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  1. J

    Range Extending Wheels for Model Y Performance (MYP)

    For local driving speeds the Gemini wheel covers do not provide much improvement in driving efficiency. As noted in another post the Gemini wheel covers do provide ~5% improvement in driving efficiency at highway speeds. You can easily pull off the Gemini wheel covers and install a wheel lug nut...
  2. J

    Phantom Drain and Cabin over heat Protection

    The outside air temperature (OAT) sensor is located inside the right front fender well. The wire harness for the OAT is susceptible to being chewed by rodents. Check for signs of rodents around the vehicle. If you park in a garage be sure to remove any food or pet food from the garage.
  3. J

    Need 4 new tires - Would these fit/work? Any opinion on these? Michelin Primacy MXM4 All-Season

    No. The tires in the link do not have the correct load index (104) specified by Tesla for the Tesla Model Y with the 19" wheels. Original Equipment Factory Tire Size: 255/45R-19 Loading Rating: Extra Load (XL) Load Index: 104 (1984 pounds per tire) Maximum Speed Rating: Y (186 MPH) or you can...
  4. J

    Scheduled Departure, How does it work?

    Also, you now can set up Scheduled Departure Charging and Preconditioning on the Tesla phone app, not only from the Tesla charging settings screen inside the Tesla vehicle. Is it possible that these settings were enabled in the phone app?
  5. J

    Scheduled Departure, How does it work?

    Do you have Scheduled Departure - Preconditioning set up? In that case the Tesla vehicle will precondition the vehicle starting just before your usual departure time. The preconditioning can be set for M-F or Every Day. Scheduled Departure - Charging is a separate setting.
  6. J

    range anxiety

    Winter tires have a higher rolling resistance and lower efficiency. This will negate any benefit from the smaller, lighter wheels.
  7. J

    Glowing Climate icon

    Happens in some Model Y that do not have the BWD.
  8. J

    Scheduled Departure, How does it work?

    You don't have to charge any differently when you are away, i.e. setup Scheduled Charging than your normal charging routine. Once the Tesla has charged the vehicle battery to your set charging limit (i.e. 50%) the battery will only charge briefly each day to recoup the energy used by leaving...
  9. J

    I finally upgraded

    Make sure you have the latest version of the Tesla app on your phone.
  10. J

    To precondition or not?

    The power used to generate heat via the drive unit electric motor stator is not that much, i.e. 3.5kW per motor. The long term effect on the health of the of motor stator is unknown but Tesla has probably considered this when programming the stator warming. If you don't precondition before...
  11. J

    Phantom Drain and Cabin over heat Protection

    If you have any third party energy monitoring, logging or reporting apps installed log out of the app and also change the password on your Tesla account. It could also be caused by a bad temperature sensor; either a bad outside air temperature sensor or something in the circuit that measures...
  12. J

    12V Failure With No Warning

    I am curious, what is your daily/weekly charging routine? There was an issue with the 2021 Model 3 SR+ with the lithium iron phosphate LiFePO battery where the Model 3 would stop charging the 15V battery if the Tesla Model 3's battery management system was unable to determine the state of charge...
  13. J

    Getting more precise charging stats without going full data logger?

    The charging overhead losses are impacted by temperature. The Tesla battery management system may warm or cool the battery during the charging session. This overhead is much greater than the efficiency of different charging amperages. Somewhere around 4% to 5% based on my Chargepoint charging...
  14. J

    First Road Trip ABRP or Tesla Nav

    Yes, provided you enter the Supercharger location as the destination in the Navigation system.
  15. J

    First Road Trip ABRP or Tesla Nav

    Tesla will precondition the battery for Supercharging, i.e. warm the battery to ~115F, when navigating to a Supercharger. This is the most efficient temperature for Supercharging. If you don't precondition or don't fully precondition prior to Supercharging the Tesla vehicle will display a...
  16. J

    First Road Trip ABRP or Tesla Nav

    The Tesla Navigation system may want you to stop and charge at a particular Supercharger location or locations. ABRP may indicate that you should charge sooner or later depending on your ABRP preferences. You may know from experience that amenities close to the Supercharger that the Tesla...
  17. J

