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    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    I was in the same bucket. All I did was schedule a service through the app for accessories (upgrades and installations) and select date and time. If your profile is not yet eligible, they will text you saying so and will cancel the appointment. I got mine upgraded around March 15th.
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofits in New England?

    I had scheduled a mobile service on Sunday night with a note asking if I was eligible for HW3 upgrade. They sent me a message on Monday morning telling me that I am on their list for the upgrade but will have to visit one of the service centers to get it done. So I have now scheduled for next...
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    Recent mobile key range poor when walking up to my car

    I have the same issue. I have been using the same phone (Pixel 2) since I got my car back in 2018 and never had this issue until a few weeks ago. I also turned off battery optimization for the app on my phone, no change. The fact that it's happening with different phones as stated above (both...
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    My Tesla app must be open for phone key to work?

    I started having this problem in the past few weeks. Never had it since I got the car in September 2018. (Didn't change my phone) It's annoying especially as it's winter. I turned off the battery optimization for Tesla app on my pixel 2 just now, will update here if that helps.
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    Tesla trips website issue; no Midrange or SR+ available

    Haha thanks, I would prefer a road trip if I have the time, over flying.
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    Tesla trips website issue; no Midrange or SR+ available

    Yes abrp for the win. I used that and the in-car planner together while on my recent 4500mile road trip.
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    3 country, 7,800 mile road trip in 15 days - SAFELY. Range anxiety, oh no! (yawn)

    Great photos! I recently did a similar, but shorter road trip, ~4500miles in about 6 days (with 2days in Austin for F1 USGP). Again, reiterating the same thing - trip wouldn't have been possible or as easy without Autopilot and of course the supercharger network. Negatives on my trip Just...
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    Starting Summon Before Exiting the Vehicle

    I have used both summon and advanced/smart summon(through phone app) with me sitting in driver's seat as well as passenger seat, the car doesn't care, summon worked.
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    Dashcam pausing difficulty

    I have the exact same problem. It was the same when I had a 64gb pen drive and it's the same now with a 500gb SSD. The whole drive is partitioned for TeslaCam.
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    V10 32.11.1

    I started getting the USB too slow message since v10. I deleted the whole drive and that didn't help. I just got a notification for v32.12.1 update (currently on 32.11.1), installing it right now hopefully that fixes this issue. EDIT BTW when I plugged in the USB to my computer to check and...
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    Geico just raised my insurance rate

    Whichever insurance you go with, please make sure they are willing to pay Tesla's labor rate for body/collision repairs. I am dealing with it right now, my car has been in the shop for over a month now. I have Liberty Mutual and I had to call 3 levels up into their claims department and send...
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    Got hit by another car, how bad is this kind of damage?

    That's good to know. I have Liberty mutual. Yup, that's the argument, but every Tesla certified charges the same amount.
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    Got hit by another car, how bad is this kind of damage?

    Am dealing with something similar, although the damage (hit n run) to my car is not as extensive as yours. The insurance appraiser gave an estimate of $2,400, using labor rate of $41/hr for paint etc and $85/hr for aluminum. However Tesla certified body shops charge a standard rate of $125/hr...
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    Sentry Mode filling my USB flash drive extremely quick

    I learned this the hard way today :(:(:(. I was at the mall with my wife when I got sentry notifications on my phone. At first I thought they might be false alarms but wanted to check out the car anyways. I walked to the car immediately and found someone knocked my Tesla in the parking lot...
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    AC back vents blowing warm air

    I had this issue since I got the car in September 2018. I took it to the service center in December, they didn't find anything wrong with it but suggested I come back after winter as it will be easier to test when it's warm outside. It started getting warm in Boston and I noticed we still have...
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    Autopilot bug with lane change

    My car is currently on 2019.5.15 and Lane change without NOA worked for me yesterday. Car has had FSD from day 1. When you turn on the blinkers while in Autosteer but without NOA, the solid lane indicator changes to a dotted line. This is how it was before NOA was introduced and this is how it...
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    Vendor Open Source DIY Model 3 Console Wrap Template

    Waiting for this ... :: please make it happen soon::
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    Model 3 Software Update 2018.42.x

    I got 42.3 yesterday as well. I was able to enable NOA from the settings screen straightaway although I didn't use it yet. Couple things I noticed in a short drive in local roads - the display is much more accurate and detailed - it now shows vehicles much more accurately and with less delay...
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    yup received 39.7 on October 10.
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    Vendor 3D Maxpider 10% off When ordering Frunk and Trunk w/ Interior mats!

