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  1. WhiteMountains

    Service appoint issues?? Multiple reschedules...

    I just had a service appointment in the Boston area (went great) and a day or two later received an email survey asking how it went, so that would be Tesla’s feedback mechanism.
  2. WhiteMountains

    Service appoint issues?? Multiple reschedules...

    Interesting that the same person "disliked" the posts about Boston and Austin. Does this person have experience with both? Or are they just going through the forum and "liking" every negative post and "disliking" every positive post? A quick scan through their activities reveals the latter...
  3. WhiteMountains

    Got a call for delivery

    My spouse got a text yesterday asking him to fill out the online form, specify "cash" for now knowing that it can be changed later, and wait for a VIN. Blue exterior/black interior, 5 seat, 19" wheels, AWD, long range, no FSD. Just ordered in January. EDIT: This is not yet for delivery, just...
  4. WhiteMountains

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    It really bothers me when people accuse others of lying rather than acknowledging the far more likely prospect that they are either just misinformed or guessing at details. I would not expect a repair/appointment person to be as informed on the business workings of their company as those of us...
  5. WhiteMountains

    Model 3 HW3 retrofits in New England?

    Did my upgrade yesterday morning. Got one of the first appointments of the day and it took just over 2 hours. The only issues were that the preview menu option was grayed out due to being in an unsupported region (this disappeared after a couple of minutes and the customer service guy said...
  6. WhiteMountains

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Yes, all Teslas being manufactured come with HW3 automatically except for a few in China.
  7. WhiteMountains

    Model 3 HW3 retrofits in New England?

    I have an appointment for Friday for just the FSD upgrade. My 3 is VIN 22xxx, June 2018 delivery. So far, I have not heard back from them, I just made the appointment last week on the phone app. The app does say that prep is done and they are working on the cost estimate (which won't be...
  8. WhiteMountains

    Want To Buy One Model 3 Rim- New Hampshire

    Sorry, I just realized that you were talking about rims instead of covers. I kept reading “rim” but was visualizing a cover instead.
  9. WhiteMountains

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    It looks like everyone who has received the email ordered LR AWD, black interior, 5-seat, and Full Self-Driving. These seem to be filled regardless of location or date of reservation. My guess would be that non-FSD orders would be next. There are likely many more of them, so those may go in...
  10. WhiteMountains

    Want To Buy One Model 3 Rim- New Hampshire

    I also have an extra 4 aero covers because when I ordered the 18 inch winter tires, they came with covers, so now I have 2 sets.
  11. WhiteMountains

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    After reading these posts and seeing mk6tes' post above, decided to go ahead and schedule mine for the upgrade. Currently scheduled for Friday of next week, also at Watertown. We will see what happens. See sig for specs. Bought FSD during the clearance sale last year.
  12. WhiteMountains

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    MA has 2 service centers - Dedham and Watertown. I went to Watertown to get my winter tires installed. I'm conflicted. It seems wrong to set up an appointment for the upgrade when they have not contacted us yet. It seems like it is just creating more work that will bog down the SCs, likely...
  13. WhiteMountains

    Ho Ho Ho, no reindeers?

    The music stops playing as soon as you use the turn signal, if it is too loud for you.
  14. WhiteMountains

    How do you unlock the car without open your phone when walk up to your car?

    I used to have this problem on my Android, but then I took the steps that trace specified above and that resolved the issue. Door opens instantly ever since without having to touch the phone except it occasionally forces me to use the card key instead for some unknown reason.
  15. WhiteMountains

    Orleans Cape Cod Supercharger

    I didn’t get a good picture of the top of the platform, but it is just a solid, level surface. Also, there appeared to be posts for 8 charging stations.
  16. WhiteMountains

    Orleans Cape Cod Supercharger

    Pics from this morning. The platform is new. I have not seen one of those at a supercharger before.
  17. WhiteMountains

    Orleans Cape Cod Supercharger

    I stopped by at noon on my way to PTown. There were a couple of guys there digging up more ground.
  18. WhiteMountains

    Blog Tesla Says a Fix for Insurance is Weeks Away

    I know that this article is actually about insurance, but I would love to know the story behind the photo. Was that photoshopped?
  19. WhiteMountains

    Options you like to see on the Model 3 in the future (discontinued and never offered)?

