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  1. AndrewTX

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    I read this to say that the cost is $2000 if you're receiving MCU2 plus AP3 and the cost is $1500 if you are only receiving MCU2; isn't that what 'for all other vehicles' means?
  2. AndrewTX

    Considering older S, what to look for?

    Make sure you check the actual range of the car and not just what the quoted range was when it was new.
  3. AndrewTX

    Tesla legal claims MCU is a wearable part, like tires

    How exactly should I have known that? I did not know the size of the flash memory they used or that they were writing over the same sectors again and again, accelerating the failure.
  4. AndrewTX

    Tesla legal claims MCU is a wearable part, like tires

    Whether or not they knew that there would be an issue, they *should have known* there would inevitably be an issue. The wear characteristics of flash memory were not secret knowledge back in 2015.
  5. AndrewTX

    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    Yes, this is part of their negotiation. They're trying to see if NHTSA will agree that this move is sufficient or not. Hopefully the feds don't cave.
  6. AndrewTX

    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    I'm going to wait until there's some resolution of the recall situation and see what options Tesla offers at that point. They're clearly still negotiating with NHTSA over this. I had the AP3 upgrade a couple of months ago but decided against paying for MCU2. My MCU is still working...
  7. AndrewTX

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    It's simply LOL at this point. It will never happen.
  8. AndrewTX

    Tesla Covering MCU1 Issues!!

    It seems inevitable that the NHTSA will force a complete recall in the next few months, IMO. Hang tight.
  9. AndrewTX

    Warning for Emmc

    The other option is to way for the inevitable recall order to come from the NHTSA in the next six months.
  10. AndrewTX

    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    Well, I dropped it off today and told them to go ahead and do the AP3.0 upgrade while keeping the MCU1. We'll see how it goes when it comes back.
  11. AndrewTX

    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    Have you determined that it's the dash cam feature which is causing the crashes? I don't think that is one that I'd use very often so it may not be a deal breaker for me.
  12. AndrewTX

    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    Why isn’t the MCU upgrade available for your car? You look to have one very similar to mine: AP2.0/MCU1.
  13. AndrewTX

    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    I agree with this. Mine came with the V8 software and that interface is still better than anything they’ve released since.
  14. AndrewTX

    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    I wanted to take the pulse of the community on whether or not I should upgrade to AP3 without changing the MCU on my 2017 MS75 with AP2.0/MCU1. I've already paid for FSD during the $2K sale last year and have a service appointment next week for the screen yellowing and some other issues. My...
  15. AndrewTX

    MCU1 + FSD/HW3 + Tegra replacement performance

    Has there been any indication that Tesla is even considering doing this or are you simply hoping?
  16. AndrewTX

    Is this normal tapering?

    Relative to usual Texas summers, it wasn't that hot in Houston yesterday - it was in the low 90s around noon. I guess I'd surprised if that were the actual cause. I'm sure it was indeed a V2 charger.
  17. AndrewTX

    Is this normal tapering?

    I don’t supercharge very often and was surprised to see this behavior today. So I’d like to get the community’s feedback. Is this normal tapering for a 2017 MS75? When I plugged into the pedestal(1B) there were no other cars present. I started the session at 18% state of charge and it...
  18. AndrewTX

    I've loved Tesla for 7 years. But after years of abuse, I'm out

    It's been several years but I distinctly remember my local Audi dealer telling me that there were no loaners when I brought in my A4 for service because they were reserved for A8 and A6 owners. The idea of differentiated service levels for higher-revenue customers is hardly unusual.
  19. AndrewTX


    Losing the AM/FM radio functionality is not 'due to hardware limitations in the retrofit'. Tesla chose to not include the digital tuner in the upgrade to reduce labor costs. It's not malicious but it is an example of doing the minimum effort they could get away with.
  20. AndrewTX

    Tow Hitch?

    That's going to be difficult, I think. Most of the SC's I've ever seen are not built in locations that would easily support pull-through for trucks with large trailers.
  21. AndrewTX

    15 amps Vs. 30

    Are you finding that rate for a renewable energy source? I've not seen one that low which isn't almost 100% gas/coal generated. You're probably right if this is a 100% financial decision for you. Buying a Tesla probably wasn't a sound decision financially, either.
  22. AndrewTX

    Would you buy again MS with MCU1 or wait couple of yrs to get newer model?

    I'd hesitate to buy an MCU1 car at this point mainly due to sentry mode and web cam. Do you really feel the need to watch netflix or browse the web on the car's screen? I don't.
  23. AndrewTX

    Charging Etiquette - airport parking

    Basically you're saying that you should never use an airport charger, then. The absolutely minimum time you're going to be parked is a full extended day and more likely multiple days.
  24. AndrewTX

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    I don’t have his contact info. I met him in the parking lot of the Rudy’s in Richmond. He was running the final checkout of the SC before it went live and we struck up a conversation.
  25. AndrewTX

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    Don't hold your breath while waiting for that last one. About a year ago I had a conversation with the manager in charge of Supercharger rollout in Texas. He told me that San Antonio and College Station were the top two priority locations for his team in 2019 and they'd be rolled out in the...
  26. AndrewTX

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    Oops. I hope that wasn’t me!
  27. AndrewTX

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    The Embassy Suites in CS has always been very good allowing non-guests to use the destination chargers they've installed. I wouldn't want to depend on them being available on a football weekend, though.
  28. AndrewTX

    What's my range?

