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  1. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    Sugarberry Inn - i've stayed there several times. Very nice rooms, very nice owner/staff, great location, and so far i've never had to compete for the one destination charger.
  2. gbrgbr

    Anybody with a really good experience?

    My experience with purchasing 2 models 3's has been absolutely great. I also have no complaints about tesla service. it's iMHO so much better than working with ICE dealers even though the nearest service center is over 100 miles away. Non of the people i know personally have ever complained to...
  3. gbrgbr

    How is Tesla Customer Service nowadays (2020)?

    2 models 3's for over 2 years. i have had nothing but excellent experiences with Tesla service. Far better in my opinion than service for legacy cars since there are no dealers and you work directly with Tesla. FWIW I'm over 70 and have owned many cars. The experience of owning a Tesla is the...
  4. gbrgbr

    Why is the auto parking so bad? 8 Years later.

    tesla autopark has always worked fine for me. it's a bit slow - i want it that way for plenty of time to abort if anything goes wrong although it never has. I've used it fairly often for 2 years.
  5. gbrgbr

    Everyone notices panel gaps.....

    I own 2 models 3's including one very early one. I have friends with Teslas. There are a number that park next to me at work and I notice when I see a Tesla in a parking lot any where. I have never once noticed a panel gap.
  6. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    Permit issued per supercharge info. not in Texas per se but a really big deal for almost any Texan traveling to Colorado.
  7. gbrgbr

    Problems with "early" M3 production cars??

    VIN 32,xxx. 20,000 miles. Not one problem.
  8. gbrgbr

    Service center distance?

    We have 2 model 3s (for 22 and 11 months) and live 100 miles from the nearest SC. my few experiences with the SC have been great. the last time there (for HW3 update to early M3) I was given a model S loaner even though I didn't ask for it. FWIW I really didn't like it - too big - couldn't wait...
  9. gbrgbr

    Am I the only one with a (nearly) flawless overall experience??

    my 2 model 3's have been perfect (~35000 miles total) from delivery. great fit/finish. no issues with paint or rattles or wind noise. I've only had very minor issues requiring visits to the SC and those have gone great (hw3 upgrade and replacement tires).
  10. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Katy, TX

    the buccee's business model is to get customers out fast, hence although they sell lots of food there are no tables or chairs - get your food and leave. they think in terms of ev's requiring half an hour or more to charge and they don't want you in their store that long.
  11. gbrgbr

    Driver's seat thigh support too high.

    different strokes for..... I really like the m3 seats and have driven almost 35000 miles in mine. better than the other cars I've owned. I have a history of 2 back surgeries but my back likes the m3 seats. obviously there is something about every car (or every thing) that a minority of people...
  12. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Lafayette, LA

    charged today. the in car navigation was still showing it as not operating. v3 is nice.
  13. gbrgbr

    Fort Worth to Fredericksburg

    Sugarberry Inn in Fredericksburg has a destination charger. Nice place, Nice people. great location (walking distance from Otto's). not however the cheapest place in town.
  14. gbrgbr

    Service Center Suggestion - Tires issue

    I needed a tire replacement in December. I called the nearest service center, they answered the phone promptly, and quoted me the price. they stated that I did not need an appointment. I drove over, they changed the tire while I waited. it took about 30 minutes. they were entirely pleasant and...
  15. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - South Padre Island, TX

    ok. I stand corrected. I guess I've never seen an urban charger. they look different and work slowly.
  16. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - South Padre Island, TX

    I used it 2 weeks ago today. slightly difficult to find but no big deal. the real issue is that the 3 chargers are version 1 and very slow. pearl/sapphire next door have 5 destination chargers.
  17. gbrgbr

    Tesla model Y will kill the crossover competition

    reeler I entirely disagree with everything you said. imho tesla make the greatest automobile products on the market. I don't want a heated steering wheel. I never even use heated seats (yes i've lived in cold climes), I've had in other cars but don't want sat radio or a motorized trunk lid or...
  18. gbrgbr

    Navigation Directions has to Compete with Music/Radio Audio

    this is one of my favorite m3 features. I love that my music or audiobook is not paused or muted for nav instruction. since volume can be adjusted independently the relative volume can be whatever you like
  19. gbrgbr

    How are the 3D MAXpider floor mats holding up?

    maxpiders in 2 models 3's, oldest 18 months, newest 6 months. the they look like new in both cars. no complaints.
  20. gbrgbr

    Post Something You Love About Your Tesla!

    No dealers!
  21. gbrgbr

    Model 3 Keyfob updated on Tesla shop to include passive entry

    I get the door opening and locking as you walk and walk away but what I really want to know is... if you are in the car for awhile with the fob (and no phone) does it stop the car from asking you to tap a keycard in order to put it into "gear" and drive?
  22. gbrgbr

    Unpopular Opinion: The 3 is a $30k car and was built as such

    I have 2 models 3's, an early production rwd and a more recent awd it is superior in build quality to the Hondas, Acuras, and BMWs i've owned very quiet, almost no cabin noise both came with homelink although paying a few hundred for it wouldn't have been noticeable to me autosteering and TACC...
  23. gbrgbr

    Anyone get autopark to work?