    Battery swap. Be able to set a time and have the cabin warm and the battery warm and charged at that time.
  20. WhiteMountains

    State Inspection in NH

    Why would they need to put the car on a lift?
  21. WhiteMountains

    If you didn't order EAP at $5K, would you buy AP+FSD for $5K now?

    My commute is too easy and I don’t drive enough long trips to justify 5k for EAP, but for 2k I will be getting it. The features currently in fsd are not enough to justify the extra 3k, but I will consider it for the eventual future features. I will take a few months to save up the 2k and risk...
  22. WhiteMountains

    No audio bug in Model 3

    My M3 is from June. The no audio bug started happening after a software update sometime late last year. It would happen about 1/3 of the time. The frequency of it occurring went down significantly after another update in January, but it still happens perhaps once or twice a week. The car...
  23. WhiteMountains

    Poll: Model 3 Phone Key Failure Rate

    I used to have a high failure rate with my Samsung S9 (Android). However, I made some settings changes as suggested here, and it has been working "perfectly" for a couple of months now. I say "perfectly", but sometimes it does not automatically unlock the doors and I have to take out my phone...
  24. WhiteMountains

    Set Charge Limit

    When I got my car, the service person recommended 80% based on my limited daily commute, so that is what I have been using. The rules seem to be: the closer to 50%, the better on average, but there is very little statistical difference when you get below 70-80%. Setting it above 90% will...
  25. WhiteMountains

    POLL: North-up or Heading-up

    I use north up. It is easy to figure out what to for turning directions, but I really want a sense that I am driving in the right direction and the nav isnt sending me to the wrong place. I really don’t want to risk driving for an hour in the wrong direction before discovering this. Correct...
  26. WhiteMountains

    Android users: phone-as-key FIX

    I was having a lot of problems with the phone-as-key not working (Samsung Galaxy S9). I finally managed to get the "not optimized" option set and also, I have left the app always running on my phone. Since then it very rarely has an issue and those times I can just bring up the app and wait...
  27. WhiteMountains

    Surprises for a New Owner

    Another surprise is that the car can roll backwards when in Drive if the "hold" function is not active. Be careful to ensure that "hold" is active when stopped, especially on a hill. Just push down a little more on the brake to engage. edit: one other tip: turn off the automatic windshield...
  28. WhiteMountains

    Conventional cruise control?

    FYI, you activate the regular cruise control by pulling down on the right stalk just like you would to put it in drive. When I was trying to figure this out, I didn't see anything in the manual and had to experiment. The manual may have been updated since then.
  29. WhiteMountains

    Model 3 Software Updates

    I'm still on 21.9 and haven't seen any upgrade notices. It seems like everyone posting is in the 30's or at least upper 20's. Should I be looking into that, or are a lot of people still in the low 20's?
  30. WhiteMountains

    Auto windshield wipers first experience in Oregon - they suck!

    I don't find the auto wipers to be very useful in their current software (21.9). They seem to do OK with large droplets, but are way too slow with small droplets, even when it is pouring rain. My windshield will be completely covered over and then, a moment or two later, the wipers will decide...
  31. WhiteMountains

    National Drive Electric Week - New London NH

    Had a great time in New London. Decided to go at the last minute, so did not register in advance. Got there about half way through the event, but my 3 was treated like a rock star as soon as I pulled onto the driveway/road. Gave several rides and test drives. Lots of EVs there - such a broad...
  32. WhiteMountains

    Won't Shift in to Reverse or Drive

    This happened to me last Saturday for the first time (hopefully only!). No problem using phone to unlock and start up, but would not shift. After trying both drive and reverse for about a minute, it finally let me shift and it has been fine since. I have had my car since early June. There...
  33. WhiteMountains

    Do you display range (M/KM) or battery percentage?

