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    12V battery replacement options

    Labor was $72 of the $257.92. Declined the estimate. Ordered an Ohmmu. Mounted several tubeless motorcycle tires last week, I can install a battery. Am hoping to get a better battery, less trouble, for the $150 extra. Also saving a day trip 92 miles each way to the Service Center. Soonest...
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    12V battery replacement options

    I should have been clearer the extended warranty on my 2013 Model S declined to cover the battery which was replaced under warranty March 6, 2017 when the vehicle was 40 months old. My original post states Tesla has declined to cover cost to replace my 12v battery. My 8 year extended warranty...
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    12V battery replacement options

    My 12v warning appeared yesterday. Cost estimate: $257.92 Approving your estimate ahead of time speeds up your service visit. You will not be charged at this time. What about my extended warranty which expires in December 2021? Greetings, this is the Tesla Service Center in Nashville...
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    Have you considered doing it yourself?
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    Elizabethtown, KY Supercharger

    That is sad. Bowling Green is bad enough 15 minutes (at best) and 4.5 mile detour. And another 20+ minutes for 7.3 miles in Louisville. Compounded with the extra slow Supercharging now on 2013's, I drove the 4x4 truck last two times. South side of Indianapolis is nice, as is Athens, AL.
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    Amazes me no Supercharger on east side of Arkansas

    My Model S stays at home most of the time for just that reason. It’s last Supercharging road trip was May 2019. I have free lifetime Supercharging. Detour off I-65 for Bowling Green and Louisville add a lot of time to a long day. 500 miles in the ICE is 540 in the Tesla. Then to add insult to...
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    Anybody use Aluminum wire to their NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    2/2/2 Aluminum SEU is about $1.40/foot. If your ends are AL compatible then this is better than 6 awg CU. I agree 6 awg AL is not appropriate for 40A continuous load. The issue is how hot will you let the wire get. It probably won’t burn the house down but observe there are higher temperature...
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    Birmingham, AL - Supercharger

    If the lot is charging toll, what is the rate? Birmingham doesn’t post hourly rates, only a sign stating, “$10 Event Parking”. I expect to stop by Saturday morning.
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    FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

    There is a resistor in Tesla's Mobile Connector plug adapters which informs as to the type of adapter in use. It has no idea what is beyond the Tesla plug.
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Eventually someone got around to fixing this. But now voice navigation instructions say my house is on the wrong side of the road. App shows correct address and car in the correct driveway. Yes, I often set the destination to my own home. Gives re-routes if wreck is blocking route. And ETA if...
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    Message reading volume

    I have December 2013 hardware which didn't originally have anything for incoming text. Only discovered this addition a few months ago. I too have no control over the volume the text is read.
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    Birmingham, AL - Supercharger

    If construction is “mostly over” I say, “just wait a year.” Past 50 years I know of Birmingham has kept the streets around BJCC perpetually ripped up to reroute, reverse direction, or lay utilities under the street.
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    Supercharger - Louisville, KY - Towne Center Drive

    I don’t like the 4-5 mile parking lot between I-65 and this SC. Looking forward to Elizabethtown opening.
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    Birmingham, AL - Supercharger

    There would be big celebration if anything changed in Birmingham. I would have made several trips to Birmingham recently but decided it would be more fun to scrub the bathroom than deal with the Birmingham Supercharger and Birmingham roads. Meanwhile this SC has always been in the middle of...
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    Replaced my key fob battery

    For annual service last week gave Tesla my spare fob which is rarely used, didn't think to give both. They replaced the fob battery and gave me a new battery to install in the 2nd fob myself... I didn't, then a week later the car asked me to. So I pop the old battery out and check the voltage...
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    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    At about 180 miles from the Athens Supercharger this makes possible bypass of the awful Birmingham Supercharger.
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I have never heard of a flatbed operator hesitating to drag locked wheels up his ramp. They drag wrecks up the ramp every day.
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    Supercharger - Nashville, TN (Old Hickory Blvd)

    Elon has hinted Tesla will revert to traditional dealers in the near future. Makes sense to end dependency on service center co-located Superchargers before then. Meanwhile Tesla has a bigger problem supplying repair parts.
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    Supercharger Nashville-Brentwood Disappearing?

    I worked for me August 10, 2019. Destination was the service center. SC was shown on navigation. Status available before I got there. Unlike several months ago.
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    Church Street Church Street

    I doubt AI is trying to guess how to pronounce. For common words am pretty sure they have a lookup table for pronunciation. “Capshaw” gets mispronounced with an “R”. “Pulaski” sounds like an AI is guessing.
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    TuneIn Radio “Loading Error”

    I’ve been getting “Loading Error” on Slacker since 2013. The past 6 months or year that has mostly disappeared but replaced with an abrupt end of song and start of the next. Songs abruptly and randomly end many times more often than former “Loading Error”.
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    Church Street Church Street

    There are serval streets navigation mispronounces. Try Capshaw in Harvest.
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    Atlanta Supercharger

    Yes, at Atlantic Station the Supercharger bays are scattered higgledy piggledy as if they didn't label the cables and didn't so much as ohm the cables to identify before connecting.
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    Supercharger Nashville-Brentwood Disappearing?

