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  1. J

    How can I track whats going on with my car at Tesla body shop?

    That means "wait till we notify you in the app what we find", not "expect to get daily updates in the app".
  2. J

    any reason to upgrade my 2019 M3 while waiting for CyberTruck?

    "only losing 7k" means that you do not define 7K as "almost any money". I am going by what you said, as you defined the current resale climate as "almost losing no money" but by your own calculations would be looking at a 7k loss. Whether you want to do this or not is up to you, but framing...
  3. J

    any reason to upgrade my 2019 M3 while waiting for CyberTruck?

    Looking at your own statements: So, it appears that even you acknowledge that purchasing a new car does not meet the criteria you laid out for yourself.
  4. J

    How can I track whats going on with my car at Tesla body shop?

    You dont, just like you didnt for any other vehicle in service you might have owned (unless you installed some third party app or other that tracks vehicle location or state). Even if you did install some third party app, having that information would not help you at all. If you saw your car...
  5. J

    any reason to upgrade my 2019 M3 while waiting for CyberTruck?

    I am not commenting on how "silly" it is, but I suspect the OPs pricing is related to this statement above. In the interest of heading off yet another "FSD isnt worth it" debate, that isnt want the OP asked here, but I do realize that many people will conflate that is part of the decision...
  6. J

    Windows opening by themselves while driving

    Do you have a keyfob, and if so, do you keep it in your pocket?
  7. J

    Brake lights on a little sooner?

    Im not trying to pile on here, but I drove behind someone in a brand new model Y today, on my commute to work (39 miles one way commute to work). They were coming from the same general suburban neighborhood I live in, and got off the freeway at the same exit etc. I was behind them about 20 ish...
  8. J

    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    Please discuss this topic in this thread i moved your post to. thanks
  9. J

    New Powerwall charging at minimum

    I got the impression that the energy usage number that was quoted from the person you quoted was for 24 hours of energy, or .10 per hour), while the number you are quoting is likely "per hour", so their "2.5 empty" is your "9.6 full", for equivalent energy comparison.
  10. J

    Brake lights on a little sooner?

    If you drove behind a tesla recently and saw how often they come on, when the driver may not even be aware they come on (like whenever you are regen braking basically) you might be surprised. They (lights) come on too much, imo, and it gives the appearance of your typical tesla driver who is...
  11. J

    Teslamate projected range down about 2% within just a month of purchase - M3LR

    I happen to also agree with the others that 2% is simply "noise", but OP even if you dont agree with that, there is nothing (nothing, zip, nada) that tesla would do for you regarding battery degradation unless or until it reaches 30%. Do all that teslamate tracking because "you want to know"...
  12. J

    SCE TOU Prime - Does it require panel upgrade?

    I am still on an old tiered rate, and am holding onto it for dear life. ANY Time of use rate plan would cost me over close to a thousand dollars a year more (which is why they no longer allow these tiered rates and NEM 1).
  13. J

    Custom Light Show isn’t Working

    Correct, the ports in the center console and rear seats are only for charging on a 2022 model 3, no data at all. There IS a usb in the glove compartment. Whether you will be able to do the light show also likely depends on if you have matrix lights or not, but there is no data USB access in...
  14. J

    Why so many “outages" [recorded by my system]

    Its probably B (utility voltage) and the reason its 5 minutes is because the system has a re connection time frame on a power outage of 5 minutes to sync back with the grid. @MorrisonHiker had a similar problem, with utility power (I believe it was a transformer in their neighborhood). Without...
  15. J

    Rebadging template suggestions?

    I will just repeat that any business that wraps cars has to be very (very) adept at replacing the badging, or they wouldnt be in business long. Regardless of if he quickly measured etc, the installer has probably put the emblems back on most of the cars they have wrapped, meaning if they have...
  16. J

    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    As far as tesla and them telling you your peak production would go up, its very likely they made the mistake in assuming (which, "assume" I know) you were talking about "daily peak production" which its likely will go up, unless you are in fact consuming all solar you generate without your...
  17. J

    My May 2018 LR M3 has no TACC nor Autosteer

    You couldnt have purchased "autopilot" at the time you bought your car. You would have had to have purchased ENHANCED autopilot, as back then, that was the available option. You either had nothing, enhanced autopilot and if you purchased enhanced autopilot, and wanted to get a computer upgrade...
  18. J

    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    PTO will have zero to do with your PEAK production (but peak (instantaneous) production is a very (very) poor metric to try to evaluate a PV system with).
  19. J

    Rebadging template suggestions?

