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    Snippiness 2.0

    It's rude and moronic that people start making assumptions. I did research and had done steps that were mentioned. Went over the same steps with the Tesla tech over the phone many times. So shove your "I did not mention that on purpose." Blah blah blah up yours and be the asshole you are. Peace out
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    Blank dashboard screen

    After 5 days, the dashboard screen is finally back online. This is just when I received a message on the app saying there is a software update 2020.8.1. I believe they f*cked it up in the last update. Hope things will work as usual with this new update.
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    Blank dashboard screen

    It just happened today that both screens were blank. I did the power reset by holding down the scroll wheels and the infotainment screen came back after minutes of waiting but the dashboard screen was still blank. I then tried power off option (after 2 mins, step on the brake pedal) and both...
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    Sentry mode has turned off due to a sentry system error

    This has happened twice already to my MS after the V10 update. Will do the reboot later when I get home
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    Supercharger - Newark, CA (LIVE 19 Sep 2019, 16 urban stalls)

    May be the world doesn't need saving ;-)
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    Software Update 2019.5.x

    I have only experienced it once after the software update. The volume is about the same as the warning chime that you get when there is a complete stop/slow down ahead of you. I think the chime happens when you signal to turn (still in your own lane) and there is a car in your blind spot. I...
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    Software Update 2019.5.x

    They still haven't fixed the freaking backup camera blank screen issue!!!! Unbelievable.
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    Software Update 2019.5.x

    Just got a software update notice on the phone. The version is 2019.5.15 but no sentry mode. It's also showing that my car is located at the Tesla HQ in Palo Alto while I am lying in my bed at home. May be I should check my garage?
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    Scroll wheels stopped working today

    Recently, I am getting really frustrated by the issues that keep happening since the last software/firmware update. version v9.0 (2018.49.20 e6f543e) First is the backup camera screen goes completely blank and now both the scroll wheels are not responding. Hence, I cannot do the manual reboot...
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    Backup camera went black

    My Model S and coworker's have the same issue as well. Sometimes it happened a few times throughout the day. It's very annoying. I wish there is a way to revert the firmware to the previous version before this disaster.
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    Back up Camera

    This also happened to me a few times already after the latest software update (2018.46). I had to reboot the car to recover the blank white camera screen. This has never happened before the latest update.
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    Tesla Referral Program

    PM sent
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    To tint back/top window or not

    For those who have back window tinted, have you noticed excessive glare around the defroster lines? Also, I am going to install a rear dash cam. Will the tint make it unusable at night?
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    Group buy for the 4k Blackvue Dashcam?

    Not sure it's an apple to apple comparison. Unlike the 650, the DR900S-2CH broadcasts 5GHz and 2.4GHz signals. I might have left my cellphone connected to the blackvue (5GHz wifi) the entire time. I am not using an external battery. The "power" drop was strictly the reading off my Tesla app.
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    Group buy for the 4k Blackvue Dashcam?

    You have to make sure those 4 male pins are straightly aligned. It didn't work at first try but once I figured it out, the connection between the two cables is very solid. I even had a bunch of weight dangling down while testing it. I just found out earlier that the blackvue Wi-Fi will always...
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    Group buy for the 4k Blackvue Dashcam?

    You want to read the Teslatap link provided by Akikiki's post above. Instead of using the "TE part 3-968696-2 along with two crimp pins 1-928918-1" mentioned above, I used the Startech 4-Pin Fan connector FAN4EXT12. Cut off unneeded black and yellow lines (your 12v auxiliary power connector may...
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    Group buy for the 4k Blackvue Dashcam?

    I took it out of the mount, tried to get the spring action to work by pressing it different ways (no budge). Googled the problem and people suggested the tweezer solution so I carefully pull it out and making sure the card is not locked along the way.
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    Group buy for the 4k Blackvue Dashcam?

