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    How to Plan a Tesla drive

    Well, if you are traveling on Interstate highways to decently sized cities, there really isn't any need to pre-plan in 2022 anymore. They all have Supercharger coverage, and you can just play it by ear as you go. It's only really when going off the Interstates onto lesser state highways and...
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    Super Charging Etiquette

    A couple of people before you listed the pairing, but this is not it. It's the number that corresponds to the cabinet of the charging hardware. So 1 and 2 are separate units. It is A and B that share.
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    Charging stops before limit is reached

    You're having this same misunderstanding I see from a lot of people with third party apps. Deleting the app from your phone does nothing, because it's not the app on your phone that is connecting to the car. That app on the phone is simply the front-end that gives you an interface to make...
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    are there any level 2 home chargers that can charge faster than 48amps/12,000 watts

    Do you want to give a try to...maybe...READING...the 21 replies? I answered it in the second reply.
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    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    How about not drawing long term conclusions from your one personal anecdote? When my daughter was getting married, we rented a van to pick up tables and chairs to set up. It was a completely brand new GMC van with the new car smell with only 400 miles on the odometer. Guess what? The air...
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    chademo/ccs charging issues

    It's normally not important to get pedantic about the terminology used, but in this case, it matters to figure out what piece of equipment you are talking about to give a relevant answer. When you say "the Tesla charger", what are you referring to? The word "charger" accurately means the...
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    First Tesla pick-up, road trip concerns

    I had a friend who bought a used Model S a couple of years ago. The ownership transfer was pretty quick but not instant. I think it's not an automated process, and needs someone to review it and do the thing, so if you try this like Friday night at 7 PM, there may not be someone who sees it...
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    are there any level 2 home chargers that can charge faster than 48amps/12,000 watts

    Well come on now. I could get behind that last part. That wouldn't be the first time Tesla has had outdated, incorrect information in their documentation. I mean to this very day, they still list that the Model 3 can only get 3 mph recharging speed from a 5-15 outlet (which is ridiculously...
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    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    Right, it is a top level main section that is called "Supercharging & Charging Infrastructure". That's a topic thread section for charging equipment, so things like the mobile charging cords or wall connectors are more appropriate here. It's not specific to a Model S or a Model Y, so creating...
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    My super charger rate reduced from 130kW to 58kW

    Oh, sorry. I realized the wording was confusing on that. I just removed the disagree marker off of it. The 72 kW urban ones are technically sharing from one 150 kW cabinet. It's the same cabinet that the regular V2 ones use. They just have it set up with the fixed upper limit of 72 kW on...
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    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    There is. It's where these got consolidated and moved to. No it wasn't. I went to your profile before that to see how many of these there were, since I had encountered a few of them and found that you had created five separate ones, so I then reported it, and then a moderator collected them...
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    Can I use this adapter to charge my model Y at an RV park?

    You just linked to a general search for TT-30 to 14-50 adapters, so it's a big list. And the answer is: "It depends." These can be wired in two different ways. If it's an adapter made by camping equipment places for RVs, then no, it definitely won't work. It won't harm your car, but it will...
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    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    You have created FIVE separate duplicate threads all over this forum with this same thing! Could you maybe wait until you get some answers on one of them first?
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    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    Ah, that would have been helpful to have mentioned that before then. We get a lot of threads here on the forum of: "My mobile connector is blinking. What does that mean?" and it's usually some problem with the circuit that it has detected.
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    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    I take it you have never heard of the "bathtub curve" then in manufacturing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathtub_curve A failed product at the beginning is much MORE likely than for it to happen three or four months in when you have been using it for quite a while. Those early ones are...
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    Mobile connector or wall connector

    No it does not. That's one of the things that is really nice about Tesla's wall connector. It is a variable setting device. You could do a 50A circuit for either. Or you could do the wall connector on a 30A circuit, or 20A, etc.
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    Basic question on free charging & referrals

