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    Finding it hard to remain passionate about Tesla

    Hey guys I guess this post will be a half rant, half counseling session. A little backstory: I purchased my first Tesla back when Tesla only made one car. The "sales" staff made a huge point at the time not to sell cars, but to act more like museum curators, explaining the technology and...
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    Is This a New Supercharger Location? San Jose Berryessa

    I noticed some fencing off in the parking lot of Safeway (2558 Berryessa Road) and am wondering if that is a potential new supercharger site. On the permitting page of the building it mentions they are installing 4 150Kw Ev charging stations City of San José Online Permits I'm beginning to...
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    RWD LR No range increase, should I be worried?

    Im an early LR owner and still haven’t received the 310-325 mile increase even after 5.11. I’m now on 7.11. Should I be worried?
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    Enterprise Service Loaners:

    Just went in for service at Fremont and confirmed with them that Tesla is indeed phasing out entirely its in-house loaner fleet. Instead they are using enterprise which rents out both Teslas and gas cars Here’s the problem with that: Enterprise Teslas are horrible. They are always 75Ds without...
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    Atari Games tutorial

    Ok I’ll admit it. I’ve never played any of the games on V9 in my childhood so I’m utterly confused. Also the Tesla controls make it even more confusing. It would be nice if someone released a video tutorial on how to play each of the games and the car controls for each. I’m sure you’d get a...
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    Aero Wheels Design Flaw

    My Aero wheels make a ticking/creaking noise which can be heard at low speeds from outside the car (or with windows down). I brought this up to Tesla Service and they said this was a known issue and is essentially a design flaw of the Aeros the only remedy for which is using the second wheel...
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    Is the EAP feature suite complete with V9’s

    Is the upcoming on-ramp to offramp capability essentially the final major EAP feature? The car can already take sharper curves than AP1 so perhaps we can say auto steer plus is already available?
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    Amazed by model 3 LR supercharging speeds

    Anyone else getting a whopping 480+ miles an hour charge? What’s more impressive is that the charge rate doesn’t seem to taper until very late, after 90%. I charged from 12 rated miles until 295 in just 45 minutes! I also had the 100D S for a couple weeks as a loaner but I don’t recall it ever...
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    USB media autoresume

    I like listening to lectures and audio books which I have loaded onto a USB stick (SanDisk Ultrafit 3.0 128gb) Every time I exit the car and reenter the entire USB audio shuts off and the car goes to Bluetooth audio for some reason. Using the same USB in the Model S it resumes every time...
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    New Model 3 Outdoor Cover- Pickup in Bay Area $250

    Title says it all. I have a brand new unopened Model 3 Outdoor cover. $250. I can meet up in the bay area
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    2015 S Accelerator Pedal Too Stiff

    Lately my right foot has been paining from even the shortest of drives. It seems the accelerator pedal is very stiff and having to hold it pressed constantly during coasting to counter regen does not help. I thought it was just me, but when my car went in for service this past weekend, they gave...
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    Model 3 Ingress/Egress

    Question for owners particularly How easy is the ingress/egress process into the model 3, particularly as it relates to the height of the seat and the amount of bending (strain on back) involved. Is it easier or harder than the S with next gen seats? Is the height of the seat any different...
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    Should I be worried?

    I stood in line at Fremont Kato Road before opening, reserved at 11:00 (line was one of the longest), and am an owner who purchased my S in 2015 and have had it ever since. Despite this, I still haven't received an invitation to configure. Anyone else with similar qualifications in my shoes...
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    Model 3 Phone holder

    Cell Phone Holder for Car, Car Phone Mounts for iPhone 7 Plus, Dashboard GPS Holder Mounting in Vehicle for Samsung Galaxy S8, and other 3-6.8 Inch Universal Smartphones and GPS - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N210GDQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_HKfdAbRPEA5ET Cell Phone Holder for Car, Dashboard...
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    Why I don't expect a major redesign to the S or X in the next 8-12 months

    Witnessing a lot of speculation on the forums about an imminent S and/or X battery or interior update, I thought I'd give some reasons to why I don't expect a major refresh to occur within the next year. Small changes, sure, but a major update, I think not. My reasons; 1) Tesla times its...
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    Model 3 breaks record for cross country drive

    This Model 3 has already broken the record for quickest time for an electric vehicle to make it from LA to New York This orange Tesla Model 3 just drove cross-country from CA to NY Looks like a good sign for the range of the LR battery
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    Who makes these decisions at Tesla?

    As Tesla matures and rolls out pricing and design changes across their lineup, certain items in the design studio and certain decisions confuse me and make me think, who thought this was good idea? They seem to neither benefit Tesla, nor the consumer. Please aide me in uncovering the hidden...
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    Model 3 Premium Package is a STEAL (By Tesla standards)

    So looking at all that the premium package adds for $5000 I remembered the pricing of similar options when configuring my Model S in mid 2015. Now of course options have changed on the S and X drastically but this comparison does show how far Tesla has come If I wanted similar options given in...
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    Sig #6 for sale CPO

    Just saw this on EV CPO Model X Signature 5YJXCBE41GFS00006 | Tesla P90D lud 60k miles for $94,300
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    Frameless windows

    The door is indeed ajar. This is proven by the fact that the window is lowered a few millimeters which is consistent with similar frame less doors that lower the window slightly when the door is open as is the case with Model S and Model 3
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    Prediction: Model S Standard Features Base Model 3 Might Not Have

    Adding on to the talk about the Model 3 having less features than a Model S, here is a list of standard features on the Model S and X that I think there's a strong chance will not be included in the base Model 3. Many of these features were at some point paid upgrades on the Model S, and I...
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    Why we won't get a 60 Kw base battery

    One thing I haven't understood on this forum lately is all those expecting the Model 3 to "beat" the Bolt in base model range. Here's why I think it’s not only a bad idea for Tesla, but also for consumers: 1) The difference is trivial, even at a 215 mile base. I see exactly zero buyers saying...
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    ($45) FOR TESLA 70D owners! Memorobilia: 70D, Model S, and T badge emblems-can be framed

    Hello I have a set of emblems for a Tesla 70D. These are used, but are in excellent condition and are perfect for any 70D owner to frame and use as memorobilia. They can also be installed on another car, but would need retaping. Tesla Model S 70D Emblem Memorobilia (Gennuine) | eBay PM me...
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    New Design Studio

    Was just playing around with the design studio and noticed it looked very different particularly when selecting interior options. it seems to bundle seat colors with decors now.
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    The All Things Enhanced AP Thread

    I was hoping someone would make a thread that would comprise of everything Enhanced AP but no one has done so (as far as I know) so I thought I'd do it myself Between all the excitement of Self driving capabilities on new Teslas, I feel the real news has slipped through the cracks, which is...
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    Extremely Frustrated with Tesla Service..Need Suggestions

    I'm going to rant a little here so please excuse me in advance. I just got home and when I stepped out of my car I heard a slight whirring sound coming from the front of the car. Upon further inspection I realized that the front door handle motor was continuously pulling the handle inwards. 15...

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