    Any company that offers vehicle wrapping also has to have the ability to put the emblems back properly. Why didnt you have whomever wrapped your car put them back?
  20. J

    M3 look

    Now that a rebuttal has been posted in the off tangent discussion about vehicle quality, I am going to "enforce" my "im asking for the discussion to pivot back to the thread topic" by removing any further discussion that isnt on the thread topic that occurs after this post I am making here...
  21. J

    Cruise Control Icons

    No, because the system was not available from day 1. To answer your thread question, there is no way to remove those icons you are asking about. They will display as mentioned if the system is available. You never (ever ever ever) have to use it if you dont want to, but you are not able to...
  22. J

    M3 look

    (moderator note) I would like to ask that the direction of the thread be directed back to the original intent, which is "opinions on the look of a model 3, and If / when there might be a major refresh in appearance". There always seems to be a large amount of passion to talk about "tesla QC"...
  23. J

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    (moderator note) I have decided I will no longer be merging new posts on the topic of battery degradation, etc into this thread. I will not lock this thread, but will let the posts on this topic stand alone in this subforum if they are posted in separate threads, and members can, or can not...
  24. J

    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    You are talking about two separate things. 1. What is the peak production I will see at any one time? You will not see peak production of your DC system size at any one time, unless your system is ground mounted, pointed at the optimum angle, and on a specific time of day (or your system is...
  25. J

    Do you use a windshield sunshade?

    Hmm.. well they fold in an accordion style. the thickness isnt what makes them unwieldy, its the length actually. Curious because you asked, I just went out and measured the one in my wifes model Y (instead of mine in my model 3, since this is the model Y subforum lol). Its a bit under 2...
  26. J

    Went from 2020 MY to 2022 and Regen Braking option gone, lower regen too

    And what stopping mode are you in? https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/modely/en_us/GUID-3DFFB071-C0F6-474D-8A45-17BE1A006365.html
  27. J

    Do you use a windshield sunshade?

    I love my covercraft windshield heat protectors. I have been using them for years (prior to my teslas). I found out that covercraft made BMWs "OEM" heat shield. When I leased BMWs, I used to always get the dealer to "throw in" a windshield heat shield, after negotiating the deal at whatever...
  28. J

    Went from 2020 MY to 2022 and Regen Braking option gone, lower regen too

    Perhaps you are not in the right stopping mode (which is different from the low / normal regen setting). One pedal driving is still possible since the car now only has the "normal" regen setting, and if you were using 1 pedal driving you would not have been using the low setting. For what you...
  29. J

    Went from 2020 MY to 2022 and Regen Braking option gone, lower regen too

    Regen choice (low or standard) is gone on new tesla model 3 / Ys. I dont remember when it was removed, but it was removed and does not appear that it will ever come back for cars that dont have it any longer. My model 3 (2018) still has regen choice, but the 2022 doesnt and likely wont.
  30. J

    Update: Charge PowerWall from Grid

    Please direct any further discussion on this topic to the referenced thread.
  31. J

    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    The actual operative question is the one from @Redhill_qik . On "what exactly" are you basing "I am supposed to be able to peak at 11.3 of production" on (note, if its because "My installed system size is 11.3" then your assumption is probably incorrect).
  32. J

    Installing 2 Wall Connectors

    Here is the page that tesla provides as guidance for sharing power from gen 3 wall connectors. Have you checked here? https://www.tesla.com/support/gen-3-wall-connector-power-sharing
  33. J

    Horrible 2022 Model Y Tesla Experience

    I dont moderate the model Y subforum, but even if I did, it would be unlikely I would take action on a thread this size in its entirety. You can report whatever post to a mod for this subforum for them to decide though (use the report function in a post and they will decide).
  34. J

    A dilemma about a Ford Mustang Mach E on Order - What would you do?

    This is sort of where I would land, as well (meaning "its the car she wants, so that would mean it would need to have a specific reason we shouldnt get it). With that being said, to me, this seems like a "specific reason you shouldnt buy it". @joebruin77 have you considered leasing the...
  35. J

    SCE TOU Prime - Does it require panel upgrade?

