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  1. Ciaopec

    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    Me thinks thou dost protest too much. Beats OTA updates I received from any other manufacturer.
  2. Ciaopec

    Can’t use FSD after latest upgrade - and inappropriately disenrolled from program!

    Two things: (1)you can add to your open ticket, and (2) the only time I get the red hands on wheel pay attention to the road has nothing to do with the steering wheel: it is because my eyes are focused elsewhere. The minute I pay attention (no wheel intervention) the warning disappears.
  3. Ciaopec

    Range estimate improvements with 2022.16.1.1?

    I drive two cars and two different software versions. The 2016 MS 90D is always conservative (2021.44.6). If and initial calculation shows I will arrive with 8% I generally manage 11-12% (75mph and I plan ahead to pass traffic without slowing down to maintain as constant a speed as possible)...
  4. Ciaopec

    What items would you take on a long road trip?

    Never had a flat.
  5. Ciaopec

    What items would you take on a long road trip?

    ^^^^^ This. 155,000 miles with no spare.
  6. Ciaopec

    Can the GPS give me turn by turn audible - Model S 2016

    Owner's Manual>Using the Touchscreen>Maps and Navigation>Navigation Settings. There are other user features in the same manual.;) Enjoy
  7. Ciaopec

    Going from 2017 Model S to 2022 M3P, any downsides?

    2016 Model S and a 2021 MY. The interiors of both cars are about the same; only the outside differs with the Y being slightly shorter but much taller. I realize OP was discussing M3P but aren't the Y and 3 very close in most other respects? PS Love both cars but think the S is better looking.
  8. Ciaopec

    What do if I need new battery in my model S

    Bwahahaha. Canada IS a whole 'nother country. But we all knew what you meant in context.😅
  9. Ciaopec

    Would you take a demo with 67 miles?

    Buy the car. No interminable wait for one from the factory. And these are sooooo minor in the big scheme of things.
  10. Ciaopec

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    My sentiments exactly and that is why I will hold on to the 2016 90D and the 2021 MY. Unless something more conventional comes along from Tesla but, sadly, I think the trend is toward stalkless vehicles. Voting with your wallet is the way to go, IMHO.
  11. Ciaopec

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    Spot on! I could not have said this better. I am in the same boat (car) with over 150,000 miles. Unfortunately, unlike @jjrandorin I can't wait for a car with a significant difference between a new MS and my own: it's already here and I really don't care for it.
  12. Ciaopec

    Solar Exported Today

    How very nice! Wish I had he luxury of 2 power walls. Since I had solar previously, I cannot install Powerwalls without (a minimum of) 8 extra panels. The local utility nixed the idea because they limit production to 150% of consumption and the 8 extra panels would push me to 192%. Looking...
  13. Ciaopec

    Solar Exported Today

    There is an abundance of sunshine in the "Sunshine State". This month has been good and bad. Good production numbers against bad rainfall. Four years ago at this time it rained everyday. Also, not sure bigger is always better.
  14. Ciaopec

    Solar Exported Today

    14 May produced 116kWh sent 60kWh to the grid. SMA Solar Technology AG - Sunny Portal
  15. Ciaopec

    Does Autosteer include lane change

    Model Y Owner's Manual | Tesla
  16. Ciaopec

    2015 MS 90D front windshield replace

    Does the windshield have Tesla printed on it ?
  17. Ciaopec

    5000 km road trip - Vancouver (BC) to San Diego round trip - NEVER AGAIN!

    I had only had my car 2 months before I took my first OH-FL road trip in 2016. I devoured everything on the forum about planning and charging techniques for a quick trip. Far fewer superchargers then and I don't recall a lot of trip planning services (ABRP, etc). I don't recall much about...
  18. Ciaopec

    5000 km road trip - Vancouver (BC) to San Diego round trip - NEVER AGAIN!

    Glad you took the time to post your first message after two years of ownership. I'd like to think there were some positive experiences in there somewhere. One doesn't have to do too much planning to make this trip work. Hard to believe after two years worth of driving you were unable to make...
  19. Ciaopec

    Model Y Performance

    No, not worth the wait.
  20. Ciaopec

    Is Autopilot Just for Urban Highways?

    I've often thought that perhaps a warning should come up before any posting with a general question: "Before you post have you read the manual"? I cringe when I think of the people driving this hi tech machine without consulting the Owner's Manual. There are enough on the road already who...
  21. Ciaopec

    2015 MS 90D front windshield replace

    AP1. No problems.
  22. Ciaopec

    Moraine, OH - Service Center and Supercharger

    Well, that's too bad. As I stated in posts 32,34,36,42 I really didn't have much hope for you. At least now you have a definitive answer.:confused:
  23. Ciaopec

    2015 MS 90D front windshield replace

    Cracked windshield on my 2016 MS90D replaced by Tesla. However, Tesla provided the glass and a subcontractor (perhaps Safelite; I saw the guy doing it) replaced it. No recalibration that i know of unless done behind the scenes. In Florida everything is covered by insurance on windshield...
  24. Ciaopec

    Color Confusion [what color car should I buy]

    When you cannot decide what color to pick.
  25. Ciaopec

    Moraine, OH - Service Center and Supercharger

    As several of us have stated earlier, the new single unit supercharger and the destination chargers are for sales/service vehicles. While Morraine may do something different, as I confirmed with my service center on Merritt Island they are not for drop ins.
  26. Ciaopec

