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  1. Watts_Up

    2022 Model Y 4680 Structural Pack is "Amazing", Says Munro & Associates

    There is no SR Y. Do you have a link for your above charging comment?
  2. Watts_Up

    Model YP Delivery: Breakdown after 4 Days- What to do?

    One option is to start filing a complain under the Florida Lemon law customer protection.
  3. Watts_Up

    Supercharging on a really hot day

    If you can, try to avoid charging during the peak rate hours, and also driving when the sun is high to lower AC consumption. But, when travelling this might be not always easy if you need to drive all the day to your destination. Be carefull not to be drowsy when driving under hot weather...
  4. Watts_Up

    Later this year, Tesla will begin production of Supercharger equip. that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers

    Tesla Superchargers in Europe already have two plugs (one for Model S/X, and one for Model 3/Y) so others EV can use them. It is interesting to notice by opposition that Rivian will instal new CCS chargers but they will be accessible only to Rivian owners. However, I believe this will certainly...
  5. Watts_Up

    Is there a clean way to tap into Model 3 frunk lights?

    @101dals here is the thread (use the 'chain' icon from the posting menu, or just include the web link in your posting.) Frunk LED Light Strip for Model 3 or Y https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/frunk-led-light-strip-for-model-3-or-y.263581/
  6. Watts_Up

    How to get a cord into Model Y?

    There are some behind the rear red light, may be to accomodate some particular foreign countries specific lighting requirements.
  7. Watts_Up

    How do you order a "Made in Austin" Model Y?

    Or you can buy from someone is going to get one, like Sandy Munro did.
  8. Watts_Up

    How to get a cord into Model Y?

    I installed an additional rear view camera and I found an unused grommet behind one of the rear read lights, so I was able to pass thought a wire without making any additional hole. I I would recommend removing one of the rear read lights and see if you can find a way to pass thought your...
  9. Watts_Up

    More trunk room?

    It depend of the year, for previous Model 3 the speaker shelf had a larger grill helping the sound going into the cabin. See this thread. Some of us want to hear our Subwoofer more than we hate road noise.
  10. Watts_Up

    Model 2

    I doubt that Tesla will sell a Model 2 / Q in the US since those might be manufactured in China or Germany. The US market for compact cars is very limited and Tesla will certainly not build the Model 2 / Q here, so those should have to be imported and paid shipping and import taxes, so better...
  11. Watts_Up

    Car seats and car seat protection...what do you use?

    In case this video from Bjørn Nyland could provide additional information: Tesla Model Y Performance car seat and stroller test
  12. Watts_Up

    FSD vs Stopped School Bus

    Can FSD be "officially" used on street roads? I had the impression that FSD was currently designed to be used only on Freeways, except for the "Beta" testers. Anyways, other "Self Driving" systems that Consumer Report tested were only on freeways.
  13. Watts_Up

    No camping in your car.

    I wonder if a camping car, or a van with sleeping accommodation (like a VW Vanagon) would be allowed ?
  14. Watts_Up

    Supercharger - Laguna Seca Raceway, CA (under construction Jun 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    I like this picture of the Tesla Semi delivering Superchargers !!!
  15. Watts_Up

    Does anyone know who makes these wheels?

    I hope there are locks on those wheels !!!
  16. Watts_Up

    How to remove rear seat backs and front passenger seat for Tesla Model 3?

    If you are talking about the verical plastic covers between the left and right seats and the door? I realize now that you mention it, that there is no release, like a plastic pin, that you can find in various areas. So you need to force a little bit to remove them. However, I didn't have any...
  17. Watts_Up

    How to remove rear seat backs and front passenger seat for Tesla Model 3?

    I gave my Model 3 to a body to replace a rear quarter and wheelhouse. I didn't want to get my seats damaged as I noticed that the body shop just pilled up the seats in a corner of the shop. So I tried to remove the rear seat. The bottom is very easy to remove, there are two electrical wires...
  18. Watts_Up

    Coolers for long weekend/week in trunk

    I installed a spare tire under the speaker sshelf, so the vertical clerarnce of my trunk was limitted (going from 18" to 12") So I removed the trunk liner and I was able to lower the trunk platform by 6", see picture below. Maybe this could help solving your access problem.
  19. Watts_Up

    Glass roof shades for 2018 Model 3?

    I would recommend not to obscure the lower part of the rear window, where the fog wires are located. Because you will lose the use of your rear view mirror.
  20. Watts_Up

    Coolers for long weekend/week in trunk

    May be you could remove the cover of the trunk under storage?
  21. Watts_Up

    Tesla App Map

    I have the 2022.16.2 release and I don't have problem with the map location. I can switch from street map view to sattelite view.
  22. Watts_Up

    Level three charging?

    Using you ABRPmap, beside the Madera Tesla Supercharger which is 91 miles from the Yuksachi Lodge, the Traver Tesla Supercharger is 82 miles, and the Clovis Tesla Supercharger is 74 miles away. About the CCS Electrify America, the Sanger location is 66 miles away.
  23. Watts_Up

    My Supercharging experience... Is this right?

    If you travel in an area with a low density of SuperCharger, I never go below 30% of Soc. As I often experienced having to make detours because of an accident, mud slide, fire, or constructions. Better safe than sorry.
  24. Watts_Up

    Any other VW GTI or Golf R converts?

