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  1. EVRider-FL

    72A Home Charging - Super Hot Cable

    My Gen 2 wall connector cable gets hot charging at 72A, but not too hot to handle.
  2. EVRider-FL

    Model S

    What is the estimated delivery date shown in your account?
  3. EVRider-FL


    If there’s a safety score, the OP opted in (unless they also have Tesla insurance). Give it time.
  4. EVRider-FL

    EAP subscription?

    No one knows, but in the past EAP has been reintroduced on a temporary basis, so if that’s Tesla’s intention this time, I wouldn’t expect to see a subscription.
  5. EVRider-FL

    Why so many “outages" [recorded by my system]

    I get the same frequent 5 minute outages. I’m convinced they’re not actual grid outages.
  6. EVRider-FL

    Model S Refresh: Relatively fatiguing when actually driving long distances?

    I don’t have a refresh S, but my current 2018 S and previous 2016 have been very comfortable on long trips.
  7. EVRider-FL

    Having multiple locations to add Exclude to the Walk-Away Door Lock.

    Not sure why you can’t exclude Favorites here but you can with Sentry Mode. Do you know anyone who Elon listens to on Twitter? 🙂
  8. EVRider-FL

    2022 Model S loss of driving controls

    Maybe you should schedule service to rule out a hardware issue.
  9. EVRider-FL

    Disable Phone Key - any downsides?

    Unless they removed this feature in the refresh, you can disable auto-present door handles if that’s what’s bothering you. Is it the phone key or the fob that is causing the car to unlock? Since you have a fob, there’s no reason to use a phone key if you don’t want to.
  10. EVRider-FL

    "Speed limited to 90mph" and other issues and Tesla keeps pushing back repair appointments

    Just to be clear, are you saying the car won’t exceed 90 when driving manually? Autopilot won’t go above 90.
  11. EVRider-FL

    How to Plan a Tesla drive

    You don’t have to plan your trip in advance unless you’re traveling through areas with limited supercharging options. The car’s nav system will tell you where to stop and charge. I did a lot of planning before my first road trip, but now I just go with the flow. 🙂
  12. EVRider-FL

    Anyone disabled the PWS on refreshed S?

    I don’t know about other countries, but I believe the PWS is required everywhere in the US.
  13. EVRider-FL

    Model S Aircon issue in hot weather

    No problems with the AC here in south Florida. Make a service appointment.
  14. EVRider-FL

    Dash Cam didn't save full 1 hour loop

    Glad you were able to recover the footage. A couple of clarifications: Pressing the dashcam icon only saves when you’re driving, otherwise it opens the viewer. Sentry mode footage and dashcam footage are not recorded in different places at the same time. Everything goes in RecentClips, and if...
  15. EVRider-FL

    How cool would it be if we could see sentry events and notifications from our phones?

    Yes, the only way to view Sentry event video is in the car or removing the USB to view elsewhere. There is a Sentry Live View feature that shows real time video from your car on the app, but you can’t view previously recorded events.
  16. EVRider-FL

    Introducing the Official TMC Native iOS and Android Apps

    I took a quick look at the app the other day and didn’t see a “watched threads” filter like the website has. Is there a different way to do that?
  17. EVRider-FL

    How cool would it be if we could see sentry events and notifications from our phones?

    Sentry alert events occur anytime someone walks or drives near your car, so they’re much too frequent to get notifications for each one. I would bet that if this option were available, anyone who tried to use it would soon turn it off. The best way to handle Sentry alert events is to ignore...
  18. EVRider-FL

    How to pick which Homelink item is triggered by the app?

    You can’t choose which HomeLink to use even if you have Summon.
  19. EVRider-FL

    Considering Renting Out My Model S on Turo

    There are lots of Teslas on Turo, and I’ve rented (not rented out) a few. Try Googling to find a forum for Turo hosts, maybe you can learn from others who’ve actually done it. If you don’t find anything, I can ask one of my Turo hosts (who I’ve rented from twice) if he would be okay with me...
  20. EVRider-FL


    The update icon is still there. If it doesn’t appear you don’t have an update pending.
  21. EVRider-FL

    Model 3 at Lease End

    If you normally lease a new car every 3 years, what’s the issue? I don’t know if the buyout restriction is still in effect for new leases, but if you’re not buying the car does it matter?
  22. EVRider-FL

    I need help to get in the bata program

    I don’t have FSD Beta, but I think that’s just a release note about suspension, it doesn’t mean you’re suspended. Did you actually enable everything and try to use it?
  23. EVRider-FL

    EAP Return to US

    Overpriced or not, it’s still better than paying $12k for the same features with a few additional bells and whistles. Don’t assume Tesla will offer EAP from now on — the last time they offered it it was a temporary deal.
  24. EVRider-FL

    Can I drive to the airport and leave my car with some company for them to rent it out?

    If it’s a one-time thing, in my opinion it’s not worth doing. Too much risk. If you plan to do this multiple times, consider partnering with someone on Turo if you don’t want to handle the logistics yourself. I’ve only rented Teslas from Turo a few times, but those owner had full-time rental...
  25. EVRider-FL

    How to tell after power outage if you are using PW Batteries or if the grid is back on?

