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    A very long and picky Model 3 review

    That's exactly what I thought when I read it too. I turned that off in the parking lot when picking up the car and it's never been on again. lol
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    Selling Model 3 - Need some insight into pricing it

    I wouldn't include the extra set of seats. Sell those separately as including it with the car adds no value to resale value of car.
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    No longer sleeping after 2021.4.11

    Thanks @Stevs6382 . After my service rep tried all sorts of things to fix it, I showed him your invoice and they decided to try replacing my chargeport ECU as well and that seems to have fixed it. I can't imagine the software update broke it but maybe there is some incompatibility with the...
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    No longer sleeping after 2021.4.11

    Just thought I'd pitch my experience in too. I've had this same issue, and Tesla remotely checked the car and said that for the past few weeks, he sees USB read errors. So he was thinking maybe this is keeping the car up but to troubleshoot, asked if I could remove my SSD and see if it...
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    Just got notified my Blue M3 LR RWD is totaled

    That wheel is not knocked off, you just happened to trigger the hidden 'hover' feature Elon has talked about putting on the roadster. On a serious note, glad you're ok and I know how frustrating it can be to now deal with ensuring you get the proper value compensated. Once they give you the...
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    Long Time Owner with Newbie Question

    yeah, ike @miimura said, Model 3's never came with those badges. Also, all S, X, and Y's now use this same badging. I rather have no badging but oh well...I rather not deal with having to re-apply the badge when returning the lease.
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    PPF Installation Photos - Is This Good?

    Seriously, I think even I could do a better job, and I've never done it before! I would ask for full refund and take it elsewhere. There is no way they will redo those issues and fix it to your satisfaction.
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    Feature Request -DashCam Date/Timestamps ?

    Exactly. I assume he may need it for proof in an accident or something similar (maybe parking ticket). A file name can be edited/set by anyone so it's not as good as having an actual timestamp on the video footage itself.
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    Relocating to UK...what to do with my Tesla?

    Yeah, it's not as simple as shipping a package. At least the incoming side of US, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done and custom fees/taxes that you'd have to pay to import a vehicle, let alone laws/requirements around NHSTA safety regulations that have to exist. You'd want to...
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    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    In regards to cost of level 2 charger install. That can vary greatly. Where is your electrical panel in relation to where you will put the outlet to charge the car? If it can be right next to the panel, then cost will be minimum. The further away you have to place it will drive costs up, as...
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    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    In addition to all the great advice already given, since this is your first EV, you should be aware of some facts around range. Speed, climate, HVAC (AC or Heat), elevation changes all affect the range. So just because a car is stated to have a 230 mile range doesn't mean you're going to have...
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    Model S interior refresh features that will make it into 3/Y

    I want black headliner option...I hate the light grey that matches neither the white or black interior options.
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    Experiences of Tesla leasing

    My Model S was a lease. They send out a 3rd party that inspects the car. Your lease terms are very specific on everything from how many scratches/dings of what size are allowed, tire tread, rim scratches, etc. As long as you're under the allowed amount specified, you're good. It was a pretty...
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    Chrome Add Thread for 2021 M3

    lol, this thread went from how to add 'chrome' trim to discussion on what chrome is, differences, and how much it matters
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    Tesla Model 3 addon dashboard $575

    I too wouldn't get it, but I hope Tesla sees this and improves/adds more features to the screen....like Carplay. I really like it and I hope they find a way to integrate it while still allowing to show the vital Tesla items on screen.
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    Any options for rear calipers?

    I'm a bit confused with what you wrote. Are you concerned about performance of the rear brake or the look? If the latter, like @UncertainTimes said, putting covers on will only make it more 'Hondaish' in my opinion. If performance is what you want, then like you said yourself, either swap...
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    Wow, are they also replacing the harness? That's pretty intense
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    Why are the wheels spinning on the screen?

    Stole the words out of my mouth! :)
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    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    If you just google for red model 3 and wheels, you can find a decent amount of pictures. Are you only wanting to see those specific wheels?
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    Why the obsession with deleting chrome?

    As others have mentioned, we too picked the BMW models with the black trim specifically because we hated the chrome that came otherwise. On the Tesla I've seen a few people comment it holds up better but that is not my experience. On my MS, within a week, the door handles had fine scratches on...
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    Are the key cards for Model 3 waterproof?

    I surf with the card often. I put the card in the wetsuit just under my shoulder along the side of my arm. Never had any issues unlocking the car. The only issue I've had is forgetting to turn off the bluetooth on my phone ...
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    Seat Heaters - Quick question before booking service appointment

    Why do you say it should warm up faster? Did you read this somewhere?
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    Autopilot blinded, disengaged by sun on interstate

    I already lived there for 12 years. Never going back. lol. The weather and traffic got to me. So I moved to about as opposite weather as I could find. Until October, the last time it rained here was in January. I love it, I don't ever need to see another day of rain in my life
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    Autopilot blinded, disengaged by sun on interstate

    Mine has always done this. When the sun hits a camera at a certain angle it seems to cause this. But I haven't seen it increase in frequency. It's been about the same since my MR purchase a few years back. Thankfully you live in Seattle so you rarely see the sun. :P
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    BT support for more than one phone?

