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  1. Tam

    LiDAR - NASA confirms cameras better than LiDAR - Musk is correct

    That's why it's categorized from the low 0 to the highest 5. L3 is a step toward improvement when there's an accident while the L3 is in operation, the driver is not liable. Usually at low-speed traffic jams on highways...
  2. Tam

    Model S P85D lower and lower range for 3 - years - WARRANTY ENDING SOON - what to do?

    That's about right. When I need to drive 180 miles, I make sure my battery gauge says 280 miles or 100 battery miles extra before leaving. In your case, I wouldn't drive because yours can only go to the maximum of 245, not 280 miles on the battery gauge.
  3. Tam

    LiDAR - NASA confirms cameras better than LiDAR - Musk is correct

    That's the thing: In the old days, prior to LIDAR, no matter how many millions of dollars researchers could spend, they could not have a reliable Collision Avoidance Technology. 15 years ago, or by the 2007 DARPA Challenge, the LIDAR's price went down to below $100,000 each, and that helped 6...
  4. Tam

    Racing a bunch of FSD cars on a track

    It was done in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge: MIT Talos was passing the chase vehicle and then another on the right but the one on the right didn't stand for being cut-off and hit Talos: The one who hits would be expelled while the one (Talos in this case) who's hit can stay in the race.
  5. Tam

    LiDAR - NASA confirms cameras better than LiDAR - Musk is correct

    Let's look at the past and present: Without LIDAR, no one could reach the finish line for the first DARPA challenge in 2004. By the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge (Youtube), there were about 36 participants but only 6 were able to finish the race and they all had LIDAR. 1) Carnegie Mellon...
  6. Tam

    No FSD based on over 1,400 miles and an average score of 100 for love 2 weeks

    That is how Tesla works. Some are lucky to get it others have to wait a long time. It helps if you are a VIP with a flunking Safetly Score of 37/100: https://electrek.co/2021/10/14/tesla-pushes-full-self-driving-beta-investor-without-perfect-safety-score/
  7. Tam

    Mobile charging cable— everyday?

    No. That is not the case because many people use the Mobile Connector exclusively without the Wall Connector. You just have to find out what's wrong. Are all connections tight? Any signs of heat damage? Or it's just time for another Mobile Connector.
  8. Tam

    FSD Beta

    Correct. When we paid for FSD, we didn't pay for an unfinished product or "beta". We paid for a consumer-quality product but it's just that it's not here just yet. Just like when you bought a house, we didn't pay for an unfinished house with an empty plot of land with no roof with no...
  9. Tam

    Former Tesla Referral program question...

    I don't know but there are factors to consider: 1) I can't remember whether it covers "New Inventory" or not. 2) If it does, the buyer got a different order with a different order date after 7/2021.
  10. Tam

    Fsd Beta without FSD.

    That explains it as @JulienW mentioned. It's because you are not the original owner who knows whether the feature was paid or not. The next thing to do is to check whether the FSD is paid/rented or not. You can go to your phone app and click Upgrades->Software Upgrades and check the "Buy"...
  11. Tam

    Seriously, why does Elon feel the need to lie about even short-term fsd beta timelines.

    But many complain about non-transferability when trading in or selling.
  12. Tam

    Fsd Beta without FSD.

    First thing first, how did you get the FSD beta?
  13. Tam


    Did anyone hear about the May accident on I-45N near Ennis, TX? https://techcrunch.com/2022/07/01/behind-the-scenes-of-waymos-worst-automated-truck-crash/ Waymo was running at 62 MPH but I think the speed limit over there is 75 MPH. Maybe there was road rage and another truck forced Waymo off...
  14. Tam

    Car not unlocking

    Welcome to Tesla technology. Tesla used to use a conventional 12V lead-acid battery but people complain it dies too often like as soon as 1 year or 2. Now, it has just switched to 12V Lithium battery which, in theory, it should be better. However, in reality, there's might be some bugs to...
  15. Tam

    Car not unlocking

    You got enough miles so we cannot blame the main battery pack for this incident. It might be the new 12V Lithium software problem. Yes. Just call the Roadside Assistance number (877-798-3752) and they'll take care of it. Everything will be free. Free 12V jumper. Free Towing to Service...
  16. Tam

    Seriously, why does Elon feel the need to lie about even short-term fsd beta timelines.

