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  1. MrBadger

    Tesla Jobs UK

    Its a variation on WFH and WFO? - work from driveway? work from destination?
  2. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    You are not looking in the right places. I can tell you from first hand experience (I use to work in the industry) that a huge amount is going on.
  3. MrBadger

    Model 3 inductive charging.......

    Successful POC trials already done in UK over many years. Still work in progress though, not from a technology perspective but from scaling and public/commercial viability. Qualcomm Halo system seems to be quite well established. Latest trials seem to be MOLE TRL | MOLE trials of conductive EV...
  4. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Bastards. They must have been desperate to force this on us as they pushed the download over LTE. Oh well, turning off Wi-Fi save us from V11 for 5+ months. Just a guess, they will be removing FSD’s off ramp automatic lane change that seems to have been deemed illegal in some (all?) UN ECE areas?
  5. MrBadger

    Flashing red light on charger

    As per my post, the micro generation just needs to be close by, or even further away in more rural setting. A voltage check will confirm if over voltage is an issue. It may well be the TWC, or it may be something completely unrelated to your situation which may cause the exact same problem...
  6. MrBadger

    Flashing red light on charger

    If you have any solar (or other micro generation such as batteries) PV close by that could be pushing the voltage up. Solar/Microgeneration inverters should cut out at around 253v (230v -5/+10%). If that is being exceeded, then DNO may be able to help. If you are more rural there are other...
  7. MrBadger

    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    I very much get the impression they ask customer to do a few things in advance because it makes the job easier for them and/or a bit of courtesy. Certainly mobile asked if I could do a few things prior to them starting work, quickly followed with a, ~doesn't matter if you can't, just makes...
  8. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Looks like I was right to be cautious and not to take 2022.12.3.6 - it looks like its probably been pulled and we have now been reverted to being offered the 2022.12.3.2 download.
  9. MrBadger

    Number plate security and attachment

    I’m surprised the whole carrier went. It takes literally 5 seconds to remove it from the holder without causing any damage. Could it possibly have just fallen off as removing the whole carrier if properly attached is harder than just removing the plate.
  10. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    And some unofficial release notes https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/version/2022.16.0.2/release-notes
  11. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    We have been offered 2022.12.3.6 over a week ago so clearly later versions than what the majority seem to have. Not sure why its not rolled out wider if it fixes things. Never a good sign when only limited rollout. Not sure what the changes are but not willing to take one for the team to find...
  12. MrBadger

    M3 Faulty matrix headlight

    When we had homelink installed, I was notified that the SC were reinstalling a firmware update. It was the identical one. It took quite a while (causing them to run out of time and defer some work) and at the time felt too long for just configuration or just a small patch, like now with...
  13. MrBadger

    Flashing red light on charger

    Huh? Continuous red flashing. Isn't that flashing once? ie single flash - break - single flash - break etc... which sounds like what you have double flash - break - double flash - break - not what it sounds like you have etc So ground fault, or over temperature protection depending on other...
  14. MrBadger

    Flashing red light on charger

    It will be covered in the manual https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/support/second-generation-wall-connector-installation
  15. MrBadger

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    I wonder how much longer the cable would need to be to allow the car to be parked face first in the ‘correct’ bay. Probably not much. Although a longer cable might cause other ergonomic issues such as people leaving them just lying on the ground if they don’t easily hook back up again. As...
  16. MrBadger

    Uk price increase.. again

    Not as long as you don’t change anything in the order
  17. MrBadger

    Viewing Sentry Recordings and Dashcam

    I think you are being trolled by a pedant @Adopado - I will give them the benefit of the doubt that as a so called senior software engineer on here since 2018 that they are not that thick and/or naïve in the ways of Tesla versioning conventions. But you probably knew that and were giving as good...
  18. MrBadger

    London driving. Frequent very loud alerts. Lane departure? Avoidance? Driving me crazy.

