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  1. J

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    After 2k miles, I think my driving patterns have stabilized enough to report in: X90D with 20" tires - 303 Wh/Mi with most of my driving in typical SoCal commuter traffic. That's 20 points worse than my Model S average.
  2. J

    Need opinion on Model S vs. Model X

    Yinn has a great summary. My even shorter version is: Model S - More fun to drive; better at carrying stuff - get this if the car will be used primarily for moving YOU Model X - More comfortable to drive; better at carrying people - get this if the car will be used for moving OTHERS...
  3. J

    Anyone solved the ghosting double vision issue?

    I can report that the installation of Photosync 75 mitigated most of my "ghosting" issue. My ghosting was not too bad, I installed the tint mostly for heat rejection but this was a nice side-effect.
  4. J

    Windshield tint

    I don't think it's your imagination. I just had my windshield tinted after a few sunny days in (usually sunny) SoCal, where I was finding myself uncomfortably warm in the front seats, relative to my passengers. Since the tinting was installed (photosync 75) the difference is notable...
  5. J

    Model X Dash Cam Unboxing and Installation

    Thanks for sharing. Quality seems very reasonable at this price-point (especially considering the self-install). How is the nighttime video?
  6. J

    ToughPro Mats and VINs Greater than F022381

    These look a lot like the Topfit product that Teslafans sells on Ebay and (occasionally) on Amazon. I've been eyeing them myself but hadn't seen enough reviews to take the plunge myself. They look easier to clean than the ToughPro mats, but my main concern has been about fit. Hmm.
  7. J

    Full XPEL wrap and Spectra Photosync Tint on Model X from Adonis Detail.

    Thanks for sharing, this is very helpful. I was on the fence on window tinting since there seems to already to be some on the Model X, but I think I'm going to go ahead and do it ahead of summer.
  8. J

    Revamp forum structure? Merge most Model S/X forums!

    I think this is right. The things that distinguish the two are largely "Driving Dynamics" and "Interior/Exterior", I think those might want to stay vehicle-specific but the rest seem common to both.
  9. J

    Model X December Deliveries

    TL;DR: Ordered on October 14th (2nd time around, wanted to wait for AP2) Confirmed on October 21st Modified Order and received VIN on October 22nd (to add new AP2 features at $2k premium) Delivery Date sent on December 12th (had to modify this a few times because of trade-in and financing...
  10. J

    Have recently delivered Falcon Wings gotten better?

    Been just a few days (12/23) since I took delivery on an AP2 Model X, and the Falcon Wing Doors have performed flawlessly so far.
  11. J

    Rec for electrician in OC/Irvine area

    It's been awhile, but I used Green Electric Solutions out of OC/SD. Total cost was around $600, but it included a panel re-org and partial upgrade.
  12. J

    Car Transport Recommendation? (CA to WA)

    Thanks, everyone, for their feedback.
  13. J

    Car Transport Recommendation? (CA to WA)

    Slightly Off-Topic, my apologies. I'm in the process of selling my gently used California-located Model S to a family member who lives in Washington State (they are getting a great deal). More importantly - can anyone recommend a car transport company that has some familiarity with Tesla and...
  14. J

    Thermometers - where are the sensors and how can we calibrate them?

    Actually, on early VINs (such as my own), the thermometer was in the dash. Supposedly, the new (current) location provides a more accurate reading.
  15. J

    Anyone regret getting the rear facing seats?

    Interesting you mention these, are there "fresh air inlets" in the rear compartment somewhere? If so, I'm not sure my car has them (and you have a VIN lower than mine).
  16. J

    Anyone regret getting the rear facing seats?

    Interesting app . . . just to be sure, is it actually called "Camera Remote" and not "Remote Camera"? I checked the Play Store and could not find it. Also, I've had the rear facing seats, and agree with most other posters here - great for short drives around town, but I would not put my kids...
  17. J

    March OC Tesla club meet - Nethercutt Museum March 28th

    Looks like a great event. Unfortunately, I'm out of town that weekend . . .
  18. J

    Steering Wheel Media Controls Wonkiness

    Put me down for hating this new feature. Hunting down the station/song and "re-favoriting" it can be a pain in the tailpipe.
  19. J

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    My update: 29,500 at 285 Wh/mi average. Been getting some very impressive commute results in the winter SoCal weather. (The sweet spot for my commute appears to be somewhere in the 60-65F range for highway driving, where I can get below 240 Wh/mi at around 50mph on relatively flat terrain).
  20. J

    Jump seat seat belt failure

    Is it possible to get a further back pic of what failed? I see the pieces of what appears to be the latching buckle, but I'm not sure. There are several mechanisms that keep the belts in place (anchors at top, bottom, and a midpoint for adjustment). It also might be harder for me to recognize...
  21. J

    Anyone else have HORRIBLE radio reception?