    I have 2 model 3's and have been using autopark regularly and frequently for 18 months. it has always worked perfectly. also, although I understand the desire to park away from other cars but if you do what do you need autopark for? anyone should be able to park a car easily in an empty part of...
  24. gbrgbr

    When you engage AP (not NOAP), what do you normally do to stop the nagging to hold the steering?

    if you do anything to a mechanical control about every 30 seconds, you will not get the nag. this includes change volume, change track, pause audio, change cruise speed, change cruise distance, voice command, and turn signal. I suspect pushing the wiper button or flashing the lights will do it...
  25. gbrgbr

    Will insurance replace instead of repair the rear bumper cover?

    didn't know that. the body shop I used painted mine. fwiw - it looks great.
  26. gbrgbr

    Will insurance replace instead of repair the rear bumper cover?

    my bumper cover was replaced. paid for entirely by insurance. great job and great customer service from the closest tesla certified body shop and my insurance company. note that the new bumper covers come unpainted.
  27. gbrgbr

    Self-referral supercharging miles?

    I bought a m3 last summer. in may I bought a 2nd one using my own referral code. I was credited with 10,000 free supercharger miles. unfortunately they expire after 6 months. i'll probably be able to use 5000 of them before they go away.
  28. gbrgbr

    Does anyone have the Evannex cup holder insert?

    the evannex cup holder I have fits very well and is worth having, ie better than nothing. however I am very disappointed in it because the tabs to hold the beverage container are very soft. if I place a full/just opened 12oz soda can in it, even moderate cornering will topple the can over enough...
  29. gbrgbr

    rather push a BMW than drive a Tesla

    my bmw was the only lemon car i've ever owned. traded it in after only 65000 miles when even the bmw dealer couldn't make it reliable. the build quality was awful even when new.
  30. gbrgbr

    San Diego - Looking for a shop or an installer to reduce Model 3 noise

    my 2 model 3s are very quiet. just a counterpoint to this thread.
  31. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Beaumont, Texas

    I can't agree. Winnie would be closer to half way between Channelview and Lake Charles and would be useful for trips to/from Bolivar. Also I think Parkdale mall would be a terrible location, too far from the interstate through often slow traffic.
  32. gbrgbr

    Consumer Reports Model 3 reliability rating: reliable?

    I have 2 model 3's. I love the service which has been excellent. build quality is great and at least as good (often better) as the hondas and bmws i've owned. they're more fun to drive than a Porsche 911 and have dozens of minor features that make them pure joy to own. add me to the chorus of...
  33. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Beaumont, Texas

    IMHO the supercharger would be far more useful in Winnie than in Beaumont
  34. gbrgbr

    More service layoffs. Sigh.

    autopilot doesn't have to be 100% perfect and never will be. what it needs to be is as good as the average human. 99.9% accurate would probably be better driving than that done by the humans where I live.
  35. gbrgbr

    how to bail out of voice command mode

    pressing the button again definitely doesn't work (2 different m3's). voice "cancel" doesn't work. i'll try swipe down just in case I haven't already tried it.
  36. gbrgbr

    how to bail out of voice command mode

    second bump doesn't cancel, just restarts it anyone?
  37. gbrgbr

    how to bail out of voice command mode

    you accidently activate voice command while using the right scroll control. is there any way to immediately get out of voice command other than waiting however many seconds it takes to time out?
  38. gbrgbr

    Used LR Early Build Worth It?

    june 2018, m3 rwd lr, 32XXX was flawless in everyway, still is! every bit as good as its baby brother, april 2019 204xxx
  39. gbrgbr

    Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD - 4x4 test on rollers

    the poll should have offered the option of "both"
  40. gbrgbr

    Key FOB Summon Not Working for Anyone Else?

    I don't get all this fob negativity. we use fobs with our 2 m3's since we don't use a phone for unlocking. the fob works perfectly for me (lock/unlock/frunk/trunk) ALTHOUGH I don't ever use summon. for me it is well worth the price many times over.
  41. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    thanks for the photos. this is the one sc I most look forward to having available.
  42. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Idaho Springs, CO

    it would be great fun to charge in Idaho springs, drive up the mt. evans road, then regen all the way down.
  43. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    >seems like a lot of charging for that route I expect there will be a great deal of traffic at that site. although not an interstate it should have been. anyone from Houston or Dallas or Louisiana going to Albuquerque or Santa Fe or anywhere in Colorado. It's a lot of folks.
  44. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    whoo hoo, thanks for the pictures.
  45. gbrgbr

    USB cables no longer included

    I got the usb cables with my new m3 6 days ago.
  46. gbrgbr

    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    i'd love to see it built. Henrietta/Wichita Falls doesn't matter. would make Houston-Santa Fe and Houston-Colorado much easier.
  47. gbrgbr

    Hydroplane and lifting off the accelerator

    it rains frequently and heavily where I live. when driving in heavy rain I switch to a profile called "RAIN." it's the same as my nor al profile except decreased regen and chill mode.
  48. gbrgbr

    What did you name your Tesla?

    my new m3 (2 days) is Donn3r (it's garage mate m3 is Blitz3n)
  49. gbrgbr

    NEMA 14-50 adapter not included anymore

    just noticed this thread. FWIW I picked up my latest new m3 2 days ago a 14-50 plug and J1772 adapter were included.

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