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  1. Kruegmeister

    2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo Gets EPA Range Rating Of Just 201 Miles

    Didn't see you in the thread about the Latest Holiday FW Update "Your Tesla can Now Read Your Text" Better Late than Never, Also some additional Voice Commands added. See Electrek Article https://ww.electrek.co/2019/12/23/tesla-massive-new-update-text-message-reading-autopilot/
  2. Kruegmeister

    Need advice. Bought new S, probs and can't even get Tesla to talk on the phone

    People can put anything they want in their Signature. I like some of these guys claiming to be on the 3rd P.O.S. Tesla, if they're that bad then why did you buy a 3rd? ahhhh the internet... like shaping your political views on Facebook...
  3. Kruegmeister

    2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo Gets EPA Range Rating Of Just 201 Miles

    There is NO delay, ever. Question this Delay claim on MCU2... works perfect 100% of the time, Note 8 Android. It did not train me, just understands that if I say Call Karen & I only have 1 Karen it figures it out, something my 2014 Corvette couldn't even get close to, in fact my 2014 Corvettes...
  4. Kruegmeister

    2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo Gets EPA Range Rating Of Just 201 Miles

    To me Android Auto & Apple Car Play are useless if I have to Tether. There should be a dimmed down Bluetooth version. Plus I don't need it when I have Nav on the Main Screen & Call integration is stellar with the Voice Commands. Just need better text integration, come on Tesla! Range of 200 is...
  5. Kruegmeister

    Need advice. Bought new S, probs and can't even get Tesla to talk on the phone

    OK, I don't get where you "can't get Tesla on the Phone" I had my 1st problem a few months back. Car wouldn't shift from park. From the User interface I hit contact Support button & I was talking to someone in seconds. I needed to Power Off as Holding the Thumbwheels didn't help.
  6. Kruegmeister

    Tesla kills resale value with the way it operates.

    2012 $365K McLarens go for $100K Tired of people complaining about Tesla Depreciation. If you do not like Depreciation DO NOT buy new.
  7. Kruegmeister

    How do I sell a Model S?

    Autotrader is awful. CarGurus got me much better results on 2 car sales last year. (Neither was a Tesla tho)
  8. Kruegmeister

    Why do the performance variants have less range than the non-performance?

    Current Version: Long Range 370, Performance 345. Ludicrous does not effect Range. 21 vs 19 does not either. My 2018 P100D w/ludicrous is 315 miles instead of 330, still almost 100 miles better than the closest competitor....
  9. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    I am thinking it may be doing this in limited amounts at least because 1 area in Rochester is finally corrected, my other hint was I75 switched to 65 at 1 section which I think was false read of a Speed Limit Sign that was 75mph with a 65mph Truck Limit. Then went back to 75mph shortly after...
  10. Kruegmeister

    Life after 1 year with my Model S. Stuff you should know before you buy.

    So I guess me running AutoPilot on a reboot wasn't a recommended thing.... Yes, AutoPilot works during a reboot of both Screens.
  11. Kruegmeister

    New FSD details

    The Car Simply Does Not Do What You Claim, so perhaps other members might chalk you up as either somebody with a Stock Short Position or you work for the Competition. Perhaps there is something wrong with your Car... The Reporting it as Unsafe to the NHTSA just seems kinda odd to me all...
  12. Kruegmeister

    Model Y unveiling event 2019-03-14 (official thread)

    Looks pretty Nice - Performance Model
  13. Kruegmeister

    A Positive Thread

    Own my Own Company for 23 years now. Programmer & do my own IT, so I was into the Car for the Tech as well. That & I love Fast Cars. Still have 3 cars that get 12 MPG & 1 that gets 16 MPG. So not so much for the Save the Planet part... LOL... Got my P100D in May 2018 Outside of 1 reboot of the...
  14. Kruegmeister

    New FSD details

    But my Car delivers the Acceleration I thought it would. 2.3... I think EVERYONE will fall short of FSD cause it is so complex to cover all the combinations, so I bought FSD simply to have what I have now & hopefully the Stop Lights & such down the road. I for one will supervise it even if it...
  15. Kruegmeister

    After 4 months, all I get is Fire and Farts

    Well does for me always, not sure why it wouldn't for you??? Most GM Cars are far worse for Maps. My 2014 Vette & Wife's 2018 Cadillac included
  16. Kruegmeister

    After 4 months, all I get is Fire and Farts

    I'd like to see Route Options like Google Maps. Many times I'll pick the Simple Route if the Suggested Route only saves a few Minutes.
  17. Kruegmeister

    After 4 months, all I get is Fire and Farts

    New Maps shows this as Orange or Red Highlights. I think you have it turned off. Click the Map & I think it looks like a Traffic Light to Enable.
  18. Kruegmeister

    Obstacle aware sound disabled?

