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  1. MCroadster

    1.5 Roadster Tire Thread

    For reference to other 1.5 owners, I decided to install the newer Yokohama A052 tires on both the front and the rear and after few months of use I can report that they are suitable options for the roadster. This summer I picked up a set of the Yokohama A052s to replace my older AD07s that were...
  2. MCroadster

    1.5 Roadster Tire Thread

    Thanks for the information. Are you typically swapping out the TPMS sensors every time you change tires? This is my first tire change. So far the TPMS sensors have been very reliable but I've heard these sensors are sensitive and and a tire change may damage them.
  3. MCroadster

    How many Roadster Owners are Electrical Engineers ?

    I do electrical engineering for a renewable energy company, building primarily solar energy projects. Both the clean transportation aspect and unique electrical system caught my eye for the Roadster. Makes me feel at home seeing hundreds of amps flash upon the dash at the tap of my foot. ☺️
  4. MCroadster

    SF Bay Roadster Drive & Meetup - 13 July

    That sounds like a fun idea. We would overwhelm the event with roadsters.
  5. MCroadster

    1.5 Roadster Tire Thread

    Thanks for the info guys. Pretty sweet for the refund but 10,000 miles is a bit on low side. What are you guys able to find the Continental Extreme Contacts? There seem to be plenty in the 225 size for the rear, but it sounds like the 195 size for the front has been out of stock for more than a...
  6. MCroadster

    UnderFrequency fault

    What's the story behind that? Why is the 400v controller giving that error?
  7. MCroadster

    1.5 Roadster Tire Thread

    How did you like the Michelin's? Were the the PS4Ss or the super sports?
  8. MCroadster


    Sign me up for a set. Im willing to put half down. I would prefer non-smoked.
  9. MCroadster

    Just ordered the new Bespoke51 taillights

    Me too! I'd be interested in joining a group buy from Greg.
  10. MCroadster

    Roadster Videos

    Newly released footage from the roadster's first visit to Jay's Garage
  11. MCroadster

    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    This was picture was taken a while back during a Roadster Meetup at Alice's. Pretty cool to see one of these in the wild.
  12. MCroadster

    HIgh Beam LED upgrade for OEM Xenons

    Hi Drewski, During your research did you consider the Morimoto 2 stroke H11? Just curious to see if you looked into them and noticed any pros or cons when compared to the Sealights.
  13. MCroadster

    Stereo Sound System Uprade

    It looks like the factory fuse ratings for the head unit is 7.5A and 15A for the subwoofer amp. So, if you can keep the consumption below 90W and 180W RMS respectively then you should be ok using into the original fuse locations. If you keep within these limits it really shouldn't consume a lot...
  14. MCroadster

    Hello, World

    Hmm, you probably could make an appointment by phone but that seemed to take a long time last time I tried. I had a few other things to get done at the same time so I walked in and made an appointment in-person. It was pretty easy doing it that way as I was only second in line and we could take...
  15. MCroadster

    Hello, World

    It might be a bit out of the way, but I have had a good experience at the Burlingame SC. For the annual service they give you a signed report with notes on the checklist. They were pretty fast and efficient with the service and the car seemed to be more balanced (lower vibration at high speed)...
  16. MCroadster

    Open Vehicle Monitoring System

    For anyone who already has Google Fi account, I have found that using a data-only SIM works really well. The SIM card is free and uses so little data that (90-140KB per day) it doesn't really make a difference to the total usage.
  17. MCroadster

    need wiper blade recommendation

    I like the Bosch Icon blades. They wipe smoothly and seem to last a long time, but the tips doesn't sit flush against the surface out of the box. With a bit of gentle persuasion I was able to get it closer, but not perfectly flush to the surface.
  18. MCroadster

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    eBay listing for a UMC with 14-50 plug (NOT MINE) Location: Brockport, NY Price: $250 or Best Offer + $63.10 shipping
  19. MCroadster

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Yup, you caught me!:) I had a few CF parts saved up over the past year, and finally got some time to get them mounted. If you guys have any questions on these parts or would like additional pictures, shoot me a message. I might list a few more soon, but for now it is just #210 , #208, #207.
  20. MCroadster

    Finally! A modern stereo for single-DIN Roadsters

    Looks great! Have you tried using OVMS on it? Can you install the app?
  21. MCroadster

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    I picked this one up last year for trips. It turns out the charger works just fine as long as it is kept out of heat or direct sunlight. If it does get too hot, it just trips and needs to be power-cycled.
  22. MCroadster

    SF Bay Roadster Drive & Meetup - 13 July

    Count me in! Ill be there this Saturday.
  23. MCroadster

    Roadster paint colors

    Ok, after several coats of paint I have finially gotten it to the same level as the original paint. I still need to work on the touchup as the chip is still visible from 5ft. Despite this, the paint match is very good for my Very Orange color. I don't see much metallic flake in the paint, but...
  24. MCroadster

