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  1. ADEEL421

    speaker upgrade M3

    Anyone here did the speaker upgrade on their Model3 with light harmonic speaker kit? I bought the speakers but I am not sure how to install the front 3 dash speakers that are mounted behind the screen on top of dash. the ones for doors are straight forward but I cannot find any guide or video...
  2. ADEEL421

    Best time to press the TeslaCam/Dashcam icon

    What is the best practice or time to press the dashcam icon to save the event? i have a had a few instances where something happened and i pressed the icon and it recorded everything till that moment i press and little before but nothing after.... Do you guys normally wait after the event and...
  3. ADEEL421

    Here is how you clean white Tesla Seats...Best way!!!

    I have white seats in my Model S and I have been cleaning my white seats by following this method and it works 100% of the time and is safe...no issues and no harm...your leather seats (not sure if its really pure leather) will stay the same and stay clean. My Seats stays very clean and never...
  4. ADEEL421

    Creep, Roll and Hold

    So I had a loaner model 3 and I noticed it had a feature of "HOLD" under driving along side of creep and roll. see pic. How come we dont have this on our model S??? mine is a 2017 MS but only see creep and Roll. i loved how M3 would stop fully and i dont have to press the break however in my MS...
  5. ADEEL421

    Triangle with exclamation Mark! What’s abnormal?

    Noticed this sign today on my MS cluster graph when I got in to drive my kid to school. Never seen this before. Only thing is the temp is in like 40s. What is this? it went away after a while driving....and came back but then went away again.
  6. ADEEL421

    Cluster restarting every time I go to the car - Is this Normal?

    Whenever I go to the car to go somewhere I have to sit up and wait to 2-3 minutes for dash to become active. It starts with the Tesla T and takes a while to bootup. is this normal? it never used to do this before but now it's been doing it everytime. No i am not coming to the car after a day or...
  7. ADEEL421

    How many of you had Door handle issues on your Model S?

    Is door handle issue too common on model S? i wonder which one of you had this issue on your cars and what versions of door handle do you have on yours? Following video describes different versions they have on model s now.
  8. ADEEL421

    A must DIY on your Tesla to save your paint

    Some shops charge a lot for this but you can do it yourself for just 15-20bucks....the main thing is getting your paint ready. I also tried it and very happy with results. Just my honest opinion
  9. ADEEL421

    What is this that broke and is this common on Model S?

    I have a 2017 MS with 30k miles. Never been abused. For past few days I was hearing clunking noise from my suspension when driving over bumps on slow speed. Today I reversed my car from my driveway and heard as if something got detached at the suspension so I stopped and looked underneath. This...
  10. ADEEL421

    Model S body Spots

    I have a black MS. It rained and my wife parked it inside the garage and i didnt drive for 2-3 days and came back today to do a carwash and now the water drops stained the car...see pictures...it wouldnt go away. i even tried putting a little wax and tried to wash it with carwash but nothing is...
  11. ADEEL421

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    So I recently did an upgrade to light harmonics speakers. Wanted to post here hopefully it helps someone. I only recommend buying 2 speakers for front and not the rear. I explained the reasoning in the video link below which also shows the installation. The rear speakers upgrade is a waste...
  12. ADEEL421

    compact subwoofer under seat

    Anyone here tried one of those compact subwoofers that you can put under your seat? i need to add a sub with my light harmoic setup...the sound is lacking base in my basic setup even after adding Light Harmonic speakers...the sound is definitely better but still lacking base. adding a big sub in...
  13. ADEEL421

    Did you get the Auto pilot HW3 upgrade and do you see Cones?

    So I just got my model S autopilot hardware 2.0 upgraded to HW3.0. i did not get the MCU 2 upgrade so i still have MCU1 with HW3. Now my car can see the trafic light and can respond to it but i do not see the traffic cones. i had a 2.5 loaner with MCU2 and it was seeing the cones but my car does...
  14. ADEEL421

    Model S inside console wrap

    So I am in process of wrapping my Tesla model S but I’m stuck on removing the console opener where the USB ports are. I did the one slider cover above that with carbon fiber but I don’t know how to remove this one shown in the picture. If you can help please let me know. thanks

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