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    My wife can’t sit high enough

    We have a new MX and my wife can’t get the seat adjusted so she sits high enough. We’ve had service come out to check the seats and they say they are operating normal. Is there anything we can do? She says she needs 1 extra inch. She puts a rolled up towel underneath her now and sits on...
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    April/May European Timelines

    Im trying to figure out if the model s production jump from late March to June is because of tax gaming or some sort of refresh. My thinking is that Tesla wouldn’t shut down the MS/MX line for April and May unless it was doing some major joint refresh. But, they could also be focusing on...
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    Trying to switch from a 100D to P100D

    Im having 100D regrets and I want to change my order to a P100D. I’m outside of the three day grace period. My car is scheduled for production but not in production. I was under the impression I could change my order for a fee. The sales guy is acting like this is a major request and has to...
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    For those with Ludicrous mode, how often are you in it?

    I'm trying to decide between a P100D and a 100D. Are people keeping their P100Ds in ludicrous mode or is it just a "special" thing for launches where you are showing off the car. Or are you enjoying the extra performance like "all the time"?
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    100D vs P100D in “Sport” mode?

    I was only able to test drive a P100D. The sales guy told me the 100D was the same speed as the P100D in Sport mode. Does anyone know if this is true?