    Has anyone noticed the in-car navigation refuses to route one to the Brentwood Supercharger? That the app doesn't list as a nearby Supercharger?
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    The irony is that I'm only on County Line Rd when I'm returning from Birmingham or Catisfaction (in Madison) with a cat.
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    Model S entertainment system problems

    Things have gotten worse in recent months. Slacker often ends a song early and starts the next. At least in the past it locked up with “loading error”.
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    Athens, AL, Found!

    I believe 4 of 8 stalls are so labeled. But it also means one may leave the Tesla there overnight. if connected one will probably get charged for occupancy if all the others become in use during the night.
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    Anyone from Murfreesboro, TN here?

    You know Supercharges are not really supposed to be your gas station? That the thing is to have Superchargers in the direction you travel, not near your home. But I guess things changed once Tesla started charging for use.
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    But mine is the original Tesla Range Extender since 2014! :)
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    Supercharger in SE Nashville?

    Depends on what Tesla you have. Not all can charge at 16 kW from an L2 (AC) source. Your Tesla will make use of the lesser of what what is available or the vehicle is capable. My 2013 S will only draw 40A (9.6 kW) from such a source.
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    Supercharger - Nashville TN

    I was there one Saturday morning before the showroom was open and somebody was rotating Model 3's through the Superchargers. Was glad that I got to charge.
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    Tennessee Tesla Thread

    Birmingham is worse. Is in a paid parking lot with wannabe-high end restaurants around that keep nightclub hours. Thankfully the hotel next door is open 24 hours for a restroom. The public restrooms provided by Birmingham's Uptown development are locked off-hours. In comparison to Birmingham...
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    Monrovia Body Shop has long had a reputation as the best paint shop around. Throwing another kink in the works, consider Woody Anderson Ford. Big Ford dealer gets a lot of body work. Years ago my insurance company sent me there with a Prius. Ultimately Monrovia did the work but I wasn't...
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    Driving in reverse makes GPS position wrong

    Did not have this problem when my Model S was new in December 2013 started about a year later. If I back into my driveway, about 50’, the Tesla app location shows my car across the street and 100’ north solidly in my neighbors driveway. But if I drive straight in my driveway then it is shown...
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    I'll be there.
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    Athens, AL, Found!

    Is my observation that charging rate is not always an issue for the Supercharger but for something in the car itself. Sometimes it just does not want to suck on the charger as hard as with other times. I've seen mine start at 90 kW, drop to 30 kW then rise back to 60 kW during one session.
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    Would you like to try another Tesla on your HPWC? Or try yours on another HPWC?
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    How the heck did I type that? Sorry, am MC Red S. I blame Apple because I know I typed S but fear Apple saw two similar phrases and decided they should be the same. Oh, and I shop Walmart, Kroger, and Aldi.
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    While standing next to my MC Red X I waved at a MC Red X in Costco parking lot yesterday but I don't think he saw me. :-(
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    Birmingham, AL - Supercharger

    Uh, it took my credit card sometime in the past 6 months. I have a big bone to pick with the rates being unpublished. Once it took my ticket without validation for no charge. Just how long do we have before being charged? Then charged by the minute, half hour, hour, what? How do we know when...
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    Uh, he will have trouble telling yours from mine. Tesla Discount Tire by N4HHE posted Jul 13, 2018 at 8:41 AM
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    Nashville Downtown Supercharger

    Well, if it is an Urban Supercharger then an hour might not get the job done.
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    Athens, AL, Found!

    Chick-fil-A and Bojangles are also in walking range. Have to cross US-72 to reach Bojangles but you would have to do that and cross I-65 to reach Cracker Barrel 0.5 miles away. Superchargers really badly need shaded picnic tables. That one could snag food somewhere close then eat at the...
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    Athens, AL, Found!

    Cracker Barrel 0.5 miles from Athens Supercharger. Next is at AL-36 and I-65 in Hartselle. Next is AL-157 and I-65 north of Cullman.
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    Birmingham, AL - Supercharger

    So you take 231 or 431 out of Huntsville to the Steele Supercharger? And that is better than the awful Birmingham construction and traffic? Guntersville/Albertville/Boaz are no fun. Nor is Arab. Construction blocks different roads every time I visit the Birmingham Supercharger. I went to high...
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    Service Center - Knoxville, TN

    Discount Tire:
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    Bob Wilson (an i3 owner) posted on Facebook: Bob Wilson added 4 new photos. March 24 at 11:03am · I am working on a 'flash mob' EV, plugin, and hybrid car meeting on Saturday, April 21, the day before EarthDay April 22. I've spoken with Tyson Salken of Rooster's Crow Coffee Roasters, 8402...
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    Tesla owners in Huntsville, AL

    Last week I saw an X and S on Wall-Triana near Gillespie from my S. But Sunday I saw more on the roads around the Atlantic Station Supercharger (Atlanta) than I saw at the Supercharger. December 2013, DMV said I had the 5th Tesla in Madison County.
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    Supercharger in SE Nashville?

    “6 Tesla” does not say “Supercharger.”

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