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  1. KenC

    Debating between PPF options

    In addition to the full front, ie hood, fenders, bumper and mirror cups, I'd think about the rockers and the area in front of the rear wheels. I did all those areas, and my doors.
  2. KenC

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good!

    I'm thinking of driving my 2018 LR-AWD silver from Maine to Revelstoke next Winter. I have a friend lining up some cat-skiing nearby. Gonna be a hell of a drive:
  3. KenC

    Cruise Control, Autopilot Unavailable/No Cars on Display

    Bug reports supposedly just stay on the car, so that when the SC gets the car, they can pull the logs. The reports don't actually go in real-time to anyone. I'd check any notifications. Make sure all the sensors are clean, especially the windshield one. And, I'd consider running the camera...
  4. KenC

    Model 3 inoperable after rain storm

    Not a battery expert, but that sounds normal to me. It's a 51R. I found my local SamsClub has one for $115, but $85 on sale. It's Duracell branded.
  5. KenC

    Wifi incompatibility with Eero Pro?

    Presumably the Eero picks the least crowded channel. I wonder if it picked a channel that your Tesla does not like.
  6. KenC

    12 Volt Replacement Battery- MF, EFB, AGM or Lion?

    That's nuts. I'd schedule the service, but hope they change it to mobile service. I'd also just go check SamsClub or Walmart for a 51R. My local Sams sells it for $115, but just $85 when it's on sale. Duracell brand. Even if you have to pay for it, it's way cheaper than wasting your time to...
  7. KenC

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Your ICE fills up once a week, so most of the time, it's not full. Your Tesla can leave home each day with a full charge, whatever you consider to be "full". For me, I have a 30mile commute, so my "full" is 60%. I'm plugged in all the time when I'm at home. More info helps, but from what you...
  8. KenC

    Tesla 3 key card in apple watch wallet

    Some apps, that allow you to unlock your car and drive, are pricey, Stats, and some are cheap, EVWatch, and some are in the middle WatchforTesla. I have all 3, plus others, but I currently use WatchforTesla in a complication on my Watch. Remember, you need a network connection, so the cellular...
  9. KenC

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    You can ask ABRP to "calibrate" your car and it will calculate your "battery degradation" based upon data it pulls from when you supercharge. Here's mine:
  10. KenC

    Is this a coolant leak (green fluid)?

    Would be interesting if that green fluid is indeed soap from the carwash, but isn't the soap foamy? It's unfortunate that the color is exactly like coolant. I'd call the carwash to find out if their soap or other fluids are a coolant green.
  11. KenC

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    yes that one; i was thinking the car gets polled, which may prevent it from sleeping; the other thing is the wifi connection, if it's marginal, the car may continue trying to connect, keeping it from sleeping.
  12. KenC

    Is this a coolant leak (green fluid)?

    I'm the curious type and my SC is 3hrs away, so I'd pull the tub in the frunk out and look to see where the coolant is dribbling from. Could be that it's leaking from the top, is the lid screwed on? A crack in the top of the coolant tank? Anyway, that's what I'd do.
  13. KenC

    Speed Limited to 70mph [resolved]

    I don't think they did it, you did it as the limit is part of valet mode. Or are you saying you didn't turn valet mode on? And now valet mode is on? Well, it's up there in the driver settings.
  14. KenC

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    There's the one other setting, "data"? Is that it? I'd turn that off so that the car doesn't get polled at all. After hermes has resolved his issue, he can slowly turn some settings back on. But for now, I'd turn as much off as possible.
  15. KenC

    Model 3 inoperable after rain storm

    Yep, I'd check the 12v if you can access it at the SC. Very unfortunate. Have you ever replaced the 12v?
  16. KenC

    Model 3 Instrument Cluster - Tsportline

    I'm assuming that these 3rd-party vendors pull the APIs from the car, and then format them. As long as Tesla doesn't change their APIs, then the data should work, right?
  17. KenC

    Am I missing a clip or bolt under my TM3?

