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    Save mirror position for reverse

    This did work over a year ago but it doesn't anymore. I stopped using the mirror tilt functionality completely because it tilts too down.
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    My experience upgrading my Model 3 Standard Range to the Plus

    So you wanted a charge back after 4 days?
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    2018 Model 3 "stealth performance" ... that actually isn't

    But you did pay for Stealth Performance did you not? I know if costed me more to get that, just not Performance level of cost...
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    why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]

    I don't know how people lived before blind spot monitoring and backup beeps... :rolleyes:
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    Supercharger - Castle Creek, NY

    Please don't leave your car at this station. It's busy enough...
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    2021 M3 LR failed @ 168 miles [rear drive unit inverter failure]

    Happens from time to time on new vehicles.
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    Lane departure doesn't ever warn me

    You probably have it set to the lowest setting. Mine never nags me either and I think it's great.
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    Thermostat sometimes resets to 72

    I always have my temp set to 69, (nice) But for some reason, in the last few weeks, it's been resetting to 70 on my side everyday.
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    Stereo blasting on any door opening 😫

    Glad you know that everything is as designed and it's all your fault. 😉 You're blasting music when by yourself, understandable. I do it too, but I always pause my music wen leaving. You leave the music playing when leaving the car... It's like every other vehicle ever made. You leave the...
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    A tip for potential buyers is that if you are not good with technology, don't buy a Tesla. If you have issues with your phone and you don't know how to diagnose it, don't buy a Tesla. Buy the FOB or use the card. The car is really just a computer, so if you have no computer experience, don't...
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    Can't enter address in Telsa App while requesting service

    Having the same issue.
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    Does the charge port not open when car is in sleep with the UMC?

    If the car is asleep and then you suddenly want to plug in your charging cable, the button on the cable will not wake up the car. You have to open the back door or use the app to wake the car first.
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    Supercharging a Used Tesla

    I would create your Tesla account early and add your credit card to it. Then when you get the car and add it to your account you should be all set.
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    Tesla lowers Model 3 range estimates in Europe due to extra power consumption of AMD Ryzen processor

    The Atom processor in the car only uses 9.5 W. If the Ryzen is 45W, then it uses almost 5 times more power.
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    Tidal vs Spotify

    Tidal is 384Kb/s to "Hi-Fi" quality if you download the mixes and playlists. Tidal Hi-fi quality is 1411 kbps.
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    Smart Ring Madness

    It's not even the key. It's some third party key ring that has a special chip for security. (Same chip as in the official key cards). That's like asking why a watch is $60,000 when I can buy one from Walmart for $20.
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    Why does window lock when verbally asking to open window 50%

    You can't use voice on the windows...
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    How does the car know what the speed limit is?

    Not anymore. It hasn't been this way for a while now. All it uses is vision to tell the speed. That is why it gets it wrong more often then before because it can't read the special speed limit signs like '30 Ends'. It keeps thinking that means it's 30MPH limit.
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    Did my Nokian WRG4 Tire Really Decrease my Efficiency That Much?

    I think you are comparing two different winter seasons. Last winter was fairly mild, temperature wise. It's been colder recently (at least where I am) compared to last year. There's NO WAY your winter usage was 280Wh/mi last year. 340Wh/mile looks to be a more reasonable number.
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    All Season Performance Tires recommendations?

    I have the DWS06+ as you can see in my sig, but I haven't put enough miles on them during this past summer to give a solid recommendation. So for I don't really like it but i'll see in a few months.
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    Drive lights unbalanced.

    Yes, the headlights have always been adjustable. However you said daytime running light was brighter on one side. Adjusting the height of the headlights will not help you with your brightness issue. If that's the case then you should contact Tesla with a picture from the front of the car and...
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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    I thought FORD was Fix Or Repair Daily?
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    Differences between black and white interiors

    The wood dash in the black interior is real wood.
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    Drive lights unbalanced.

    That's not really evidence. Light reflecting off of cars in front of you are not uniform. How about you park close to a white wall and find out?
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    Should I trade my 2015 WRX for a 2022 M3 RWD ?

