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  1. travwill

    Problems with new Tesla Inverter/Gateway? Fires-Exploding? [ not tesla gateway, install was solar city in 2013]

    We are about to have a large Tesla system installed and curious if this should be a concern or not? https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/tesla-solar-panel-system-explodes-customer-claims
  2. travwill

    Tesla CHAdeMO adapter - like new for sale

    One more item to sell as sold our X, the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter I have. Used it only a few times max and it works fine, looks like new, etc. Does offer some piece of mind with the ton of stations out there still, 50kWh max I believe but that is pretty quick too. Selling for $300. 33% of the...
  3. travwill

    2016 X 90D - Very Serious Only - Chicago Local

    Hey all, have started process (will take a good week) to sell my 2016 90D X to Carvana, but wanted to offer it as a local sale also if someone is in the market and very interested right now for this particular model/etc. It's a 2016 90D, details are: 17,000 miles right now today (prob 100 more...
  4. travwill

    UMC Generation 1 (40amps) for Sale with NEMA 14-50 - Can Ship

    Selling Gen 1 UMC, used in garage to charge but works fine still. Has the NEMA 14-50 plug on it. I don't have the bag it came in but can box it up to ship since not too huge. This Gen 1 UMC will charge at 40 amps. Thinking to sell just for $125 + $25 shipping = $150. PM for info/contact on...
  5. travwill

    Tesla Bike Hitch For Sale - Used just 2-3 times / Chicago Local

    Selling our Model X and have the bike hitch available for anyone that wants it. They list $539 new. Willing to sell for $400 cash instead, local pickup in Chicago. Only used about 2-3 times max. Have key(s) for it, and it is in box for pickup still. PM for info/contact on it, or if serious...
  6. travwill

    FYI: Roadside Assistance Long Wait Times

    Just FYI for rest of owners to be aware also or may know already, Tesla Roadside Assistance can really vary it seems. Had to use it for first time this weekend (yesterday) since had a piece of metal insert into the sidewall of our rear driver side tire. Called Roadside, hit the 1# for need...
  7. travwill

    Anyone Used Electrify America CHAdeMO with Adapter Yet?

    Curious, have a trip coming up and one stop seems fine to use CHAdeMO. Have the Tesla adapter and have used with EVGo chargers in past. Anyone used the adapter with the newer Electrify America CHAdeMO & CCS combo stations yet? Think they limit them to 50kWh but thats fine.
  8. travwill

    Update on Blytheville or Forrest City Arkansas?

    Hey there, driving through Arkansas end of November here (Chicago to Texas) and see Memphis has a SC now but it looks inconvenient a bit due to being East of the city a bit. I see Tesla has planned locations in Blytheville and Forrest City AR that both say expected 2018 opening. Anyone in...
  9. travwill

    Headlights always on?

    Anyone have their headlights always stay on, when in sunlight, started in bright sunlight, night, etc. since this last update I have full low beams, running, and fog lights on all the time. I manually turn them off in the daytime to compensate.
  10. travwill

    Point of Reference, 1+2 Year Service Combined Items & Cost = $1357

    For those wondering about service cost any, just has mine done for the first time in 2 years (car is 2 years old now). I skipped the 1 year service since it was already in the SC a lot for fixes at times and it doesn't get driven much. Note: The below included 2nd year service items + 1 year...
  11. travwill

    Thoughts on Good 2016 90D X Private Party Price vs CPO?

    I see Tesla CPO seems high in price still, this 2016 90D that is same as ours (but has high fidelity) is listed for $103K. That is with 26K miles also. Inventory Search | Tesla Does you guys (or gals) have thought on a fair private party sell price for similar car here? I am potentially...
  12. travwill

    FWD latch crushing-denting step

    Anyone else have this issue? Picked up X from service the other day and noticed this damage. I don't think it was service (could have been I guess). The damage is right around the latch and in a square pattern so figure the latch is pulling the door too tight or hard against the step causing...
  13. travwill

    On 17.14.23 - No Daylight Running Lights (AP1 car) in Auto Mode?

    Anyone having issue with their daylight running lights, when set to Auto (the default)? If I drive in daylight/bright weather they have always been on, but now they are just off. If I toggle the mode to OFF, then they do turn on bright, PARKING they are on dimmer with fogs (if dark enough)...
  14. travwill

    Touchscreen Unresponsive?

    My touchscreen is unresponsive, gives the warning, about 90% of the time over the last couple months. Has made ownership extremely frustrating at times. I can't operate doors from it, can't do garage door, can't choose media easily, can' change AC to defrost windows at times, turn on...
  15. travwill

    SuperCharge Stopped at ~97% Normal?

    First time I've ran into this but isn't a huge deal. I was supercharging to actually 100% today as had a long drive and also wanted to really fill up the battery as I had arrived at around 3 miles only left so figure would try out that ideal of calibration somewhat to its full limit - then...
  16. travwill

    Add Accessory Hitch?