    First Road Trip ABRP or Tesla Nav

    I believe you can share the destination from your phone to the Tesla vehicle but the recommended route (including charging stops) are either not sent or not processed by the Tesla Navigation system.
  18. J

    First Road Trip ABRP or Tesla Nav

    The Tesla Navigation system is more optimistic, i.e. how far you can drive between charging stops because it is based on the EPA estimated Wh/mile energy consumption. ABRP can be customized for your preferences including energy consumption, average speed, more or less frequent charging along a...
  19. J

    12 volt battery options

    Interesting. The battery posts on the Orielly 51R AGM battery appear to be reversed (positive post on the forward facing right, negative post on the forward facing left) compared with the AtlasBX battery (positive post on the left, negative post on the right side of the battery). Did this cause...
  20. J

    12 volt battery options

    What brand and model is the AGM battery?
  21. J

    App can't connect to my Y

    Try logging out of the Tesla account on your phone app. Reboot the phone and then log back into the Tesla account. (You could also try deleting the Tesla account from the phone (after you log out) and then reinstalling the latest version of the Tesla app on your phone before logging in. You...
  22. J

    Aftermarket Michelin Pilot Sport EV - 255/40/20 vs 255/45/20

    Maybe things are different there; here in the US TireRack.com is only showing the new Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire as being available in size 255/40R-20.
  23. J

    14-50 extension cords okay?

    What brand of 14-50 receptacle is installed? Tesla recommends the Hubbell model 9459a or Bryant model 9450fr 14-50 receptacles. Cooper 5754n is another high quality 14-50 receptacle. The Leviton 14-50 receptacle model 279-S00 receptacle should be avoided for EV charging applications. Another...
  24. J

    App can't connect to my Y

    You could try briefly turning off BT on your phone. The Tesla app should connect to the Tesla servers via WiFi or LTE. The Tesla vehicle would not detect a BT signal from the phone. Also try rebooting the Tesla vehicle and see if that resolves the connectivity issue. You could drop the WiFi...
  25. J

    Recommended charge level.

    2000 cycles would be the equivalent of charging once a day, 25% to 85%, for 5.5 years. By then I will be driving something else.
  26. J

    App can't connect to my Y

    When you walk up to the Tesla vehicle the Tesla phone app communicates with the Tesla vehicle via Bluetooth (BT). When you are not within BT range of the Tesla vehicle the Tesla phone app communicates with the Tesla servers in the cloud. The Tesla servers relay commands to the Tesla vehicle via...
  27. J

    12 volt battery options

    If you have the newer Model 3/Y you don't have a choice either. There is no replacement battery alternative for the Tesla 15V lithium battery module.
  28. J

    12 volt battery options

    I just tested the 12V lead acid battery in my 2020 LRMY. It still tests good after 2 years. I will test it again in 6 months. If you keep a 12V lithium battery jump starter at home (the jump starters currently cost starting at ~$50) and bring the jump starter on trips you should be able to...
  29. J

    Nema 14-50 adapters available now on Tesla website

    It depends when you ordered your Model Y. If after the cutoff date Tesla set (a specific date in April 2022) then you would have to purchase the TMC kit (the kit would include the 5-15 and 14-50 plug adapter at the new price for the TMC kit ($200 US).
  30. J

    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    You shouldn't compare the rim width and offset specs and limits of the 20" wheel with the 21" wheel. There are plenty of examples of LRMY owners who have squared up the 21" Uberturbine 10.5" wide wheels that come as the rear wheels of the Performance Model Y with the OE 275/35R-21 tires with no...
  31. J

    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    As many have confirmed the rear 10.5" will fit the front.
  32. J

    Tire Recommendations for 18inch Tsportline Wheels on Tesl Model Y LR

    What tire does TSportline provide when you purchase the wheel and tire package?
  33. J

    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    OE 19" Gemini wheel offset: +45 OE 20" Induction wheel offset: +45 OE 21" Uberturbine wheel (front) offset: +40; OE 21" Uberturbine wheel (rear) offset: +48
  34. J

