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    Blind Spot Assist - Never noticed this

    “Blind Spot Assist” is a made up term but a very real feature I never noticed. Apparently only arrived with the updated driving visualizations. I always knew about the warning chimes, the red line, and the outright collision avoidance, but never took notice (or read) of this one. When you’re on...
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    0-60 MPH test of LR RWD on 2019.36.2.1

    A very rudimentary test of the new power increase using an online stopwatch and slow motion video. Conditions were wet and cold (41F) and the battery was a little cold too. The only preconditioning was a 20 minute top-off charge about 15 minutes prior. It slipped slightly on launch. I’ll run...
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    Best charging routine

    So I’ve been noticing a fair amount of capacity loss. Not bad, not good, going by charts I’ve seen around. I’d like to get some thoughts. I charge every night no matter the charge level at the end of my day. I go to 90%, most often starting from 50%. I schedule it to start at 2am and it...
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    Autopilot order page gone from my account

    Considering that Autopilot is now standard on all cars (BTW, I don’t have it), I wanted to take a peek at my account page to see what the after-delivery price is now. Weirdly, it’s gone. It was there a few days ago. I’m curious if others are seeing the same thing. If so, I’d be curious if...
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    My first accident caught on dash cam

    Nothing major, but the other driver had me worried that she was gonna lie saying I rear-ended her. Honestly, it was probably just me, but she rubbed me the wrong way. Newark NJ is a city where they don’t send an officer to take a report unless there are injuries. So it’s up to the drivers to...
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    My floor mats saved the day (caught on... fendercam??)

    This happened at Killington in an unofficial passenger unloading area. I parked my RWD Long-Range Tesla Model 3 as close as I could to the side not knowing I was inches from an invisible drop-off under the snow. Probably only a few inches, but it would still be really bad. When I realized I...
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    A little deceiving?

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Tesla. I love my Model 3. I was super excited about the Model Y. But honestly, I can do without the deceiving pricing displayed where the price + gas savings is front and center and the real price is tucked away. But here’s a new one. I noticed on the Model Y landing...
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    Woohoo! EAP now available for $2000

    And of course FSD for +$3000. I’m so glad I didn’t get it before delivery last year. I mean, you can never predict the future, but having regretted it for a while with the post-delivery prices having gone up, and vehicle prices being slashed, this makes up for it a little bit.
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    Premium connectivity seems to be free now

    I noticed the Model 3 order page no longer mentions that premium LTE connectivity (music streaming, live traffic, etc) is no longer set at "free for one year". It's just included now with the premium interior package. I wonder if Tesla intends never to bill all existing Model 3 buyers (who...
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    NJ recommended body shop

    Can anyone recommend a good Tesla approved body shop in NJ? While at a stop, another driver reversed her car and hit the front of my Model 3. Light bumper damage, got it on the dash cam (woohoo!). Anyway, I need to get an estimate for the repair so I can make a claim to her insurance company. I...
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    Dash cam shows red but no footage

    Maybe someone can help me. While stopped at the entrance to a parking deck, a woman reversed her car without looking and hit the front of my Model 3. Light damage but nevertheless. Perfect situation for dash cam recall. It never struck me to tap the dash cam icon to preserve the footage...
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    Which assembly line birthed my Model 3?

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to find out which assembly line a Model 3 was produced on? No real circumstance behind this inquiry, but it might be “interesting” to know. It would seem that there are more robots building a Model 3 on GA3 and more humans out on GA4. For those who’ve...
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    Model 3 wipers do a neat trick!

    I discovered a pretty neat little thing that our Model 3s do with the wipers. They actually retract down below the windshield line when not in use or when a bit of time has passed between intermittent wipes while on auto. I tested it while on the highway and the only reason I can find for this...
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    Trick to find all rattles in Model 3

    I got my Model 3 a month ago. Love the car, truly, but there are two rattles that are really irritating me. I found one, but the other was in the rear and totally elusive. Long story short, I found an app that helped me find it instantly. Using this app, it causes any rattle spots to...
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    DIY mobile charger installation - NEMA 14-50 240V 50amp

    Just wanted to share a video I made of my own DIY installation of a charging station for my new Model 3. It’s good for charging at up to 40 amps if your charger supports it. I took queues from other threads here while making material and installation decisions. NOTE: Depending on your...

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