    Well I was a only Subaru guy. I had 3 Subarus, a 97 Legacy GT, a 08 Legacy GT, and then a 2016 WRX. I got the Tesla because Subaru was not coming out with a performance hybrid that I wanted. However I got the LR (because I must have AWD) and it's way faster than the WRX. I don't know about the...
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    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    Anything "by wire" is imaginary. Drive by wire? Imaginary. Brake by wire? Imaginary. Door locks by wire? Imaginary. Parking brake by wire? Imaginary.
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    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    Long press is the parking brake
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    Can 5G be added to Model 3?

    Yes but everything you said doesn't require retrofitting 5G in our current cars. They will put 5G in the new cars when it's needed for the new stuff. What we should be talking about retrofitting or upgrading instead of this stupid 5G stuff is letting us upgrade to the new Ryzen MCU. I am...
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    Change in Battery Preconditioning with Recent (Christmas 2021) Update?

    The 3 smelly battery icon. You don't get the red smelly battery icon? ;)
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    Morning after a rainy day. Brakes sticking

    What problem? Happens to every car that sits for 2 days or more what the moisture outside or the car is high.
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    New Model 3 LR on order - some questions! [about model 3 in UK]

    1. Yes. Definitely. There are no newly made Teslas without the heat pump.. 2. Depends. When super charging the whole HVAC system can ramp up loud if the batteries are getting hot but just sitting there camping, I don't think it's loud. It's just a slight buzzing sound and fan sounds. However I...
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    Change in Battery Preconditioning with Recent (Christmas 2021) Update?

    I turned on the climate this morning and I got smelly battery so it works. It was about 40F degrees in my garage.
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    Contacting Service [how to ask tesla service a question?]

    No they did not deal with it. They will contact you when they have the parts and ready to do the recall for your car.
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    2021 heated steering wheel Discussion thread

    Wow, you have a very nice service center.
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    Where is Dyno mode with V11?

    Slip start...
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    Can 5G be added to Model 3?

    People that that think 5G is vastly better than 4G are also the people downvoting me and think 8K TVs are vastly better than 4K TVs. 4G is capable of 1 Gigabit/sec download speeds. It's all up to the cell phone companies to put enough antennas.
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    Radio silences when I open the door

    No. The volume can not be set.
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    Do you use A/C during winter driving?

    A heat pump is an AC unit. The only difference is a heat pump can reverse the flow of "coolant". (Obviously very simplified)
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    Do you use A/C during winter driving?

    A/C does not = cold air Heat does not = A/C off A/C is air conditioner. Air conditioners condition the air, NOT JUST COOL IT. You can have the AC running while the temperature is set high. All cars with an automatic climate control will turn on the A/C when it detects high humidity inside the...
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    Do I have LFP or NCA Battery? (SR+)

    All new SR+ have the LFP battery from China.
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    Do you use A/C during winter driving?

    Yes. The A/C runs because you are breathing. When you have people in an enclosed space all breathing, moisture gets exhaled. Moisture hitting a cold glass causes fogging. Putting warm dry air in to the cabin lets the air hold more moisture, therefore less condensation.
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    Flaky charge port door after latest upgrade?

    I have 44.25.2 and the open/shut issue is fixed but the quick close when pulling out is not fixed. I hate when I have to pull out really quick.
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    Where do you think this crack came from?

    A pine cone? What kind of pine cone weights that much to crack a windshield?
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    How to unpin icons (e.g., Toybox) from the toolbar?

    Come on, how do you get rid of icons on your phone's home screen? You hold down the icon till you can drag it.
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    Tidal help

    Do you get full LTE signal bars? i sounds like your cell connection is slow.
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    This only happens at night it seems. The day time it's fine. The blinking light is really close to the camera so I can see why that is like that at night.
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    Yeah, people need to learn to fu**** drive.
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    Tidal help

    No i don't have this issue. Does your streaming music (Slacker) work fine? Did you pay for the car's premium connection?

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