    Because the new car warranty only last 4 years. We want to be able to use FSD with good collision avoidance technology before the warranty runs out. Each day of delay is each day toward the expiration of the new car warranty. When you run out of warranty, if the FSD hardware (such as $758.38...
  17. Tam

    Car not unlocking

    You should call Roadside Assistance so they either jump the 12V battery or tow it to Service Center. What was the battery gauge telling you the last time you left your car? Like 90%? 365 miles?
  18. Tam

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    Yes, it did. 1. Design 2. Mismatched old & new cells would pull down the whole pack on day one until it will be dead eventually. Your battery gauge may say you still have lots of miles like 60 miles and your car's just dead, wouldn't move.
  19. Tam

    Traction Control, Regen, TACC, Lane Change Warning DEAD Every Trip > 70 MPH

    It sounds like your car is fine in normal load but at a higher load/speed, it starts to struggle. I don't think it's 12V battery.
  20. Tam

    Upgrade from HW2.5 to HW3.0

    Yes. No. $1,000 one time for the FSD computer hardware if you want a monthly subscription. See: https://www.tesla.com/support/full-self-driving-computer
  21. Tam

    Battery range with AC on

    It's rated for 315 EPA miles so that should easily cover 150 miles a day with the A/C on. Your battery lasts longer if you don't discharge it deeply. That means if I charge to 90% and I drive 40% a day, I should plug in every day and not wait 2 days to drain to 10% to plug it in. However...
  22. Tam

    Tesla Model 3 2022 creaking noises - brand new

    That's not acceptable for a brand new car. If it's the aero wheel covers, just take them all off and see if the noises stopped.
  23. Tam

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    That's about right. Before I leave, I make sure I have enough charge plus 100 miles extra. That means, if my next charger is 210 miles away, I don't leave until the battery gauge says "310 miles". In your case, you leave at 85% or 263 miles on my battery gauge. You traveled with a stop in...
  24. Tam

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    1. Disable Sentry Mode 2. Disable Summon Standby Mode 4. Disable Mobile Access 5. Disable Data Upload (to Tesla)- click "do not agree" 6. Disable Climate Preconditioning 7. Disable Scheduled Departure. 8. Disable Cabin Overheat Protection 9. Make sure HVAC is off when you leave-Disable "Keep...
  25. Tam

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    You need to break the gasoline habit and adopt your owner's manual: "Model 3 has one of the most sophisticated battery systems in the world. The most important way to preserve the high voltage Battery is to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PLUGGED IN when you are not using it." Note that the capitalized...
  26. Tam

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Thanks for catching that. My mistake for thinking about my own 2018 Model 3 which is 310 miles.
  27. Tam

    Highbeam Assist Model Y 2022 (1st July Delivery)

    It's been a known problem for years. Some owners think it's fine but others have been complaining for years. After all, it's still in "beta".
  28. Tam

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    That depends. Tesla defines it as normal if your car degradation is within 30%. [numbers edited begin] Your EPA rating is 322. Losing 30% of it is 97 miles or your battery gauge would show 225 miles. By that definition, your battery gauge shows that you have 280 which is a lot more than 225...
  29. Tam

    Traction Control, Regen, TACC, Lane Change Warning DEAD Every Trip > 70 MPH

    Not normal. Hopefully, it won't get worse. It's time to book up a ticket to Service Center.
  30. Tam

    Polarized sunglass OK with X?

    Tesla doesn't believe in HUD (nor LIDAR) so I doubt it has polarized glass. Tesla screen displays have quite a lot of reflections so I doubt they have polarized films. Please be an unpaid beta tester for us and report back :)
  31. Tam

    Updates, updates & updates...

    It's all software so I guess it is possible but it might involve some skills. The easiest way is not to accept the updates from your car's screen. However, when I did not accept it and that worked for a while but it still stealthy did update after that. So, this might not be foolproof...
  32. Tam

    SCE TOU Prime - Does it require panel upgrade?

