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    Best Car Cover

    Was already having issues with the huge tree under my driveway leaving sap, leaves, bird poop on my new 3. Now that I'm not driving anywhere due to Covid-19 probably time to cover the car for the next month or two...or three.. maybe 4? I've never covered a car before- is it OK to cover for...
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    Slacker Log in

    So I was messing with my car- hit Streaming- saw I was logged in to some account that ended with @telsa.com as an email with numbers in front of it. I hit log out and now when I hit streaming- it asks me for my slacker log in. I guess Tesla comes with Slacker log in for free- but now that I...
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    Charging Nema 6-20?

    I am renting a house, and have been plugging in my Tesla and getting 5 miles per hour. And then I realized that looks like I can do a 6-20 based on the input of the plug. This is an outdoor plug that the sprinkler system is plugged into. Is that correct? Is there anything else I need to know...
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    Best in car/ portable vacuum?

    Tired of taking out my home vac to clean up leaves, etc on the floor of the car. (Have a giant tree in my yard) What is a good portable vac with lots of suction I can leave in the car that actually works well? Can be a plug in to 12v or charged one.
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    Floor mats (dead petal)

    Ordered some nice mats on Amazon and now realize- doesn't cover the dead pedal which is now carpet. Ugg.. Gonna return these I guess. Anyone got recommendations? Seems like Maxpider is the favorite? Looking for Frunk and Trunk too- all in one package preferred. All weather is good- as I...
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    Charging costs past 80%

    So I just got my SR+ and it does drain pretty quick, (guess I should have gotten the LR Awd) and it does take a long time to recharge because I'm on a 110 at home and can upgrade as I am renting this house. I've read a lot here about, after 80% it takes a lot longer to charge on a...
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    Sweaty back /seat cover recommendation

    So now that I own the car trying to figure out what to do about this. Even when I tested the car both in white and black seats no matter how cold it is outside for some reason my back on this material gets very sweaty. Does anybody have a recommendation for a seat cover? And the odd thing is...
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    What comes with the SR+

    Got my car yesterday- only 12 miles but it was muddy and now noticing, or maybe wondering what things are supposed to come with the car that maybe aren't. Mine had: - No floormats- I seem to remember reading these are now not included with SR+ - No phone chargers - I thought these were...
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    New car rattling sound ends well: seatbelt hitting plastic part of back of seat, moved seat

    Picked up my 3 yesterday- driving home heard the loudest rattle every time I hit a bump. I freak out. "This is a new car! Did I get a bad batch?" As I'm driving on the freeway I frantically try to figure out what it is. I go thru my mind how I will deal with service center. Can they even fix...
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    Extension cord

    Getting my Tesla today- I have an outdoor 120 line/ plug but it's not quite reachable to where I'll park and will need an extension by 10 feet or so. Can I just use those normal orange extension cords from Home Depot or do I need a special one that is meant for EV/ Tesla charging.
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    Driving up to Big Bear or any mountain...additional energy required to gain elevation

    Seeing as there are so many LA people on here- has anyone done the drive up the 210 to the 330 to Big Bear? Wondering how much loss of battery that takes to go fro basically zero to 7000 feet in 45 minutes up the mountain. Deciding on SR+ or AWD - and I make that trip from Sherman Oaks often...
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    Comparing LR AWD to SR+

    I've been reading through these threads, of comparing the all-wheel drive to the non all-wheel drive, seems like it comes down to range and is that worth $9,000? Curious about the connectivity, now that Tesla is charging for connectivity does the SR plus have the same connectivity as the AWD...
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    3 or Y

    With the article today that says it looks like the Y is actually going to be coming out in a few months, the first quarter of 2020, now the question is do I buy my 3 this month, or do I wait two or three more months to get the Y? Part of my concern is I never like getting something when it...
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    Incentives coming at the end of Q4 2019?

