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  1. zosoisnotaword

    Supercharger Metter GA/I-16 Mac-Sav

    Three hours ago navigation told me this location is temporarily closed, but I called Parkers and they said some of them are working. No status changes on Plugshare or supercharger.info. Someone on Plugshare checked in yesterday. I messaged him and he said all was well and navigation didn't...
  2. zosoisnotaword

    Tesla hate

    I'm a conservative owner, and for 20 months I've only ever received positive or curious reactions to my car (including sentry footage) in Alabama, which is a heavily conservative state. There are lower-level lifeforms everywhere, on all political sides, and I'm sure I'll encounter one here one...
  3. zosoisnotaword

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I have been using a Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB Micro SDXC Card with Rocketek Aluminum USB 3.0 Portable Memory Card Reader Adapter since April with no issues. The card is partitioned into two 32GB sections for music and dashcam.
  4. zosoisnotaword

    How to tell if windshield is well-sealed?

    The FLIR T1020 is the one I use at work. Only ~$40-50k depending on your lens selection.
  5. zosoisnotaword

    Slacker thumbs-up keep coming back?

    It doesn't. I've been testing this for a few months. There is currently no way to remove the thumbs up from a song no matter when you press it or how long you let the song play.
  6. zosoisnotaword

    Door Seal

    The sound difference may not be measurable at lower speeds (it is measurable over 70 mph), but there is definitely a noticeable difference at any speed. After installing the kit, the road noise is only audible through the bottom of the car, which gives it a muffled characteristic. It no longer...
  7. zosoisnotaword

    Extension cord recommendations

    Just search for 50 amp RV extension cords. Don't expect anything cheap.
  8. zosoisnotaword

    Software 2019.32.2.2 thread

    I'll see if I can get it running consistently. Even though it won't allow unlocking unless you're right next to the car, the bluetooth will connect from a long distance, so a lot of people may be having this problem. Try what I did by turning off bluetooth and/or force-closing the app and then...
  9. zosoisnotaword

    Software 2019.32.2.2 thread

    Potentially solved. Came home yesterday after work; once again, no blower after 15-20 minutes. Went to get food, and when I got back home, I turned off bluetooth and force-closed the app. Found the blower running after about 15 minutes. I'll test some more this afternoon, but it looks like the...
  10. zosoisnotaword

    Software 2019.32.2.2 thread

    This version seems to have broken the evaporator mildew prevention where the blower starts running after being parked for 15-20 minutes, at least on my car. I suspected it wasn't working last week after getting the update and not hearing it running one afternoon. Yesterday, after I parked for...
  11. zosoisnotaword

    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    Mine was coated in May 2018 and chrome delete installed in August 2018. I've had no issues.
  12. zosoisnotaword

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    Well, you have to file several complaints. One to Tesla for having an HVAC system installed on their vehicle. Another to God for the unpleasing odor resulting from microbial growth in humid environments. And lastly, one to The Weather Channel for the ambient conditions that are ultimately the...
  13. zosoisnotaword

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    No. I just bought new filters and did the cleaning myself. Much quicker than filing a complaint.
  14. zosoisnotaword

    It pains me to announce that my yearly low tire pressure notification has arrived

    I got the warning at 36 pounds Tuesday from a nail in the passenger side rear tire. I have not made any changes to the TPMS settings. 18" wheels and stock tires.
  15. zosoisnotaword

    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    I originally bought an aftermarket sticker for the logos to go with the chrome delete, but they looked terrible up close. I ripped them off and used plastidip with a glossifier top coat, and it came out as a perfect satin black match. The plastidip approach allows you to cover all of the...
  16. zosoisnotaword

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    They showed up two days after I paid for them.
  17. zosoisnotaword

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    I bought some new filters, and they come with a yellowish coating on the cabin side of the filter. I'm not sure what it is, but it's normal.
  18. zosoisnotaword