    No, because here's what the "referral" is: It is a link that takes you to a version of Tesla's web site that you then use to place your order. If you placed your order without using that referral link to go to the web site, then you didn't use the referral.
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    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    Those "errors" are usually warning indicators catching a problem with your circuit. You should troubleshoot that.
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    are there any level 2 home chargers that can charge faster than 48amps/12,000 watts

    I don't think any of this is true at all (except for your personal statement of what charging level you choose to use). The Model X was already introduced with the 72A maximum new single piece chargers. The Model S still had the "single/dual" until they did the "facelift" refresh in the Spring...
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    Supercharger - Creswell, OR

    Exactly, like the left hand of Oregon keeps getting extra redundant Superchargers, while the right hand of Oregon still has a 250+ mile unfilled travel route.
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    Electrician Mounted Wall Connector Backwards!

    Sometimes moving the goal posts is so simple. Absolute statement is absolute.
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    Supercharger Pricing spreadsheet

    You're not going to find a good source for that, because Tesla changes it too frequently, and it varies from site to site even within states. And it's not published anywhere openly on a web page that could be scraped for the information. It's only viewable from the display inside the cars, so...
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    They can't. It's a hardware difference.
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    are there any level 2 home chargers that can charge faster than 48amps/12,000 watts

    I almost gave you a like for the description of the chargers, but then got to this: ALL home charging is very extremely slow charging from the battery's perspective. It makes no difference at all to the battery's health. You are quibbling about the differences between 11 or 17 kW. That's...
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    range anxiety

    What?! No, I never knew that. That's some really strange bad UI design then. There's just a bunch of plain black text there that all looks the same. It doesn't look like links. There are four lines of information, and the first one (date) is not a clickable link. How would people know the...
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    Will the Mobile Connector I ordered come with the vehicle at delivery?

    I didn't realize there was much difference in the lead times between them--didn't think about it. Uh, no "hopefully" needed. They are legally obligated to, since it was listed as an included item when I ordered.
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    Gen1 Tesla Wall Charger Plug End Broke Off - Recommendations?

    First off, I'm wondering why you were still trying to use a thing like that, which looks like it went through a meat grinder. But as to replacements, I have a couple of ideas. The company used to be called Quick Charge Power, but changed their name to QC Charge. They offered services for...
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    Gen 1 Charging Cable i used w/o issue since 2015 now keeps tripping Breaker

    That has nothing to do with it. When the cars are not plugged into anything, the display will just default back to showing the maximum the car's onboard charger can take, which is 48A. It's never actually trying to use that much from this cable. The cable with the 14-50 plug is announcing the...
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    Is Tesla Adding CCS Chargers a Mistake? (TMC Podcast Clip)

    You previously gave the appropriate response: Europe is a very INCREDIBLY different situation that doesn't have any relevance to how things are here in North America. From the very beginning, Tesla started off their cars using almost the same charging port that was already established in...
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    Oregon Superchargers - lack of ...

    What? Wow. Mid morning and late afternoon is when we were there. We went two consecutive days this past week. Saturday about evening, like 6 PM or so, and then the next day, Sunday (yesterday) late morning, like 11 AM. It was almost totally full both times. Saturday, we got one of I think...
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    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    I saw that in another thread too, and was about to comment on how the person named 240vPlug was warning people away from the 240vPlug.
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    Will the Mobile Connector I ordered come with the vehicle at delivery?

    Why are people thinking lead times are that short? We ordered our Model Y way back in January, and delivery estimate isn't until December!!
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    range anxiety

    @railroader1988 Your location just says "brampton". We don't know what state...or country...or continent that is. That would help some to have a better idea of what your situation is like, to know how much charging infrastructure is available around you and what the temperatures and climate...
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    12 volt battery options

    Such as this?: That is just your unhelpful speculation. It is almost certain that is not the reason. Charging only $85 for the batteries is a really good deal, and is not really much of a profit for them. But the previous part that the service advisor actually told you is probably true...
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    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    I have been seeing a lot of threads on this kind of topic, mentioning that Tesla isn't including the cords. It seemed to come up recently when Tesla announced that NEW ORDERS as of recently will not be including the cord, and it seems there is a lot of misunderstanding about that. You know...
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    Unplug 14-50 Adapter or leave it plugged in all the time?

