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  1. dmurphy

    Model X front end creaking

    It takes a day or two before the grease injection works its way into the ball joints themselves. Should stop the creaking altogether within a few days. The more you drive, the quicker it'll happen. Some folks disconnect the joint so they can move the ball all around to work the grease after...
  2. dmurphy

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good!

    Congratulations on your car! It is somewhat unfortunate that you need the *experience* of driving one of these to really appreciate them. There’s so much nonsense and misinformation floating around that the only true way to understand what this is all about is to take the leap, just like...
  3. dmurphy

    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    Have no worries; it’ll come through eventually. 2022.12.3.2 isn’t that old, actually. Just have to be a little patient and then it’ll start updating regularly. Both of my cars are on 2022.12.3, so you’re really not far out of date at all. All is well!
  4. dmurphy

    M3 look

    If there’s one thing you can bank on with Tesla, it’s that they dance to the beat of their own drum. They don’t follow industry conventions or norms, nor do they spend any money on advertising. So, there’s no “Introducing the 2023 Canyonero … now with more cowbell!” When changes are ready...
  5. dmurphy

    2018 Model 3 "stealth performance" ... that actually isn't

    … mostly true, but not entirely. My early 2019 LR has the same VIN as a Performance, but it’s got the -990 motor in the rear. So it’s VIN’d the same but not the same car. Real ball of mud Tesla made in those days.
  6. dmurphy

    My super charger rate reduced from 130kW to 58kW

    Godot viz … what an appropriate name. That should be the code name for all of FSD.
  7. dmurphy

    My super charger rate reduced from 130kW to 58kW

    This is still an “older” MX - it’s a pre-refresh Raven. MCU2 / FSD Computer, but none of the refresh goodies.
  8. dmurphy

    My super charger rate reduced from 130kW to 58kW

    You really are hung up on this conspiracy theory …. But that’s not the case. There’s plenty of reasons why a Supercharger won’t deliver maximum kW; or in this case, half of maximum kW. Everything from current draw to charging handle temperature can affect it. Lots of factors, exactly none...
  9. dmurphy

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Is your Sentry Mode enabled? Cabin Overheat Protection? Both of those will use battery when you’re not in the car. Short trips also use more battery than longer ones (relatively speaking …) All sounds normal - just have to get used to It. :-)
  10. dmurphy

    How often does your M3P get rebooted? Disillusioned after 25 days.

    Exactly right. Known bug, no need to open a service case, Tesla’s well aware. :)
  11. dmurphy

    Drawtite installs: where/how did you mount the 7pin

    Just so happens I’m on a road trip (NJ to FL) sitting at a Supercharger right now, so was easy to snap a photo. Here it is - the connector was tucked behind the panel to the left of my P2. Didn’t even need to remove any panels - just reached in there and grabbed it. All good! Made a pigtail...
  12. dmurphy

    Drawtite installs: where/how did you mount the 7pin

    Mine is also very similar to @richmich15 ’s installation. Was simple enough to do. Also using a Prodigy P2. Very happy with it.
  13. dmurphy

    Cracked Windshield

    Sadly, it's more boring than it sounds. It was a 10' long section, so I loaded it into the cargo area on the GMC, and laid the front of it on top of the dashboard. Closed the hatch and, well misjudged its length. Pushed the damn thing right through the windshield, from the inside out. Yeah...
  14. dmurphy

    Cracked Windshield

    That is, unequivocally, impact damage. The jagged edges give it away. Sorry - it’s insurance time. PS - love your username. #SolarisForever
  15. dmurphy

    Model 3 performance still has lumbar support and mobile charger?

    Lumbar support for the driver never went away -- it was just the passenger side, that really, nobody's ever adjusted once in my 3+ year old Model 3. The Mobile Connector is a nice bonus for sure.
  16. dmurphy

    Cracked Windshield

    Exactly right! It's not a reflection of actual risk other than luck, really.
  17. dmurphy

    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    I used to as well …. Until I had someone cut a corner too close and curb 2 of my wheels. He just laughed it off with an “oops!” Yeah, no more test drives now. I was pretty PO’d.
  18. dmurphy

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Misinformation spreads fast. I can assure you - I'd bet $5,000 on it - that it does nothing. I've had both Tier 2 & Tier 3 support folks reassure me as such. Shout it from the rooftops - old wives' tale.
  19. dmurphy