    Kenriko Chrome Delete Kit: Show off your tips and pictures here

    You must have been their first Tesla. The mirror job looks pretty poor. Kenriko's mirror template is much cleaner, and everything else also looks on par with a professional job. I had a shop do mine too, but if this kit was an option at the time, I would have gone the DIY route 100%.
  19. zosoisnotaword

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    The total was $63. Filters are $17 each, and they only offered one shipping option - fast and expensive. I'm waiting until it cools down here to do the cleaning and filter replacement, but I'll be doing it myself.
  20. zosoisnotaword

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    Schedule a service appointment through the app, select HVAC, and in the details box tell them you want to purchase filters to be shipped. Three days after I set the appointment they called, I paid over the phone, and they shipped the filters the next day. I cancelled the appointment after the...
  21. zosoisnotaword

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I'm getting the same 1kb file problem that others have reported since updating to 24.4, but it appears to be completely random when it works vs being broken. I had a block of saved Sentry recording folders over a 3 day period last week. About 80% of them were 1kb, but a couple folders in the...
  22. zosoisnotaword

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    Lasted about 3 weeks for me then slowly started coming back. I may run it again since I don't plan on doing the cleaning/filter replacement until summer is over in October.
  23. zosoisnotaword

    Use Rainex on Model 3 windshield?

    Definitely get Ceramic Pro Rain on all your windows. And ask for a top coat of Sport on the windshield. You will never need your wipers.
  24. zosoisnotaword

    How much battery does A/C use with "keep climate on"?

    Based on my charging time estimate going from a defined time to 24+ hours on a 3.3kW circuit when I first start preconditioning, HVAC on max definitely uses more than 3kW. Just from experience, parking in direct sunlight in 90F+ temps with climate control on can probably be put in the 1-2kW...
  25. zosoisnotaword

    Electrical question: which outlet I can install based on what is available?

    Based on your post, you just need to hire a qualified electrician and let him give you options. Then you can decide which option to choose. Otherwise your username might turn into an experience.
  26. zosoisnotaword

    Ceramic coating help me choose

    9H is a hardness level, not a brand name. Most manufacturers have a 9H base coat followed by a softer top coat. I'm not in the industry so I can't compare, but I have a Ceramic Pro coating and don't really see how it can get any better. I think XPEL is fairly new to ceramic coatings. This is...
  27. zosoisnotaword

    Caught on Model 3 dashcam, what is this mystery car?

    I like the kit, but I think it would be a little embarrassing to have a car that looks this aggressive and then get smoked off the line by a base-model Mustang.
  28. zosoisnotaword

    Cabin Overheat Protection Not Working

    I'm not sure how it behaves when sleeping or if it keeps the car awake. I charge and use Sentry Mode at work, so my car never goes to sleep during the day.
  29. zosoisnotaword

    Cabin Overheat Protection Not Working

    I've noticed the same behavior over the last few weeks. I use fan-only COP and leave the Tesla app open in the background with "background refresh" enabled (iPhone 6). My car is also typically charging at work during the afternoon with Sentry enabled. If I open the app after having not looked...
  30. zosoisnotaword

    Does anyone else's 3 whistle?

    Did you get this issue resolved? If so, what was the fix for you?
  31. zosoisnotaword

    App- Preheat- seat heaters... all five??

    It's part of preconditioning when it's really cold. I'm not a heat transfer expert, but I'm assuming that mildly warming all the seats helps the cabin stay warmer so the HVAC doesn't have to work as hard. It's probably a lot more efficient than preheating without the seat warmers.
  32. zosoisnotaword

    Does anyone else's 3 whistle?

    I'm having the same issue now. It seems to have popped up sometime over the last couple months and I think it's getting worse. Was the fix believed to be the felt in the mirror cap?
  33. zosoisnotaword

    Wind Noise issues near the triangle area

    Thanks for the info. I have a whistling noise coming from that area, but only on the driver side. Is that typically the type of wind noise that is heard due to the opening in the door trim? Or was it lower-pitched? I'll throw some electrical tape over it temporarily to see if it's the cause...
  34. zosoisnotaword

    Make recirculation setting "sticky"?

