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    Creaking Steering on Model 3 - 21k

    @zhu- Funny you mention this, as I just had both upper control arms replaced and like you, the creak is back! I swear it was quiet for a day after that but the very next time I drove the car it was basically the same. I already stopped by the SC and scheduled a replacement of the passenger side...
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    Creaking Steering on Model 3 - 21k

    @zhu- what was the result of your visit?
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    Traveling by Supercharger can be more expensive than ICE

    this thread went on for a while after @MrMassTransit said the real reason. All of us are paying to subsidize the effects of ICE pollution.
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    Blog Tesla's Full Self-Driving Option Now Costs $10K

    At $10k it’s nearly a quarter the price I paid for my entire car that’s now 2 years old and already been superseded by the refreshed Model 3. o_O Then the idea I could pay $10k for a software option and then get in an accident where the car is totaled and have my insurance company NOT pay out...
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    Electrify America Strands Motorists

    I see the CCS networks still suck, even the new kid on the block. Some things never change.
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    VW ID.3

    Any links you'd recommend? I think it looks basically like a Golf except for the weird plastic hood bubble by the windshield. Can't unsee that once you notice it!
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    Will Elon give Autopilot free for 2018 or early 2019 buyers

    It's been said a million times, but once again: AP has never been free. The base price on 2019 models went up at the time AP became a standard feature.
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    MASTER THREAD: "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    Scroll up and read the last few comments on this very thread.
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    MASTER THREAD: "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    Half the price is not nearly worth the risk. If it were 10% I might consider it, but even then not sure.
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    If I set this up on my home network, is the only issue that I can’t view the data from outside my house? It still basically live updates (or refreshes periodically) with no issue missing car trips or anything? I really don’t care about viewing the data outside my house anyway.
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    Coronavirus pandemic drives up gun payments

    Correction: Most Americans period are in favor of expanded background checks and waiting periods. It’s not a left/right issue. Neither of those present any sort of problem for someone who has a “legitimate” use, whether it’s hunting or personal protection. Only a minority on the right (and...
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    Dashcam Randomly Records-?

    Did you honk your horn at all?
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    Will Elon give Autopilot free for 2018 or early 2019 buyers

    That article is very odd as it ties the discount specifically to the retired LR RWD trim, which doesn't make any sense. The price of AP has no relation to trim level--either it came with your car or it didn't--and all trims have always had access to the same prices at the same time and still do...
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    Paint Quality & Fitment

    The paint quality on my white AWD Dec 2018 car is quite good. I was honestly surprised how good it is. No runs, drips, missing coats, etc that I could find anywhere. The plastic bumper covers aren't a dead match for the neighboring metal panels, but close. The panel gaps are all merely...
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    COVID-19 Impact on Tesla production?

    I think you missed the part where only one of these presidents called the entire thing a hoax, as he does with basically everything he doesn’t like. Only one has a track record of lying about everything, even objective facts that are easily proven. It’s was already too late by the time that...
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    Car drove without phone or key card!

    why would you do this though? Just walk away!
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    Loud pop, Model 3 died?

    Understandable feelings, but this issue could happen in any car regardless of powertrain. *sugar* happens. Good lord... This sounds like a parallel dimension to those of us in the Midwest! :p
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    Which paint color to order- best quality?

    I've had a white Model 3 for almost a year now. No regrets. Scratches simply aren't a concern. I've never owned a white car before so this is quite a revelation. I literally cannot see any scratches at all even up close in direct sunlight. It's amazing! While there are certainly other reasons...
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    Car drove without phone or key card!

    There’s like 4-5 red flags I see in the OPs story that to me indicate this either never happened or at best many relevant facts were left out.
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    How many of you still carry keys?

    No keys (excluding the backup Tesla card key in my wallet). I enter through my garage. I don't want a bluetooth deadbolt either, but the non-bluetooth deadbolts with a keypad are highly resiliant as there's no networking with other devices needed, they warn you well ahead of the battery dying...
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    Grey cars don’t show on screen

    This exact thing happened to me once and a reboot fixed it. I have the same car, same year, no AP.
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    Anyone here get a refund for Acceleration Boost?

    I think there's still a fault. If you tap the "pay with credit card" link (below Apple Pay option on iOS) it takes you to a second screen with one button. I didn't actually go through with it myself, but reports are that it does not ask you for a password or anything, so it is actually still...
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    Anyone here get a refund for Acceleration Boost?

    As someone who drove a manual transmission car for 15 years solely by preference, with the last one being a 3 Series, I have the opposite opinion. to me the utter lack of any lag whatseover (instant torque) makes EVs, especially Teslas, feel like a precision scalpel vs the rusty dull blade feel...
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    Not enough sales pressure?

    I found the problem! :p Exactly this! When I leased my two BMW i3 the sales rep didn't go out of their way to tell me the included charging cable is literally named "BMW Occasional Use Cable" (I'm not making this up) and that you absolutely should not rely on it because it's a low quality...
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    Seat belt marks?