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Off topic but I can’t help it. Please repeat after me: “Holding the brake during a reset does absolutely nothing.” There’s absolutely 100% no difference whatsoever between holding the scroll wheels and doing that magical incantation you call a “full vehicle soft.” Such a thing does not exist.
  20. dmurphy

    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    So I’ll just say I don’t watch YouTube stuff, especially so-called “experts”. The old “believe none of what you hear and half of what you see …” — so no, I didn’t see whatever video. But all that said, that wouldn’t surprise me. The big difference between the LR and P is Track Mode, and a...
  21. dmurphy

    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    This is something that’s not terribly well understood. The larger brakes on the Perf do next to nothing with regard to stopping distance. What they do though is reduce brake fade. This matters greatly at the track; in normal everyday driving, it’s absolutely meaningless. The tires you...
  22. dmurphy

    Front license plate falling off

    This is the one I have … love it!! https://torkliftcentral.com/the-law-tesla-model-x-front-license-plate-holder
  23. dmurphy

    Trading within a year

    No restriction. Won’t be an issue. If they thought you were buying and flipping to profit on the arbitrage, maybe. But that’s sure not the case here. You’ll be fine … and you’ll LOVE the X!!
  24. dmurphy

    Tesla Model 3 crash | Oregon [is my car totaled / how can I get my car totaled]

    Get a CLUE. I don’t mean that in a mean way, I really mean to get a CLUE report! CLUE is the common underwriter database. Any claim associated with you, etc all goes into CLUE. Even if you filed with another company, that claim is still associated with you. Get your CLUE here (free!)...
  25. dmurphy

    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    I know this sounds odd, but I used an Apple TV remote control holder. It's sticky-taped to the Roady XT mount and the back of the Tesla screen. Fit almost perfectly - not sure how else to describe it! Just have to make sure to mount it high enough that the console door clears for the phone...
  26. dmurphy

    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    Not as I recall, it didn't.
  27. dmurphy

    Tesla Model 3 crash | Oregon [is my car totaled / how can I get my car totaled]

    That’s internet folklore. If the accident is not at fault, it shouldn’t affect your rates. I’d strongly strongly advise calling your insurance company. Yes you’d have to pay a deductible first - but they will subrogate it back for you. It’s much better to have their team of lawyers working...
  28. dmurphy

    Tesla Model 3 crash | Oregon [is my car totaled / how can I get my car totaled]

    Maybe a new sub for “Model 3 Recoveries” - all things related to body work, repair, accidents?
  29. dmurphy

    Tesla Model 3 crash | Oregon [is my car totaled / how can I get my car totaled]

    Let me ask this … why sell it? If I’m being honest - that damage looks on the surface to be mostly cosmetic. Of course we can’t see inside, and that’s where the body shop comes in, but don’t jump to crazy conclusions yet. See what the story is first. Right now, I see a fender and a bumper...
  30. dmurphy

    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Our GMC had an HVAC drain tube under the center console. WHEN (not if) that got a little bit of grit, it clogged. When it clogged, the condensate would back up … into the blower motor. Then it would overflow onto the passenger floor from there. First sign was usually the passenger saying...
  31. dmurphy

    How low are you comfortable going on range estimator on a trip?

    I tend to shoot for 8-10% battery remaining when on a long road trip. Faster charging that way. Longer I can stay on the upper part of the charging curve, the happier I am. Lowest I’ve ever been is 1 mile of range to go; at a notoriously busy Supercharger (Allentown PA.) That was a...
  32. dmurphy

    Just got FSD Beta 10.13. Performance more than disappointing.

    Exactly. I’ve had FSD Beta in my Model 3 for, what, almost a year a now? I was in the “first group” to get it w/ perfect safety scores. It’s a novelty. Interesting, and somewhat amazing that it can do what it does. But not ready to turn my life over to it anytime soon, either. Creating 2...
  33. dmurphy

    Control arm under warranty? [when over 50k miles on car]

    If you’re comfy, the needle grease injection method works great to relubricate the ball joint. Now that you’re squeakless, hit them with a pump or two of grease and you should be good for a long time.
  34. dmurphy

    Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

    Yep, that’ll be fine. No leather products needed - it’s pretty easy to keep clean!
  35. dmurphy

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    O Oh, it’s a lot more then “basically like” AP. It *IS* AP. When you see the on screen animations change from the FSD-colorful back to “normal” AP display, you’re actually using Autopilot on highways. Same exact software, same exact processing. The “unified stack” software between highway...
  36. dmurphy

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I actually was able to get a bagel last week without a disengagement until the parking lot. It’s a 1.5 mile drive from my house. I was shocked. So that’s about my expectation of FSD Beta. It can, at a time of low traffic and on a single specific route, get me close to the bagel shop. Yee haw.
  37. dmurphy

    Will this Model 3 be totaled by insurance?

