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  1. fseir

    Have you ever hit something on autopilot?

    My daily commute includes a zipper lane, which has little-to-no left-sided shoulder, and is right up against mobile concrete dividers (the zipper), which feel like they’re about 2 feet from my driver side. I’m sure they’re probably actually farther away, but at 60-70 mph (prevailing speed of...
  2. fseir

    Recirculate keeps turning off

    I’m currently on 2020.40.8, but this started one or two firmware updates ago: On my commute, there are a couple of areas that are notoriously stinky, so I keep recirculation turned on all the time. Prior to a recent update, this wasn’t a problem; the HVAC stayed in recirculate. Lately, it seems...
  3. fseir

    Blinded by the sun

    I know we’ve talked about this before, but what will it take for Tesla to fix it? High speed shutter? Mechanical collimators? Electronic polarizing filters? Higher iso camera? It seems if it were just a software issue, they would’ve solved it already. :confused:
  4. fseir

    Problems after FSD computer upgrade

    I know there is a master thread on HW 3.0 retrofit questions, wait time, and issues, but that thread is going on 12 pages, and covers way too much ground, so “issues” tend to get lost. This thread will focus only on post-upgrade problems and solutions. I had my FSD upgrade performed at the...
  5. fseir

    Sentry mode not triggering

    Not sure what’s going on, but sentry mode has stopped working for me on 24.4, despite saying that it’s active. I’ve toggled the setting off and on (using the icon, the main control in the settings, and the app), hard rebooted the car, and unmounted, removed, and reinserted my usb drive, all to...
  6. fseir

    Does Autopilot Update Between Firmware Upgrades?

    I had always assumed that autopilot updates only happened with firmware updates. Yesterday, autopilot suddenly handled an interchange that I ALWAYS had to override it on, and it wasn’t preceded by a firmware upgrade. There was no car ahead of me, and it had previously failed this interchange...
  7. fseir

    FSD email from Tesla (April 5, 2019)

    Has anyone received an email from Tesla about FSD, including a ballpark timeline of when service centers will receive the HW3 processors for installation into cars configured for FSD? Just wondering, because I haven’t, but this video, posted on YouTube today (4/5/2019), details this email at...
  8. fseir

    Water deionizer for $89.99?

    Has anyone here tried this? I ordered one and will give it a shot, in the name of science. Seems to get decent reviews, and you can refill the color changing resin beads yourself. For $89.99 (with free prime shipping if ordered through Amazon), this seems almost too good to be true. I’m going to...
  9. fseir

    Ceramic coating - Oahu

    Edit: mods, feel free to delete this post. I searched for Oahu ceramic coating, and didn’t get a hit, but later came across another related thread... Considering ceramic coating for my M3, but torn between spending $1399+ for Auto Concierge Hawaii (outside Neiman Marcus), who I think (based on...
  10. fseir

    Slacker Premium: What would you be willing to pay for Premium?

    Just curious what other Tesla owners would be willing to pay for a premium Slacker account? In spite of its limitations, it would certainly be nice to have the full Tesla integration, but I’m not willing to pay full price for the upgrade, since I already pay for other premium music services. I...
  11. fseir

    Review: Magnetic Power 2 XVIDA Qi Charger - The perfect Model 3 mount?

    TL;DR, this is my review of the Power 2 XVIDA Car Charger Suction Mount Image credit: XVIDA For quite awhile now, I’ve been searching for a magnetic qi charger for the M3, with a suction mount that would allow mounting to the back of the screen, so the phone could be placed somewhere closer...
  12. fseir

    Never got data sharing option

    Anyone else never receive the 14.1 data sharing request in their M3? I’m on 14.13, and I’d love to contribute to the cause, but haven’t been given the option. Maybe they’re just not ready to roll this out in some locations? Or they’re only polling a percentage of M3 owners? Or maybe I clicked...
  13. fseir

    Light patch on paint just showed up today!

    My model 3 is one month old today, and I just noticed something that I’m sure I would’ve noticed before, had it been there. On the driver’s side C-pillar, there’s a small patch of lighter colored paint, that I initially thought was a smudge from someone touching the car (I’ve noticed that random...
  14. fseir

    Cleaning the headliner

    Despite having the delivery checklist, I felt a little rushed and missed a couple of slight smudges on my headliner. Actually, I was more focused on an area of weatherstripping for the driver’s side rear door, which seems to be missing part of its powder coating (if that’s what you call it), but...
  15. fseir

    Taking kids to delivery?

    This has probably been discussed before, but my quick search turned up a bunch of unrelated radio flyer threads. Does Tesla frown on owners bringing youngish kids to new deliveries? My son is 7, and well behaved, but like me, he gets excited by shiny new toys, and will probably have a few...
  16. fseir

    Routing 12V power (hub) to the front compartment of center console

    Decided to start a new thread on this, since I may have unintentionally co-opted this one: RPMTesla seems deceiving... Skeptical about their wireless charging mat The purpose of this thread is to discuss potential solutions for routing 12V power to the front of the center console. Basically...
  17. fseir

    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    Hi first time posting. Searched for this, and didn't find anything. Has anyone on the forums purchased this yet? Chrome Trunk Molding Appliqué for Tesla Model 3 It's a chrome trim piece that simulates the horizontal accent on the Model S and X. Normally, I wouldn't look to add any unnecessary...

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