    I just installed the front camera today (tapped onto the always-on auxiliary power connector in the mic panel). The installation and software setup was easy. I had a scare when the micro sd was stuck in the slot. Tried pressing it with finger nail but won't budge. Had to use pair of tweezers to...
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    I have a similar problem but it's in the tail light covers. Does anyone have the same problem? 20180528_101906_HDR[1] by bayarea_joe posted May 29, 2018 at 1:52 PM
  20. 20180528_101906_HDR[1]


    After car wash. Water trapped in light covers
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    Supercharger - Livermore, CA (LIVE 21 Nov 2018, 20 urban stalls)

    But that's for Livermore in Afganistan. :rolleyes:
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    AWG 8 wire with 50amp breaker

    So you are going to put a label there to make sure only the mobile connector can be used on that outlet? Some year later, you may sell the house and the new owner may not know this and cause a fire. The 50A breaker doesn't do your any good period.
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    AWG 8 wire with 50amp breaker

    Not an electrician but recently had Nema 14-50 outlet installed by a certified electrician with 6AWG wire and 50A breaker. 8AWG wire is too thin for 50A and the 50A breaker will not be able to protect you if the 8 AWG wire burn. Whoever installed it has to change the breaker for safety reason.
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    Did Tesla just kill the Model S 75D?

    Just 2 minor advantages of MS came across my mind: larger screen in proper location and lifetime supercharging
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    Model X IRS 100% Deduction “Hummer Loophole” - 2018 Edition

    The title says "loophole". I thought it always imply not legal.
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    Easy DIY dash cam install

    Does this only happen to the model 3 or model S/X as well? I heard there is an always on 12v connector hidden in the mic compartment.
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    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    I am wondering where exactly is the Santa Clara supercharger. Anyone?
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    Passenger door window belt molding misalignment

    I just noticed the chrome window molding on the passenger door is slightly misaligned. The driver door side looks perfectly fine though. Has anyone encountered this problem before?
  29. 20180518_213623


    Passenger side window molding misalignment
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    Installed a Tesla charger in my condo garage. Other owners are forcing me to remove it. Thoughts?

    Why are you guys spending so much time on this thread? If he needs help or still stuck in limbo, he would be updating this thread by now.
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    Phone Distracted Driver on Autopilot Slams into Firetruck

    All of a sudden, everyone becomes a Shelock Holmes.
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    Lost the keys in Monterey, CA

    If it's legit, you may have better luck dealing with tesla trying to get you a spare. Have you successfully registered yourself as the rightful owner?
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    Lost the keys in Monterey, CA

    Sounds fishy. The company who sold you the car should be responsible for providing you the key. How do you no know when you take delivery?
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    New Model S / X interior update, now here?

    I guess you didn't know about the fighter jet wings upgrade coming next year huh?
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    Supercharger - Los Gatos (LIVE 24 Sep 2018, 12 Urban type)

    Hadn't he kept his mouth shut, you would have quoted him here and got him in trouble. What a wise man.
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    Tesla parts made in China

    I think they got you too
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    Loot box in app Version 3.3.5

    If you refer a model 3 buyer, he/she doesn't get anything but you get a prize right?
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    California ISO approaching zero imports

    I wonder what the chart will look like when we hit between 80-100F during the summer.
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    Nema 14-50 on 20A Breaker?

    You have to know where the 100.42A load is distributed. I would guess 30A dryer, 10A washer, 10A dishwasher, electric or gas range + lights etc. If you are to have all of them turned on, you may not want to exceed 20A as suggested but in reality most people won't have all those turned on while...
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    Model s and x refresh

    Love my cream leather + ash trim combo. Now it's unique ;)
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    Driver Seat Belt- Will it wear on the seat?

    Haven't noticed my MS seat belt is any different than my other car's. The floor mats are most likely wear out faster.
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    New Order 5/4/18

    If the car will be parked outside most of the time, I would choose MSM. White or Tan interior for the contrast (just my taste). By the way, thanks for your service.
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    17 Model X 75D 28k miles asking $68k

    Please be sensitive. Someone is going through tough time here. He has every right to sell the car to anyone he wants. There are many factors to approve a sale.
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    Are scale models still being given at delivery? :)

    We were at the Fremont delivery room for 2 hrs, we saw many people picking up model3 also. They didn't get any scale model.
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    Are scale models still being given at delivery? :)

    We took delivery of model S in April. They only gave our son a model s hotwheel and that goes for everyone in the waiting room :( 1:18 diecast scale model costs over $200. I doubt they give those away.
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    Key fob locked in car - I thought this was not possible

    Right. Dogs never get lost. Lost dog posters aren't real. :)
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    Key fob locked in car - I thought this was not possible

    And pretty soon it will become someone else's dog including the car.
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    Group buy for the 4k Blackvue Dashcam?

    I am also interested in joining Blackvue group buy
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    Working under car

    Dig a 6ft deep hole?

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