    I would just point out that they're the same plastic pins that are holding in the wheel well liners. Though, under the car, I would guess the longer ones seem more likely.
  18. KenC

    Warranty Coverage? Front Left Safety Restraint System Fault (RCM_a027)

    I got that alert. It occurs when my seat moves from its driver setting to Easy Exit, which I have set to move up. It clearly was related to the seat connector being stretched as the seat moved. I figured some zip tie was too tight, and needed to be snipped. I let the Service Center do it, but I...
  19. KenC

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Drain averages about 0.15m/hr, but can range as high as 2.0m/hr, depending upon what is on or off. When you look at how much time has passed between data points, 12 days, you can see that it can quickly add up. 43 miles of drain based upon the average of 0.15m/hr over 12 days. Maybe, your car is...
  20. KenC

    Can’t PPF the whole car, what is the bare minimum to get done?

    I vaguely recall that someone did, you can probably search for it on this site. They used the large sheets or rolls of film. I used DIY precut pieces. I did a partial hood, front fender, front bumper, doors, rockers. I suppose if I'd done the rear quarter panel, rear bumper and trunk, and...
  21. KenC

    Can’t PPF the whole car, what is the bare minimum to get done?

    It's that little bit between the front of the rear wheel, and the rear doors. It usually tapers out. You used to see little black patches on that part of a Porsche 911. It's called a dogleg. On the Tesla, it tapers out just enough to catch dirt thrown up by the front tires. When you PPF the...
  22. KenC

    First Tesla pick-up, road trip concerns

    I'd put a $100 on a debit card, and see if the seller could put that into his Tesla acct, just in case the transfer isn't immediate. Should be less than $100 supercharging on the way home. No need for a 100% charge, stick with 80%.
  23. KenC

    What is considered a "long trip" when considering charging to 100%?

    No need to debate, just go to ABRP where they use real-world data and run some simulations. It's conclusive. The fastest trip strategy is to go as fast as you are comfortable with and charge at the lowest SOCs you are comfortable with. Here, I'll do the simulation since I use ABRP a lot. It's...
  24. KenC

    Driving through water tore off my rear bumper, AC system now hot until I start driving

    3" of water could do a lot of damage if you're going fast.
  25. KenC

    exploding side mirror

    Yeah, kind of hard to prove. The worst I've read is the bottom of the mirror not being fully snapped into place, causing whistling. Not sure how a mirror could explode without something contacting it. Cross your fingers, maybe you'll get lucky. Did you look at your dash cam footage to see if...
  26. KenC

    2018 Model 3 "stealth performance" ... that actually isn't

    My Moroney shows I have EAP, but I didn't pay for EAP and my MVPA amount does not include EAP. I do remember that crazy 3rdQ 2018 sales push. I got the Tesla text telling me my car was in, and could I take delivery before Sunday, which meant I had less than 5 days to arrange everything. I...
  27. KenC

    What is considered a "long trip" when considering charging to 100%?

    It's like your home furnace thermostat swing. It may have gone to 100% during the night's charge, but by morning it had dropped to 99%, but the car doesn't top off immediately. It'll wait before topping back up.
  28. KenC

    (2018 M3 vs 2022 M3) efficiency

    Does the heatpump actually get included in the EPA test?
  29. KenC

    Can’t PPF the whole car, what is the bare minimum to get done?

    Yep, full front, rockers with dogleg, and mudflaps, since road dirt is a year-round thing in lots of places. DIY if you're brave and want to save money.
  30. KenC

    Model 3 side panel dented

    I had rocker damage, worse than yours. I didn't go to an official Tesla bodyshop. I went to the one my insurance rec'd. No problem to repair. Came out just fine.
  31. KenC

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Actually, I carry two batteries, the 9v and a A23 12v, I just didn't mention it. I'm tempted to tape it behind the tow hook instead of carrying it, but I fear it'll eventually die. Okay, you convinced me, I'm going to go out right now and tape it behind the tow hook. My luck, when I need it...
  32. KenC

