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    Cabin overheat protection, how to?

    I don't think they are related, and the manual doesn't say so either. Just go to Controls -> Safety -> cabin overheat protection , while you're in Park.
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    Software versioning - is it the same across all models?

    That's an interesting question... I don't have the answer, but clearly there are differences in models. For example, S/X having battery heaters vs 3/Y using the motors, dual monitors vs one etc. It's not just about models either, there are country-specific differences... China got some apps that...
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    Daily Efficency on long commute

    Then don't even worry if that number is high. I'm around 200wh/km (321wh/mile) overall and it doesn't worry me a bit. I have real winters, don't have a heat pump, I drive on real winter tires and sporty tires in the summer, I have acceleration boost and like the occasional acceleration. I drive...
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    WiFi Not Connecting

    I believe many people here have had similar experiences, including myself. After a reboot the wifi works, for that time. I haven't tested with the most recent software update I got though... hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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    Daily Efficency on long commute

    I would start by saying that the car's overall wh/m is irrelevant to you since most of the driving (7900 miles) was done by someone else. Speed is a very significant factor, the person before you might have driven much faster. Just don't worry, forget about that and concentrate on the driving...
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    Wind vector on the map….I wish

    Yep, at your location, which isn't what you really need if you intend to plan any kind of trip and estimate consumption. You can also get outside, wet your finger and point it up, you'll get the direction at your location :D
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    To precondition or not?

    OH, I forgot to add one comment about supercharging... if you don't precondition, or precondition but not long enough, your car will heat the battery as you charge. Part of the energy you receive (3.5kW in your RWD case) will be used to heat the battery, You won't escape it, the car will do it...
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    Another charging battery life thread

    Yep. I take this as reassurance, and changed my habits to charge as often as I can tolerate and live in the 40-70% range. When I have trips, I don't stress charging it to 95% or even 100% for a short period, draw it down to 10% or lower if needed etc, as it's just sporadic. The difference at...
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    Model 3 efficiency

    I believe your tires are more sticky than the OEM on a Model 3 LR so technically that should hurt efficiency. You might get even better results with the same rubber.
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    Wind vector on the map….I wish

    It cannot be a single arrow because the wind isn't constant over the map you're looking at: In this example, in the top left the wind comes from the north whereas on the right it's more from the east, and with more force. The blue part closer to city center has virtually no wind. You would...
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    To precondition or not?

    If it's cold enough, power will be limited enough that you won't find it "plenty quick" @ATPMSD . On days at -20C or lower if I don't precondition I get only ~100hp, a Prius could pass me :p That is on a LR AWD+Boost... Since the car reduces power, I don't believe I'm hurting the battery in any...
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    Cruise Control Icons

    No. As said earlier, the car needs to learn / calibrate the cameras. See "Drive to calibrate cameras" here : Model 3 Owner's Manual | Tesla
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    Cruise Control Icons

    Maybe, but I still think that's what happened :) You probably could not activate it before the system was ready anyway.
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    Cruise Control Icons

    The car / cameras need to learn as you drive initially. After some amount of driving, the system then becomes available. I believe that is also explained in the manual.
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    Cruise Control Icons

    The steering wheel icon appears (gray) when autosteer is available. It turns blue when autosteer is activated. If the steering wheel isn't displayed, the car cannot activate autosteer for various reasons: sensors obstructed, no lines on the road, etc. You cannot remove that icon from the screen...
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    Went from 2020 MY to 2022 and Regen Braking option gone, lower regen too

    I have the option on my 2020, and the standard mode feels lower regen than it used to. I feel like I use my brakes more too... so that's independent of whether the option is there or not. I don't believe 2022 have less regen, I think we all got less regen in some software update...
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    Went from 2020 MY to 2022 and Regen Braking option gone, lower regen too

    Right, I haven't quite explained it correctly. 2020 and earlier models have the regen option, 2021 and up don't, as far as I know. When the option is not present, it behaves as in the "normal/standard" setting on the cars that have the option, is how I understand it.
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    Went from 2020 MY to 2022 and Regen Braking option gone, lower regen too

