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  1. Adopado

    Unable to disable alarm..

    Good ploy!
  2. Adopado

    Unable to disable alarm..

    AFAIK you can't totally disable the car alarm beyond the anti-tilt aspect. I would try a 2 button reboot and keep fingers crossed ...
  3. Adopado

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    2022 Mine arrived in that batch.
  4. Adopado

    Do we trust Tesla with our cars/data??!!

    I hear people saying things like this but it's nothing that I've ever experienced. I have obviously seen adverts for things I have specifically searched for but never something that I have been speaking about in the vicinity of the phone. However, just to help with developing my paranoia I have...
  5. Adopado

    Do we trust Tesla with our cars/data??!!

    Yes, nowadays you just leave the car locked at the SC car park and they then take it and do what's necessary.
  6. Adopado

    Lost CCS Combo 2 adapter at M6 Keele Northbound Service

    We are in the UK…. Tesla superchargers are all capable of CCS because all recent years Teslas here have CCS ….and people with older models use CCS adapters.
  7. Adopado

    EV Fuel Price Protest

    Seems like a great deal to me! We’ll pass the hat around … I’m sure we could rustle up enough for the flight as well as a haircut.
  8. Adopado


    For what it’s worth … I believe they don’t pay dividends…🙃
  9. Adopado

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    You can definitely see the stars through the roof if you’re in a dark sky area on a clear night and the screen is off…
  10. Adopado

    Charging for terraced houses

    Oh I forgot… every other commercial initiative to provide charging has been a wonderful success from start to finish … eh, no. Forget about ideology. Choose the best approach for the circumstances. The bottom line is that Scotland has had far better General charging coverage due to...
  11. Adopado

    Any best practises for charging

    You are probably in the right ball park but the difference between that regime and the 80% setting is likely to be very little indeed… yet that could have quite an impact on daily practicality if, like me, you have a smaller battery with a shorter range. I’ll take another half percent...
  12. Adopado

    Any best practises for charging

    I certainly like to have the car plugged in ... even if I'm not expecting to need to charge ... though part of that is because it avoids having to go out to the car (because it's not kept right beside the house). Great to have app control of the heating/preconditioning in cooler months without...
  13. Adopado

    Installing a second home charge point on a looped supply

    Yes. Google or their website gives the answer quicker ...
  14. Adopado

    Charging for terraced houses

    It's helpful if central government can take a lead ... facilitating Councils to make the provision. In Scotland the first stage worked very effectively by establishing ChargePlaceScotland ... at one point probably one of the most comprehensive national networks in the world. (Though not for...
  15. Adopado

    Charging for terraced houses

    Is there a pot of money that the Councils can access to enable them to do this?
  16. Adopado

    Charging for terraced houses

    Superchargers presently cost 10 times my home charging! (This will change when my electricity tariff renews in October. )
  17. Adopado

    Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    I know you’ve said this but just to clarify: So the car sleeps as normal when plugged in yet wakes up at the appropriate times to receive the charges so doesn’t waste power? But it doesn’t go to sleep if it’s not plugged in so wastes battery percentage. So when unplugging you need to go into...
  18. Adopado

    Track day in in a P-?

    Exactly ... if pushing hard enough to experience some brake fade then you drive accordingly. A great opportunity to find the limits of the car. The limits are so high on modern cars that you can't really test them on public roads without risking a dangerous driving prosecution!
  19. Adopado

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    A display showing price per kWh would be helpful for people making brand comparisons (as per the report) but longer cables on SCs would surely be the most useful development for general use. (I also note from the report that the backtracking on date has already started: "The Government also...
  20. Adopado

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    Check out Bjorn Nyland’s videos on YouTube for detailed info on this.
  21. Adopado

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    I think he’s conflating Camp Mode with the idea of camping in the car. It’s not the mode itself so much as the whole “camping in the car” experience. If you don’t fancy camping in a car then it doesn’t much matter how clever Camp Mode is!
  22. Adopado

    Model 3 bike rack (not roof or tow bar)

    The Model 3 with tow in the UK could not have tow added by SC … it had to be factory installed (I have one). Unless something has changed recently that’s how it still happens. The Y has always been a SC optional install. You’ll notice that this thread is about the 3.
  23. Adopado

    Model 3 bike rack (not roof or tow bar)

    I read somewhere you can get the tow added to a Y after delivery but the Model 3 needed to be a factory install… has that changed now too? You never used to have to get an extra download because you already had it as supplied.
  24. Adopado

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    Nobody knows. Leave it a couple of weeks and if concerned make a service appointment in the app under the software heading. Even if you choose a date to take the car in it won’t actually need to happen. Someone will be in touch from the Service Centre and they will either tell you to wait or...
  25. Adopado

    4 wheel alignment - non SC

    Ridiculous ... but then I seem to remember the BMW main dealer was not far off that price nearly 20 years ago ... on an almost new Mini!
  26. Adopado

    Looking to speak to people whose deliveries are still 'paused' pending software updates.