    There should be a little Speaker Looking Icon when Reversing. If it has a X on it then it is muted. This setting stays put which is my preference cause I hate the Alert Sounds myself.
  19. Kruegmeister

    After 4 months, all I get is Fire and Farts

    So far the "Useless" Maps picks the EXACT same route as Google, Every time...
  20. Kruegmeister

    New FSD details

    MotorTrend is NOT Elon https://www.motortrend.com/cars/tesla/model-s/2017/2017-tesla-model-s-p100d-first-test-review/ 2.28 seconds I'm believing my ACTUAL Car that I own.
  21. Kruegmeister

    FSD on city streets coming later this year with reliability far in excess of human drivers!

    You can Literally feed the Video Data into a newly written program. With New "Labels". The Program can react to live video translated into data or shadow data. The only thing you could not do is change the shadow data or how that processes as they do not collect full video
  22. Kruegmeister

    After 4 months, all I get is Fire and Farts

    My Wifes 2.5 year old Cadillac hasn't gotten a single update since we leased it... In fact if I want Map Updates I'd have to pay for it & take it in to the dealer.
  23. Kruegmeister

    New FSD details

    0-60 in 2.3 seconds! You're hung up on Horse Power??? There are cars with that Horse Power and more that are slower... most likely someone at the Big 3 talked someone into making the rating skew against the Model S, because my F430 has 490hp which is more than 463 that my Model S is "limited to"...
  24. Kruegmeister

    Incidents of Tesla fires...

    Same rating as an Audi A3 etron Offizielle Sicherheitsbewertung Audi A3 Sportback e-tron 2014 Also there were many changes since that rating. From link below. "In 2013, two extremely unusual Model S collisions resulted in underbody damage that led to car fires. These incidents, unfortunately...
  25. Kruegmeister

    19" Tire Recommendation

    Perhaps your expectations are too high. Pirelli Summer Tires will get you 10K... Yup that's bad... I bought Goodyear Eagle Touring All Seasons that came with the 19" rims I'm using for Winter & have read those will net at least 25K, but in the same thread people were talking 40K out of their...
  26. Kruegmeister

    Incidents of Tesla fires...

    List of Places where an Internal Combustion Engines Caught Fire: Friggin EVERYWHERE! Gas Powered Vehicles Start on Fire too. Maybe Every Car in the World should be recalled by your Logic...
  27. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    I turned off AutoWiper Beta for the same reason, they got worse... Good news with AutoWiper Beta Off they work in the old Fashioned Timed Mode.
  28. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    None of us doubt they can decipher at into @ But at the least don't make it easy on them... I don't think he thought he posted it at 128 but encryption - but how he posted it will stop anything that cannot parse the ats dots and spaces. Not sure about California construction, but I AutoPilot...
  29. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    He did that so all the Spam Bots don't get his address and fill his inbox with Spam Mail. If you program a Website they generally mask it behind a "Contact" Link for this same reason. If you think he's that dumb then I challenge you to post your email up here as is... do it, do it
  30. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    Blind Spot Works on the Display. I didn't head toward the Car to see if there was a chime, but cars on my side or blind spot highlighted red along with the lane lines.
  31. Kruegmeister

    So frustrated with the HEAT in my model S

    May 2018 Model S P100D here & live in Michigan. Version 2019.4 now, but other versions were fine too. Temp set to 70 & I am always warm including my feet, I just use Auto myself. I keep my house at 72 24/7 so it's not like I like it cold...
  32. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    None of my GM Vehicles partially drive themselves, Navigate on Auto Pilot. Civic will not drive off Highway. GM SuperCruise also Highway only & no Construction. Honda Clarity Electric is a piss poor 89 mile range!! aka useless. My Radio using Slacker or FM works perfect here. Voice Commands work...
  33. Kruegmeister

    Did Voltage for front USB ports change w/ 50.6?

    Your voltage error could possibly be a current inrush issue??? The rating is typically Continuous Output. Just a thought
  34. Kruegmeister

    Did Voltage for front USB ports change w/ 50.6?

    Would like to see this Thread. If the Circuit outputs 2 Amp Max (don't know what the max is, just an example) If I plug in a 5 Watt Load my Amperage would be 1 Amp. If I plug in a 10 Watt Load my Amperage would be 2 Amps. If I plug in a 33 Watt Load my Amperage would be 2 Amps. The only thing...
  35. Kruegmeister

    36month lease over soon, my learnings/my plan...