    ... not really. ~$800 or so for a new OEM airbag. It's not as expensive as one would think. Labor isn't all that difficult either. Especially driver airbag. Side curtain a little more, but still under $2k all in. Supply chain sucks across all industries and all segments right now, so...
  38. dmurphy

    Will this Model 3 be totaled by insurance?

    That’s very much not the case. It all depends on the damage done. Airbags are replaceable; I’ve had insurance choose to repair even with airbag deployment. Cost of repair was less than cost to total, so that’s what they chose. You have no real input into that equation, unfortunately.
  39. dmurphy

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I'm usually(!!) right there with you, but on this battery front, I'm almost of the "let's take a ride and see where we land" mindset. Not really sure why - I spend more than $85 on ridiculous things all the time. My Model 3 is just over 3 years old and 41k miles. It's been ridden hard and put...
  40. dmurphy

    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    That’s kinda the beauty of this radio too. It’s a magnetic mount so just pops right off. Unplug that single USB cable, and, done. In fact I just installed the same mount in my travel trailer .. so I can bring the radio between the two. No sense paying for two subscriptions - I’m either in...
  41. dmurphy

    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    Sadly, no. The volume controls work great, but changing channels, I reach over and use the favorites buttons on the display. Elon would shoot me, but I actually really like the favorites buttons :)
  42. dmurphy

    Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

    Not at all - I’ve never seen such a thing. Have a photo?
  43. dmurphy

    8 gauge wire implications with a Tesla Gen 3 Charger

    That’s actually EXACTLY what happens. The Tesla vehicle pushes firmware across to the Gen2 HPWC. I forget the exact wording of the message (Charger update in progress or something like that) - but if you’re lucky enough to be in the vehicle when it’s happening, you’ll see the alert about it...
  44. dmurphy

    8 gauge wire implications with a Tesla Gen 3 Charger

    I hope I didn’t come off as blaming you or anything like that — wasn’t my intent at all! It just boggles my mind that here, in 2022, we still have inspectors and regulations that don’t accept digital controls. Never mind that SCADA systems and PLCs have been running the power grid for decades …
  45. dmurphy

    8 gauge wire implications with a Tesla Gen 3 Charger

    I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but that thinking is ridiculous. Not “anyone with a phone” can change it …. It’s password protected. I can make an argument that it’s actually *safer* since anyone with a torx head screwdriver could adjust the potentiometer on the Gen2, no authentication...
  46. dmurphy

    Tesla keyfob with Apple Airtag

    Have the same - no issues whatsoever. Sounds like just a bum key fob. Did it get wet somewhere by chance?
  47. dmurphy

    Model 3 struck by lightning 3 times in one day?

    Are you sure it was actually struck? I’ve seen car alarms set off by loud thunder many times. If it were actually hit, I suspect you’d see a burn mark.
  48. dmurphy

    Body Shop Broke My Rear Glass on My 2018 Model 3

    My 2019 was built that way from the factory. Orange-glo on top, normal glass on the rear. Nobody’s ever once said it looks odd or out of place. You’ll be perfectly fine. I promise. :-)
  49. dmurphy

    Paint scratches from minor accident; claim worth it?

    Honestly, it may not even be worth going through insurance. That’s “just” the plastic bumper cover - about $800 installed, if I remember correctly, from Tesla. Depending on the insurance deductible, it may be advantageous to just pay for the dang thing out of pocket.
  50. dmurphy

    Nokian ONE tires-First Impressions

    Thanks for this post! I have Nokian WR G4 tires on our Model X, and adore them, if slightly noisy. These ONEs may be just the ticket when I need new tires on the Model 3. I’m also likely to go back to 18” wheels (T-Sportlines?) when the time comes, so I’ll have to see if they are available...

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