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  1. SDKoala

    Frustrations planning Sequoia & Kings Canyon trip

    Post disappeared. Apologies if duplicate. Does anyone have any experience driving north from SoCal taking CA-99 vs CA-65 after Bakersfield? Google Maps, Telsa trip planner, and ABRP all recommend the CA-65 route. It looks like CA-65 is mostly a 2-lane road, so I'm concerned about slow...
  2. SDKoala

    Frustrations planning Sequoia & Kings Canyon trip

    Not until after you. You'll have to let me know how it goes first!
  3. SDKoala

    Frustrations planning Sequoia & Kings Canyon trip

    Thanks both for your replies. If we can't get to Tejon Ranch after leaving the park, plan B is to backtrack to the Travers Supercharger or maybe use the level 2 charger at the Gateway Lodge in Three Rivers over breakfast/brunch. Planning this trip has shown me that as good as charging...
  4. SDKoala

    Frustrations planning Sequoia & Kings Canyon trip

    I'm planning a multi-day trip from San Diego to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks in our MYLR and getting frustrated by the lack of charging infrastructure. Ideally, we'd stay in the parks (Wuksachi Lodge and John Muir Lodge) but neither has a level 2 charger and it's not clear if 110V...
  5. SDKoala

    Model 3 - Broken Power Window Switch Button

    Add me to the list. Early 2018 LR RWD. Driver's control switch for front passenger window snapped off in the same way as the original post.
  6. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    See my earlier reply in this very thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/backup-camera-doesnt-work-after-first-drive-of-the-day.209331/#post-5149420
  7. SDKoala

    Phone key versus key fob

    I meant if it releases when the car is locked and senses presence of the phone-key. I'll try later, but it sounds like probably not. Not having to wake the car when it's unlocked before removing the charging handle has worked at least as long as the keep unlocked at home option has been available.
  8. SDKoala

    Phone key versus key fob

    Removing the charger without waking the car has worked for a while, but only if the car is unlocked. Does it also work if the car is locked?
  9. SDKoala

    Phone key versus key fob

    Nothing mechanical happens to the car when you walk by it with your phone unless you physically open a door or send a command through the app. Tesla removed the unlock on proximity feature for the Model 3 long ago. That was truly annoying and did put unneeded wear-and-tear on the mirrors from...
  10. SDKoala

    Model 3 Trunk Lights Don't Always Turn On

    Glad it's not just me. Since posting that a few months ago, I've noticed it doesn't matter whether I have the phone nearby or not. The trunk light simply does not turn on when the car left unlocked unless the car is woken up by opening a door first. Seems like it would be an easy thing to fix...
  11. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    Sounds like it went smoothly for you. Seems to be an increasingly common problem on early builds, like the accent strip going out in the headlights.
  12. SDKoala

    Well there’s a thing, sudden unintended acceleration just happened to me

    Yep, even without pure one-pedal driving, I get that feeling when driving an ICE car that it's running away from me unless I'm riding the brake.
  13. SDKoala

    Stereo won't turn off

    That's not a solution for an "idiosyncrasy." It's a workaround for something that is not operating normally. Like @JulienW asked, if you don't mute your car after parking and closing the doors, does the stereo just stay on?
  14. SDKoala

    Question on TeslaCam - Making copies

    I keep a couple of old USB thumb drives and a USB-C to USB-A OTG adaptor in my car for this exact reason. I can transfer files from my SSD to my phone, then copy them over to the thumb drive to give away if needed. I have a front/rear Blackvue too that I can connect to via an ad-hoc wifi...
  15. SDKoala

    Well there’s a thing, sudden unintended acceleration just happened to me

    I'm well-aware that the car responds to the lightest touch and people can maneuver their cars in the tightest of spots without being in Creep. I can do it too. According to informal polls here, something like 75% of people use Hold, so clearly it is the favored option. What I recognize is...
  16. SDKoala