    Couldn't really locate this exact answer, but... I'm assuming we all have the removable panel under our X. I have a 90D, probably built around May+ timeframe (have to check), VIN 8000ish. I was wandering if it is at all possible to add the accessory hitch here now. I know can't add towing...
  17. travwill

    iOS App Issue? X plugged in but app not showing it...

    I've had the small normal delay in past when opening the app to preheat car and it takes maybe 5 seconds to reflect the car is plugged in, change the graphic and allow climate control to be turned on, etc. The last few days though, it connects ok to the car but 1) doesn't show it as plugged in...
  18. travwill

    Cobalt shortage really an issue?

    ??? per this article: http://seekingalpha.com/article/4027400-teslas-evolving-cobalt-nightmare
  19. travwill

    Loose/rocking Driver's Seat with Squeak / Temp Fix?

    Took delivery recently of my new MX and all checked out good, except after driving it a bit now the driver's seat has become pretty loose. Upon each acceleration/deceleration (not hard even) it rocks a little forward/back, like slight tilt, feels like a quarter of inch maybe or so. On top of...
  20. travwill

    X Subzero Details vs S

    Hi there, as Winter will be approaching for most of us in months ahead, I wanted to clarify some questions I had about the MX and its subzero package as well as standard items to deal with cold weather. Standard Items 1. Obviously front seats are heated for everyone, great 2. Rear defroster is...
  21. travwill

    Autopilot Price Increase to $3000 & $3500

    Was curious with 100D Ludicrous announcement if any other changes occur. In the design center Autopilot is now $3000 if purchased when ordering and $3500 if added later, clearly states that. Confirmed by looking at new design spec and old design spec of car I have waiting to be delivered (see...
  22. travwill

    Just snagged a 90D Blue X from Inventory! :-)

    So, have had a Model S a while, 70D, but fell in love with the X and its roominess. Love the headroom, windshield, space in it, and higher ride height. Totally stoked now as was able to find a Model X 90D, deep blue, ultra white 6 seater, premium, subzero, and basically the setup I wanted in...
  23. travwill

    Used Founder MX Value - thoughts?

    I'm in the market for a 90D and found one that ends with F003### that seems to be a pretty good deal. Overall it is loaded with everything except the UHF sound systems. Has a good paint color, leather, premium, subzero, and six seat config, along with high amp as well. Two questions and...
  24. travwill

    Value/Interest in 70D

    Looking to potential move into a Model X here soon and was considering selling our MS 70D. Any thoughts on a good value for this listing? It is solid white, in pretty great condition (maybe 1 little paint chip), and its never had any issues. Garaged always and about 8000 miles on it in near...
  25. travwill

    VIN# refresh started on?

    In general, around what VIN# did the refreshed versions of Model S start around? Kinda keeping an eye on overall inventory models, that top out around 137000 at most locations - still seem to be the old nose.
  26. travwill

    US auto safety agency examining reports of suspension problems in Tesla Model S

    Anyone know more about this story yet, just breaking around 2:30PM Central, saw it on CNBC. BREAKING: US auto safety agency examining reports of suspension problems in Tesla Model S Link says still developing: US auto safety agency examining reports of suspension problems in Tesla Model S...
  27. travwill

    How to Cancel?

    If any of us do decide to cancel and order or even two orders, how do we go about doing that? Email Tesla, call service center, or eventually can it be done online?
  28. travwill

    Legal Read - Service Agreement (+4 years similar to warranty) doesn't require before?

    Ok, just want a couple more opinions on this. The below paragraph is taken from the Extended Service Agreement, the one you can add up to 30 days prior to your initial warranty running out (i.e. your initial 4 yr/50,000 mi basic, 8 yr/unlimited mi powertrain warranty). You of course add...
  29. travwill

    Recoding Unclear since last update 2.12.126

    Ever since installing 2.12.126 a few days ago, it seems like I can never get voice commands to work. They may work about 25% of the time - much worse than they used to be. Same commands, different times, after restarts, etc. Car states "Recording Unclear" most of the time... Anyone else...
  30. travwill

    Service Was Good - Water in Lights & Other

    Well, had my first issues with MS here after 9 months or so fixed in a quick service visit. Overall, great job! 1. A little screw that came loose on armest made it rattle and shake, as well as feel flimsy. They fixed that easily. 2. Always had moisture in the back lights for many days...
  31. travwill

    Where did my.tesla Services Purchase Area Go?

    It seems the my.tesla portion of the site was redesigned and most content is the same; however, I don't see section where you can buy the $4000 extended service agreement online anymore. Do you have to go through a service center for that now all the time?
  32. travwill

    Quick ? - Referral order on Owner Page?

    Does this mean anything on my owners page, or have any value? Or just nada since didn't get 5 orders in the program, etc?
  33. travwill

    Staggered on 70D OK? Quick Question

    Have a good deal available on staggered 21s. Know I would loose the rotation benefit, but there isn't any reason the staggered 21s wouldn't work well or fit on a 70D right?
  34. travwill

    Identify Tesla Connected to Wifi Router?