    Range is Temp Dependent (Heat or A/C have a cost) If its -4 I expect diminished range. Glad I went P100D over 75D. That extra Range comes in handy during extreme temps. You can stop at Non SuperCharger EV chargers BTW. Just slower to charge. That's why I think the Competition like the next best...
  36. Kruegmeister

    Did Voltage for front USB ports change w/ 50.6?

    All USB is 5 Volts. There would never be a Software Update that would or could change it. As far as the USB Amperage changing. Amperage is OnDemand. If a Wireless Charger had nothing sitting on it there would be say a 100 milliamp draw. Once you put your phone on it then it could output up to...
  37. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    I'm certainly no expert, but I know a 2 thumb wheel reboot will restart both screens & will not effect driving or AutoPilot... it was probably not wise of me to try my reboot while in AutoPilot, but at least I was in the 25 mph zone of Downtown, so nothing too catastrophic was gonna happen...
  38. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    The Driver Display is the Only Display that warns for Collision. The Main Screen does not display that, at least not here in the US??? Also, again AP kept functioning during a reboot, so not run by the MediaContolUnit
  39. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    These are 2 different systems. When the ATT Cellular Signal was out a few days ago, I thought it was the 50 update which I had just received. So I tried that two finger reboot to see if it would reconnect. I was using AP at the time going thru downtown Rochester and it did not disengage and did...
  40. Kruegmeister

    Living in constant fear of v9....

    I'm also good with v9 Don't get how it's an embarrassing UI ??? As far as Rear Camera up all the time, I don't use that. 99% of other Cars dont have Rear Camera up as an option at all, so does that mean everyone elses cars are crap??? My 2014 Vette & the Wifes 2018 Cadillac have 2 meh UIs &...
  41. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    My MCU has never Frozen... so how luck am I ??? My Slacker works fine 99.9% of the time... Would like the SMS messages as well. Rain Sensor is a tough one because road splash is usually not as intense where the Camera that senses it is located... I'd like to add 360 Camera display in Reverse...
  42. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    I don't think all of that was update, I got 50.7 on 2/1 Also using Ubiquiti
  43. Kruegmeister

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    My Typical Automaker has us living with all the Crap that does not Work Right in my Wifes Cadillac & there will be No inbound Update to fix ANY of it... XT5: - Has trouble shifting from Park on any incline & requires hitting the gas performing a lunge release of the Parking Brake that I have no...
  44. Kruegmeister

    Is this really going to happen? Adding artificial noise. It’s a shame if so.

    I can "Easily" Match the Impedance of a Speaker. This Feature is so Dumb, People Jogging Typically have Headphones in, should we send a Signal to Disrupt their Music so we can Save Someone too Stupid to Look Both Ways before Crossing the Street... Government is just going too far these days.
  45. Kruegmeister

    Michigan Winter driving in a Model S

    Also in Michigan I ordered my P100D with 21s, but bought a "New Takeoff" set of 19s with the GoodYear All Seasons. The car is great in Michigan. I had thought about Snow Tires for the 2nd Set, but coming from a Camaro SS RWD with Snow Tires as my Winter Car I figured AWD & All Season would be...
  46. Kruegmeister

    Hard braking with TACC in stop-n-go traffic

    Settings 1 & 2 Brake Harder. 3 for me is smooth. I use 1&2 sometimes but typically use 3 in Stop & Go, but I also hit the accelerator from time to time at Start since it takes of like a Grandma (This Needs to be a Setting, or more Aggressive in Ludicrous)
  47. Kruegmeister

    Did Cadillac rip off Tesla?

    I wouldn't say everyone else is copying "Audis Great Idea" It's more that LED Technology became an available option and a better option. Just cause Audi got it to market 1st didn't make it their idea in my opinion.
  48. Kruegmeister

    Owner Frustrated with Tesla Depreciation

    Your iPhone 8 is worth nothing too. Tesla is not "Fixing" there CPO market. When I was shopping for my Model S early 2018, I didn't want anything 2.0 & 1.0 was definitely out of the Question. The BMW i8 Range of 18 miles... WTF
  49. Kruegmeister

    BEWARE! Model S died at 20% charge

    Sorry to hear. That is odd tho as I've gone down to 6% & 3% before. I'm normally well above 150 normally.
  50. Kruegmeister

    Musk tweets, traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts are in testing

    Forehead on wheel is the only way I could imagine, but the fact that you cant thinking how a cop could possibly exaggerate... You AGAIN insinuate that the 7 miles is FACT, somebody else that is 100% right also DID NOT WITNESS IT

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