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  1. Jsvette56

    What happened to the T?

    I like the new feature that the icons for SCs also show the number of available stations.
  2. Jsvette56

    What happened to the T?

    Got an update and the T at the top of the screen disappeared. Where is it? You use this icon to access release notes, version info etc.
  3. Jsvette56

    Trick to order parts?

  4. Jsvette56

    Portable Air Compressor

    I use the $30 Slime compressor to top off both my S and 3. Seems to do the job and I keep it in the S for trips.
  5. Jsvette56

    Where to get power liftgate installed in SF Bay Area?

    Larry Lee has a link on the Hanshow website and installs lift gates for both S and 3. I had him do the frunk/trunk on my Model S and my wife's Model 3 recently. He does a good job and can do both the frunk and trunk or just the trunk and they work seamlessly with the app and the car's touch...
  6. Jsvette56

    New Model S - pre delivery checkup

    You only need a 240v receptacle and then you can use the mobile charger that comes with the car. IF you think you may ever get a second EV then be sure to provide enough power for both cars otherwise you may have to have the electrician come twice. Which is what happened to me.
  7. Jsvette56

    Do I need a 50amp outlet? SR+

    Certainly the lower amp circuit is adequate for overnight charging. IF you are paying for an electrician to install a circuit you may want to put in a 100A circuit if you think you might want a second EV. I installed a 50A 14-50 receptacle and then another Tesla showed up in the garage and I had...
  8. Jsvette56

    Michelin vs. Goodyear, what to get?

    I put Bridgestone Turanza Quiettracks on my 2016 S for a quieter ride. Costco sells them.
  9. Jsvette56

    Model S Pre-2017 Tire Replacement

    Go with Bridgestone Taranza Quiettrack if you want a little quieter ride.
  10. Jsvette56

    Full Self Driving: To Get It or Not to Get It?

    I too had a decision to make in 2016 whether to get FSD and longer range when I bought my S. Every time I drive my S I regret the decision I made NOT getting long range and NOT getting FSD. Currently I am stuck with HW 2.0 and will not be getting many of the newer software upgrades. If I had...
  11. Jsvette56

    Tesla hugs OUTSIDE of curves---why?

    My S hugs the inside of the curves.
  12. Jsvette56

    How’s the Y

    I own a 2016 S, my wife a 2018 Model 3. A friend wanted to go car shopping so I took him to our local showroom/SC for a new car test drive. They gave us a performance Model Y with only 11 miles on the odometer and it had not even been driven enough for the car to calibrate the cameras and...
  13. Jsvette56

    Listing your car for sale

    I listed my 2013 on Craigslist. Also sold my daughter's I3 on Craigslist. If you do sell this way make sure you accept only cash and do the money transfer and paperwork in a bank lobby as they can run the money through a machine to count it and check for counterfeits.
  14. Jsvette56

    Backup camera shows black screen

    My wife's 2018 M3's backup camera frequently shows nothing but a blank black screen when she backs out of the garage. This happens only in the garage and only intermittently. Anyone experience this issue?
  15. Jsvette56

    Listing your car for sale

    I sold my 2013 on Craigslist. A young man bought it for his father.
  16. Jsvette56

    918 miles and it happened.... M3P tire /wheel destroyed

    Having scraped a couple of curbs with my Tesla I have found it useful to have a spare wheel around so when one gets damaged I can swap it out to have it repaired. You can usually find wheels on Craigslist or eBay for about $250 or so. And if traveling away from home you could put the wheel (with...
  17. Jsvette56

    What did you name your car?

    My Model S is named Christine after the very first self driving car which was a 1958 Plymouth Fury.
  18. Jsvette56

    Sentry Mode used 18 miles of battery overnight.

    I turned sentry mode off and vampire losses are down to 1 mile per day.
  19. Jsvette56

    Sentry Mode used 18 miles of battery overnight.

    I lost 21 miles in about 18 hours. That comes to about 5kw power usage. Seems like a lot for cameras and a computer.
  20. Jsvette56

    Anyone else wish you could adjust lane placement?

    I'd like to be able to adjust the position in the lane because my MS unfortunately hugs the right line in autopilot. The SC refuses to correct the problem. To make sure it's not my imagination I've slowed the car down to a very slow speed and then stopped and made measurements. The car is 1...
  21. Jsvette56

    Has anyone replaced a 19” sport rim?

    I bought a wheel on eBay for $230 and put it on and had the one with curb rash repaired for $135. I keep the extra wheel for the next time the curb jumps out and attacks the wheels. Check Yelp in your area for a wheel repair service, they typically can make the wheel good as new.
  22. Jsvette56

    Curb Rash-- it's so humiliating

    It's so frustrating and you feel so stupid. I'm pretty anal about repairing curb rash so I bought an extra M3 wheel for my wife's car and an extra MS wheel for mine and when the inevitable occurs I swap out the bashed wheel with the spare and take it down to Wheel Techniques in Santa Clara...
  23. Jsvette56

    To Supercharge or Not.....

    I have free supercharging and a SC with a high occupancy rate less than a mile from my house. I prefer to use my L2 home charger though I've used the SC a couple of times. Many people live in apartments in my area and don't have a home charger so I feel guilty taking a space away from someone...
  24. Jsvette56

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    2012 Nissan Leaf. Terrible battery design with rapid loss of range. Poor design of the interior and user interface. Pretty good performance as an EV.
  25. Jsvette56

    Thank you Tesla for free [insert]

    Free all weather floor mats for delivery issues.
  26. Jsvette56

    Unsure of purchase

    My Tesla puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. If you look at the website supercharge.info you can check out the status of the numerous superchargers under construction in Canada.
  27. Jsvette56

    Any problem replacing a noisy drive unit under warranty?

