Now it is gone.
  18. eml2

    Gateway updated to 21.20.2

    My v1 Gateway is hardwired and still on 21.20.2.
  19. eml2

    Solar Roof in Massachusetts

    This is a solar rebate provided for muni customers: Municipal Light Plant Solar Rebate Program
  20. eml2

    which custom mode you should choose for powerwall with net meter and no time based rates?

    I have my 2 Powerwall2 for more than 3 years. They are in the basement. Temp is between 55-70F. I have been collecting data from my PW via local REST API for 3 years. But last August was my first time using Tesla's Owner API. One of the info is the Total Pack Energy. On 8/22/2020, the Total...
  21. eml2

    Powerwall efficiency 86%....

    I have my 2 Powerwall2 for more than 3 years. They are in the basement. Temp is between 55-70F. I have been collecting data from my PW via local REST API for 3 years. But last August was my first time using Tesla's Owner API. One of the info is the Total Pack Energy. On 8/22/2020, the Total...
  22. eml2

    Powerwall 2 Available Energy After 2 Years

    I have my 2 PW2 for 3.5 years. The Total Pack Energy reported from owner-api as of today is 27.017 kwh. My PW2 are in the basement. Temp in the basement is between 50 - 70F. During the winter months, PW is often drained to 5%, sometimes down to 0%.
  23. eml2

    Telsa Wall Chargers at Natick Mall

    Sorry to bump up this old thread. Just wondering if these Tesla wall chargers are available for public use? Will be at the Natick Mall soon. Thanks.
  24. eml2

    UPS, part 2

    You can find the frequency from the Web API. First, use your browser to login, then go to <powerwall ip>/api/meter/aggregates, look for battery.frequency.
  25. eml2

    System not honoring Powerwall reserve setting?

    I am using Balanced mode. I also notice that the Powerwall will not stop at reserve when it is in Peak. I have my Powerwall for more than 3 years. So, I can't give it the "still learning" excuse. :) BTW, the formula to convert between the SoC % on the App and Web UI: (App % x 0.95) + 5 =...
  26. eml2

    Supercharger - Littleton, MA

    Still not show up on my car's map yet. But it is live according to Tesla web site: https://www.tesla.com/findus?filters=supercharger&zoom=10&location=LittletonMAsupercharger
  27. eml2

    Any way to keep Powerwalls from charging without turning off their breakers?

    What was your reserve % setting when this happened? I also used balanced mode and only excess solar goes to charge battery. The only time 100% solar goes to battery is when reserve % is higher than SoC. Also, during peak, battery and solar always cover house load. No grid usage during peak...
  28. eml2

    Supercharger - Littleton, MA

    Just wonder where you get the info about this being a V3 supercharger? Or does Tesla only install V3 these days?
  29. eml2

    Any way to keep Powerwalls from charging without turning off their breakers?

    Just having SoC at higher level does not mean it is bad. Only when staying at high SoC for a long period of time is bad. Assuming you're not in backup mode, thus it will get discharged when the sun goes down. So, I won't worry too much about it. Also, those circuit breakers are not designed...
  30. eml2

    UPS, part 2

    I have 2 Tripp Lite UPS (OMNIVS1000 and G1000U) that I bought many years ago. Both work fine when my Powerwall is at 98%+ and grid is out.. I haven't asked Tesla to lower the frequency. OTOH, I also have a Cyberpower that doesn't work with Powerwall at 98%+ and grid is out.
  31. eml2

    Remaining logged in to the TEG website

    When I login, it doesn't go offline or doing any calibration cycle. Are you logging in as Customer or Installer?
  32. eml2

    Software Version 20.49.x

  33. eml2

    Powerwall - Settings Q

    I am also in MA, have municipal utility and on TOU rate plan. Just like OP, export energy only gets wholesale rate so no incentive to export power back to grid. I use Advanced-Balance and Self-powered mode exclusively. Advanced-Balance is pretty predictable if you have a lot of sun that day...
  34. eml2

    Software Version 20.49.x

    I notice that it will always say Registration Incomplete if you're not login. Once you login, most of the times, it will not show Registration Incomplete anymore. If it still does, hit the refresh button on the browser. I am using the default password. Maybe that is the difference.
  35. eml2

    Remaining logged in to the TEG website

    Ignore the registration is incomplete. It will always say that if you're not login. Once you login, you will not see that again most of the time. If you still do, just hit refresh on your browser. I also find it very annoying to keep re-login every time I close and restart my browser. And...
  36. eml2

    Cold weather stopping all charging... Not sure how to deal with this.