    For daily driving, it doesn’t matter. I use percentage because I saw a lot of posts here about people seeing the range change while they were driving and becoming alarmed about something that is just an estimate based on previous driving. Mostly I do slow drives to work, so my range is...
  34. WhiteMountains

    Galaxy S8 Settings - Bluetooth Key

    My phone had stopped working with my M3 most likely because I had changed some settings. I have an S9 (Android). I looked into it the other day and in the Android settings app, there is a place where it lists all apps and the settings associated with them. I selected the Tesla app and there...
  35. WhiteMountains

    NH State Inspection

    My last car was a Nissan and I was used to going to the Nissan dealership in Nashua for inspections, so I just took my Tesla there. They have the Nissan Leaf, so Nissan dealerships are used to electric cars. They were super great about it - everyone wanted to see the Model 3 for themselves...
  36. WhiteMountains

    Phone as Key Issues

    I have an Android phone (Galaxy S9) which used to work most of the time, but has only worked once or twice in the last couple of weeks. Not sure why, but am now in the habit of just using the card all the time, which isn't bad, just not as super convenient as the phone. When using the card...
  37. WhiteMountains

    Aero Wheel Covers - Do They Add Range?

    How the aeros look depends a lot on the color of the car. They look fine on the red cars. I had considered taking the covers off before I took delivery, but once I saw it in person, they look fine. I do agree that they are not the most attractive against certain other colors.
  38. WhiteMountains

    Model 3 "Broken Into"

    I have an android phone and have had my M3 for a month. I have seen it require the card to unlock, but not to shift out of park; I have seen it use the phone to unlock, but then require the card to shift out of park. The android support is definitely buggy. The phone seems to work maybe half...
  39. WhiteMountains

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Tesla NY. I just took my car for inspection to the Nissan dealership that I had been taking my previous car to. They sell electric cars and are familiar with the process. They even had someone who had done a Tesla before and knew how to operate it. I was prepared to have to show them how to...
  40. WhiteMountains

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Definitely a mistake. I live in NH and picked up in NY last month. There was no MA paperwork, just the NY tax exemption form.
  41. WhiteMountains

    Mansfield MA Supercharger

    It is now on the “find us” map on the Tesla web site, but when you click, it pulls up the info for del Ray, Florida. Not sure how to contact them to fix it.
  42. WhiteMountains

    Where to see a real live Model 3 in Massachusetts

    Durham is a bit far, but we could do a meetup in Manchester. Other reservationists may be interested. Best times for me would be mid morning Saturday or Sunday.
  43. WhiteMountains

    Where to see a real live Model 3 in Massachusetts

    Where in NH are you?
  44. WhiteMountains

    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    I have 1054 miles and I’m getting 209 wh/mi. Mostly a half hour commute on slow roads, but a couple of longer highway trips in there. 18/aero. I keep the ac on, but the temps have been great outside. I try to keep to within 5 mph of the speed limit. One big difference from my previous cars...
  45. WhiteMountains

    Known working voice commands?

    "cancel navigation" also works.
  46. WhiteMountains

    Did Everyone Who Made A Reservation On Day 1 Get A Model Car?

    My car did not have the miniature car, but I emailed the delivery center after I got home and they said that they will FedEx it to me.
  47. WhiteMountains

    Amazing Car, Amazing Delivery, Amazing Experience

    I had a great delivery experience and have had zero issues with the car so far (took delivery yesterday). It took 8 weeks from config to delivery, rather tan 4-6, and that seems typical for the east coast. Not a big deal and well worth the wait.
  48. WhiteMountains

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Finally got my car ("Ares") yesterday!!! It is AMAZING. Four hour drive home to southern NH and it went by too fast. Still settling in and figuring out some nuances. First song played: Magic Carpet Ride by Mighty Dub Katz.
  49. WhiteMountains

    New batch of invites 4/10

    Finally got my M3 yesterday! Amazing car. It was a four hour drive home and it still had a 46% battery charge. Very smooth ride, no wind noise. So much fun to drive, it felt like a much shorter trip.
  50. WhiteMountains

    East Coast Model 3 Delivery Delays (or just me)

    Colinrego, my understanding is that there is a “hub” in Alabama that all cars going to the east coast stop at. That is probably what they are referring to. Jtpassat, interesting that you took delivery on the day that the car arrived. I am scheduled to take delivery on Thursday, but the car...

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