    Hmm I don't think that's from the belt material itself. Probably some sort of dirt/grease on the belt somewhere? I would pull out as much of the seat belt as you can and run it through a light-color cloth. See if anything comes off. Then dab at the existing spot with a damp cloth, though it...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Considerations also may include size, efficiency, handling, etc. "Better" is subjective but it's objectively true that smaller cars are easier to maneuver in tight urban areas and the 3 is the lightest and most effiecient Tesla available to date. Still plenty of buyers prefer the S and X so I...
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    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    Obviously driving experience is highly, highly subjective however I think this statement is objectively wrong. A M3P is more than a straight line bullet, as described by other P-car owners above as well as endless automotive industry reviews. Clearly they do care about driving experience. Maybe...
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    Anyone Else Suddenly Excited for the new Ford F150 EV?

    It will be fun to come back to these posts in about 2 years. :p "No one will buy a $700 phone without a keyboard!" (FYI there's rumored to be 250k reservations already and it's not even been 24 hours yet.)
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    Anyone Else Suddenly Excited for the new Ford F150 EV?

    Of those I'd say the S looks closest to normal. The X definitely doesn't look normal, and I own a Model 3 and in my first hand experience most don't think it looks like a normal car either. It's definitely more normal than the Cybertruck though!
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    You could nearly buy two Cybertrucks for the estimated price of one Rivian. Styling is important sure, but it's also subjective. Price however is 100% objective.
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    Anyone Else Suddenly Excited for the new Ford F150 EV?

    If you like the boring traditional design of the last 100 years of pickup trucks, then I'm guessing that Telsa was never the brand for you. I wish Ford great success with their electric F-150. We absolutely need a very "traditional" electric truck as well. I suspect Fords first attempt is not...
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    Is the dual motor option worth it?

    I have a dual motor and have driven a RWD, but unfortunately not back to back. My car definitely has a heavy feeling front end. I’m not complaining btw, I have zero regrets and would buy the same car again.
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    Model Y vs. Mustang GTE

    Do you plan to take it on road trips or do you have another car for that?
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    Is the dual motor option worth it?

    From what I’ve read, I think most who have driven both back to back will agree the RWD handles better and is more fun in that way. the AWD trades nimbleness for brute force acceleration and traction during that acceleration.
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    V10 - phone music library on MCU

    The playlist view is in a weird place under the phone selection menu. It shows only the current playlist and lets you jump direction to any point in the playlist. It's very basic, but better than nothing I suppose.
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    Mobile app 3.10.0, Homelink

    Same for me on my non-AP car. Seems odd that Homelink would be linked to AP/FSD option...
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    New steering wheel vs leather one

    Those "thumb bumps" look identical to me?
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I think this is very likely (almost certain!) given the info we know, what Tesla/Musk has officially stated about the motors being identical, and most importantly the fact that cars delivered as AWD have been upgraded to P software in the field. At least for cars produced earlier than 2019...
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    Who Else Doesn't Care about the Performance Model? vs. AWD

    Oh it’s very real. I personally know someone who bought one recently. There are many threads on this trim, such as this one.
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    Who Else Doesn't Care about the Performance Model? vs. AWD

    Exactly this has already been (or still is?) available. First it was a regular menu choice, and most recently it has been off-menu only.
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    VW ID.3

    I like it! Love that it's RWD. Greatly looking forward to seeing the configurator + option pricing as that's where the rubber really meets the road and the comparison with the Model 3 will begin/end. Even though it won't be available in the US at all... I predict people that go with the white...
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    WOW..Milwaukee is seriously short on super chargers.why?

    I live in the Milwaukee metro area and managed absolutely fine with a 2014 i3 REx and a 2017 i3 REx, both with sub 130 mile range as my daily driver. It really wasn’t a problem at all but A) I have a garage with a 50A circuit and B) I don’t do many road trips, especially in extreme winter...
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    Taycan Takedown

    I see one EA location open in the Boston area so far. Plugshare ratings are mostly filled with complaints on the outrageous pricing and only one complaint on broken hardware this time. Still better than most EA sites I've looked at. :p
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    Taycan Turbo Introduction

    Curious: Is a 911 also 1,200 lbs heavier than a Mustang, like the Taycan is to the 3P?
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    Taycan Turbo Introduction

    Porsche also said the car would launch with 400 miles of range...
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    Taycan Takedown

    I did post them. Just about all the reviews on PlugShare for EA locations look like this. Head over to plugshare.com and see for yourself. And while you're there scan the reviews on the supercharger locations as a comparison. All I see (in the Midwest where I live) is perfect 10.0 ratings on...
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    Taycan Takedown

    Absolutely. My point is that sheer numbers aren't the whole story as @Eno Deb has implied. It's about plug numbers, placement, and reliability--Same aspects that matter for gas stations. My experience is anecdotal as well, but I've used Superchargers and CCS and the latter is just horrible in...
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    Taycan to best Tesla with Apple Music app

    This gives you the best quality at the cost of an absolutely massive usability downgrade. Most aren't going to accept that tradeoff (and they never do historically speaking, look at blu-ray sales vs streaming video) and I'm sure this is very obvious to Telsa in their analytics. Streaming 45M...
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    Taycan to best Tesla with Apple Music app

    Whatever the end result is with Tesla's built-in music player offerings, this won't be their justification. Tesla's customer base is not 100% of the world's population and never will be. A huge percentage of worldwide smartphone owners don't even own a private car. Look at Porsche--They offer...
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    Taycan Takedown

    Lines are a hindrance for sure, but not a basic reliability issue. Lines also mean the chargers are actually working! There are almost never Supercharger lines in the Midwest for example, but the EA issues appear to be nationwide. Second, how many locations did you use on your trips and can you...

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