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  1. ucmndd

    Should I leave my Model 3 plugged in while on 10 day vacation?

    I’m guessing those Where’s Waldo books weren’t too kind to you either? ;)
  2. ucmndd

    Supercharger - Oakhurst, CA (LIVE Feb 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    Can confirm all stalls are operational as of today and the security rig is still on site.
  3. ucmndd

    Supercharging on a really hot day

    I’ve charged at 114f in Kettleman City CA before, regularly do so all around central CA well north of 100f. It just works. As others have mentioned, if you can, get out of the car and let the cabin AC take a break so it can divert more cooling to the battery, which will prevent a more...
  4. ucmndd

    Later this year, Tesla will begin production of Supercharger equip. that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers

    Good. Walled garden charging is an obstacle to EV adoption that should be overcome as soon as possible.
  5. ucmndd

    Model S

    3 months maybe, 6 months definitely.
  6. ucmndd

    Rough probability of battery failure prior to warranty expiring?

    Cheaper than a new car… ;)
  7. ucmndd

    Rough probability of battery failure prior to warranty expiring?

    The only people with this data aren’t talking. Just hit 145k miles in my 2016 S75 today. Still going strong.
  8. ucmndd

    Switching from Audi...

    I don’t think there’s any suspension/ride difference to speak of between a performance and non-performance S of the vintage you’re looking for. They’re exactly the same. Just the wheels might be different (though either car could be had with 19s or 21s).
  9. ucmndd

    Why Elon Musk refuses to put the 4680 battery in Model S and X

    Meh, this doesn't really change my opinion. Carrying around 1,000 pounds of extra battery everywhere you go to avoid having to stop for 10 minutes to charge on a 350 mile trip is a foolish waste of money and limited resources.
  10. ucmndd

    Model S P85D lower and lower range for 3 - years - WARRANTY ENDING SOON - what to do?

    The slow supercharging is “by design” and affects basically all 85kwh batteries. Tesla will do nothing to fix this as they’re the ones that caused it. Your car reports 230 range miles available at 100% which is pretty normal for your vintage car. What wh/mi does the car report on these trips...
  11. ucmndd

    Help: Where to Buy Desiccant Bag?

    FYI, having this done again tomorrow as I’m about to hit 150,000 miles, it’s hot as balls here, and I’ve started to notice some decreased AC performance and occasionally getting the “cabin cooling reduced” message where the car diverts as much cooling as possible to the battery. Total cost in...
  12. ucmndd

    Pros and Cons of MCU 2 Upgrade?

    I wouldn’t associate the UI differences with the MCU hardware. Yes, v11 is different. Things are in different places. They’re constantly changing. Better or worse is subjective. I wouldn’t say “MCU is so old it no longer gets software updates or new features” is a “pro”, even if some people...
  13. ucmndd


    Service centers indeed can push a firmware redeployment to your car. However they have ZERO control over which version is deployed. If you’re on 2022.16 and the mothership says that’s still the latest update available for your car, the service center push will just re-send you 2022.16.
  14. ucmndd

    Pros and Cons of MCU 2 Upgrade?

    There are at least three threads discussing MCU2 visible on the first page of the Model S subforum as we speak. This topic has been flogged endlessly - you should dig in and start reading. Alternatively, I will distill it down for you: Pros: MCU2 is better in every objective and subjective...
  15. ucmndd

    Model 3 Charging ampere issue

    PCS replacement, if that's what it ends up being, is not a mobile service sort of thing. It requires removing the high voltage battery.
  16. ucmndd

    Battery charging dilemma - wrong kWh

    No, Tesla will do nothing for you. The original Model S/X had an 8 year, unlimited mile warranty for the high voltage battery and drive units. Failure only - no warranty for capacity or degradation. After the Model 3 was introduced, Tesla moved to 8 year mileage bound warranties. Sometime in...
  17. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    So as I pointed out earlier - you don’t want any reasonable conversation on this subject, you just want to whine. 👍🏻
  18. ucmndd

    2022 Model Y - Austin Giga Factory - Delivery Experience

    Did someone say it is?
  19. ucmndd

    2022 Model Y - Austin Giga Factory - Delivery Experience

    This is unfortunately 100% normal end of quarter delivery practice. All that matters is that they close the books on as many cars possible. If you can’t pick it up tomorrow, someone else will, and again, that’s all that matters to them.
  20. ucmndd

    Do I buy a mobile charger ?

    Nothing against Rob here trying to make a buck, but these are $200 now brand new from the Tesla store AND include the 240v NEMA 14-50 adapter if you ever decide you need faster charging. The site says they’ll start shipping in August, so you’ve got plenty of time before your delivery. Sign up...
  21. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    I mean if you’re posting on an automotive forum asking for help, then yes, it’s most certainly your job to provide supporting details and documentation such that others can answer your question. If you’re just interested in whining, then I guess carry on, but you should know that’s not really...
  22. ucmndd

    12 volt battery options

    Perhaps you should fire up your own battery factory and make one to your apparently high standards?
  23. ucmndd

    Do I buy a mobile charger ?