    From my experience, your recirc setting will not change as long as you don't adjust the temperature. If you adjust the temperature, the car will then make a decision on whether it wants to recirc or not. So the only time you should really have to check on your setting is after you've made a...
  35. zosoisnotaword

    Model 3 Key Fob is here: $150

    I agree. But like I said, I've had failures doing that, so I just got in the habit of opening the app first.
  36. zosoisnotaword

    Model 3 Key Fob is here: $150

    The way I use my phone, I've had a 100% success rate, but I always get out my phone and open the app beforehand. On occasion, if I've left the app open in the background, I'll try to get into the car without unlocking my phone. When doing that I've experienced several failures or delays in the...
  37. zosoisnotaword

    P3D Owner Sit-in?

    It's an analogy. I shouldn't have to include a disclaimer that it doesn't cover all scenarios. The point of the post was that it's okay to be pissed off but not okay to go Antifa on delivery centers.
  38. zosoisnotaword

    P3D Owner Sit-in?

    You can't ask for positive, respectful, supportive, or polite responses while planning something overwhelmingly negative and selfish. The feedback has been delivered to you in the appropriate manner. I really do feel bad for the people who are in your situation. Just not you personally.
  39. zosoisnotaword

    P3D Owner Sit-in?

    Everyone's a victim these days. This is like buying a TV a month before the price drops by $1000. Yeah, it sucks. And in the case of a $70k car, the suck magnitude is significantly increased, I'm sure. But you weren't mistreated. They just lowered the price for future buyers. VIZIO isn't...
  40. zosoisnotaword

    USB corruption for dashcam recording

    We all want this. But I'm happy to have the broken version now rather than nothing at all.
  41. zosoisnotaword

    USB corruption for dashcam recording

    Since Tuesday afternoon
  42. zosoisnotaword

    USB corruption for dashcam recording

    I hate to hear that, but I think we have at least proven that GPT is more stable. I still haven’t gotten the grey X since converting.
  43. zosoisnotaword

    USB corruption for dashcam recording

    I'm only on Day 2 using Joe's partition instructions, but the cam restarted successfully this morning. If you don't need two partitions, you can still follow his tutorial to reformat the drive to GPT and then create a single partition. All you would need to do is omit the one line of code...
  44. zosoisnotaword

    V9 39.7 - Dashcam not working

    The creator of that tutorial is speculating that converting the drive to GPT format may help prevent corruption. Converting to GPT is covered in his instructions, so if anyone wants to try it, just follow the tutorial, but only create one primary partition if you don't want two.
  45. zosoisnotaword

    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    This is an absurdly well-written and easy tutorial. Thanks for all the effort putting this together. I just have a trivial question: would it be better to do a full format for a drive that's not brand new, or for one that's already been corrupted by TeslaCam?
  46. zosoisnotaword

    Side Mirror Removal for Wrapping

    My shop was nervous about it too. They had never worked on a Tesla, and the video is for an S instead of a 3, so they wanted me to sign a waiver in order to attempt it. I accepted the risk and it paid off. The job was completed shortly after the OP in July.
  47. zosoisnotaword

    Side Mirror Removal for Wrapping

    Again, the point is to remove the mirror from the bracket, not the bracket from the door. He did not remove the mirror from the bracket, which is why it wasn't easier.
  48. zosoisnotaword

    Inaccurate Speedometer

    Your speedometer is correct. The radar speed indicators are always going to be slightly lower than actual speed due to the cosine effect.
  49. zosoisnotaword

    Side Mirror Removal for Wrapping

    Thanks, but my question was whether or not the mirror could be removed to make wrapping the chrome bracket easier. In the video you posted, the installer removes the mirror cap but leaves the mirror mounted on the bracket, which still makes it a really difficult job. In the video I posted, the...
  50. zosoisnotaword

    Where does xxxx part belong?

    Bolt cover from the armrest on the door. It’s right behind the door open button.

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