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  1. SantaFeSpence

    should I lease or purchase when I have chance to buy new Model S at 20K discount?

    Thanks for closing the loop on this. I believe you made the right decision. Enjoy that new S!
  2. SantaFeSpence

    Model S Plaid First Impressions: Ordering through Delivery

    OP - Nice review of your delivery experience. Thanks for taking the time to do it!
  3. SantaFeSpence

    should I lease or purchase when I have chance to buy new Model S at 20K discount?

    Makes more sense to buy rather than lease. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but then again I never lease. I agree with Derby Dave's comments above.
  4. SantaFeSpence

    Paying Tesla bill in two countries (USA & Canada)

    I’m the opposite of a snowbird, as I go up to Canada to escape the hot summers down where I live in the states. Many credit card companies do not charge a foreign transaction fee (I use my AmEx Platinum card) so I suggest getting one of those. Hey, even the COSTCO credit card doesn’t charge...
  5. SantaFeSpence

    Ordering problem

    EVRobert - What‘s the rest of the story?
  6. SantaFeSpence

    Ordering problem

    That would be my guess too. Back in 2020 I tried to order my M3 and couldn’t get the site to work so I tried a day or two later only took find the price had increased and then the site worked fine. Grrrr……but delighted with the car anyhow.
  7. SantaFeSpence

    Red/Cream PLAID and LR Waiting Room.

    LR Red/Cream/19”, No FSD, Ordered 10/04/21, Res#1154xxxxx, EDD:TBD. Hopefully my order for an X keeps its EDD of Jan.’23 - as I’ll get that and either cancel the S or buy it and flip.
  8. SantaFeSpence

    interesting vid...prices going up?

    Just based on the screen grabs alone I didn't waste my time opening the videos. Glad I didn't.
  9. SantaFeSpence

    Can I pickup in NJ and register in FL without any issues?

    I’ve seen quite a few posts regarding registering a car in a state other than your primary residence state. It’s my belief that after spending so much for the car, you should register the car in your state of residence even if it costs you a few more bucks. To do otherwise is tax fraud, and even...
  10. SantaFeSpence

    Can I pickup in NJ and register in FL without any issues?

    To register in a state I believe you have to prove residency in that state.
  11. SantaFeSpence

    So Tesla sold me a New Inventory car but didn't disclose that it had had a prior accident

    True, but in the cases above the purchasers were told they were getting brand new vehicles. So do we now have to prepare a letter/affidavit for a Tesla rep to sign prior to payment saying the car is brand new and has never been in an accident? Thankfully this issue is rare, but it sure is a...
  12. SantaFeSpence

    So Tesla sold me a New Inventory car but didn't disclose that it had had a prior accident

    A Carfax report states when and where a vehicle was sold, and when the accident was reported. Is there any history of a previous sale? If not, I am trying to imagine how an accident was reported. If the car/s were always in the possession of Tesla prior to the sale to the OP and ymeee, Tesla...
  13. SantaFeSpence

    So Tesla sold me a New Inventory car but didn't disclose that it had had a prior accident

    How upsetting to find that out in that way. Just curious, how many miles were on the car when you took possession? Unless your husband ordered a new car and had to wait some months to get it, he may have gotten a “new” one out of inventory. Personally, I would not buy a new car out of inventory...
  14. SantaFeSpence

    New 2022 Model S missing parts

    I assume you know by now that Tesla no longer supplies a mobile charger unless you pay for it. Bummer!
  15. SantaFeSpence

    Model S delivery date bumped significantly!!!

    Yep, my October order for a Model S LR, red over cream w/19” wheels now has an EDD of TBD.
  16. SantaFeSpence

    Just Ordered LR

    I ordered the 19” wheels (smoother riding, longer lasting and all season/terrain), so maybe? Did you order FSD?
  17. SantaFeSpence

    Just Ordered LR

    I placed my order for a Model S, red on cream, on October 4th and my EDD is TBD. I assume Tesla is prioritizing orders of those ordering Plaids first, then those ordering Model S w/FSD. As I’m not getting FSD I’m guessing my order is lower in priority.
  18. SantaFeSpence

    PM3 to Model S LR or Plaid?