    Is that report from TeslaFi?
  29. AndrewTX

    What's my range?

    I don't recall. Will need to try again.
  30. AndrewTX

    What's my range?

    It was ~220 in the Energy app, but that's based on the previous 30 miles with ~330 Wh/mi usage.
  31. AndrewTX

    What's my range?

    I've been a bit concerned over what appears to be a significant loss of range in the last few months. I knew I'd be going on a longer than normal drive this past weekend so decided to run a test. I charged to 100% for this first time in a long time and took off. Normal highway driving (70-75mph)...
  32. AndrewTX

    Supercharger- Richmond, TX

    I haven't ever mentioned that I'm using the SC while eating there. I guess I should say something next time.
  33. AndrewTX

    Petition for the introduction of SentryMode in all AP2.0 cars

    I parked at the airport for a week-long business trip and left Sentry Mode turned on. When I parked the car there was 55% battery. When I returned seven days later the battery was down to 17%. I've never had that level of battery degradation during similar trips previously so I'm attributing the...
  34. AndrewTX

    texas vehicle inspection

    I had a two-year sticker for my MS when I first registered it in 2017. I'm pretty sure any brand new vehicle qualifies, regardless of whether or not it was purchased in Texas.
  35. AndrewTX

    Is a Model S right for me?

    You may be putting too much emphasis on the cost of charging in terms of money and not enough emphasis on the cost of charging in terms of your time. Free supercharging is nice but charging overnight or while you are otherwise occupied is the true value of an EV. As others have posted you will...
  36. AndrewTX

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    What's the link for this web site? What's the value of this versus just using your phone via bluetooth?
  37. AndrewTX

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    I have 12.1.2 on my AP2.0 MS75.
  38. AndrewTX

    'Tesla shares sink as car deliveries drop'

    2) I still don't see how that's a huge negative for Tesla. Have you ever even considered the possibility of swapping out and upgrading a processor in your automobile previously? 3) No, but I don't consider posts on Internet forums to be an accurate representation of reality, either. People...
  39. AndrewTX

    'Tesla shares sink as car deliveries drop'

    Do as you wish, but at least a couple of these are very strange to me: 1) Why in the world do you need to keep a spreadsheet to track the state of your software/hardware? Has your hardware changed? You never worried about it in any previous car because no other car ever gave you new features...
  40. AndrewTX

    Sentry Mode: Model S - AP 2.0

    I really wouldn't blame them if they simply said we're not going to upload video over the onboard LTE modem due to the cost. But like with many things Tesla they can't/won't make a clear statement of their position and stick with it.
  41. AndrewTX

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    Isn't the point of uploading the files to do exactly that? I would've thought they'd automatically show up in your account on tesla.com since they know whose car it is. Didn't they say there would be a 7-day running buffer of the video files?
  42. AndrewTX

    Can the Tesla Wall Connector output power to a NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    This is the right choice. You'll be perfectly content with this setup. If you ever buy a second EV you can deal with any issues at that point.
  43. AndrewTX

    Petition for the introduction of SentryMode in all AP2.0 cars

    Wanting to know why it's not supported is certainly reasonable. I thought I had read speculation that the issue was in the ability to write the video files to the USB? I haven't seen someone say it's because the cameras can't detect pedestrians.
  44. AndrewTX

    Petition for the introduction of SentryMode in all AP2.0 cars

    Do you think that Tesla excluded AP2.0 cars because they simply didn't want to support that hardware? If the hardware could support Sentry Mode they would have included it, IMO. I'd like to have it on mine but I certainly don't feel entitled to getting it.
  45. AndrewTX

    FSD Upgrade Price reduced from $5K to $3K in MyTesla Page for Model S

    Highly doubtful after all the outcry that came from the original discount. But if they ever need a quick/easy cash injection in the future maybe they'll pull that lever again. I had declined FSD during the original purchase and was waiting for it to actually roll out before deciding whether...
  46. AndrewTX

    George Bush parking/charging options

    Holmanja, Each of the terminal garages has a few Blink stations that are free to use (but you need a Blink card). Note that parking in the terminal garages costs $22/day(going up to $24/day soon). As mentioned above Fast Park has some charging facilities though I've found them often being...
  47. AndrewTX

    Supercharger - College Station, TX

    Someone here talked to Rudy's management in Houston about future supercharging locations and was told that parking lot size was a major factor in whether or not they could install an SC. They need to have plenty of open spaces for other patrons. How large is the parking lot at this Rudy's?
  48. AndrewTX

    Supercharger- Richmond, TX

    Stopped by Rudy's this afternoon and the entire restaurant was closed 'due to a power outage'. The SC was still operational but only at 38kW. My battery was <40% so there was no taper involved.
  49. AndrewTX

    Supercharger - Ozona, TX

    I would build a marketing plan that has the goal to turn more of these visitors to my business into paying customers. The first step would be to find out how many of them are already paying customers. I would make an effort to find out how many room nights I am actually getting from Tesla...

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