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    How to get a cord into Model Y?

    I see now. I don’t know how thick the cable is. You should check what kind of coax it is. If it’s a standard impedance you can replace it (or a section) easy and might find a thin variant of it. Depends how long you are gonna be there on how good you want to make it. If only a week or two you...
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    Going on 5 months waiting on body repair parts. - Advice?

    Mine did. Headlight was on back order and I found exact part and Rev on EBay. They were absolutely fine about it. I told them they would not have to warranty headlight. They were great. No insurance was involved, which may have helped.
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    Going on 5 months waiting on body repair parts. - Advice?

    About year ago I hit a Deer in my 2019 X. Brought it to Certified Body shop. Needed Hood,Front Bumper and many small parts. Took like 3-4 weeks for parts while I drove it. They needed an extra part. That took a week and it was in the shop 3-4 weeks. They says BMW’s were really hard to gets parts...
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    Have you de-scummed your glass yet?

    Cool. It’s less work using polish with an orbital. Literally 15min. Glad you got it off. Maybe I’ll test a blade on the inside to see if it’s all off. You are right about lighting. You think you got it clean with normal cleaning products until the light hits it just right and it looks a...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Who cares. I have my LR in Chill 99% of the time.
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    Plugged tire

    You will be fine, if you plug it right. Takes a little practice though. Get it done now so you have some time to test it. Watch some YouTube. I’ve been plugging for as long as long as there have been plugs and they have all held for life of tire. Or car.
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    Turn off Automatic Door at Home

    My X (Raven) would not sleep properly if the Fob was left in it. Fob would not be a problem.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Or automatically beep (or fart) at them when it sees the light turn green and the car not move ;)
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    How to get a cord into Model Y?

    Again, no idea what you are doing. If you want to do it right, poping off a few panels here and there, ONCE, to extend the point of connection to some place water tight and convenient is worth doing. If you want a hack, then just shut the door on the cable running out the bottom. You can also...
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    How to get a cord into Model Y?

    Probably some in firewall too. Then go around frunk tub and out under the front grill or wheel well. Sure there are many paths out with no new holes. Might be something you could do around charge port too. Curious what OP is trying to do and what is “starlink” to do with it. Why do you need a...
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    Model X as a daily driver?

    Good points. With Raven X the 6/7 got a larger A/C system than the 5 seat. With the new heat pump system I’m not sure that is still true. But there were lots of complaints on Prerefresh 5 seater. I’ve seen a couple mentions of lack of air flow in the back of Refresh X. I don’t know the...
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    2022.16.3 Radio Scroll Issue Resolved!

    Or hang up a call with the mic button.
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    Vendor BASENOR Custom Tesla Sunshade

    Don’t know what you ordered when. But it shows it would arrive Friday for me right now. Lots of options and venders on Amazon that constantly change. Depends on your location too.
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    Model X as a daily driver?

    Why would the X bottom out more than your S? X has more clearance. X is pretty big but you’ll get used to it. Some think the S is to big. I went from 3 -> X Raven -> S Refresh My only concern is S won’t have enough clearance for snow. My road gets snow drifts off a lake and it can build up...
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    Vendor BASENOR Custom Tesla Sunshade

    It’s Shipped from Amazon.
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    Wait for matrix lights? Model X Plaid being delivered within the week

    2021 Never had Matrix headlights. Even many 2022 don’t have them.
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    Wait for matrix lights? Model X Plaid being delivered within the week

    Model S 2022 Refresh Production was paused for Matrix Headlights, Tail Lights, Charge Port, Removing Radar. X Was Halted too, for everything but Matrix. Probably some under the hood changes too. I suspect if the Model X gets Matrix is won't be nearly as long a pause, if at all. Headlights are...
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    M3 LR Mud Flaps

    I'd take the Basenor Molded plastic ones over pancake flat "Rand McNally's - cut to size" looking ones any day.
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    I think he’s right. I suspect it’s even less than 10% for long trips. At least in NewEngland temps it is.
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    Refreshed Model S Longe Range - Real World Range Test?

    I’ve been regularly hitting about EPA range. It really depends on how you plan to drive it. I generally don’t exceed 65mph. 240 wh/mi is needed to hit EPA range. This last trip (Trip A, round trip) was in the 80’s with A/C going. Riding on 19” Michelin Sport AS. My X lost like 5 miles range...
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    Vendor 3D MAXpider Tesla Model S Refresh Floor Mats now available

    I received mine too. Frunk too. They fit really good, almost to good. It’s a bit painful to get in the lower trunk now. I’m not sure how you’d resolve it. In my X my MaxPider cargo didn’t have wings and not quite as snug a fit and I had no problem with lifting that lower trunk cover. If they...
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    Best way to wipe bug guts off windshield?

