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  1. AmpedUP

    Tesla SC confirmed Tyco road, Tyson's corner

    Working on Sunday...'looks like this contractor has a mandate to finish soon!
  2. AmpedUP

    Vendor New Tesla Keyed and Vandalized

    There is a strong culture of envy happening in SF. Long time residents feel they are being pushed out of their neighborhoods by young tech company workers who are driving up housing prices along with everything else. I have friends in SF who post on Facebook at least once a week regarding what...
  3. AmpedUP

    Would like next gen seats in S85

    I would think that maintaining an entirely separate line of seating that has been disliked from the beginning is not in Tesla's plans. If I were them, I'd make the new seats standard as soon as possible.
  4. AmpedUP

    2015 Looks to be the Year of the East Coast Superchargers !! Finally !!

    I'm so pleased with these developments. I was just about to write to Tesla and explain carefully that the East Coast of the U.S. is well populated even well away from the coast because it's not desert...and that super chargers far inland would not go to waste!
  5. AmpedUP

    I've been a stalker for over a year...now I am an owner as well

    Curt, you sound like me...except my trade in will be a 2004 Chrysler Sebring ! Hopefully, the Chrysler will cover the sales tax!
  6. AmpedUP

    Snow tires in DC: Yay or nay?

    chickensevil...I totally agree that the limiting factor in bad conditions is the idiot drivers around us...mostly because they have some AWD vehicle and want to prove something to everyone. A couple of years ago I almost got side swiped by a Mercedes AWD driver that got tired of being in a line...
  7. AmpedUP

    Superchargers in VA

    There were so many SCs on that map that I thought it was a joke at first ! Dreaming of picking up my 85D in Tysons and driving to the Shenandoah for the day.
  8. AmpedUP

    "Soccer moms" and other outdated idioms

    Canuck, he was not saying this literally in any sense at all. It wasn't even a try at humor...it was simple use of an idiomatic expression. E.G. "I was working really hard today, nose to the grindstone."
  9. AmpedUP

    My 2 day old P85D suddenly died in the middle of an intersection

    This is a most distressing thread for me. I'm thinking this is the contactor in the main pack dying. Yes, the jury is out, but this is almost always what is involved in incidents like this. Every time I hear of this issue, I note the age of the car involved, and re-calculate my notion of the...
  10. AmpedUP

    Who gave up buying P85D because of the smaller frunk?

    My only concern about the smaller frunk is that it ends all possible talk of storing a spare tire.
  11. AmpedUP

    Tesla SC confirmed Tyco road, Tyson's corner

    Kevin, you were asking if the service center can be seen from the Metro. Indeed, it can. Here is a photo of the area taken at the Spring Hill station from inside the train. The service center can be seen immediately to the right of the crane.
  12. AmpedUP

    Superchargers in VA

    I much favor Staunton over Lexington. If the SC is at Lexington, folks from the D.C. area dropping off kids at JMU, UVA, Bridgewater, and Mary Baldwin will waste a bunch of miles going further South to Lexington and then back tracking again. Staunton is also convenient to those sight seeing in...
  13. AmpedUP

    Driving in the future, imagine lots of Tesla-like cars

    I think the number of quickly accelerating EVs on the road will continue a trend that has been going on for years. At 50, I find myself becoming more and more defensive when driving, and I don't think it's because my reaction times or eyesight were that much better 25 years ago. In the U.S...
  14. AmpedUP

    Battery swap enabled!! (In beta, per Elon's tweet)

    As a futurist, I'm glad to embrace a company that can finally surprise me, year in and year out. Wow....I mean, WOW!
  15. AmpedUP

    Got a nice surprise picking up my P85D tonight

    +1 randomnpersonx @Volt ....I agree with the above...you can now answer the burning question...do the seats fold flat !!??
  16. AmpedUP

    I need some help. Within every 30 minutes (or so) I get logged out. How to fix that?

    Permitted log in time with no activity can easily be adjusted on the admin side of things. I haven't timed it exactly, but it seems to be set to 15 minutes or so. This is a really short permitted login time with no activity...something usually only seen on banking sites. As a comparison...
  17. AmpedUP

    BMW touting a P85D killer?

