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  1. JasJ

    Free unlimited supercharging transfer?

    under my car on tesla.com, I used to see this: Now I see only "free unlimited supercharging" with no details. I was one of those that ordered in late 2016 and took delivery in 2017. The full screenshot I have includes my Vin and the rest of the car details. I figure when I eventually...
  2. JasJ

    12.24kW, 2 PW Install in TX

    If you have your smart meter information for the last year, you can calculate the best current rate plan in Texas (or at least the Houston and Dallas Areas). Texas Solar Buyback Plans - Texas Power Guide Time-Of-Use Electric Plans Calculator
  3. JasJ

    No Bioweapon Defense Mode in 3/Y - HEPA Filter

    plus it is 10x the size of a normal cabin filter.
  4. JasJ

    Houston Wheel Repair

    two years ago, I had a similar curb rash... Houston Tx | Dr. Wheel fixed it up and you can not see the repair at all.
  5. JasJ

    "Sent To Grid" energy mismatch from Tesla app versus meter reading?

    Based on where Tesla is monitoring and where the meters are, it appears Tesla only knows about the 'garage' then 'House' is consuming the rest of the missing kwh is the most likely occurrence.
  6. JasJ

    Screw in tire

    Discount Tire - free patching if in patchable part of tire. Tesla - $50 patching fee. If you are out driving and the tire goes flat, Tesla roadside will install a loaner wheel in many major metro areas. You then have a week to get your original tire fixed and return the loaner.
  7. JasJ

    Wall Connector getting service main HOT

    You need a service panel upgrade. Some panels have been recalled as they failed over time (and not in a good way). Federal Pacific and Zinsco in particular.
  8. JasJ

    When you have a service, do you get a courtesy car?

    Last two loaners I received were P model S locked in CHILL mode - Oh the agony!
  9. JasJ

    Building a 30A extension cord

    For a 100ft run you are way undersizing. You need 8 guage wire for your use: http://www.cmewire.com/catalog/sec19-fcx/fcx-cu-01-amp.pdf This is the stuff you need... plus the plug and receptacle parts... 8/3 SOOW Portable Cord 600V Non UL or better buy a premade one, something like this...
  10. JasJ

    Next update needs sound to wake teens the f—k up

    I second this... drives my teenagers crazy with the added bonus that my old ears hear nothing.
  11. JasJ

    While I was on AP, a reckless driver Hit and Ran me.

    first thing a lawyer will tell you is to take down this thread. Do not post any facts at all like you have above.
  12. JasJ

    Model S Homelink Details?

    My 2017 model S is the same - I need to be within 27" of my garage door for it to work. This all started when we replaced our door opener with the new Myq 2.0+ security architecture (liftmaster and chamberlain). The old liftmaster unit worked from the end of the driveway. I think the MS does...
  13. JasJ

    Air conditioning reduced

    Probably still get the same message as the 'car' cannot fully control the A/C and subsystems. Need to 'bend' everything back into place, so the louver can operate on its own.
  14. JasJ

    Can you upgrade a Model S 75 D to a 100D?

    Not by Tesla, some aftermarket companies will (look on ebay). I have also heard that if you have coil suspension, supposedly they cannot support the 100kwh pack. Air suspension is required.
  15. JasJ

    Nail in tire = Tesla or Discount Tire

    Another vote for Discount tire. $0, Tesla is $50+ Both numbers from experience. These days the service centers are too busy, so I always use Discount now - We average about 5 nails/screws a year in our two cars from all the post-Hurricane Harvey construction in my neighborhood.
  16. JasJ

    AC auto mode fan power logic?

    My car blasts at speed 10 until its close to desired temp then uses fan speed 5. Example drive from last night (courtesy of Teslafi) on my MS. (First row is getting into the car... many rows of data after with fan speed of 5 - first 3.5 minutes of driving below)
  17. JasJ

    Is teslafi down for anyone else?

    before 630pm CDT, data accuracy for me was 30-50% on most drives Tuesday. Driving since then has been 100% accuracy.
  18. JasJ

    Delay Credit App Till I See the Car

    Be glad you live in California. In Texas, you pay BEFORE delivery. Stupid Texas dealership association cartel blocking Tesla.
  19. JasJ

    Temperature rise after Supercharging

    Sounds like freon level is off (likely low, but could be way high)... good enough for most of the time, but struggles with a real demand. Does your A/c work hard at low speeds, but seems to cool great at freeway speeds? If so, you need an A/C check for proper freon charge. My $0.02
  20. JasJ

    Charging Etiquette - West Cincinnati SC

    plug it in for them. Idle fees will help them remember next time.
  21. JasJ

    [Resolved]Tesla won't let me keep charger, claiming restricted

    Have them deliver the car to you and THEY uber back to the SC.
  22. JasJ

    How to cool off the glasses quickly? I am surrounded by the heat with cold air blowing.

    also 'clear' ceramic tint on the front windshield does help (at least in my MS) in the summer in Houston Texas law allows for the entire front windshield to be filmed/tinted with a “clear” un- tinted film that does not visibly alter or color the glass when viewed in natural daylight. ..
  23. JasJ

    Mobile service experience

    It is also against Visa/Mastercard rules, they cannot keep a full copy of the number/card. Violates # 1,3,4,7,9 below... Access Denied (not sure why the link says this - but it works for me) 1. Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data. 2. Do not use...
  24. JasJ

    Anyone using Griddy for electricity?