    I whish the VW ID.3 was based on the VW GTI body shape, something that Hyundai did with the IONIQ 5.
  25. Watts_Up

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Can you insert the CCS Adpter all the way to the body of the car, or do you have like half inch gap between the back of the adaptor and the car receptacle? I found that the Adapter, because of the weight of the CCS plug and cable, always try to move out and got some connection errors. To fix...
  26. Watts_Up

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    @FalconFour Another successful installation of the bundle of wires with the GEN4 ECU on an older Model 3 (October 2018). I tested home charger, public L2 charger, Tesla 250 kW Super charger, and EA 350 kW. I was at 70% SoC and got 43 kW with the 250 kW Tesla SC and 57 kW with the EA 350 kW...
  27. Watts_Up

    How to retrieve warning messages after they have been displayed on the screen?

    Could someone show me how to how to retrieve any warning messages, after they have been displayed on the screen while driving? I often don't get chance to read a warning message while driving. I remember that there is a way to display those messages. But with the recent changes made to the...
  28. Watts_Up

    Supercharger - San Leandro, CA (under construction Apr 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    The two middle stalls are reserved for ADA but the second one on the right doesn't provide extra room on the driver side to use a wheelchair? Also, very often the very first or last stalls are drive-in type,which can be usefull if you have a bicycle rack, or in the fuure could be more easy to...
  29. Watts_Up

    Spare Tire

    Can you try to remove the liner in the front under floor storage location? Since this location is used to fold the 3rd row seats,I imagine that there must be more room under the cover.
  30. Watts_Up

    Model Y LR vs P comfort

    Here an example of 18" wheels: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/and-i-thought-transporting-a-set-of-mounted-and-balanced-tires-sucked.268679
  31. Watts_Up

    Any way to display all superchargers along my route?

    So far A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) is certainly the best tool to use (App or Webpage) https://www.iternio.com/
  32. Watts_Up

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Well, I would say at least the size of a CHAdeMO EV Plug, or even bigger?
  33. Watts_Up

    Why Elon’s Goal to Improve Tesla Service Seems Ambitious (TMC Podcast Clip)

    I noticed that when making an appointment, the Service Center is open now even on Sunday.
  34. Watts_Up

    Spare Tire

    One possibility:
  35. Watts_Up

    All discussion of Rivian Automotive

    I would not be so optimistic, the product is certainly great but Rivian don't have enough control of the supply chain. Contrary to Tesla at the time of the production of the first Model S, in the case of Rivian, a lot of components are outsourced, so it's very difficult to alter requirements...
  36. Watts_Up

    CCS Retrofit Kit

    Thank you, I created an account, it would have been simpler to have a link to be able to use the same App and personal info. This will be a good complement to the Tesla Superchargers when visiting tourist spots between Victoria Island and Calgary. Note: I was thinking that Canada was part of...
  37. Watts_Up

    CCS Retrofit Kit

    I noticed that there is no Electrify America stations in Canada. So which CCS network do you use or recommend in Canada?
  38. Watts_Up

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    @FalconFour Do you think this 'ad-hoc' instalation might affect Tesla warranty for those cars who are still under the 4-years 50k-miles warranty? Do you think that putting back the original Gen3 will work without getting any error messages or do you think that a new software set up while be...
  39. Watts_Up

    Make Cigarette / USB off when car in sleep

    Instead of using Sentry which keep the car awake, use a separate dashcam connected to the ODBC2 12V which stays now on all the time even when the car is sleeping.
  40. Watts_Up

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Thank you for the reply. I am not really sold using tinned copper wires. Here are the AC/DC Wires I was considering: $39 - 8 COLORS 100ft - 800 Ft 18 AWG True Spec Gauge BLUE RED Black Primary Wire CABLE $96 - AC/DC WIRE - AUTOMOTIVE WIRE 16 AWG HIGH TEMP GXL STRANDED PURE COPPER WIRE 12...
  41. Watts_Up

    Is it worth removing the wall connector when moving?

    Everytime at visit an Open House for sale, I always ask about the garage and circuit breaker panel locations. The real estate person always told me "You must have a Tesla?" I'm surprised that having an EV charger is not considere as a must.
  42. Watts_Up

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Where do you get your wires? I try finding short rolls of different colors for a Solar controller project. I got some rolls on Amazon, but they were tinned copper, not pure stranded copper. I don't like those too much. Too thin, like human hairs. I lookwd at some suppliers but you need to get...
  43. Watts_Up

    Towing with the new 16v battery

    >> The manual says that the connection is there but the communication with the brake controller doesn't work. @VandalSibs As a possible fix, the Curt Bluetooth brake controller could be an easy to use solution.
  44. Watts_Up

    Surprise Check from Tesla

    I would put it on a wall using a plastic cover as a good luck charm !!! May be you could also sale it one day on e-Bay for a collecter, or one of your grandsons could show it on the Antiques Roadshow for getting an auction estimate so keep also the letter envelope with the $0.58 stamp.
  45. Watts_Up

    LIVE Telescope view of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, & Saturn

    I agree, this video didn't provided any real informstion. The following video has more real content, in particular mention the the grand planetary alignment June 24th 2022. Look Up! The Grand Alignment of Planets Has Begun
  46. Watts_Up

    LIVE Telescope view of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, & Saturn

    Not exactly a SpaceX topic, but I think this could be of some space ralted interest. I don't know which telescope is used. LIVE Telescope view of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, & Saturn Watch live As This once-in-1,000-years planetary parade will see Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in straight line the...
  47. Watts_Up

    What wheels are these?

    I hope this renter will provide the wheel locks in case someone get a flat and need road assistance!!!
  48. Watts_Up

    Fully deflate lumbar?

    You don't need to tear apart your seat to accees the lumbar pump. You just need to remove the headset which hold the back cover of the seat. See at 9:12 on this video. You could improve the lumbar system to provide a massage function:
  49. Watts_Up

    How Did the Service Center Move My Car?

    I gave my car to a body shop and they contacted me because I did set the Valet Mode and I needed to have my password to go to Service Mode?

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