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I'm counting on it. I carry a small Noco in the frunk, and a 9V in my pocket.
  33. KenC

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    At least you got notified. The big issue is random failure where people get stranded out of the blue.
  34. KenC

    Coast to Coast Road Trip (LA --> ATL)

    Were you using the Tesla software version that now has wind data in its estimate?
  35. KenC

    Overloaded cigarette lighter port with power inverter, no fuse to replace

    Yeah, I was thinking of it as an emergency backup to a 12v inflator, since I already have one for my bike. The 12v can fail, overheat, etc. Ideally, I'd get one of those double-piston floor pumps you use with your foot, since that's the most efficiency and least likely to fail, but since I...
  36. KenC

    Road trip a Brand New M3P?

    Even with a family emergency I'd take the Tesla. Bring a plug kit and pump. Get AAA if you feel you may need it. If you get it, you won't need it.
  37. KenC

    Browser slower than molasses

    Looks a lot like Windy.com
  38. KenC

    My Supercharging experience... Is this right?

    As others have noted, use ABRP to test some simulations using real world data. It'll help you develop an understanding of trip charging strategy. Below is a screenshot I took. So, I was getting 145kW, though the image cuts off, so you only see the 45.0kW. The gray shadow is the charge rate...
  39. KenC

    Looking for a solution to put a HUD in a Tesla model 3

    There are a few threads on HUDs on this site that you may find interesting, but driver-centered displays seem to be more common.
  40. KenC

    MASTER THREAD: 2021 Model 3 - Charge data, battery discussion etc

    Rounding. Most of the rounding error will come from the SOC. Whatever it says is +/- 0.49%, right?
  41. KenC

    Cool/must have aftermarket stuff for the M3s? Lets see pics!

    Never even heard of an "elbow friend"! Will have to look into it.
  42. KenC

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    Yeah, my latest iPhone 13 Pro, shows up in my car as iPhone 6, since I've just copied the settings/data forward so many times, to an 8 then a X, now a 13. No issues, whatsoever.
  43. KenC

    What is considered a "long trip" when considering charging to 100%?

    Why I chose 60% as my daily commute charge level at home, 3yrs ago. Wanted to see if avoiding potential cathode cracking would have any real world long-term benefits. Seems to be working, but I could just be lucky. Going from 100% to single digit, just to avoid Supercharging, requires pre-trip...
  44. KenC

    When I last ran out my battery..

    Never been under 7%.
  45. KenC

    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    I never understand this question, and what the problem the asker is trying to solve. What's the advantage of a battery with 450+mile rated range over a 350 mile rated range? Is it that the OP has lots of trips in the 350+mile range, which he thinks he could do with a 450+ mile rated battery...
  46. KenC

    Starting to feel like Cybertruck is going the way of the Roadster: Vaporware

    Maybe the difference in experience is because you're in Cali, where Superchargers are inundated. Last Summer, I drove from Maine to Denver and back, 4400 miles, and the optimal strategy for shortest trip times in a Tesla is to drive as fast as you are comfortable with, and charge at the lowest...
  47. KenC

    Tow hitches with Model 3 [discussion]

    Wait, what?!? Are you trolling us?
  48. KenC

    Mystery vehicles showing up in nearby vehicles display

    Damn, lanesplitters! I'd pull in your mirrors.
  49. KenC

    EAP Return to US

    Always nice to have additional choices; doesn't mean you have to accept them. It's been over a year since I used Autopark or Smart Summon. I do use Nav on Autopilot, but if I didn't have it, I wouldn't notice, really. The one option I use most is Auto Lane Change, but I activate the lane change...
  50. KenC

    I have two question - Highly gratefull in advanced for answering. Ty

    I 2nd the use of your mobile charger and a NEMA 14-50 outlet. As for your drain, 86 miles in 48hrs or so, seems on the high end of excessive, if it was in your garage. Some of that was Sentry and some might be your climate protection settings. You are in Miami. Try turning the Climate Protection...

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