    My windshield is polished and sealed with a rainx like product (Griots) but I never had trouble getting bugs off glass before I started doing that. If I did have trouble I’d probably use a razor blade. I use bug remover on the body.
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    Vendor 3D MAXpider Tesla Model S Refresh Floor Mats now available

    Let me guess, Teslarati?
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    Instrument cluster on refresh MS

    Overall I think it’s better than the legacy. Except the physical button sideways. I had a habit of turning on the right blinker for next song. Finally cracked that habit.
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    Instrument cluster on refresh MS

    I do too ;) I liked the legacy buttons. I mix up using the screen Next Song button and the wheel button. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a voice command, there probably is.
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    Instrument cluster on refresh MS

    No and No.
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    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I wish mine swiveled. Tilting seems useless. ;)
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    You did the right thing. I know it’s hard. End of quarter always has a bump in quality issues.
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    No Difference in Range between 21'' and 19'' Wheels

    Is there difference in the widths? That is one place you’ll see a difference. Also what tires your running. If you are running the same width and same compound tire you won’t see much difference. Quite often the large rims are wider tires (they are on new cars) and higher performance tires that...
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    Model S Plaid hits OVER 200mph for first time EVER

    Interesting they ran on 19” wheels.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    That’s exactly why I opted for the LR. It looks like the same sleeper for $40K less. If I slapped a plaid badge on it the only way to tell is the piping.
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    Model S 2021+ refresh Plaid/LR Homelink performance

    It’s working absolutely fine here. I think my house is like 70ft back from the street and I can open/close from the street. One thing that might help. I added a Home Link to my Wife’s Chevy Volt. But it’s range was horrible. But we noticed it was only bad when the light in the door opener was...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Yup, posted about it in a ANR thread a couple weeks ago. I even have a recording that picks it up changing when you flip it.
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    2022 MSLR Reservation Transfer RN1153

    It’s not worth someone doing it for $2k It’s a fair amount of work. I successfully did it with someone. We both agreed never again. There is LOTS that can go wrong.
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    "Pull Over Safely - Vehicle Shutting Down" - Car Totally Disabled

    I agree new cars are a gamble too. Especially Teslas. you don’t need to add wood to the fire by getting a used one ;) Hey if there wasn’t a used Tesla market I’d be scrrewed at trade in time. So by all means buy them for top dollar.
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    2022 MSLR Reservation Transfer RN1153

    That's a great offer for someone but you might search threads that transfers are pretty hard to do these days because Tesla has cracked down on them. They rather you let the order go and they reset the price. They also do not want 3rd parties dictating prices (acting as mini dealers). There are...
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    Refresh Models S HVAC in Auto Mode doing odd things

    It makes no sense. For the first hour I nudge it up a degree it's warmer, nudge it down it's cooler. Fan stays steady. Could run like that for an hour. And out of the blue it just shuts the front fans off. I nudge it down a LOT, fans come on, I put it back where it was and it's good for an hour...
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    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    If I recall my X didn’t like that. I’ll try again. Kind of forgot that option.
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    19s All Around?

    Yeah, I have to wonder if his current front tires are XL. They sound like they are not. Probably not the correct speed rating either.
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    Don’t summon your vehicle

    Never used summon in 3 years. Never use auto select gear. Never use even auto opening/closing garage door. I use lane keep, blinker change lane and green light beep. And that’s it. I’m happy with that for the $22,000 (on 3 Tesla’s) ;)
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    19s All Around?

    That’s not correct. Some models are staggered meaning wider in the back (with a wider rim) than in front. But side walls (rim height) are usually the same all around. Others models are square (same tire all around). Look at door plaque to see how it was shipped. I didn’t know Tesla would use...
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    Model S Trailer Hitch Installation

    It’s not officially supported in the US but it was obviously made to be compatible. They will probably offer it in Europe officially with this exact part number hitch. Factory wiring is still an issue in the US. Some folks believe it was designed to fit before even Refresh because even a...
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    Model 3 LR + Acceleration Boost - 19" wheels

    I got 19” OEM wheels with non OEM tires that had longer tread life, quieter (without foam) and fantastic efficiency. Pirelli P7+ (version 1). Car came with 18” and I put snow tires on those rims and sold the 18” tires.
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    range anxiety

    I think it’s Ontario Canada. Hence the C scale. Yeah, it gets cold up there. ;)
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    Refresh Models S HVAC in Auto Mode doing odd things

    I was thinking that too but ruled that out. Also never had the issue on my Raven X. It will give me all the cooling I want if I nudge it down. And I suspect if I had it in manual mode it won't do this. If battery really needed more cooling it would not give more cooling just because I say I'm...
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    Tesla uses 1/6 the energy compared to gasoline

    Transportation losses are already factored into the price of gasoline (at the pump) and electricity (at the meter). If you super charge, do pay what Tesla delivers to your car or what the car pulls out of the battery? Measure energy at the consumer point of sale. OP wants to defend EV...
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    Refresh Models S HVAC in Auto Mode doing odd things

    Is this a software issue or sensor issue or what? I have it in Auto Mode, Rear is on for the Dogs, And I have Recirculate on. I had it set to like 78 with it in the 90's out. Driving along for like an hour and suddenly it starts getting warm. Cool air still flowing to the back. Very little...

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