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  1. roblab

    Got my 2022 Model S LR today!

    Like I say, "Best Car Ever!" We have both an S and a 3, and the S is definitely worth the higher purchase price.
  2. roblab

    Ontario putting $91-Million toward electric vehicle chargers at rest stops, parks

    I wish these articles and responses would use kilowatt hours rather than minutes of charge. "Ten minutes of charge" means very little., especially when talking superchargers, which will top up my car in about ten minutes, although I won't tell you how big my battery is or how full the battery...
  3. roblab

    Why does TACC remain active after FSD steering wheel disengagement ?(which is not safe IMHO)

    If you want to turn the wheel to change lanes all you have to do is signal, and it turns for you. Then you don't lose TACC.
  4. roblab

    72A Home Charging - Super Hot Cable

    My car charges at 48 amps, and I've never felt my cables getting hot. Personally, I wonder why people are in such a hurry to charge at such high rates when most of us have all night to charge. Doesn't make sense.
  5. roblab

    Hyundai vs. Tesla | Why Hyundai Poses the Biggest EV Threat

    Not if you've driven a Tesla. There are some things that "ventilated seats" can't compensate for, and them lowering their prices make it obvious they know what their cars are worth. You get what you pay for.
  6. roblab

    Naughty Tesla WWYD?

    Okay, I'm just stupid, but I have ZERO idea what the letters M-O-T stand for. This is why, when I'm writing, I spell it out at the beginning before I start using code words or secret letters. I guess I'll just move on to another post, hoping they will at least make sense.
  7. roblab

    How Some Tesla Owners Break The Law to "Stop ICE-ing"

    Also, one can buy stickers that have easy to remove adhesive. All you're trying to do is gently notify someone that these spaces are for charging and that they need to find somewhere else to park. This is why I have always wanted chargers to be far away from the entrance to stores, preferably...
  8. roblab

    Moving from 2021 M3P to 2022 S. Thoughts?

    I have one of each, an S and a 3. They both have plusses and minuses. Our S is the luxury boat, making the road smoother and quieter, which is great for long drives to Phoenix or Fallon, NV, especially as I'm 6'4" without my heels on. The 3 is nimbler, but also more bouncy, noisier, and a...
  9. roblab

    Drove over remnant of firework on highway

    During the California fires a couple years ago, we found ourselves driving along a road that had fire on both sides and burning debris on the road. There was no choice but to drive over it, and I was more concerned about the tires than the car's underside. On getting to a safe area, I checked...
  10. roblab

    Drove over remnant of firework on highway

  11. roblab

    No camping in your car.

    AGREED!! We gave up on camping, or even staying at relatives' houses. A motel is made for one-night stays, and you don't even have to make the bed in the morning, while often they even provide breakfast. And to say that "It's cheaper" is really cheap, especially when you drive a $50,000 to...
  12. roblab

    Tesla BEV Competition Developments

    "WE" may be a long way from kicking gas, but where I live, it's easy. Maybe Tesla will give you another supercharger, and maybe you'll buy an EV with more range, but it's very possible that gas can be kicked in many places. Your drive through New Mexico might have been different if you'd...
  13. roblab

    DIY Install Home Wall Charger

    Because I took the other route, I'd like to point out its benefits. I'm talking about wiring a simple $20 outlet instead of buying a "wall connector". Besides saving hundreds of dollars, I question the comment that a wall connector is "the most efficient way" to charge. I highly doubt that...
  14. roblab

    are there any level 2 home chargers that can charge faster than 48amps/12,000 watts

    If you charge at home overnight, you don't need to charge that fast. That's why they're called "home" chargers I've never had a problem charging to full overnight. And I can't imagine a scenario where you'd need to fill up in a couple hours before the other teenager needs it at midnight.
  15. roblab

    Petition for a Supercharger in the Phoenix-East Valley area

    I live in a small town above Napa Valley,, and I'd like a supercharger up here.. Sure, we don't get many tourists, but just think! I could charge for free instead of using my garage! I understand that there are cases where apartment dwellers might need superchargers, but then some would...
  16. roblab

    It is "Clear" That Tesla's Price Hikes Are Thanks to Gas Prices Increasing Demand and Awareness of EVs

    Sorry, but the prices are not "insane". Tesla stated years ago that they wanted a 25% profit margin at LEAST, so they wouldn't fold. They haven't folded, but have improved every aspect of their business. Your concern over having to pay what the car is worth is unfounded, and I'd bet you pay...
  17. roblab

    Model S and X to get 4680 batteries. I told my wife my Plaid won't be my last car and this is one of those reasons.