    Roadster paint colors

    I ordered the "Chrome Orange Tricoat C25 Touch Up Paint for 2015 Lotus All Models" from paintscratch.com for the Very Orange and the color match looks great. Ill post some pictures when it's done. Thanks @ecarfan!
  25. MCroadster

    Upgrades to the OG Roadster Post Yours

    This looks really cool. Nice work! Is the square instrument cluster cover a custom part? Has the vented trunk lid noticeably helped with cooling? Is the blind spot monitor or parking sensors fed into the instrument display? What rear view mirror did you use?
  26. MCroadster

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Sorry, I picked up the duct and the rear diffuser last year.
  27. MCroadster

    It's Just An Electric Lotus

    That's pretty cool. Sounds like It was a original Lotus design for a range extender prototype. I wonder how that got out of Lotus' hands. Reminds me a bit of when they played around with EVs back in the 90s. @TEG dug up some good information on that awhile back.
  28. MCroadster

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Hey, I picked up this CF sill from Colorado about 6 months ago as mine was cracked. He was only selling the driver's side. At the Burlingame SC they said that a SoCal warehouse had a few sets in stock.
  29. MCroadster

    Roadster paint colors

    Great Find! Let us know how it goes. I have been looking for a good touch-up paint for the Very Orange metallic paint. Would love to see the results. The roadster seems to get rock chips quite easily.
  30. MCroadster

    Roadster carbon fiber door sills back in stock?

    I would be interested in a passenger side CF sill.
  31. MCroadster

    New coolant pump and Rear strut

    How much did the strut cost?
  32. MCroadster

    Vendor Aftermarket solution for Roadster UMC and HPWC

    I would be interested in this too. This would make the roadster more compatible with the rest of the fleet.
  33. MCroadster

    Project 2011 Brabus Roadster

    Those look great! The orange really stands out. What's the model of the 4 piston caliper you picked?
  34. MCroadster

    Tesla Roadster 1.5 GPS/Head unit replacement

    Scott had installed the Alpine Halo earlier this year in the 2.0. Here is the link to his post. This install should work for 1.5s too.
  35. MCroadster

    Hardtop headliner sag

    I have the same issue with my hardtop headliner. I have not reached out to Tesla about it, but I was thinking of dong a DIY replacement job with a starry galaxy fabric. Since it is a small surface area with just a few sharp curves it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours when the old...
  36. MCroadster

    ExtendView Side Mirrors -- outstanding visibility

    Glad to hear it worked out. I was also quite surprised how long it took to arrive, but it has been totally worth it! It fits really snug in the housing, almost like it was from the factory. Hands down the most useful upgrade I have found so far.
  37. MCroadster

    Just ordered the new Bespoke51 taillights

    Those look great! Glad to see it work out. How long did it take you to install them? How does the reverse light look?
  38. MCroadster

    1.5 Blaupunkt Blowing Fuse

    Hi bpanghurn, Did you come to a solution for the blown amp?
  39. MCroadster

    trunk lid lift supports

    I installed them on my 1.5 and it works perfectly. Installation was pretty quick, but did have a bit of trouble pulling out the lower clip on the original set. I started out using a flathead driver, but what worked for me was wedging a straight dental pick between the clip and the joint...
  40. MCroadster

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Sorry, unfortunately it is not available. I reached out to him a couple of months ago and he was only selling the driver's side.
  41. MCroadster

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    I second that. If you decide to make a few, put my name on the list. Did you do this as a lamination or a full CF reproduction?
  42. MCroadster

    Surprisingly advanced Alpine unit

    Can you share that?
  43. MCroadster

    Surprisingly advanced Alpine unit

    Nice work! I have been consider installing this unit in my 1.5 instead of the F309 as I think it's a better fit for the car, and I really like the wireless Android Auto. Unfortunately, the whole conversion process seems quite involved, and sourcing parts appears to be difficult.
  44. MCroadster

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Should this thread be a sticky?
  45. MCroadster

    Outside Mirror Question

    John, Where did you source your mirror from?
  46. MCroadster

    Outside Mirror Question

    What kind of mirror did you design? Do you still make them?
  47. MCroadster

    Yet another TPMS for Roadster 1.5 thread

    Which model did you order?
  48. MCroadster

    Alpine ILX-F307 stereo install

    Very Nice. I was thinking that there must be a better to way to control the volume then the capacitive touch buttons. What camera did you choose?
  49. MCroadster

    Alpine ILX-F307 stereo install

    Awesome! Glad to hear it worked out. What is mean by an "rf steering wheel controller"? I'm not familiar with that.
  50. MCroadster

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Last week when I was out with a friend, I happened to come upon a roadster the same color as mine. It caught me off-guard at first. This was at night in downtown Los Altos, CA.

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