    It can't be a "Tesla Killer" if it has an engine.
  18. AmpedUP

    Pulled over driving Model S

    If he pulled you over for speeding, he should have given you a ticket and sent you on your way. If he pulled you over to entertain himself, he abused his power and should be fired.
  19. AmpedUP

    Heat Driver's side only to save energy?

    I was asking similar questions in Summer with regard to air conditioning. The overall response was that the energy required to propel the car forward so far outweighs other considerations as to make them not worth considering. Increase in range is obtained with slower travel speeds...and this...
  20. AmpedUP

    How It's Made - Dream Cars: Tesla Model S

    Two things stood out to me...first, the techs attaching the doors did not appear to have any gap gauges available to them at all...same with those attaching the hood. Also, when they assembled the drive unit, there didn't appear to be any lubrication applied to the gearing. Some of the...
  21. AmpedUP

    Out of warranty concerns about Tesla

    This is a fascinating thread for someone like me, who has cancelled one order because of concerns about drive unit failures, and is still waiting on the sidelines in spite of my fanatical love of the MS and Tesla. I want to order again next year, but might wait a bit longer to see what happens...
  22. AmpedUP

    Tesla moments

    'Planning to buy next year, but have been haunting this forum for a long time...and would even if I couldn't buy.
  23. AmpedUP

    Vendor You asked and we made it - Triple Chrome Nosecone Grill "NCG"

    I will definitely be looking into this when I get my S. From your link, my favorite combination is the silver nose cone with a white car.
  24. AmpedUP

    Drove a brand new loaner!!! (I didn't like driver assist)

    Woof...I think you nailed it.
  25. AmpedUP

    Disappointed by Poor Interior Quality

    I've always felt the interior was beautiful. It reflects a style that is truly modern in a "form follows function" way. Unfortunately, it's not a style that appeals to the masses...the vast majority of whom would be miserable in a Frank Lloyd Wright home. I hope Tesla resists the temptation...
  26. AmpedUP

    P85D sighting / test drives

    I test drove an S85 today. In talking to the Tesla representative, he noted that it's looking as though more pre-qualification of customers will probably be necessary for P85D test drives. The analysis is that 0-60 in 3.2 is going to attract more than a few young guns who have no ability to...
  27. AmpedUP

    To "D" or not to "D"

    I'm interested in the non-performance "D" because of lingering concern about drive unit issues. The S85D drive units will be minimally stressed as compared to all other Model S configurations. I keep cars for a long,long time...and post-warranty reliability is a big consideration.
  28. AmpedUP

    Are the "old" rules for car valuation gone now that exponential technology is here?

    I have been marveling lately at the upset caused by the introduction of the "D" Model S. Suddenly, it seems as though many owners who were perfectly happy with their cars a month ago want to get rid of them immediately. In puzzling over this situation, I am thinking that the rules associated...
  29. AmpedUP

    Happiness guarantee

    As someone who drives less than 10,000 miles a year, this lease seems like a good fit. A great way to be "future proof" as well. If I'm in a lease, I'll see new enhancements as merely a reward less than 3 years away.
  30. AmpedUP

    Is anyone else planning around the Tesla III release?

    My plan is simple...wait for the Mod III to be unveiled...if I like the styling more than the Model S, I'll get a Mod III...if I don't like the styling, I'll choose a used Model S from the flood of trade ins that will soon be hitting the market.
  31. AmpedUP

    "Down" with the zipper merge?

    Early merging before a travel lane is lost creates multiple instances of merging, which will always be superior to a single choke point with a single merge. Ever hear of parallel processing? 'Same thing here. In fact, if there was enough cooperation at merges, they could theoretically...
  32. AmpedUP

    "Down" with the zipper merge?