    Yes I have FSD. Turned traffic signal start/stop off after it saw a phantom traffic light mid motorway once too many. It still occasionally visualises a floating traffic light but thankfully does not act. It’s just a feature set difference - underlying capabilities are identical whether you have...
  19. MrBadger

    London driving. Frequent very loud alerts. Lane departure? Avoidance? Driving me crazy.

    No it doesn't. FSD is currently exactly the same software as basic autopilot, just with a different set of enabled features. FSD City Streets beta is completely different, but even then, currently, (ie pre FSD beta 10.12), highways driving is exactly the same as our highways irrespective of...
  20. MrBadger

    Have I been ripped off by KwikFit?

    Apart from tracking etc, another thing that causes wear on inside edge of tyre is straddling speed bumps. It’s not great for ride comfort, but actually riding one wheel over a speed bump will reduce the wear.
  21. MrBadger

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    If they try that with Wokingham they may find that they come back to their car being underwater :)
  22. MrBadger

    Charging other EVs on Tesla Wall Gen 3

    Nothing to do with the government- it’s the DNO’s who will do it to protect their parts of the grid. It’s nothing new and the ability has been around for a few years, just not used very frequently although a bit more common commercially - not specific to EV charging . I remember it being...
  23. MrBadger

    Charging other EVs on Tesla Wall Gen 3

    You may no longer be allowed to buy a new Tesla wall charger and legally fit it as it is not a recognised smart charger. I cannot remember the cutoff date and exact details but worth double checking. Don’t assume that Tesla will have this info.
  24. MrBadger

    Solar Exported Today

    Good to see lots of people wasting energy for the sake of it when they should have been exporting it back to the grid to benefit everyone else or saving it for the likes of today… It’s not like yesterday afternoon was a low carbon intensity period - hint, it was pretty high (below) so could...
  25. MrBadger

    Tesla in-car navigation and efficency.

    In a previous life, the project that I worked on could use pollution as part of its route planning algorithm. It could use existing pollution as both an input into the route planner and model predicted pollution to come up with routes (and traffic control scenarios) that could mitigate against...
  26. MrBadger

    7kW or 22kW at Work Location - Model 3

    I'm not really sure what future world all this future proofing for increase in power rates is for. I can see that you need to plan for more EV's, but planning for EV's needing more power I'm just not getting except in a very rare circumstance which hasn't even been mentioned that I can see. If...
  27. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Not if you turn off lane keep assist correction, ie rumble mode. If it’s panicking over crossing a white line mid lanes whilst not indicating, then that is a retrograde change in behaviour. Lane keep assist, aka gentle rumble through steering handled that situation just fine without any car...
  28. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Any feedback on 2022.12.3.6 ? Too much preceding detritus to work out what relates to what and latest comments seem to be around 2022.12.3.2
  29. MrBadger

    Traffic information without premium connectivity

    Premium connectivity is visualisation only. Traffic routing is done by Tesla's servers. What ends up in the car doesn't make it back to the servers, at least, not directly from the car. When we briefly went without Premium connectivity, I found traffic rerouting to behave no differently to when...
  30. MrBadger

    7kW or 22kW at Work Location - Model 3

    You can get 3 x 7kW (3 x 1ph 32A) charge points for the electricity requirements of a single 22kW (3ph x 32A) charge point which for a Tesla will only give (3ph x 16A) anyway. 7kW is still going to give, in approx terms, 10% charge per hour, so ~80% in an 8 hour day depending on the type of car...
  31. MrBadger

    Here's how to charge with 32A commando in UK

    I don’t know what electrical regs you have but that would not meet UK regs as it’s not interlocked - switched and plug cannot be removed if switched on. It would also have to be installed to regs which, depending on the main objective of the socket and where the socket is ultimately being used...
  32. MrBadger

    low pressure one tyre, no obvious damage

    Put a bit of spit on the valve opening. If it bubbles, its got a bit of a leak - not uncommon and can often be fixed with blowing a bit of air through it and/or pressing the valve insert itself. When I top up tyres as a matter of course I put a bit of spit on the valve before putting the dust...
  33. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Its definitely not a firmware update causing this. I am quite a few car releases behind yet I am seeing this now - latest iOS app. So my money is on the app, but it could be (although as app version seems to corelate which suggests otherwise), a backend change.
  34. MrBadger

    Update or Cancel insurance?