    One-pedal driving should still work. You might feel that regen has been lowered a bit, depending on the software version you were running on your 2020. II'm under the impression that regen is lower on my 2020 than it was in the past so it's not a model-year thing... The option to reduce regen is...
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    Performance model y motor temperature

    That seems high... I don't have a MYP, I have a model 3 AWD+Boost, and ScanMyTesla. I've seen my motors go a bit over 100C (212F), mostly when preconditioning, but not higher (from memory). Sometimes software updates in the car change what information is on what CAN bus channel. You might need...
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    TeslaFi User Guide

    Additionally, hovering over the items in the interface should show a tooltip that gives some information on what this particular field is about. If all of that fails, post your questions here and we'll try to answer them.
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    Occasionally sluggish with hard acceleration

    I think Stability control is so conservative that it pulls power based on steering before wheels start slipping. If you're able to coax enough power then yes, traction control (which is also very conservative) kicks in. I can feel that on snow. I don't have track mode. I'd love a simple relaxed...
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    Occasionally sluggish with hard acceleration

    Find a T intersection and stop. Try to get on the main road with relatively hard acceleration. Pretend a car is coming and you need to get on quick. You should find that your acceleration is pretty limited compared to leaving a stop sign in a straight line. I understand part of that power...
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    Polestar 2 Test Drive

    For charging speed, look at this : This Fast Charging Test Proves Polestar 2 Is No Match For Tesla Model 3 . You are correct, the Polestar 2 isn't as fast as a Tesla. For some it might be good enough. As far as charging infrastructure, the answer will depend on where you live. With a max of...
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    Occasionally sluggish with hard acceleration

    2 things. if you turn the steering wheel more than just a little bit, the car has a pretty shy acceleration as the traction and stability controls are tuned to prevent any "fun and slides". Power will be reduced quite drastically until you straighten the steering. I have had cases where I was...
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    MYLR Screen Froze. What to do?

    I'll be very happy if someone can prove that this does anything else than put a note in the local car logs. That in itself is very useful for the tech that works on your car when you enter a service request. If you tell them exactly when the problem happened (because the logs are huge and it...
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    Phantom Braking

    You wouldn't know if your car is braking because the car is front is braking or if you have the same issue 😄
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    New blended brake feature not present on 2018 Model 3

    Right, it's supposed to be an option. No one on TMC has that option yet so we'll see. My opinion is that expected behaviors are important. As humans we have reflexes that are influenced by that, we learn and adapt. Changes in behaviors that were the same for months and suddenly are different...
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    New blended brake feature not present on 2018 Model 3

    Partly. But I guess you've never driven in a "real" winter. When I leave home in the morning, if I don't precondition the car, I have zero (zilch, nada) regen. The first few times that's quite a surprise as you let go of the accelerator and nothing happens.
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    New blended brake feature not present on 2018 Model 3

    No. If your regen is normal (battery not too full, not too cold) then no brakes will be applied for you. If your regen is limited, for the same deceleration you would normally need to press your brake pedal yourself. The new feature is that the car will apply that proportion of brakes itself so...
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    Phantom Braking

    ok, thanks. One other slowdown reason is if you're passing people that are slower in the adjacent line. Sometimes the car will preventatively slow down so as to not pass those other cars too fast. I believe there's a graphic on screen when that happens (carets). Not a harsh slowdown, just...
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    Phantom Braking

    I can add other types which I do NOT consider phantom braking but some people call as such: - the car is going up a hill and reaching the crest, it slows down because it temporarily cannot see far enough ahead to feel safe. It will accelerate back after the crest. - The road changes speed limit...
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    Phantom Braking

    Can you explain what exactly happened in a bit more detail? I've seen people attribute all sorts of braking situations to "phantom braking" and not all of them are.
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    MYLR Screen Froze. What to do?