    Toward the end of last quarter Tesla added 2 years free Supercharging and upgrades. Was there an incentive any other end of quarters before that? Wondering if there will be any end of this quarter.
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    SR+ vs Dual / premium interior vs Partial

    Before version 10 came out, you could not be connected to the internet, tune in with the SR+ / partial interior. I remember seeing as soon as the new version came out that people actually did have connectivity, they just couldn't see traffic live but they could Connect into TuneIn as well as...
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    Partial Vs Full- Can you add Fog Lights?

    I took delivery of my 3 AWD but due to issues I returned and was about to order another- but now it looks like full connectivity in the partial premuim SR+ with YT and Spotify etc- I may order the SR+ now instead as I don't really need AWD. What I do need though is the fog lights. Is it...
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    Picking up car issues?

    Already seeing some panel problems. Do they fix or do I reject? Back panel by trunk and back passenger bumper
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    Right amount of tint?

    I've never had my windows tinted before but am seriously thinking of doing that once I take delivery tomorrow. I have fairly sensitive eyes, especially driving down a dark mountain late at night and suddenly blinded by an incoming car. So trying to tint not only for privacy, looks and cooling...
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    Third Party 14-50 adaptor?

    Looks like Tesla is out of 14-50 adaptors right now in my area. I'm taking delivery Tuesday and wanted to try out the new 14-50 plug I added to my cabin in Big Bear. Are there are good third party 14-50 adaptors or better to wait til they are back on stock and buy official Tesla?
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    Trade-in, or sell, how do you deal with the timing of it?

    So Tesla has offered me $4,500 for my RAV4, a local dealer offered me $100 more, but he won't put it in writing. I would like to hold onto the car for an extra week or two, so selling it to a local dealer makes more sense, however if he doesn't put it in writing I'm afraid I lose my trade-in...
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    Picking up new car- how many miles? What to look for?

    My AWD 3 is finally being delivered for pick up. On the purchase agreement they sent over for my loan it says the odometer has 50 miles on it. Isn't that high for a brand new car I'm picking up at the dealer in Burbank, CA? UPDATE: My sales person tells me 50 miles is the default Tesla writes...
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    Here come the 3s!

    Been waiting 3 weeks still no VIN but... Driving to San Francisco from LA today have already passed 4 truckloads of 3s heading south on the 5 toward LA!
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    Anyone else cancelling a Tesla 3 order - 2 year free charging!

    Have a 3 on order for the last 2 weeks - no VIN # yet and today they announced buy one now take delivery by oct 1 and you get 2 years free charging. Talked to my Tesla rep who said I need to cancel my order and place a new one. Seems worth the wait.
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    Best place/ site to buy a used Tesla

    On the lookout for a 2019 RWD LR - I know- rare and hard to find. Where, other than this site is the best place to buy? I'm in the LA area so hopefully it's not TOO hard to find. Otherwise I am going to buy a new AWD LR if I can't find. But would love recommendations of the best legit way to buy.
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    RWD vs AWD driving feel

    I've seen a lot about speed and acceleration as well as snow tires with RWD- etc... But, I'm wondering on normal roads in good weather- does the AWD feel / handle differently? Or can you not really feel/ tell the difference? I put my order in for LR AWD, really for the range as well as the...
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    Trade -in

    Has anyone traded in their old car for a new Tesla? I entered my old cars info on the Tesla site and they gave me an offer with the ability to accept the offer. If I hit accept than that's that? Is that a locked in price? Or they could change the price once I go to pick up my car and drop off...
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    Adding a charger into an AirBnB

    I'd like to add a charger into at least one of my cabins in Big Bear, Ca. so renters can use it as there are NO chargers nearby and I just ordered my Tesla 3 LR AWD! What is the best charger to add? Just get a 240 or 220 line (with a lock box) that people can plug into or do I need an actual...
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    What to buy? SR? LR AWD? Used ?

    Hi everyone- happy to have found this forum. I'm finally pulling the trigger on the 3 and now trying to decide which one. I like the idea of longer range as I do make trips up to my cabin in the mountains, about 120 miles each way- plus going up is an hour of the car climbing to 8000 ft so will...

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