    Perhaps you could link to where you read that? I have never seen or read such a stipulation, but will not pretend that I have seen everything. The stipulations for using TOU Prime that I am aware of are: 1. Owning or leasing an EV / Plug in Hybrid vehicle 2. Having battery storage 3. having a...
  36. J

    Airbag warning light remained on

    I personally would keep the service appointment, and make sure I had the time and date noted that the light stayed on so they could look in the logs if so desired. It may be nothing, but airbags is one of those systems I would want confirmation on, if something strange happened.
  37. J

    Optimal Charging Amperage

    If you have something that shows that, for a Tesla model 3 or Y, higher L2 charging speed will result in more power lost than the 250w the car uses keeping the car awake, I would be interested to see it.
  38. J

    Model 3 LR/P - 170 mile commute suitability

    (moderator note) Post moved into a thread with a very similar question. There is some feedback in this thread which may interest you
  39. J

    2018 Model 3 "stealth performance" ... that actually isn't

    Anything is possible, but that would be the first instance I would have ever seen reported anywhere of the software saying its a performance, but it not being a performance vehicle. I think that is unlikely. If you dont "floor it" from a stop, its entirely possible that a person might not be...
  40. J

    Optimal Charging Amperage

    From pretty much everything I have read here, that isnt actually the case. The power always comes from the battery, even if on shore power. The shore power just tops up the battery when it drops 2-3%. There also is no increased power lost from higher current, in fact, everything I have read...
  41. J

    Tesla 3 key card in apple watch wallet

    Not directly no. Tesla does not support apple watch, does not have an apple watch app, and the phone as key feature does not work through an apple watch. The reason nothing is "clear" when you read it, is because third party apps can also trigger the door open, start car abilities the same as...
  42. J

    2018 Model 3 "stealth performance" ... that actually isn't

    I happen to find this particular OPs statements fairly reasonable and non controversial, actually. I dont see a lot of demands, etc, like normally occurs in these type of threads. I see a pretty well written discussion. I dont agree with every point the OP is making, but can appreciate and...
  43. J

    Optimal Charging Amperage

    Right, none of this should be worried about, but you seem to want to worry about it. There is no proof that either leaving it at 10% for a few hours, or slow charging for a few hours is harmful to the battery. What is NOT UP FOR DEBATE however, is that slower charging will keep the car awake...
  44. J

    Possible to charge Tesla (car) with excess solar generation?

    There is no feature to do that currently from tesla, at least not while your system is on the grid. You can take yourself off grid if you have enough generation to go daily with being off grid. The most recent thread on this discussion is here: Charging with "excess solar energy" (without...
  45. J

    Optimal Charging Amperage

    There is no proof that any of this that you are talking about from a home user charging point of view (worrying about the car sitting at 10% for a few HOURS before it charges, vs a few days, weeks etc) will matter even enough to measure over a 4-5 year period. It sounds like you fall in the...
  46. J

    How is solar energy prioritized in your system?

    If the OP is a part of any sort of "connected solutions" program (which I believe is available in their area) and they actually signed up for that, then they should not be surprised by the system / batteries doing "something", as those programs specifically let "someone else" control your...
  47. J

    Adding 2 more power walls… I think

    Given that the powerwalls themselves are likely 7k or 7.5k each, and the rest is labor, it seems like a lot to me. With that being said, that is about the going rate I was being quoted in 2019 from non tesla sources.. Tesla was 18,245, installed, with tax and everything, pre any tax credit, in...
  48. J

    Optimal Charging Amperage

    There is nothing about 240V Level 2 charging that puts "stress" on a tesla battery.
  49. J

    Anyone regret switching to electric heating?

    Is that a conversion you could post / link to? I have gas heating and cooktop, and for us here in southern california who have what used to be called "the gas company" (and is now called "socal gas", gas seems very cheap to me. I dont think it pencils out to take it out from a financial point...
  50. J

    hummer ev now!! best selling ev?

    Note that this is not a moderator note..... just a regular question, as a regular poster. I am not a moderator in this subforum. In the first couple of sentence of the article you linked you will find this statement: ===================== ith a waitlist of 77,000 people, it would take the...

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