    I concur. Don't do that! Then I concur even more. Really REALLY don't do that!
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    Can't start transfer of Tesla ownership for used Model S 2016

    No, that is false. I don't know why so many people have that misunderstanding. It doesn't matter whether the future series of owners are car dealers or just regular people. For that matter, an individual can get a dealer's license, and I have known a few people who had them. Dealer or not is...
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    When is the P90D at its quickest?

    Yes, it really does. And even 80% wouldn't be high enough. On the P versions and Ludicrous and such, it needs that higher voltage level that it gets to at the higher states of charge to really get the most out of it. It drops off somewhat noticeably below about 90%.
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    Oregon Superchargers - lack of ...

    I just got back from a trip out into Oregon all last week. We were in Cannon Beach mostly, but into Seaside a couple of times and a day trip back into Portland. Wow, the one in Hillsboro that goes over toward the coast on U.S. 26 is super busy. I saw two or three cars waiting a couple of times.
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    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    That is literally what was said in the statement you quoted and replied to. It was talking about getting two wall connectors to use in sharing configuration.
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    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    I wish they didn't have interstate numbers reused in two separate disconnected areas of the country. I was surprised to hear people in the Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut areas talking about I-84, when that is the main interstate through Idaho and Oregon. Local city streets do that...
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    Setpoint for home charge (@50%) sets but then increases at random elapsed times.

    This may not help with your charge limit problem I don't think, but I see a misunderstanding I see in several threads that may help with diagnosing some things at some point in the future. That's not relevant and isn't how that works. It is not your laptop or the app on it that are talking to...
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    Load Sharing Gen 2 and Gen 3 HWPC

    Heh, very very much so. They are highly in demand and going for very high prices because they are better than the Gen3.
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    Supercharger - SE Portland?

    Have you actually seen that happen at the Bend Supercharger? I find that pretty unlikely. Having full stations and having to wait for a spot is something that happens much more in the California sites, rather than outside of that.
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    Load Sharing Gen 2 and Gen 3 HWPC

    No, there isn't. When the Gen3 first came out, people saw that network connector on the board and briefly had hope it could be wired back to the Gen2 units, but it seems to be non-functional. There isn't a way to do that. So if you want sharing, you have to sell/trade/buy one or the other to...
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    Charging 40amps

    Where did you read that? That is always fine to do. That is a software control that is made available to you, and it handles those adjustments very gracefully, so you can mess with that as much as you want.
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    Charge Amperage Dropping in the middle of the charge, 32 --> 16 Amp

    That is usually the key indicator that it is the onboard charger in the car that is failing. The smaller range cars are built with a smaller 32A onboard charger, and the bigger battery cars are built with a larger 48A onboard charger. But both are built internally out of individual modules...
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    Tesla Megachargers arrive at Frito-Lay facility ahead of January Semi deliveries

    Pictures of the Tesla semi's charging port have been posted quite a while ago, and they do not look like that plug. I think a lot of us were hoping that they would match whenever this came out, but it seems not. I suppose Tesla could change the charge port and plug to this new standard, but I...
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    Is it okay to charge to 100% if I am immediately going to use it right away?

    People say that, and it is technically true, but only lasts for a few minutes, and by then, you have used up some energy, and regeneration is coming back. So it just doesn't amount to much of anything to be a noticeable level of efficiency loss.
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    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    Yes, both the mobile connector and wall connector include GFCI detection inside them. Double GFCI isn't specifically the problem. The problem with the nuisance tripping is because of those devices trying to do a ground test. They trickle a little bit of current onto the ground pin to try to...

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