    Green mountain's "net metering" plan during a promotion - they paid for a big chunk of my solar system. I am hoping when the two year agreement runs out (technically not a contract) that griddy will have better plan for solar. Renewable Rewards® Buy Back Program | Net Metering | GME
  25. JasJ

    Can solar plus powerwall run the home during extended power outage

    Here is my 10.5kw solar system over the last 4 days... 3 sunny days, one very overcast. No car charging, one 4 ton A/C unit lightly used. If I had batteries, I would have little problem running off grid (this week). My MS draws 11kw (40amp/240v) when charging. The 4 ton A/C unit surges at...
  26. JasJ

    Can solar plus powerwall run the home during extended power outage

    Possible, but more likely refrigerator and limited a/c until the clouds clear out, then in full sun after the storm passes you could run A/C most of the time. You are probably not driving as much during the storm, so less charging needs, but you will NOT have enough to really charge the car much...
  27. JasJ

    4 months between updates?

    My car on good home wifi (guest network with no DLNA servers) had 22 firmware updates in 2018/2019 averaging 20 days apart (range was 1 to 57 days). 2017 MS AP2 MCU1 I am not on any early access program
  28. JasJ

    4 months between updates?

    Good WiFi at home helps. If you are on LTE only, updates are much less frequent.
  29. JasJ

    Clear coat peeling after respray

    Take it back to the body shop, that is not right. It should not peel like that. They didn't prep it right when they sprayed. Most shops have lifetime warranties these days on work they have done.
  30. JasJ

    Accident while on EAP...

    Yes. try it on an empty road. Eventually car stops and hazards go on.
  31. JasJ

    Accident while on EAP...

    Autopilot will not only nag you like crazy, but it will stop the car when it shuts off with the hazard lights on Jump to the 2:14 part of the video
  32. JasJ

    What's the best insurance alternative to State Farm for a Model S

    I will chime in a third positive for AMICA. By far the easiest to deal with on claims. Zero hassle. Premium is reasonable at $520/6 months for $500K coverage including gap, full glass and up to $75/day rental. This is in Houston with ton's of under/non insured drivers.
  33. JasJ

    Did autopilot distance algorithm change lately?

    For me Autopilot (EAP/FSD) is more 'cautious' compared to TACC. TACC travels noticeably closer to the car in front.
  34. JasJ

    George Bush parking/charging options

    I have had good luck at Fast Park and relax PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You EcoPark2 is often full and/or Ice'd The original Ecopark often has space, but it is not covered.
  35. JasJ

    Rejected Delivery, what are my options?

    Buying from Tesla is not like buying from a legacy car company. Tesla will fix it, give you a loaner and offer 'something' except pricing reduction of the new car. Most other brands you never see the factory 'issues' as the dealerships patch them before you see them, but then you deal with the...
  36. JasJ

    Navigate on Autopilot disappearance?

    I noticed that when my wife drives the car (and her profile) there is a tendency to lose some settings when it switches back to my profile. NOA is one of these along with the speed offset setting for TACC. She does not have them on in her profile.
  37. JasJ

    Long range travel

    If possible, always ride the bottom half of the battery from supercharger to supercharger when travelling. Faster charging is less down time. Every couple of hours charge for 20-30 minutes or enough time for a bio-break, snack and a chance to stretch the legs. Never charge past 80% when...
  38. JasJ

    Anyone else worried that V3 Superchargers not being shared might be a mistake?

    Nothing wrong with wishing.. I am really thinking about where this could go in the future. It is more likely that high efficiency solar panels at the new V3 charging stations with battery storage is a more likely outcome in the near term especially if V3 are located in the in between spots for...
  39. JasJ

    Anyone else worried that V3 Superchargers not being shared might be a mistake?

    By the time the trucks arrive, they may have upped the 250Kw to some higher number, just imagine if the 1MW cabinets share a common backplane (bus) at a charging station tied to ultrafast battery storage, the burst rate might be something massive for a few minutes at a low SOC. Probably one...
  40. JasJ

    Anyone else worried that V3 Superchargers not being shared might be a mistake?

    you are reading it wrong.... no need to share as the 'bus' is capable of 1MW, so whatever the car needs the car gets. I suspect this is a forward thinking architecture to allow even faster charging down the road. V3 is a completely new architecture for Supercharging. A new 1MW power cabinet...
  41. JasJ

    AP self-calibration after windshield replacement

    Not only keep driving, but you have to shut the car down (in my case park and walk away for 30 min) and magically it gets better. I had the recalibration going on a trip and nothing happened for two hours but after a meal break, it was fixed.
  42. JasJ

    Question for you TEXANS regarding toll roads...

    https://www.txtag.org/en/about/howto_bymail.shtml You'll likely get a bill in the mail with a processing fee. Ignore it and fees increase dramatically.
  43. JasJ

    Vendor “X-Care EV Protection” - First 3rd Party Service Agreement for Model S, Model X and Model 3!

    In case you are curious... In Texas for a 2017 MS with 11K miles 4 yr and 50,000 miles $3,499 Coverage until 02/15/2023 and 61,000 miles
  44. JasJ

    Daily bird poop cleaning--what do you use?

    diluted ONR and good microfiber cloth(s).
  45. JasJ

    Port won't release supercharge cable

    PRESS and HOLD works much better
  46. JasJ

    Have to pay for diagnostics at the SC, Reus audio is the reason

    They can't void the entire warranty... What Voids Your Vehicle's Warranty? | Edmunds The saving grace for consumers is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act states that a dealer must prove that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before it can...
  47. JasJ

    Android App (3.7.0) no longer unlocks my car

    I figure I might have some setting wrong in the car, but for the last couple of weeks, I cannot unlock doors or open the trunk of my MS via the App (Android 3.7.0). The app will show location, summon and pre-heat just fine. So it seems I have 'secured' the vehicle from the app. Is there a...
  48. JasJ

    Hpwc broken

    https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/blog_attachments/80A_Wall_Connector_Installation_Manual_EN_JP_ES.pdf Page 26 If anything other than solid red, look at pages 23-25.

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