    Quite unusual to have such an up-to-date software version on a new delivery ... normally you have to depend on getting an update in the couple of weeks post delivery.
  27. Adopado

    Mirrors auto folding at home location

    According to the manual these are two different things. The folding when parked is a setting that it separate to the mirrors folding in a particular location. Manual page 51 in the 2022.12 version.
  28. Adopado

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    ... and Track Mode
  29. Adopado

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    The weights are different, if wanting to reduce unsprung weight (and rotating mass) I believe the 18s win in that respect.
  30. Adopado


    You described your problem in the second sentence.
  31. Adopado

    Locking wheel nuts and torque wrench in UK model Y

    Definitely agree. I still have sockets that are probably older than some of the people posting on this forum … and none claimed to be professional quality. Different for someone working all day as a mechanic or for use with high power impact tools.
  32. Adopado

    So I tried camping in the car for one night......

    Take care doing this on a Model 3… several people reported braking the visor mirror if the headrest presses hard against the visor when fully forward. Make sure the seat back is not too upright.
  33. Adopado

    Is this normal?

    Yes it’s an odd one.
  34. Adopado

    Is this normal?

    According to the manual (see post above) it sets chill when you set a speed limit. The car may have been set with a speed limit intentionally I suppose.
  35. Adopado

    Random delay when charging - New 2022 charge point regs now in force

    Near enough ... though depends on the kettles as they vary between 1.5kW and 3 kW. The grid is already used to handling this massive instantaneous spike, at least for or a few minutes, but the EV charging is going to then be continuous for a lot longer so any short dump to the grid that has...
  36. Adopado

    Mirrors auto folding at home location

    Once in a blue moon there can be a spurious setting change after a software update ...
  37. Adopado

    Mirrors auto folding at home location

    In the manual under "Folding Mirrors at Specific Locations "
  38. Adopado

    Tesla UK T0 Tyre Directive

    Every FWD car I have ever owned has worn out the fronts at double the rate of the rears ... to be expected really.
  39. Adopado

    Is this normal?

    as above https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6831563/
  40. Adopado

    UK Charge Point Installer Recommendations

    They all charge your car at near enough the same rate (7kW ish). The distinction is down to appearance and features. You're going to have to work out what features you want/need. Do you want to coordinate with solar ... will you be planning to "load share" with another charge point in the...
  41. Adopado

    Is this normal?

    I had a look in my manual for speed limit mode (Model 3). It does say that when a speed limit is set the acceleration is restricted and the car is also automatically put into chill mode ... seems odd if you saw it saying it was in "normal" ... anyway here's the quote: <quote> Speed Limit Mode...
  42. Adopado

    Messed around by Octopus for 3 years - advice welcome

    Believe me "some out of date old thing" may turn out to be the best solution! I had a second hand SMETS1 meter installed (through Octopus) due to unavailable communications infrastructure for SMETS2 in our area. It's been flawless in sending readings since 2019 ... unlike reports from many...
  43. Adopado

    M3 won’t take Zappi excess solar, but MY will?

    Have you definitely cleared any scheduled settings on the Model 3 ?
  44. Adopado

    Is this normal?

    I would expect the normal setting of a YLR to be much more responsive than chill mode on the M3P. ("chill mode" is supposedly a level of performance that is consistent between all models i.e. chill on a P should be the same as chill on a LR ... so not a percentage reduction that would put chill...
  45. Adopado

    Random delay when charging - New 2022 charge point regs now in force

    Quote: "If you’re used to your EV charging as soon as you plug it in, or you’re desperate for a charge, then you can override these settings, but the intention of the new smart charge point regulations is to encourage more EV charging at the off peak times."
  46. Adopado

    Road Trip Checks

    You can go between the north and southbound services at Tebay ... so you can use it when travelling in either direction.
  47. Adopado

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    ... which is a much much better system than an arbitrary 45mins ...
  48. Adopado

    Car won’t wake

    I just use Octopus Go so have no specific advice regarding IO I'm afraid ... however there's an existing thread on here with people who will be able to answer your question on that.
  49. Adopado

    Battery to charge the battery

    It does seem a crazy black/white decision. You can imagine restrictions where the supply is not up to higher rates but you could turn the amps down to less than a kettle ... and from what I read most military situations are sustained by constant cups of tea so they obviously cope with that very...
  50. Adopado

    Car won’t wake

    Check out the manual ;)

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