    My 2013 D/U was replaced twice. The first time only took a couple weeks to get it replaced, but the second time took several months and some nagging. I sold the car in 2016. I think it depends a lot on your service center and how much you complain. My 2016 is starting to hum noticeably but...
  28. Jsvette56

    Picked up Raven Long Range, Returned 2016 75D - First Thoughts...

    Is there any noticeable improvement in road noise?
  29. Jsvette56

    M3 Owners: Would you buy another Model 3 today?

    Absolutely! I've bought 3 so far, a very early VIN model that I totaled it in a massive freeway pileup, replaced it and then bought my daughter a P3D. Not one of these cars has had a problem.
  30. Jsvette56

    OEM Replacement Tire Alternatives?

    I replaced my Michelin tires with Bridgestone Quiettracks. Much quieter.
  31. Jsvette56

    Run Flat Tires

    I bought a 2018 M3P that came with Michelin 235 35 ZR20 Pilot Sport run flat tires.
  32. Jsvette56

    Anyone have experience with Bridgestone Quiettrack tires

    Are these tires quiet?
  33. Jsvette56

    Pros and Cons of Owning a Tesla

    I've bought 5 Tesla cars. Only the first (early 2013 model) had problems which required 2 motor replacements due to noise. Each has been rattle free, each had good fit and finish, none required trips to the service center to fix a defect. On the other hand I have had issues with delivery dates...
  34. Jsvette56

    Suggestions on Tesla Model 3 after accident

    I was involved in a 9 car pileup which damaged both sides of my M3 with a damage estimate of about $25K; AAA totaled the car and I had a replacement M3 within a couple weeks. My biggest concern wasn’t repair quality but that I’d have to drive an ICE rental car for 6 months or more while the...
  35. Jsvette56

    How reliable is your Model S?

    I've bought 5 Teslas. Wife's early 2016 Model 3 was caught in a 9 car pile up and totaled. My 2013 Model S had two noisy motors replaced but had no other issues when I sold it and bought a 2016 Model S which has had no issues whatsoever. My wife's replacement Model 3 has had no problems either...
  36. Jsvette56

    Unregistered Model 3

    Ive got one of those too, 2 1/2 months and counting.
  37. Jsvette56

    Quality Issues

    The scratches are a definite problem and the car shouldn't have been delivered in this condition. I'm not sure that this kind of problem is usual or not, but I've taken delivery of 5 Teslas, 2 Model Ss and 3 Model 3s and non of them had paint issues or objectionable gap problems. The first...
  38. Jsvette56

    Flat tire day

    I've had several nails/screws in my Tesla tires over the years. A plug patch has always worked and almost all service stations can do the job usually for about $10-$20. I'd be interested to know why Tesla service didn't patch the tire. Also, there have been posts on this forum where people have...
  39. Jsvette56

    Free Supercharging Model 3 Performance Issue (Q3)

    I ordered a M3P car in May and got an email in August indicating that I was going to receive free supercharging. I took delivery of the car in October and decided to see if it got free supercharging. It didn't and so a couple of days ago I called the the Tesla service number and after a very...
  40. Jsvette56

    Do you prefer Creep On or Off?

    I liked creep off until I rolled backward into somebody on what I thought was a flat road.
  41. Jsvette56

    Good body shops in So SF bay area?

    I've had minor dents repaired by both Chilton's and Pan American. Both companies performed the work satisfactorily, but Pan American was faster, cheaper, and did a MUCH better job of communication.
  42. Jsvette56

    Charge Port Door Needs service

    I had my M3 in for another issue and they indicated that the charge port door had a service bulletin and it was corrected.
  43. Jsvette56

    Model 3 Trunk Issues

    I've had my M3 since December and have had no problems latching the trunk. I do wish it was electrically operated though. I suggest having the service center adjust the latch.
  44. Jsvette56

    Poll: have you had issues with your 3?

    Had my M3 for 2 1/2 months and 2K miles now. Biggest issue is that the time of charge setting loses it's memory after a couple days. Hoping a software update comes along to fix it. Fit and finish good, but a fair number of missing features that are software related.
  45. Jsvette56

    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    Christine, the very first self driving car (1983).
  46. Jsvette56

    Just configured! How long now?

    One week. Took delivery in December.
  47. Jsvette56

    I keep wavering back and forth between a Model S and Model 3

    I have both a 3 and a S. I prefer the S on trips as it has a much softer quieter ride. The 3 is nice in town, easier to park with less chance for door dings and also it is fun to drive.
  48. Jsvette56

    The two-Tesla charging cable conundrum

    Yes, two HPWCs would be a more elegant and better answer. But when I built the switching box back in 2013 they weren't available and even now they are about 3X more expensive than the homemade solution.
  49. Jsvette56

    The two-Tesla charging cable conundrum

    I have two EVs and had a similar problem and solved it by connecting both cars to the shared 50A receptacle. I bought two 50A contactors and a 24hr timer and wired them in an electrical connection box so it would switch between my cars in the middle of the night (I have PGE EV service which...
  50. Jsvette56

    Is it my imagination or is the Model 3 AP better than the Model S?

    I've had my M3 since December 29th and it seems that AP is smoother and makes fewer mistakes than my 2016 MS. Anyone else notice this?

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