    Yeah, the type of cells don't determine the range, but the kwh stored. You can monkey with little details like having the heat either resistance or heat pump, but 4680 cells don't mean much, except the promise of a cheaper battery. I suspect they could up the range easily, but it must have...
  18. roblab

    Do we have any recourse for this insanely poor paint quality?

    There are thousands of Teslas out there that no one has complained about. Most people don't get all excited about paint quality, good or bad. I backed into a rail and left a dent in my trunk lid/bumper. I guess if it was important, I'd get it fixed, but it's not that important. You can...
  19. roblab

    Is Powerwall necessary in Bay Area?

    Where I live, PG&E is ALWAYS having time-outs, turning off the power with no notice, no idea of when it will return, or why it went off. I got power walls simply so I could watch a TV show when I wanted or have the lights on when I went to take a shower or got ready for bed. Nothing critical...
  20. roblab

    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    I used to live in Santa Ana, then LA and Riverside, but have moved north to Napa Valley. I have never had any problems like this on any car I've ever owned, but I have never run the system on recirculate. I don't get the reasoning. Outside air is cleaner and drier. The only time I switch to...
  21. roblab

    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    I was driving a gaggle of female teenagers to a party and on the way took a side road and ran it up to 100, just to give them something to talk about.
  22. roblab

    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    I tell people that it costs about as much as a Honda. That usually settles a lot of other questions on their mind.
  23. roblab

    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    Love the priceless look!! I let everyone who's not afraid to drive it. I encourage them to floor it, too. I've found that once they've driven one, they can't get it out of their mind, and sooner or later they have to buy one. I've sold several new Teslas and a couple used ones that way.
  24. roblab

    Unsure if model 3 would be right for me - advice appreciated

    It's amazing to me how many people will gladly idle away an hour or two just so they can get a charge for a few cents less. These are people who obviously have the money... they bought a Tesla, didn't they.,. but feel they need to save a nickel or two more by letting someone else pay for the...
  25. roblab

    Car turned off while supercharging

    Wifey was in the car when everything went blank. She reached over and tapped the screen, and it flashed on again. No big deal. There's no reason for it to stay on all the time unless someone's in there, so the car sounds like it's acting exactly as programmed. In a few more months you'll be...
  26. roblab

    Supercharger - Ely, NV

    True! When does Fallon get a supercharger?? I've got a brother that lives there that NEEDS a Tesla but a SC would push him over the top.
  27. roblab

    Trunk Cover Still Not Provided

    Which is EXACTLY why Tesla doesn't want to supply certain parts on all of its new cars. I feel that if you want it, buy it. If it had been included, betcha the price would have been higher a few dollars, to cover the cover, and it would have been wasted money for Tesla if you didn't use it.
  28. roblab

    Teslas are being delivered too fast for Supercharger Growth

    I've noticed that supercharger occupation is heaviest during the day, but not so much evenings and mornings, and almost non-existent at night. If someone wants to supercharge on a trip, they need to get up early and go charge when the chargers are nearly empty. At the superchargers near me, I...
  29. roblab

    Who can catch Tesla ? They seem to be experiencing exponential growth…..

    Luckily, EVs don't need much service, if any at all. And I would guess you're irritated at one dealership/service center, because I've had great service. With a car that needs little service, I don't think that's what pushes EV sales or lack thereof. I've owned four Teslas, and the service...
  30. roblab

    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    If one compares car companies that have years of building and development experience with car companies that have only months of experience, Tesla is the clear winner, despite the fact that most other EV cars are still mostly promises. Add to that the fact that a Tesla owner can go on vacation...
  31. roblab

    Sold my MYSR and ordered a MYP

    All this worry about "performance" when the long range will beat almost everything at the light. And once you've grown old enough, those noisy Hondas don't even warrant a curious look. Most of my driving is not across intersections, but down highways, as I suspect most everyone else's is. So...
  32. roblab

    Electrify America is CHEAPER than Superchargers in TN and GA, and some parts of Florida

    And of course, the per minute rate, or per kwh rate, is not an issue when driving an S. All my charging stops are free. And few and far between with a 400-mile range. Sure, the initial cost is higher, but the extra room and the level of comfort and luxury make it a better choice if you can...
  33. roblab

    anybody interested in this instrument cluster for M3 & MY?