    Given Tesla’s apparent inability to stock/produce the UMC at the moment, yes - if that’s what you want I’d start trying to source one ASAP.
  24. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    Without knowing actual specifics - not broad ranges and zero supporting details - it’s impossible to say if the conditions were ideal or not. You don’t seem keen on providing specific details or documentation of your experiences, so the best that can be done is to show you that others don’t have...
  25. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    Yes. Losing 1-2% of capacity in the first 6 months or so is completely normal, expected, and well documented at this point over 12 years and a million+ Teslas.
  26. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    Seems you’re mad because you didn’t understand what you were buying?
  27. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    Watch the video posted above. Others don’t seem to have the problems you do. Either your car has a problem, or you just don’t know what you’re doing nor what to expect and when. I know which explanation I choose.
  28. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    Bottom of this page. https://www.tesla.com/model3 @AutoRocket seems to be ignoring the “max” part of “170kw max” for his proposed false advertising lawsuit. ;) At any rate, plenty of evidence that the cars DO achieve that max as advertised, under ideal preconditioned battery conditions with a...
  29. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    you will not see anywhere near 170kw at 40% SoC. Expected and normal. Plenty of YouTube vids showing LFP model 3s hitting 160-170kw from about 2-20% charge, then tapering from there. About 100kw is the max you should expect at 40%. An example:
  30. ucmndd

    Model 3 Charging ampere issue

    You may have a failing charging board in your Power Conversion System (PCS). Not terribly uncommon.
  31. ucmndd

    2022 Model 3 SR LFP Supercharging speed

    Also 100% normal and expected.
  32. ucmndd

    DIY Install Home Wall Charger

    You ran a #4 ground? Lol. Well done, nice clean install, but talk about mega over-engineering… Edit: I see now the tray cable was bundled this way.
  33. ucmndd

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good!

    Enjoy the car and definitely absolve yourself asap of any notion that it’s a collectible. ;)
  34. ucmndd

    Go Tesla even at Risk of NEM 3?

    Can’t remember the exact details of the first NEM3 proposal, but I thought the enactment period after approval was quite short, like 90 days. If the monthly per kw grid charge survives in any form, that’s a huge blow to any payback calculation. Agree $5/watt for just PV is insane, but OP also...
  35. ucmndd

    Go Tesla even at Risk of NEM 3?

    Agree with @miimura but to answer your original question I would do whatever necessary to get in on NEM2. Way too much uncertainty with NEM3 to want to risk it with such a large up front investment.
  36. ucmndd

    WoW ! Tesla Model S Plaid Hit Record-Setting 216 MPH

    I can’t even believe we’re just now hearing about it. Thanks for the thread.
  37. ucmndd

    It a charging rate of 1,028mi/hr correct?

    Given we’re talking about a 2022 Model S and a Model Y here, this remains irrelevant and confusing to the OP. Lol, no. I mean, yes, some of them inevitably fail for all sorts of reasons, but I can’t imagine 100f ambient temperature being any particular issue. I’ve ran many tens of megawatt...
  38. ucmndd

    2013 Model S sudden battery failure

    Curious why not? Is it due to the larger monolithic module design making them poor/unwieldy choices for second-life projects?
  39. ucmndd

    Hidden Conduit

    I think this is going to be entirely dependent on the specifics of your install. Tesla isn’t gonna do/re-do drywall for you - so if your walls are finished and there’s no reasonable way to enter above/below/behind then they’re gonna run it on the surface vs tearing up the drywall and putting it...
  40. ucmndd

    F150 Lightning truck 131kWh battery for $52k

    The truth of the matter is the only folks that will ever see a $52,000 long range Lightning already have a fleet of dozens/hundreds of ICE F150s that Ford has made a killing on. They aren’t for you and me.
  41. ucmndd

    It a charging rate of 1,028mi/hr correct?

    This is nonsensical advice. The mobile connector included with any 2022 Tesla will never draw more than 32 amps, regardless of what the car is set to.
  42. ucmndd

    Supercharger - Oakhurst, CA (LIVE Feb 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    I haven’t been there in a week or so, been out of town, but last I was the security rig was still there. I charge here multiple times per week. It’s a full 250kw station. The people posting all the reviews and comments about slow charging are quite simply wrong, experienced an extremely...
  43. ucmndd

    Anyone regret switching to electric heating?

    It should be noted that if you claimed the full federal ITC for your powerwalls, they must be charged exclusively by solar for 5 years. I think the risk associated with using the new grid charging feature is quite low and don’t imagine the IRS has the resources to start auditing powerwall owners...
  44. ucmndd

    2013 Model S sudden battery failure

    And we all know how that ended up. How many of those “90 second” swaps have they completed? File that one under “3 months maybe, 6 months definitely” - need I remind you Tesla has also “unveiled” a humanoid robot and self driving car… The S/X battery is relatively easy to remove with the right...
  45. ucmndd

    Venting from service issues with paint damage

    There is a man at the end of the assembly line in Fremont whose sole job is to insert a bug into every tail light. They all have one.
  46. ucmndd

    2013 Model S sudden battery failure

    Lol, what sort of fantasy world are you living in? I imagine the labor cost alone just to remove an S/X battery and crack the case is approaching a thousand bucks. To say nothing of tools, shop overhead, transport, etc etc etc.
  47. ucmndd

    Was I Downgraded?

    Enhanced Autopilot has never been a “standard” option. You either paid for it or you didn’t.
  48. ucmndd

    Model S 'Vent' only opens windows but does not close them?

  49. ucmndd

    Model S 'Vent' only opens windows but does not close them?

    Nobody paying any attention would accuse or expect a Tesla to be a luxury car. Just because two things cost the same does not mean they’re comparable.
  50. ucmndd

    Supercharging past 100%, Tesla says normal

    Normal. Happens when you 100% charge at home too. Just battery balancing / topping off.

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