    (For the 100th time since this myth doesn't want to die) entering a bug report in the car only leaves a trace in the car's log, nothing is sent to Tesla. This is useful if you also create a service request and the tech has a look at your car's logs, pulling the period of time you will tell them...
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    Is it possible to get a Tesla to precondition for electrify america stations?

    In the winter, driving 90mph won't be enough :) The car is too efficient for that, and will cool down the pack towards the target driving temp if it has to. I mean a real winter with snow and ice, I can't tell what a Texas winter is like. Is it like my summer? :D
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    Is it possible to get a Tesla to precondition for electrify america stations?

    Not at the moment. There are two workarounds I know of: - Navigate to a supercharger that's close enough that the car preconditions for it, even though you're not really going there in the end. - Buy the Ingenext Bonus module which lets you turn on heating manually.
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    Traction Control activating due to staggered wheels?

    Hum... 1.9% diameter difference isn't that much, and when the rear use up more than fronts it should even reduce the difference. I don't know...
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    Traction Control activating due to staggered wheels?

    Can you verify the precise diameter and see if there's a big difference? If it was working before, it's possible that the diameter difference was low initially but grew if for example your rear tires used up more than the fronts. Since you cannot do a tire rotation front/back, this might...
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    How long for Driving Visualizations to appear on new model 3?

    Since you don't have FSD, They only show up if you turn on FSD visualization in your car settings.
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    Regenerative braking on icy roads need to turn off

    I'm very sorry to hear that, I hope everyone recovers well. In heavy rain, traction can be severely hampered, to the point where there's virtually no traction at all (hydroplaning). In such situations, whatever the cleverness of the system in the car, it will not gain any traction, there is none...
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    Auto Wipers

    I have yet to test them in the latest version. My experience was that they were already good, except when they were not. There were great periods and then times when they were utter garbage. I wouldn't base my judgement on a single test :)
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    car not communicating with app

    Your car needs to have good cell phone signal, or good wifi if you are connecting the car to wifi. IF you know that to be good, then reboot the car and it should resume communication.
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    2022 M3 RWD vs. M3P Worth the $ Diff?

    There, this low 7s 0-60 confirms my statement that chill mode limits to 200hp. Using a 0-60 calculator like the one at (0-60 mph Calculator for Cars | Calculate Estimated 0-60 Times), you get: Looking up dyno graphs will show the same. Unless the driver stomps on the accelerator all the way...
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    Two different display ‘errors’ or glitches?

    Parked cars and in general cars that don't affect your trajectory and influence your driving dynamically do not appear, at least that's my understanding. The car sees them anyway but they are not represented on screen, They are deemed part of the static obstacles like curbs as far as I...
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    Auto-launching Tesla app on Android

    Unless you reboot your devices often, it shouldn't be that big of a problem? If you update the application, it stops the app and doesn't restart it anyway. In both cases, launching it once manually solves it. You might also want to look at Tasker to automate things like that.
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    Software Update - When Turn Signal in Use

    I think you can also press the phone icon in the applications screen. You could customize your bottom bar to always have the phone icon if you use the phone a lot.
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    New blended brake feature not present on 2018 Model 3

    Very very limited, specific vehicles it seems as no one on TMC has received it yet, if I am to believe all the threads I've read so far.
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    What are some alternatives to buying homelink?

    I put my "clicker" on the sunvisor, but I have to lower the sunvisor for it to work properly. It gives a direct line of sight from the clicker to the door... If I just leave the sunvisor up it's hit and miss... I had tried sticking the clicker behind the car's screen (bottom left) to hide it but...
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    What was in the Charging bundle on 2018 Model 3?

    Silly question: did they check in the under-trunk? That's where I leave mine since I don't use it often. I'd say check the frunk too but I guess that was checked already...
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    Electrician Mounted Wall Connector Backwards!

    Maybe it's better that the charger is not visible from the street?
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    When will Tesla modernize OTA updates?

    You're missing part of the security explanation. Letting users download the software on another device (your phone) makes it easier for you to tamper with it and inatall a modified version. What if you install a buggy autopilot, crash, and sue Tesla? It's still doable but at least they don't...

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