    Haven't seen this before, but my Tesla in the garage has a full/great connection to Wifi it seems. It obviously also uses only 2.4ghz networks. I believe I know what IP it is as it and one other device are the only wireless 2.4 devices connected - BUT... is there a way to ping the car or...
  35. travwill

    Issues with Piano Black Center Console?

    Love the center console I have overall, got the Piano black one installed on delivery since they had them back then. Since installed though I've noticed a couple issues, mainly both with the shiny piano black small section that flips up, etc. I keep it flipped down (thus black side up)...
  36. travwill

    Crazy Amps Toward End of Supercharging

    So right around the end of supercharging my 70D to 100%, around 238 miles, trying to get to 240, I had the amps really move around a lot for a while. It did end but is this normal at all? Is it charging different batter packs/cells at different rates to level the entire battery? They did seem...
  37. travwill

    Ouch! Rear gouge - reference for future price fixes

    Man, never have scratched any of my cars and BAM! 2 months old and for some reason dinged the garage door like an idiot with back of car - stupid! But, for those of you that may have similar paint damage in future, this can serve as a reference hopefully. Will post repair pick in a week when...
  38. travwill

    Comed RRTP (at least in Chicago area) is great!

    Just want to share for those of you that may have Comed as your electric provider and delivery service, the RRTP Program (Residential Real Time Pricing) is great for an MS it seems. We got it activated promptly after getting our 70D. Overall it is cheaper throughout most days with spikes only...
  39. travwill

    Tesla's Supply of Materials - Anything planned yet?

    Haven't heard anything announce other than the gigafactory is ahead of schedule. It seems apparent in all mining related articles that they all call out the huge increase in demand on common battery related raw materials; lithium, cobalt, graphite, etc. Yesterday had another one, specifically...
  40. travwill

    Slacker song request bug/odd behavior?

    Don't really ask too many questions on here, but this one has been puzzling me since got my MS. Wandering if others have same behavior. When requesting a song, by saying "Play ABC (song) by XYZ (artist)" the car does a great job at the search and usually display the song requested first by the...
  41. travwill

    Axis Wheels MS - Black Machined? Anyone have yet?

    Does anyone have these 21" Axis wheels on their MS? I like them but want to see them on an actual car before proceeding with the change to use these as Summer wheels. Especially if you have a white MS like me! ;-)
  42. travwill

    70D Seems Like Most Efficient Buy For $

    For those that are in average environments, are satisfied with the performance on a regular basis, and drive around typical cities/lower speed highways (70 and less) with typical traffic, it seems like the 70D is a big bang for the buck. Overall it has higher range or similar range (within a...
  43. travwill

    CNBC Model X a design flaw?

    What do you guys think about this CNBC article, dissing the falcon wing doors because of all the indirect issues they cause? E.g. no luggage possible, issues with water, with snow/ice, etc? http://www.cnbc.com/id/102806414 Hopefully such a beautiful car/SUV does well as we need to see Tesla...
  44. travwill

    Flapping Rear Seat Belt

    Ok, so only thing that is annoying me really about my Model S is here in the Summer, getting to drive with the windows down, at low-medium+ speeds, the middle seatbelt in the back seat flaps around a lot and make quite an annoying noise all the time. Anyone have the same issue or has found a...
  45. travwill

    70D 100% Full Charge

    Doing a lot of driving today so just did a 100% charge, first time. I guess it confirms the 240 mile rated range on 70D. Looking forward to the Tesla grin all day ;-)
  46. travwill

    RFID for Garage - Only Design Disappointment...

    So, the only issue (not horrible) is that my work garage RFID box/card doesn't work anymore in the Model S. My build, early June, has the little black dots around windshield but not much around mirror either now. Tried for a while today when wasn't busy everywhere and just couldn't get a...
  47. travwill

    Extra UMC in Garage & ready to go...

    So I didn't order the HPWC but did get a 2nd UMC and the cable holder/bracket. Worked fine along with some help from industrial strength velcro! Pretty strong stable stuff. Bracket is in dry wall expanders of course. Now just a week or so to go...
  48. travwill

    Which railroad service/network does Tesla use?

    Anyone know what network/service Tesla uses primarily to ship cars? Just 1-2 of these to cover the US or all? (see link) http://www.wtgnh.com/dnn/Resources/RailroadNetworkMaps.aspx
  49. travwill

    Is the Model X not that different?

    I have an S on order, but in looking at some Model X videos and overall info about it. What is the main appeal of it to the group that has it on order. Is it just that it is a little taller and easily seats 6-7 facing forward. From my thoughts, the people number is the big deal, and that its...
  50. travwill

    Use HPWC with 14-50 - instructions?

    I'm thinking now I'd like to keep the free supplied adapter cable in the car with me and get the HPWC for home, even though we just installed the 14-50 plug. I don't mind using the HPWC at 40 amps still so was hoping there was a way to just wire it with a plug into the 14-50 outlet instead of...

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