    Optimal Charging Amperage

    Slower charging has been shown to be less efficient due to additional overhead losses by extending the charging period. I am unaware of any issue with the battery remaining at a low state of charge, i.e. 10% SOC for a short period or even remaining at a high state of charge for a short period...
  35. J

    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    Source? I believe that you can square up the 21" Uberturbine wheels using the 10.5" width rear wheels with no fitment issue at the front. In fact it is the front wheels that do not have the proper weight rating to be used safely at the rear.
  36. J

    Optimal Charging Amperage

    If you use Scheduled Departure you can charge as fast as the circuit will support and minimize the time that the battery is at the upper end of the state of charge. Charging will always complete just prior to the time you start out on your commute. As far as efficiency it has been stated that...
  37. J

    Charging Cable is Warm While Charging

    Charge after sundown or use Scheduled Departure Charging and excessive heat in the charging cable or at the charging station can be avoided.
  38. J

    Aftermarket Michelin Pilot Sport EV - 255/40/20 vs 255/45/20

    Wait until someone performs a comparison of the Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires with the new Goodyear ElectricDrive GT tires.
  39. J

    Mobile Connector Alternatives

    Normally when you have replaced the Mobile Connector and the problem persists it is something else.Are you able charge at Supercharger? What about a public level 2 charging station (using the Tesla SAE J1772 adapter.) If you can use these methods to charge it is probably not the Tesla vehicle...
  40. J

    Replacing stock 21" with TSS 20"

    You did not state what you are hoping to achieve with new 20" wheels and tires. Usually Performance Model Y owners change the OE 21" wheels for something else for improved efficiency, improved ride or better winter driving/off road capability.
  41. J

    Charging Cable is Warm While Charging

    It is normal. You can use an IR thermometer (available on Amazon for well under $20) to observe the temperature of the charging connector, charging cable and Wall Connector during a charging session.
  42. J

    This is how my panel looks like , is it normal??

    You could contact your electrician and ask them about whether a GFCI circuit breaker is (was) required when they installed the 240V/50A circuit with the 14-50 receptacle. It may be that in your location the electrical code that is still used is pre-2017 which is when the requirement for the GFCI...
  43. J

    No camping in your car.

    Place liner in frunk and fill with water. Drop in a fishing line with a bobber. Tell them you're fishing not camping.
  44. J

    Can’t log into Spotify

    Should be; be on the lookout for an offer from Spotify for 4 months of free Premium Spotify when you sign up.
  45. J

    Can the Model Y LONG RANGE fit 21" wheels in the Front and Back? If so, what are the tire options with rubbing?

    Yes the 21" Uberturbine wheels from the Performance Model Y will fit the Long Range Model Y with no fitment issues. That is where most of the 21" Uberturbine take off wheels end up.
  46. J

    Model Y New Tires

    A tire size comparison indicates that the 255/50R-19 tires are 3.6% larger than the OE 255/45R-19 tires. 3.6% lower efficiency due to the Tesla speedometer/odometer error and ~7% lower efficiency due to other tire properties such as construction, weight and wider sidewall. Tire Size Comparison
  47. J

    AC intake cover needed ‘22?

    There are floor air vents (not air intake) beneath the front seats for floor level heating and air conditioning for the rear passengers. As far as I am aware these vents are not covered. You can find suitable vent covers from several sources...
  48. J

    Front only floor mats?

    Not that I have found for fitted liners specific to the Tesla Model Y. The second row will benefit from a floor liner even if you don't frequently carry passengers back there. The second row is where carry out meals can be stowed without having to open the frunk or the hatch. A second row floor...
  49. J

    Floormats Compatibility

    No, will not fit. FYI the Tesla Model Y comes with carpeted floor mats. If you want waterproof floor liners or different floor mats there are many choices including Tesla.
  50. J

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    The Tesla Gen3 Wall Connector ($400 US) is currently priced very competitively. Any comparable 48 amp capable EVSE from Chargepoint, ChargePro, Juicebox or ClipperCreek would cost several hundred dollars more. Perhaps if you are able to take advantage of a rebate program through your local...

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