    In answer to your question, no.
  34. roblab

    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    Back when there was only ONE supercharger in the entire country, wifey and I drove from San Francisco to Coeur d'Alene. We used RV parks, enjoyed taking walks while the car charged, used motels that had RV outlets, and had a great time. Now, I own the Model S Long Range and get near 400 miles...
  35. roblab

    Power out in East Bay, Pleasanton

    Hey, we'd share! We have power outages almost every month, some lasting for days. Good ol' PG&E says they'll upgrade, or bury the lines, or cut down trees or something, about every 6 months, but nothing ever happens. No worries, though. Bought 3 power walls years ago, and now we never know...
  36. roblab

    Really shitty service experience

    Wish you'd used a different descriptor for your title. We already have enough crudity around us every day as it is.
  37. roblab

    Liquid Tight Conduit with 4awg for wall charger

    Ought to work just fine. I used 6/3 with ground and pulled it all the way from the panel to the outlet, though I could have used 6/2 I suppose, but the 6/3 w ground was already wrapped into cable at The Home Depot. Not sure why #4 awg would be any better unless you plan to charge at higher...
  38. roblab

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    2021 Model S Long Range. ZERO PROBLEMS. Never been to service. 30,000 miles. Wifey's Model 3 also has 30,000 miles zero problems or service. These are not gas cars. There is nothing to service. Last Model S had 40,000 miles on it, no service ever, sold to my brother and now living in...
  39. roblab

    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    My car has a 400-mile LONG range battery, and the coming Cybertruck will have a 500-mile option. With superchargers just about everywhere, I've never had any problem getting to where I'm going and returning with "only" 400 miles of range, so I'm wondering why you simply must have "450" miles of...
  40. roblab

    Can anyone help with enabling supercharging?

    Getting supercharging access on salvaged Teslas has been a known issue for years, yet people still try to refigure supercharging on refurbished salvaged cars, to then complain that somehow Tesla should let them supercharge when it doesn't work. Since superchargers are Tesla's property, and...
  41. roblab

    Radar v Teslavison

    It always pleases me to see that there are people who actually know how to spell a word. Too many fairly well-educated people still don't know the difference between "braking" (slowing down) or "breaking" (smashing up). Thanks.
  42. roblab

    What is considered a "long trip" when considering charging to 100%?

    ... or at least one charging stop. With nearly 400 miles of range, I usually have to make a couple extra stops for bathroom breaks.
  43. roblab

    Keeping my Model S as she ages

    Warren Kortoff (wk057) is the battery replacement king for Teslas. He refurbishes battery packs, replacing defunct cells, and testing each battery of the pack, and supplies them for a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, he's on the east coast, so there will be shipping costs.
  44. roblab

    Efficiency of Charging at 220v versus 120v?

    Definitely! Kudos for doing it yourself and finding the satisfaction of a job well done. I have found that every new job I undertake boosts my knowledge and my confidence level for the next challenge, and I somehow don't feel sorry for taking a job away from some high priced electrician. Way...
  45. roblab

    Buying advice

    Personally, I wouldn't pay that much, but whatever the market will bear and all that. This is an old car with high miles, and besides the fact that electrics have less maintenance than gas engine cars, it's still an old car with high miles. At least you're in Texas and hopefully the car was in...
  46. roblab

    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    I live in a small community (3500) where houses are fairly close together: We can see each other, but we're not THAT close. I have 30 panels on my roof and another 36 on the ground, and no one has EVER said peep about my solar. I think I have about double what anyone else in this area, and...
  47. roblab

    Horses, dogs, and deers(sp), oh my!

    It looks like we've run over all the loose dogs in our town, so that none are roaming around on the streets. People should not own dogs and let them wander so they get run over, any more than letting children wander onto the streets. But speaking of animals, we have bears up here, which would...
  48. roblab

    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    I'm not waiting until then because my car has 400 miles of range without the new batteries, meaning I have it NOW, not several months down the road.
  49. roblab

    Driving Range less than expected with new MY-LR

    Or, alternatively, you could just not worry about the nit-picky details and just enjoy your car. Different driving styles, physical variables, etc. can make a difference, but not enough to complain too loudly. Whether you get 270 miles per charge or 300 miles, it all comes down to driving...
  50. roblab

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    Well, you've proved your point to yourself, although I feel you've massaged the numbers to prove it. It didn't cost me anywhere near what you're quoting. But if you're happy spending that kind of money, go for it.

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