    30 years ago, merges like this weren't much of a problem. Now, they are an enormous headache. My observation is that American society has changed, and is now dominated by drivers that are unbelievably selfish...and the worst offenders are the ones merging at the last second after forcing their...
  33. AmpedUP

    Anderman predicts Model 3 will cost between $50k-$80k, far above Tesla estimated $35k

    I think that with the introduction of the Model III , big changes to the Model S will also be introduced as a means of differentiating the two all the more. Luxury appointments that many have complained are lacking in the Model S of today will be introduced, all while keeping the price the same...
  34. AmpedUP

    Mesh grille

    What was removed? If the advertisement was for a replacement grille, can anything about be posted?
  35. AmpedUP

    New Grey for Model S

    I was wondering when someone was going to figure out what was changed on the site after it was down overnight last week.
  36. AmpedUP

    Drive Unit Problem / Fixes

    MTOman....I'm pleased to hear you describe this drive unit replacement as seeming better than new. I don't think I've read a similar description from others after a drive unit replacement. Perhaps you are one of the first to receive a unit with a new design? If so, the timing couldn't be...
  37. AmpedUP

    Pennsylvania couple name daughter Tesla.

    'Wondering how many boys named Elon will be born in the next few years...
  38. AmpedUP

    Frunk subwoofer install?

    Typically, subwoofers have their own amp, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary. (This would be a point of argument amongst audio professionals) I agree with green1...put the subwoofer in the same spot the factory does...but have a professional do it.
  39. AmpedUP

    Why more superchargers alone can't prevent overcrowding

    Skimming through responses, I didn't see mention of Tesla freeing up patents. This is a HUGE consideration that needs to put into this discussion. As others have noted, charging stations are not the same as fuel stations. Users of charging stations, particularly those driving long range...
  40. AmpedUP

    Frunk subwoofer install?

    The crossover point for a proper subwoofer is very low, at 150 hertz or lower. At those frequencies, the sound should be completely omnidirectional, and fairly equal in volume throughout the space. Thus, it shouldn't be a problem to put it near the rear facing seats, as green1 suggests...
  41. AmpedUP

    Tesla, your air conditioning is awesome!

    David99...'sounds like your experience shows great efficiency. Question for those who have been caught in serious, hours-long, creeping along traffic jams...do you end up turning off the AC, or not? Certainly the drive train is great in such stop and go situations...but if it's 100 F out, does...
  42. AmpedUP

    Are you with Musk or Hawking on AI

    Yes, Musk spoke about concerns with AI in an interview several months ago. I recall the interviewer asking him if he had any last thoughts regarding the future...he replied, "I hope the AI likes us."
  43. AmpedUP

    Tesla SC confirmed Tyco road, Tyson's corner

    Excellent location. When the Metro Silver Line finally opens in 2027, I'll be able to drop the car off for service and take the train back to Reston.
  44. AmpedUP

    Tesla of lawn mowers? Meet Cub Cadet's RZT S 42

    Just found the following...the true Tesla of lawn mowers: Just a guy mowing a huge lawn, emission free with his Tesla Model S | Electrek
  45. AmpedUP

    Tesla of lawn mowers? Meet Cub Cadet's RZT S 42

    I tried in vain to purchase a battery-electric mower last year. After going through 2 Black and Decker and 1 from another manufacturer that were all DOA, I gave up. Perhaps I'll try again this year. - - - Updated - - - oh, I remember now that the other one that was DOA was a Worx mower.
  46. AmpedUP

    Saleen announces their version of a Model S

    Ok, based on the rendering, what does the FRONT look like? 'Very curious to see if they have altered the nose cone.
  47. AmpedUP

    Land Rover unveils disappearing hood!

    Devilishly clever.
  48. AmpedUP

    Some questions about purchasing and keeping MS

    To me, it's a slam dunk that the Model S can last decades. I've always been one to hang on to a car for as long as possible. Inevitably with an ICE car, the reason I end up throwing in the towel after 10-15 years is because of either a transmission failure or an engine that is starting to...
  49. AmpedUP

    VW decides against active-cooling system for e-Golf lithium battery

    'just love to see the competition still not getting even close. At the rate things are going, the Model E /gen III will finally be produced and STILL won't have any real competition.

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