    FYI...I received UPS tracking# yesterday evening with an ETA of today. I believe I was in batch#2.
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    Teslafi also reports 6 model3 with v9 in the past 30min. (I am guessing their timestamp is UTC?)
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    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Got the car on scheduled time/date, i.e. Sept 7th at 2:30pm. I`ll update with my delivery/driving experience and pics a bit later, busy driving ... :D
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    Massachusetts Rebate program

    It shouldn't, the Model 3 Performance is a variant of Model 3. It is not a different model being made/sold by Tesla
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    Let's talk financing rates

    lol thanks!
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    Let's talk financing rates

    Question for folks who financed and picked up your car. Is it ok if the check amount given by the CU is greater than the amount due to Tesla? The check is written/printed in Tesla's and my name together.
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    Obsidian Black P/AWD Order Status

    Apparently the car is already at the delivery center, rescheduled pick up to September 7th!!
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    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Got a call from Tesla. Getting my M3 a week earlier on Sept 7th (previously scheduled for Sept 14th) :D The Account page now shows my VIN (was not visible yesterday, although I was given the VIN last week) and the scheduled appointment date has been updated as well from 14th! Picking up from...
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    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Yeah it's normal. it's the same for me too, but I will be taking a banker's check at the time of delivery.
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    HPWC on 60amp #6?

    Got it. Just curious why you didn't go with a thhn ? Does it cost more or is it a pain to work with?
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    HPWC on 60amp #6?

    Thanks for the input. Curious, why aren't you going with a #6 thhn so you can use the HPWC up to 48amps?
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    HPWC on 60amp #6?

    Thanks! Why is a conduit stressed upon so much (am assuming it's nothing but a metal tube)? Is it to avoid the wire touching anything else around it? Or is there something more to it?
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    HPWC on 60amp #6?

    I have a similar situation as many other posters here. I read through many threads here but couldn't find a definite answer. Can I install the Tesla HPWC on a 60amp breaker with #6 wire and use up to 48amp (max used by model 3) ? The distance from panel to the installation point is about 15ft...
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    Obsidian Black P/AWD Order Status

    Congrats! Can you post a few more pictures? :oops: I am liking the dark wheels on black, wonder how it will look after chrome delete.
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    Obsidian Black P/AWD Order Status

    Received final MVPA last week asking for signature, I signed and submitted it the same day to receive the final signed (by both Tesla and myself) pdf today. I had submitted the unsigned MVPA to DCU and spoke to them today, they are sending me the check - didn't ask for the signed MVPA...
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    Vendor 3D Maxpider 10% off When ordering Frunk and Trunk w/ Interior mats!

    How do I track my order if paid through Amazon Pay? I got the $25 gift card email and payment processed email from Amazon but didn't get the email with a link to track the order. I placed a different order using the $25 gift card and a credit card and received an email with order#2403.
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    Vendor Open Source DIY Model 3 Console Wrap Template

    its all on amazon Link to all litems sold by Kenriko .. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Kenriko
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    Model 3 insurance

    yeah, thanks, I meant company. I can't edit my post now.
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    Should I?

    100% agreed. I was in a similar situation as the OP about 8 years ago and I am glad I pulled the trigger on a 20k motorcycle (my dream) back then before getting married (6 years ago) and having a kid. It is much less riskier and given the stable job and less expenses you can pay it off early...
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    Model 3 insurance

    Which comment is that? If you don't mind.
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    Model 3 insurance

    I believe that article is a bunch of bogus. I am shopping around for insurance as well and my rates are nowhere near what they claim to be the average. Of course it depends on driver profile, location etc. In my experience GEICO seemed to have better rates than Liberty for the same coverage. I...
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    Stroller that fits the Model 3 Frunk!

    don't mean to hijack this thread, but its on a related topic. What do you think of the "baby on board" sign? Do you think its effective or helps people around you to be more cautious. We have a daughter, our first, about 11 months old now, but I haven't put a sticker yet. Mainly because I think...
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    Obsidian Black P/AWD Order Status

    ^ did you try calling the 51-tesla phone line? I did last Sunday and was informed that I have an advisor assigned and lost the edit design link on Monday. I called the line again on Wednesday and was informed that I have a VIN. Got a call from my advisor later that day.
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    Obsidian Black P/AWD Order Status

    Minor update - My account page now has a "Make a payment" button, clicking on it takes me to a form where I can enter the bank routing, account number etc....even though I said I am financing. - Also, noticed the MVPA is updated, now has a "Final Price Sheet" along with delivery date, VIN -...
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    Vendor Open Source DIY Model 3 Console Wrap Template

    Thanks @Kenriko. Any ETA on the carbon-fiber console wrap? I am also interested in the chrome-delete.
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    Vendor 3D Maxpider 10% off When ordering Frunk and Trunk w/ Interior mats!

    Trying to order the mats, when can I use the new subscriber discount?
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    My center console

    I would like to get the very sunglass tray. Can you add me to the waiting list? Also mailed you.

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