    I say if you’ve got the itch, then scratch it. For me, the standard S has more than enough power, so I’ve got one on order and will trade in my Model 3. Like you, I prefer the exterior and interior look. However, I also have a reservation on a Lucid Air Grand Touring - so if I decide to buy that...
  19. SantaFeSpence

    Financing Problem from Tesla

    I've never financed a car, but from what you are saying, is there a monthly finance charge on top of the principal and interest costs? If it's like most loans, all Wells Fargo is saying is that if your regular payment is, say, on March 1st and you prepay the loan on March 17th, then you would...
  20. SantaFeSpence

    Finally picking up my plaid Monday…

    Teaser photo is great. Looking forward to seeing more once the job is completed. Would you share with us what the cost was?
  21. SantaFeSpence

    Any advice how NOT to get scammed with a private buyer?

    Do not trust cashier’s or certified checks, and wait until the funds are in your account before transferring the car.
  22. SantaFeSpence

    confirmed pickup date with VIN being pushed again and again

    Let me get this straight - A 14 day delay (due to driver shortages due to COVID) = "horrible treatment"?????
  23. SantaFeSpence

    My Misleading Tesla Roster

    I cancelled my Cybertruck order a few days ago. So far, I'm keeping my S and X orders (I own a 3). Also got rid of my Fiskar order but keeping my Rivian R1T reservation. I don't feel like a "rock star" - more like an indecisive fence-sitter.....
  24. SantaFeSpence

    New Mexico Waiting Room

    I’ve got a MS on order. EDD:TBD, with a Colorado pick up. Since the OP lives in LasCruces, I’m surprised the pick up location isn’t ElPaso.
  25. SantaFeSpence

    Refreshed MS Ingress/Egress Issues

    Yeah, but I like the styling of the S more than the Y or X. Perhaps I'll stick with my M3, and wait for my Rivian or Fisker for the times I don't feel like a contortionist! Then again, I may take another look at the X.....
  26. SantaFeSpence

    Refreshed MS Ingress/Egress Issues

    For my 2020 Model 3, I have to back in to sit down and totally bend my waist to get out. I’m 6’1”. The driver’s seat is positioned as low as it can be. I’ve got a refreshed Model S on order, and as I’ve not sat in one am wondering if it’s easier for ingress/egress than my 3. Thanks.
  27. SantaFeSpence

    How’s my strategy for pushing order to 2022

    I ordered my MS at the end of August (the day AFTER the first $5000 increase - great timing, huh?). Got an EDD of March-April. Now it just says TBD. So for me, who knows when I’ll get the delivery. Perhaps by the end of 2022 unless the supply chain loosens up?
  28. SantaFeSpence

    Thought I'd start a RN116X thread (group).

    My RN is 1154x and I’m told: Estimated Delivery: TBD Delivery timing will be available soon That’s for a MS LR Red w/Cream on 19”
  29. SantaFeSpence

    EDD Changed After Payment

    You should be fine. I've read many times in this community that one should not pay for the car until they see and inspect it. When I bought my 2020M3 in I paid "in advance" like you did, and did not have a problem. However, when I get notified that my refreshed 2022 MS is ready for pickup I...
  30. SantaFeSpence

    The Red Room (Superior Color ofc)

    My red MS isn’t expected until April, darn it…..but my M3 will serve me well until then.
  31. SantaFeSpence

    The Best Car Ever Made!

    Cap’n Electric - Except for proclaiming Elon a king, I agree with your sentiments about the Tesla. I’ve got a 2020 M3 DMLR and it’s the best car I’ve ever owned (I’ve had Land Rovers, a Jag, a couple of Corvettes, Volvos and Saabs). Now I can’t wait to get my MS refresh with an EDD of Mar-Apr...
  32. SantaFeSpence

    How NOT to Sell a Luxury Car

    Personally, I wouldn’t be worried by those two things. There are threads on this forum that, if you had read them, would have told you that auto-lane change with turn signal does not come on the standard auto-pilot. There are also videos that show you how to remove the front license plate...
  33. SantaFeSpence

    White/Cream Has Black Pillars and Header

    I finally got the chance to sit in a buddy’s new Plaid. What a beauty! He has the cream interior, but I saw that everything above the door level was black. In my 2020 M3 with white interior, all inside fabrics are white. I think the black darkens what I thought would be a bright interior. I...
  34. SantaFeSpence

    Has anyone had to reject a car?