    Stereo won't turn off

    I think you and @elptxjc are misunderstanding the problem. OP can correct me if I'm wrong, but they aren't looking for an on/off power button to turn off the stereo when parking the car. The normal behavior is that when everyone exits the vehicle and the doors are closed, sound should stop...
  17. SDKoala

    Stereo won't turn off

    I just checked and even with 40 lbs of "stuff" (aka small child) in the passenger seat, the stereo and screen still turns off after the doors are closed. Maybe an issue with the driver or passenger seats still sensing someone in the car?
  18. SDKoala

    New USB hubs - Taptes USB Hub Pro/Basenor USB Hub

    I've had the Taptes 6-in-1 hub for a few months and have no experience with the Jeda hub. The Taptes hub is more than adequate and I don't see why one should spend 3x as much for the Jeda. For pre-refresh Model 3s, the 6-in-1 is the one to get over their 5-in-1 model with the USB-C port. My...
  19. SDKoala

    Well there’s a thing, sudden unintended acceleration just happened to me

    I don't care if it's not how the car is "intended" to be driven and that it puts me in the minority of drivers--this is why I have the car in Creep and do not use Hold or Roll. Giving up one-pedal driving and the little extra efficiency is worth the trade off. I have a tight garage opening...
  20. SDKoala

    Stereo won't turn off

    Normal behavior should be that after closing the doors when parked, the screen should turn off immediately and the stereo should mute. If plugged in, the screen will stay on for a little bit and display the charging status, but the stereo will still mute immediately. You're absolutely sure...
  21. SDKoala

    Touch up paint?

    Many threads on this here and elsewhere. If only there was a way to search the web for things.
  22. SDKoala

    Difficulty swiping trip and tire pressure cards in new driving visualisation

    I'm having trouble with this and I thought it was just me. I keep spinning the visualization instead of calling up the cards. It's driving me crazy.
  23. SDKoala


    Is anyone else having problems getting the info cards to appear reliably? Out of everything that they changed in the update with the layout, this one is bothering me most of all. I can't just swipe the card area left or right to bring up the tripometers or tire pressure info easily anymore...
  24. SDKoala

    Phone Key Pairing Issues (OnePlus)

    The solution is to get a new phone. I had a Google Pixel 1 that was only around one year old when I got the car and spent most of my early time on this forum complaining about the phone-key, troubleshooting the phone-key, and posting workarounds with third party apps to try to get the phone-key...
  25. SDKoala

    Where do you keep your car registration?

    Copy in the glove box with the address blacked out. Never understood carrying it at all times in a wallet or purse. Also not practical if you have multiple cars.
  26. SDKoala

    Damn, dead in garage...

    These reports of 12V failures without warnings are making me think it's time to preventatively replace the battery. I feel like I'm on borrowed time at 2.5 years.
  27. SDKoala

    Safety Recall? Backup Camera Randomly Stop Working

    Mine turned out to be the same problem with the trunk harness. Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day
  28. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    Here's the resolution. It was a problem with the trunk harness. For anyone this might happen to in the future, it is fixable by mobile service. The tech needs to physically open/close the trunk over and over until it fails. Don't let them just jiggle around the connections and don't let them...
  29. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    I finally figured out the pattern to my problem after dealing with it for the last month. When Sentry is off, the car sleeps, which resets the backup camera system. Any previous failure of the camera is fixed and it will work normally the next time the car wakes up. This doesn't have to be a...
  30. SDKoala

    Safety Recall? Backup Camera Randomly Stop Working

    Glad that it seems to be fixed. It gives me hope that a similar fix is all that's needed for mine. Keep us posted.
  31. SDKoala

    Safety Recall? Backup Camera Randomly Stop Working

    Did it fix it? It's been a couple of days since you posted. I would have known the very next day whether it was still broken, so if it's been two days in a row without failing, I hope it solved it for you. When mobile came out to try to fix my backup cam problem, the original plan per the...
  32. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    I've had my Samsung SSD for over a year. For what it's worth, it's an internal SSD (850 EVO) housed in a third party enclosure. I unplugged the SSD and it still happens. I also have a Blackvue dashcam plugged into the 12V receptacle (not hardwired), which I disconnected. Even with nothing...
  33. SDKoala