    You can switch which phone you're connected to in the phone screen. Is that what you mean? You can't have both phones connected at the same time though. You CAN set a preferred phone that takes priority when it detects multiple phones that have been configured to the car.
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    lol nice, seriously! It was funny because a bunch of Subaru crosstreks made it fine pas this point too. That small difference in extra clearance is really all that was needed.
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    So it turns out, indeed, the all-wheel-drive system in the model three is great. But what it lacks is clearance underneath. I got stuck in this soft sand because I didn’t have enough clearance and bottomed out. I had to get rescued by a jeep. Lol
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    Tesla model 3 accident

    Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this is totaled. Glad you're ok.
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    Vendor TEMAI Center Console Cover Kit, 4th-week lucky winner announced! FREE giveaways continues

    I got my phone mount. It matches well with OEM finishes to look like it was built in, vs it looking out of place. Thanks again!
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    Vendor TEMAI Center Console Cover Kit, 4th-week lucky winner announced! FREE giveaways continues

    I like that phone mount, as it's much easier to see than in the OEM spot. But one suggestion would be to have the backing plate be wireless charging and a cable you can run down the side of the dash (since it looks so close to the end of the dash, it would mostly be hidden and clean looking...
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    Help! My wife wants my Model 3.

    Ours is a 2014. It's not the newest EV around but I would buy this over a used Leaf any day. I think the OP was trying to find a economic way to have another EV. If so, I don't think the Rav4 EV should be discounted. It's true that not all dealerships/shops support it, but here in CA...
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    Help! My wife wants my Model 3.

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Rav4 EV since he's in California. That's what I got my wife and she loves it. it has a LOT of room inside, has Tesla components (so the power is really good), and Toyota reliability. The rear seats fold flat and you can load so much in there. Even a...
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    Front end harness eaten by rodents

    Yes, many people have had issues from wries being eaten to nests inside the car (I remember one in the glove box). If you search there are others who had to place traps in their car to capture the little guys. I should add though, this isn't something unique to Teslas. You can find plenty of...
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    For Sale: Winter Tires - Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3's for 18" Aeros Plus Chains

    Would you separate and ship the chains? If so how much shipped to 92123?
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    Can't have accessories waiting for you when picking up a new Tesla

    yeah, I get it, and I think I'm a little numb from it due to this being my 3rd Tesla. The cars themselves are so fun that I think many of us learned to let it slide on the service side, hoping things will get better over time. I guess we shall see! Regarding all-weather mats, that makes more...
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    Can't have accessories waiting for you when picking up a new Tesla

    I've complained my fair share about Tesla service and where it lacks. But I DO think you're overblowing how serious of a problem not having floor mats available when you pick up the car. It's annoying yes, but nothing worth getting so worked over about. There are plenty of temporary solutions...
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    FSD Questions

    If you actually cancel out by forcing the steering wheel passed the threshold or touch the brake, the only way for FSD to come back on is for you to turn it back on. FSD is not at a state where you can just relax and stop paying attention, yet. You still have to have your hand on the steering...
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    LR AWD - One Year Review

    Yep, you're right, it totally is. Next I'll need the plaid Model S, then that'll feel slow, next I'll need the roadster...then what?!?!?! lol
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    LR AWD - One Year Review

    Nonsense! I went from MR to Stealth Performance and I'm still wanting more acceleration! It probably won't happen but I would love to get another small boost in performance with an update.
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    Tesla Model 3 spoler efficiency question

    Yeah, I agree with this. I think there very well could be manufacturers that will come with parts that could improve efficiency. But as @bxr140 said about @holmgang response, it may sound harsh but technically many valid points. Even claiming there are people out there who have 'proven' to...
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    Suspension differences - LR-AWD vs. Performance

    Wait, we can't get a turbo kit to take the used electrons to spool the turbo and generate more electrons that get forced back into the electric motor???
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    Purchasing 2018 M3 Mid range from vroom or carvana

    With Carvana (I only know with them since I bought a car recently from them), you can return it within a week if there are unexpected issues. Also, since you don't get to see it in person (it gets delivered to your place), if there are any defects/issues, you can take pictures of it and request...
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    Oh we know what air suspension is...lol. Doesn't make it look any less broken.
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    This 'trend' has been around a while and I never got it either. I never got the sagging your pants below your butt either though...which is all a car lowered like this reminds me of.
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    I think your suspension broke. lol
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    Just ordered Model 3, need to set up charging, recommendations?

    Same here. I can't think of a good reason to have it saved in the car at all times. Only time I have ever put it in my car was also on a planned long road trip where I knew my destination didn't have an EV charger setup.
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    "My wetsuit is cold!"

    I have two wetsuits because I HATE putting on a damp wet suit that didn't get a chance to fully dry. If it's still damp the next day, I'm taking the dry one.
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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Current 3s

    How about a powered frunk? I hate opening it because it means leaving two big hand prints on the hood. Or at minimum, an automatic latch to do a 'soft' close so you don't have to push it by hand to close it.
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    Just ordered Model 3, need to set up charging, recommendations?

    I think you shouldn't limit it based on the current model 3. If you get a wall charger later on, or even a few years down as more EV options become available, you may limit your charging ability. I installed 50amp 5 years back so I could charge at 40amp (the charger that came with Model S then...

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