    40 mi commute, office charger debate

    Post #27 is all OP really needs. Charge at home. It's an 80 round trip.
  27. Ciaopec

    Second Tesla Considerations

    Two are great unless one is a 2016 MS and the other a 2021 MY. I tend to take the S out of gear while trying to engage autopilot with the shift stalk. Doesn't work that way.;) Otherwise it's great being able to have two.
  28. Ciaopec

    Moraine, OH - Service Center and Supercharger

    A wise choice on your part not to try to charge as the supercharger to gas tank adapter is probably more difficult to find than a CCS variety. 😂
  29. Ciaopec

    Turn signal only blinks once, sometimes

    In my MY, I fix it by ignoring it.;) I have a theory but not worth exploring but goes something like this: on the one blink you just haven't pushed it quite far enough to make it work as expected. Enjoy the car.
  30. Ciaopec

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Those numbers certainly factor into the equation IMHO. With over 150,000 miles on my 2016 90D it has a lifetime average of 287Wh/mi. Over half the miles were in the north with hot and freezing temperatures; the rest were a combo of the south and mountains and flat land but relatively mild to...
  31. Ciaopec

    How Can I Track My Other Tesla Via My MCU Screen?

    Could be wrong here but I think he means he shares via google maps phone app.
  32. Ciaopec

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    And by that I assume you mean: pack all your gear. The alternative is to sleep in the back. I'm sure more people than just me have done that!
  33. Ciaopec

    Lane changes in autopilot

    As I use the lane change indicator I (almost) simultaneously engage TACC until I am back in the lane I want to maintain speed. That may be the passing lane and back into autopilot . Either way it's second nature to me now.
  34. Ciaopec

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I have a 2016 (refresh) S90D with over 150,000 miles on the odometer. Despite two incidents which may have caused some battery cooling problems and about 70% of charging done on superchargers, I am only down about 7% from my original numbers. By 2017 I think they had solved the door handle...
  35. Ciaopec

    Lane changes in autopilot

    You are correct. However, you won't have to turn off autopilot; using the turn signal will do that for you. Then, once you have manually changed lanes turn the autopilot back on.
  36. Ciaopec

    Scheduled charging not working for me :(

    From the Model Y Owner's Manual: Note Scheduled Charging starts charging immediately if Model Y is plugged in up to 6 hours after the scheduled start time. However, if Model Y is plugged in after six hours of the scheduled charging time, charging may not start until the scheduled time on the...
  37. Ciaopec

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    I agree; well said. Been there, done that. And below 10,000 ft when things start getting busier no idle chatter except about the flight operation. Too bad drivers don't take their time on the road more seriously as well. Too many distractions in that environment also.
  38. Ciaopec

    Scheduled charging not working for me :(

    Are any or all of you that are experiencing this problem running a non Tesla charging app of some sort. Had some friends using Optiwatt and it had their passwords. Despite signing out of the app their charge schedule was thrown off by the Opitwatt server (as I understood the mess) over the...
  39. Ciaopec

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    Non mi sarei mai aspettato di vedere l'italiano parlato qui; neanche mia moglie italiana se lo aspettava!:)
  40. Ciaopec

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    Failure to maintain control would be one. Unfortunately, common sense is not something that can be mandated.
  41. Ciaopec

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    Right. Because it's so difficult to keep a hand on the wheel. Oh well, what's one more distracted person on the road. There really are more important tasks than actually driving.:mad:
  42. Ciaopec

    F-150 Ford Lightning

    I have been happy using my MY and MS as "trucks". Obviously a limit as to what you can get in the back but I have had dishwashers (in the MS) oversize cabinets (partially out with a warning flag) but you get the picture. It is amazing what can be hauled in a sedan or crossover.
  43. Ciaopec

    Model 3 Windshield Replacement - Extra $600 charge to recalibrate?

    In Florida your windshield is covered by insurance. Have it replaced by Tesla, pay up front, and have the insurance company reimburse as I did. No hassles!
  44. Ciaopec

    Tesla Supercharger network

    With all due respect, this sort of sounds like a fool's errand. Won't you need to go to the charger when you're at 10%SOC at 30F; then when you're at 10% SOC at 40F; etc. A lot of recording and you will still have only a vague idea because if you show up with 20%SOC at 35F then your numbers...
  45. Ciaopec

    Supercharger - Dallas - Park Ln.

    Assuming this is in Dallas, TX? What is your State of Charge? Is this a regular Supercharger or an off white colored Urban Supercharger that will never put out more than 72kW? What type vehicle? What are you hoping for by posting? Do you need immediate assistance? Not a lot of useful...
  46. Ciaopec

    Questions about purchasing a new model Y

    I live have a white Y and a black S. The S was purchased up north but since I have had the windows tinted it is really not a bad FL car. I have 150,000 mostly trouble free miles on the S. The A/C compressor failed though I think it was a repair fault that led to that. Otherwise, I agree...
  47. Ciaopec

    Wait times at Super chargers?

    I believe the original Superchargers were numbered this way. Maumee, OH is even a bit wierder as it started out with 6 spots 1A,2A,3A,1B,2B,3B. Several years ago they added two new spots which just became 4A/B.

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