    Rock chip, should I be worried

    How about some follow-up photos so we can all see the before and after?
  34. SDKoala

    Rear view blacks out (but only when I REALLY need it)

    I've posted a few times about this in the past month and haven't gotten too many replies. It doesn't seem like a widespread problem. My backup cam doesn't work after the car has been parked for a while with Sentry Mode running and it doesn't start working again until after the car sleeps. The...
  35. SDKoala

    Is my horn working normal?

    Who told you that's normal?
  36. SDKoala

    Safety Recall? Backup Camera Randomly Stop Working

    I've had my Samsung SSD for over a year with no backup cam issues. I've been having the backup cam problem for about a month now and reformatted it about 3 weeks ago to make sure it was error free. I haven't tried swapping it out for a different drive yet. That's next on my list of...
  37. SDKoala

    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black [2019-2020]

    Has anyone else had this become a permanent problem? It seems like it happens for a little while to most people, then a firmware update comes along that fixes it, and people disappear from this thread. Contrary to the person up the thread that boasted it hasn't happened since upgrading to HW...
  38. SDKoala

    Safety Recall? Backup Camera Randomly Stop Working

    I didn't see your thread before posting my own, but I have a feeling we're suffering from the same problem. Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day My backup camera always works the first time I drive the car after it's been asleep, such as parking overnight at home. After...
  39. SDKoala

    Model 3 Trunk Lights Don't Always Turn On

    Did you ever get a resolution for this? While the option to keep the car unlocked at home wasn't around when you posted this last December, I've noticed that the trunk light doesn't turn on when I open the trunk without my phone nearby while that feature is enabled. The absence of the phone...
  40. SDKoala

    License plate

    OP better come back and tell us what this vanity plate is supposed to mean.
  41. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    That's not at all what I'm describing, though. My problem is only with the backup camera. The repeaters are fine. And it never turns back on after being black for a split second after being parked for a short while. My backup cam never turns back until the car has been parked for a few hours...
  42. SDKoala

    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    With the socket splitters that show the voltage, what exactly are we looking for to try to determine the health of the battery? I have one and never paid attention to the display until coming across these reports of the 12V battery suddenly failing on people. The reading is around 14.0V first...
  43. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    I still have no idea what could be causing this. Past forum posts here and elsewhere for similar problems just kind of fade away with no follow-up, so I assume they get worked out by firmware updates eventually. I formatted my USB SSD that I use for Sentry to see if it would do anything but...
  44. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    No one? Not a good sign...probably just my car then.
  45. SDKoala

    Backup camera doesn't work after first drive of the day

    Anyone else experiencing this? My early production 2.5 y/o LR RWD started having a new issue with the backup cam for the past 4 days. This is NOT the delayed picture when shifting to R that has been around intermittently since day 1. I plug in every night. The first drive of the day is fine...
  46. SDKoala

    Dirty sock/mildew scent

    Eight months after DIY condenser cleaning and air filter replacement and the smell has not returned yet. My AC is always on auto at 72-73F and I never adjust the re-circulation or do anything special. The smell first appeared about 14 months into ownership for me, but that was before they...
  47. SDKoala

    4 months left in 2020 to make a Tesla FSD on city streets

    I'm impressed by the amount of realism in this thread.
  48. SDKoala

    You notice an out daytime "eyebrow" light in a fellow Model 3. Do you...

    You can see the label where it will say in the photos of this pair of headlights for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tesla-Model-Headlights-Passenger-Driver/dp/B07NYV8YGC Doesn't look like something that would be very easy to get to. It's a relatively fast mobile service repair for a...
  49. SDKoala

    Urgent: Help: Stranded in Modesto. Need an adapter. Will pay.

    This thread sucks. I need closure.

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