    I have notifications enabled but I rarely get grid outage notification. Also, my Impact screen shows frequent 5-6 minute outages that I suspect are not real outages.
  26. EVRider-FL

    Window Lock “Dog Mode”?

    The manual says the window lock only locks the rear windows, so it seems you’re out of luck.
  27. EVRider-FL

    Software (2022.12.3.20) reinstalls itself and resets settings to factory defaults while charging at Supercharger during long trip

    The first image appears to show a TPMS sensor refresh complete dialog, overlaid by the Software Version 11.0 text. That doesn’t change anything about what happened to you, just an observation.
  28. EVRider-FL

    2022-16-1-2 software

    You can view the release notes for this build and others here: 2022.16.1.2 Official Tesla Release Notes - Software Updates Note that the new features listed there were introduced with earlier builds, 2022.16.1.2 is only bug fixes.
  29. EVRider-FL

    Water Leak [ingress during car wash]

    We’ve taken both our Model 3 and Model S to automatic car washes many times and never had a leak. Definitely not normal.
  30. EVRider-FL

    "What's new" link in navigation bar going away soon - here is how to keep it

    Using the same filters I was using in What’s New/New Posts, the New feed is only showing me threads that I’ve posted in. Is that expected behavior? I think the filters are watched forums, watched threads, and unread content.
  31. EVRider-FL

    "What's new" link in navigation bar going away soon - here is how to keep it

    I tried the New feed when you first rolled it out, but one difference I noticed from the What’s New feed is that New didn’t indicate which posts haven’t been updated since my previous visit, so I continued to use What’s New (New Posts). Has that changed?
  32. EVRider-FL

    Battery Drain

    Do you have Sentry Mode enabled when you park? That loses 1-2 miles of range per hour.
  33. EVRider-FL

    Safety score update

    Do you also have Tesla insurance? I assume you would keep the safety score in that case.
  34. EVRider-FL

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    I checked the Software screen twice today in my wife's Model 3, and both times it checked for updates and showed the current time. Version 2022.12.3.16, Software setting is Advanced. I don't know if this is relevant, but a few days ago I enrolled in the FSD Beta queue. Maybe that changes the...
  35. EVRider-FL

    Safety score says forward collision warnings when none ever occurred

    I checked my FCW setting, and it was actually set to Late, so I changed it to Medium. Today's drive (only 4 miles) didn't have any FCW's, just a little hard braking (don't know where). Safety score is now 71 overall, 98 for today.
  36. EVRider-FL


    Not quite. The dashcam is on whenever the car is on (not just driving), but uses very little energy so that's not a concern. When Sentry Mode is active, energy usage is much higher, but it's not the dashcam itself using that energy, it's the AP computer analyzing what the camera sees looking for...
  37. EVRider-FL

    Safety score says forward collision warnings when none ever occurred

    I re-enrolled my wife’s Model 3 in the FSD Beta queue a couple of days ago. The safety score for the first day of driving showed multiple forward collision warnings, but there were no actual warnings (or anything close) and the FCW setting is medium. Got dinged for hard braking even though I...
  38. EVRider-FL

    Full screen browser is dead after 2022.16

    Try a reboot if you didn’t already.
  39. EVRider-FL

    Why does TACC remain active after FSD steering wheel disengagement ?(which is not safe IMHO)

    What consequences? You don't have to brake hard, a light tap will do it. The only consequence is that your brake light might come on for a fraction of second.
  40. EVRider-FL

    Getting Google maps to show nav points and zoom like my binacle

    The +/- buttons are still there, you just need to tap the map screen to display them.
  41. EVRider-FL

    Why does TACC remain active after FSD steering wheel disengagement ?(which is not safe IMHO)

    With regular AP/FSD you can just tap on the brake to disengage everything. Is FSD Beta different?
  42. EVRider-FL

    Regenerative Braking Option after 2022.16.1

    I don’t see it in the release notes for my 2018 Model S or 2018 Model 3.
  43. EVRider-FL

    Stuck with 2021.24.28

    Tesla doesn’t have to make FSD Beta available on all hardware configurations that support the FSD capability. However, when FSD Beta becomes the production version, I think they’ll need to provide all the necessary hardware upgrades, including MCU2 if required.
  44. EVRider-FL

    Regenerative Braking Option after 2022.16.1

    It's only available in certain car configurations. If the release notes in your car didn't mention the feature, it's not applicable to you.
  45. EVRider-FL

    Autopilot Takes Curves Dangerously?

    For me, AP does a good job of staying in the lane in curves unless I'm going too fast. On the highway, the car will slow down automatically for curves that it knows about.
  46. EVRider-FL

    Regenerative braking setting in V. 2022.16.1.1

    Maybe it’s only for older 3/Y’s, but I don’t know. In any case, since the release notes in your car didn’t include that item, you’re not missing something you’re supposed to have.
  47. EVRider-FL

    How to connect to a Wi-Fi network without Internet?

    Make sure the “remain connected in drive” option is enabled for the WiFi network.
  48. EVRider-FL

    Regenerative braking setting in V. 2022.16.1.1

    You shouldn’t see the release note in your car if it doesn’t apply to your configuration. Try rebooting. Also, you might need to be in park to change the setting, but I’m not sure about that.

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