    I don't see the rationale for it and I doubt that is the policy. I personally called and talked to an SCE person on the phone to switch from tiered rate plan to TOU-D-Prime for my apartment with a 60-ampere service and it went through fine.
  33. Tam

    Does Tesla’s model encourage sloppy programming?

    Very true. And also in the rain too! https://electrek.co/2020/10/19/tesla-admits-design-flaw-rear-bumper-falling-off-water/
  34. Tam

    Does Tesla’s model encourage sloppy programming?

    The same practice with boasting the next revolutionary step of radar deletion that would free the system of sensor fusion, stationary object collision, and phantom brakes but when it's implemented, it's buggy, and inferior to the radar version, prompting the software recall and NHTSA...
  35. Tam

    Refreshed model S Tire rotation

    I am not sure that is an acceptable practice to go against the "outside" and "inside" labels on the tire wall. They may look the same but their construction might be different to accommodate corner handling and water clearance.
  36. Tam

    Model 3 inoperable after rain storm

    If your car is left out in the rain, that should be fine. Driving in the heavy rain without water puddles on the road is fine. If it is flooded or you drive into water puddles, that might get to the electronics.
  37. Tam

    Model 3 inoperable after rain storm

    What has the storm got to do with the car? Are you thinking that the storm surge might have fried the electronics?
  38. Tam

    Homelink in condo complex garage

    What counts is where the garage door is. That location does not migrate no matter how far your car will travel further 40 feet underground. Are you saying that there 2 garage doors: one entrance and one exit and they are in different locations, 40 feet apart?
  39. Tam

    Punish Customers for Buying New Tesla?

    I wish there would be less misinformation in Tesla. Their workers need to take a quiz each time there's a new policy that affects customers.
  40. Tam

    Refreshed model S Tire rotation

    I don't know how to do that because just like the moon we can always see the same side and not the dark side, when you rotate your tires, the outside shows as outside and you can't see the inside.
  41. Tam

    Model X: Driver-side door won't push open

    It's a known problem that's why the warranty is only good for 4 years/50,000 miles: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/drivers-door-latch-broken-no-parts-available.269930/
  42. Tam

    Punish Customers for Buying New Tesla?

    Tesla sales are no better than traditional dealership sales when it comes to promises: They can promise the moon, but they will make sure it's not documented anywhere.
  43. Tam

    Punish Customers for Buying New Tesla?

    Where's the link to that assurance? It doesn't assure that on its webpage: "What happens to my Safety Score if I sell my vehicle? If the vehicle ownership changes, the Safety Score data previously collected will not be used for the vehicle under the new owner, nor will it be used for a new...
  44. Tam

    Fsd beta question

    It's promised to improve starting version 11: https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-fsd-beta-v11-single-stack-confirmed-elon-musk/ And it's promised to be released this summer: https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-fsd-beta-verion-11/
  45. Tam

    Refreshed model S Tire rotation

    They can be rotated in the same axle. The rear tires are wider so if you rotate them to the front, they will rub the front wheel hubs, especially when you turn left, right, u-turn.
  46. Tam

    Fsd beta question

    Smart summon uses the same codes in EAP/FSD/FSD beta. What is new in FSD beta is the city streets and not the parking lot smart summon. Summon is promised to be better when it's rewritten as "single stack": "Single Stack" is not here just yet.
  47. Tam

    Phantom Braking

    Unless you hear from íniders but publicly, Tesla has repeatedly confirmed the position of anti-LIDAR. In addition, Tesla does cite anti-sensor-fusion as a reason to delete the radar and go for pure vision only. LIDAR is currently active in most cars that are not sold to consumers like Waymo...
  48. Tam

    Is it ok to share the title and registration photo to a online buyer for auto loan?

    Once you got the money, then it's safe but otherwise, I would not.
  49. Tam

    Tesla wall charger breaker caught fire

    I was thinking it's more convenient to have everything Tesla: car, solar, battery storage, insurance, air conditioning... This thread gave me a pause!
  50. Tam

    Ordered MX Plaid yesterday and being asked to pickup today

    It's unpredictable in Tesla. Don't count on perfect timing to fit your needs.

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