    Make sure Range Mode is OFF. When Range Mode is ON, it will not warm the battery.
  37. eml2

    Tesla Owners API v3 enabled

    Yes, it works! Thank for your help. P.S. I didn't include "force_sm_off". I think it only applies to "installer". No need for "customer".
  38. eml2

    Tesla Owners API v3 enabled

    I am also looking for this information too. My PW just upgraded to 20.49.0 and now my Powershell scripts that access all local API no longer works. Getting error code 403: Unable to GET to resource: User does not have adequate access rights.
  39. eml2

    Supercharger - Littleton, MA

    As a reference, Hudson, MA, which has a muni utility same as Littleton, was completed in about 2 months. New Super Charger coming to Hudson, MA
  40. eml2

    Supercharger - Littleton, MA

    Stop by today. There are some Tesla Energy Equipment...
  41. eml2

    Software Version 20.40.x

    Mine was also updated today from 1.50.1 to 20.40.3 around 9 am EST.
  42. eml2

    PWs discharging well below reserve

    I also notice my PW will discharge below reserve if it is in advanced mode (balanced), but during peak hours only. It seems to me that it will ignore reserve % (or use up to certain % below reserve) if it is in peak hours. The way I stop it from discharging below reserve during peak hours is...
  43. eml2

    Firmware 1.50

    Just got updated to 1.50.1 from 1.49.0. No obvious difference as far as I can tell. Probably will need to let it run for a few days to notice any improvement, if any. I don't understand why Tesla always updates my PW during peak period. During the update, which took about 10 mins, PW is...
  44. eml2

    Speed Limit Sign Recognition - 2020.36

    When I am traveling on US Route 40, this new Speed Limit sign recognition consistently interprets "Route 40" as "40 mph limit", even though the shape of the sign are different (square vs rectangle), and there is no "Speed Limit" above "40".
  45. eml2

    How do I get this behavior?

    Have you tried Self-powered with 100% reserve? This is not exactly the same as Backup mode.
  46. eml2

    Question on powerwall mode

    I am on Balanced mode. Excess solar goes to charge battery, even on peak. It only exports when battery is full. Peak: 11a - 7p Shoulder: 7a - 11a and 7p - 11p Off-peak: 11p - 7a The reason I don't want to export during peak is because I don't have 1:1 netmetering. Only got paid for export...
  47. eml2

    Total Pack Power vs. Ownership Lifetime

    Here is my data: Install date: Sep 19 2017 Replacement dates: Nov 2017 & Feb 2018 (due to bad cooling fans) Total Powerwall(s): 2 Today's Date: Aug 25 2020 Expected Energy (1x = 13.5 kWh): 27.0 kWh Current Reported Energy: 27.522 kWh Percentage Lost: gain???
  48. eml2

    Cost savings vs. balanced

    Balanced mode also works well for me and is predictable. Here is my experience with Balanced mode: Regardless of periods (peak/shoulder/off-peak), excess solar will go to charge PW. When PW is full, then export to grid During peak, PW will try very hard not to use grid. If solar is not...
  49. eml2

    Powerwall 2 + UPS Connundrum - and solution

    I simulated a power outage 2 weeks ago on a sunny day when my PW is at 100%. Since I haven't called Tesla to lower the frequency, its frequency jumped to 65 Hz as expected. I have 3 old UPSes, Only one of them had problem with the frequency. The ones that had no issue are Tripp Lite G1000U...
  50. eml2

    FSD price to be reduced to $3K for EAP owners

    I also have this issue since last Dec. However, a few weeks after having this issue, I drove to Canada, and the problem went away. However, once I drove back to US, the problem came back, and still having as of today.

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