    If you cancel your insurance, apart from the obvious prorata of the premium and any cancellation fees, what is less obvious are so called 'free' or included items included in your existing policy which may actually make up a significant proportion of the outstanding cost and will likely not be...
  35. MrBadger

    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    Don't set your hopes so high ;) I've had 5 map/nav updates and only 2 of them stuck - the others got pulled or rolled back. Just hoping they get it right this time is the baseline for me.
  36. MrBadger

    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    Unfortunately the mods moved the above post to the 2022.12.x firmware thread so its been lost. Too useful a piece of information not to highlight and will surely have lengthy discussions so I have restarted its own thread again. Hopefully this one will not get moved... Map update progress can...
  37. MrBadger

    Stop the software update prompt in car

    It will go away eventually, if you disconnect wifi and then get a fresh download notification (but don't actually take it). You then end up in the situation where the app will prompt you to connect to download but as long as you don't download you *should* not have any in car prompts to install...
  38. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Its not unusual for the car to change a setting. Just because you have not changed anything in the car doesn't mean that nothing in the car has changed or a change in functionality has not been reflected on other devices. As before, try toggling the battery icon in the car to temporarily toggle...
  39. MrBadger

    Non T0 / T1 tyres

    That stretch of road (especially clockwise heading towards Leatherhead junction) is mostly always noisy, often unbearable sometimes with a hum that just penetrates. It’s quite possible that it’s very weather dependent, or at least how ‘green’ the surface is. I cannot remember specifics from...
  40. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    It’s normally determined by the battery status in the car. Is the car still showing miles? What happens if you toggle the battery status in the car?
  41. MrBadger

    My Model 3 broke

    Invoices normally show any parts used.
  42. MrBadger

    New phone

    Sit in with key card, add key. Job done. Then optionally delete old key. Assuming Tesla app installed and logged in.
  43. MrBadger

    Instavolt - 57 p/kwh

    So how big are these batteries then? I’ve seen it for buses, but it’s a fixed energy requirement so can be sized according but with public charging you are going to have highly volatile traffic patterns and so highly variable electricity pricing or no charging as batteries depleted. Finger in...
  44. MrBadger

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Wi-Fi is the standard requirement and has been for several years. The only time lte is available as a download is for an emergency fix - notifications are always available over lte. If you have had lte available as a download option then it’s either been safety/security releases or something...
  45. MrBadger

    2022 UK Model Y - please help me to sort a solution for playing music from USB

    I use a media card reader with two media card slots. One holds an Extreme media card designed for video/dash cam recording. 2-1/2 years on and still working fine. The other hold a more basic media card with my audio on it. Then if the video card gets corrupted/full etc, it can be simply...
  46. MrBadger

    Potential Model 3 buyer - spec question

    You cannot assume anything about Tesla specs especially as there is technically no year designation in the same way that other manufacturers use. The car spec is constantly changing even from one delivery batch to the next. Your question re heat pump is also not helped by there being a...
  47. MrBadger

    Voice Control

    New in 2022.12.x if they work?
  48. MrBadger

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    Presumably that requires getting the phone out of your pocket? Oddly enough, I like to just sit in the drivers seat and get on with it leaving my phone in my pocket. I do use sat nav but that’s normally only for an ETA and as long as that’s within expectations I’m not bothered. It’s only when...
  49. MrBadger

    Climate control whilst in theatre mode

    I’m sure Tesla can spin it into a feature such as the car supporting second screen.
  50. MrBadger

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    Those that ordered 2 years ago (up to mid/late last year) would have got a years worth of data as part of the car, so in reality lease holders would only have saved since their first years anniversary. Tbh as an early order I was one that got free lifetime premium connectivity and come the 1...

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