    I would absolutely not pay until I could see and inspect the car myself. Then, the direct debit system would appear to be the best way to go.
  35. SantaFeSpence

    Has anyone had to reject a car?

    There have been numerous cases where people have paid with a personal check only to have that check bounce. Same with bank cashier’s cheques. So I could understand why a seller, like Tesla, would want to wait until a check clears before turning over the merchandise to a buyer. Wiring the funds...
  36. SantaFeSpence

    Anybody manage to get $1000 Plaid+ order fee refunded?

    If I’m not mistaken, the $100 is an order fee, not a deposit - thus it is not refundable.
  37. SantaFeSpence


    I, too, ordered a new S this month (the first day the price went up another $5000 - great timing!🥴) and yes, delivery is projected for Mar/Apr 2022. I’m hoping this will not be pushed back, but frankly it’s possible given a continuation of supply chain difficulties. And yes, it will be worth the...
  38. SantaFeSpence

    Refusing Delivery at Remote Pickup Location

    Thanks. I’ve got the white interior in my 2020 M3, and haven’t noticed that issue with the rear view mirrors (and we get lots of sun in New Mexico). Did I read that Elon wants to replace those mirrors with camera views? If so, that would eliminate the glare issue you refer to.
  39. SantaFeSpence

    Refusing Delivery at Remote Pickup Location

    Sounds cool. How do you like the white/white combo? I’ve got an order in for a new S with those same colors. Was debating the cream interior - and am still arguing with myself over the choice. Glad you had such a positive experience!
  40. SantaFeSpence

    Call from Tesla asking me to cancel Plaid+ and take a Plaid

    Aside from the range and quicker speed, I’m not sure there’s any difference. The P+ may not see daylight until 2022, so if you’re willing to wait, then wait. If speed, range and “bragging rights” don’t matter so much and you want to save around $30,000, and get the car sooner, then take their...
  41. SantaFeSpence

    I'll never be able to decide on a color

    It looks fantastic!
  42. SantaFeSpence

    Blog Model S Plaid With Yoke Steering Wheel Spotted Near Factory

    With your hands on the upper third of the yoke, they’ll be in the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. And with power steering over the past umpteen years, when was the last time anyone has had to do hand over hand turning of the wheel?
  43. SantaFeSpence

    Blog Model S Plaid With Yoke Steering Wheel Spotted Near Factory

    Tesla may be the first (non-Formula 1) auto manufacturer to employ yoke steering, but they show up in Mercedes and Lexus concept EVs as well. I, for one, don't see an issue here - except for perhaps a learning curve. I thought us Tesla owners were excited by new gadgetry (hey, we bought Teslas...
  44. SantaFeSpence

    Refreshed Tesla Model S Demand Appears To Be High & Increasing

    I just can't believe that bit about a "slow sunset path." The S and X will certainly have increased competition as other makes come on line, but I don't see them catching up with Tesla in terms of overall advancements and charging infrastructure. Range and on-the-road charging network are best...
  45. SantaFeSpence

    Plaid vs LR

    Aside from the rocket speed which, as you say, you will rarely if ever use, I personally don’t see any need to get the plaid. The increased range of the S LR (is Tesla using the LR designation for the new S?) plus the lower price, seems to make the standard S the more practical choice. Of course...
  46. SantaFeSpence

    How can I get my MOTOR VEHICLE PURCHASE AGREEMENT not Motor vehicle "order" agreement.

    How long ago did you pick up your Tesla? Tesla usually mails out the purchase papers needed to register the vehicle weeks after you get the car. That’s what it was in my case anyway. I got my M3 in mid-December, and didn’t receive the paperwork until mid-February. I was told by my sales...
  47. SantaFeSpence

    Tri-Motor on non-Plaid Model S?

    So, I’ve got an order in on a tri-motor CT. Cost will be under $70K. Do we think Tesla will add a tri-motor option to the Model S without us having to pay upwards of $130K for the Plaid ?

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