    Count me in as a person who also misses good FM/AM reception. While the TuneIn app has many of my local stations, many live sports broadcasts are "blacked out"/blocked because TuneIn has not purchased game rebroadcast rights. The workaround for that is buying the game audio stream on my phone...
  22. J

    About time to unveil the D and something else

    Dennis and OC crew, I'll be there tonight as well.
  23. J

    Meetup at the Oct 9 Hawthorne Airport Event

    I'll be there . . . looking forward to meeting you all.
  24. J

    Third Row Ventilation Problem Solved

    It's a real issue. I'm in SoCal, and don't let the kids ride in the back during the summer, except on very short rides. And yes, I've had the windows tinted with Huper Optik and have adjusted the A/C settings as recommended. Relatedly, I purchased these clip on fans, and the kids said they...
  25. J

    6.0 Calendars/Google Apps?

    I'm an Android user, and had this issue until I went into Google Calendar's settings (on my phone) and selected which calendars that I wanted to display on the phone. This resulted in the corresponding changes on the Tesla calendar display. edit: typo.
  26. J

    Main Battery Replacement

    VIN - 09XXX. I and Tesla were closely monitoring my car for another reason, and they detected an anomaly in my pack sensor, so they had me come in for a complete replacement. It was easy and convenient. There were no battery pack issues detectable by me prior to getting the call. They told...
  27. J

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Update for me: Sorry No August #s Lifetime 23000 Mi. 288 Wh/mi Average 19" Tires
  28. J

    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    I have found SJC to be very susceptible to weekend leisure travel between LA and SD. So it gets pretty crowded on Fridays and Sundays.
  29. J

    Tesla Decal for Caliper Paint Project

    Personally, I like the blue/blue.
  30. J

    Photos of first test of rear lighted T on car

    Looks great on the red and white. I'm curious if it will stay true to color with other paint colors. For example, I have a blue car . . .will the glow produced look more purple than the tail-lights?
  31. J

    Vendor You asked and we made it - Triple Chrome Nosecone Grill "NCG"

    Personally, I like it. Can't tell from either pic, but is this a piece that simply snaps onto the nosecone, or does it replace the nosecone? From the Instagram pic, it looks to have been integrated with the whole fascia . . . I'd like the ability to take it off, put it back on, depending on...
  32. J

    Supercharger - Hawthorne, CA (8 V2 + 2 V3 stalls)

    Wow, looks like SJC took quite the load off Hawthorne!
  33. J

    TMC logo

    I like #72, but let me offer some feedback overall on what you might want to select - - Should work well in one color (does not rely on color separations or gradients) - It should work big or small - Something that clearly identifies with Tesla's logo (i.e. reinforces the "T"), and not some...
  34. J

    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    I was there around noon today (Memorial Day), and snagged the last spot. I expected to wait, and was pleasantly surprised. I want to echo Bound's thoughts on the authentic Mexican joint. Most Mexican places that have an attached butcher shop/bakery are pretty good, and this is no exception.
  35. J

    Teslas in Seal Beach

    I'm in nearby Cypress and occasionally in the Rossmore area. Perhaps we should do a OCTesla meeting in this area, looks like there are quite a few of us from TMC around . . .
  36. J

    Optional New Feature!

    Interesting. Alcantara is harder to clean than leather (or fake leather), so I would probably avoid this option. Unsure how it would do over time with direct sun exposure as well . . .
  37. J

    Teslarati pulls a "Broder:" Does L2 charging even exist for Tesla drivers?

    Reading the article just reinforces the need for a Primm Supercharger. The drive to Vegas from California has enough wind/heat/elevation variables that I think it's necessary . . . especially if you're in a 60kWH, although I know it has been done.
  38. J

    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    Definitely busy. I showed up at around 8:30pm last night and chanced into a spot as someone was pulling out. The rest of the stalls were full. Like others have mentioned, some stalls are head in, others are tail in. No signs that people were leaving their car for extended periods, I think...
  39. J

    Tesla Model S Side Marker Bulb Replacement

    Did you need to install a resistor as well, or did they run at the right speed out-of-the-box?
  40. J

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Update for me: 15800 miles, 288 lifetime wh/mi, 60kwh, 19" tires
  41. J

    Tesla won't play French songs - sort of

    This seems to be an issue with any music with special (read: non-standard English) characters in the name. It actually manifested itself for me in just the last few software updates. I have emailed on this topic yet but have not yet heard a response.
  42. J

    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    I don't know who has the more recent information, but when I was in my local service center 2 weeks ago, while I was waiting, a few center consoles were received from Fedex and calls went out to owners to schedule an install . . .
  43. J

    EV Credit, TurboTax, & the IRS

    Yikes, I'm in the same boat (and already filed). I'll call Intuit tomorrow to try to get to the bottom of this.
  44. J

    Will Tesla support CarPlay?

    Interesting. Based on that article, it looks as though their might be proprietary connector (Lightning) required and/or use of the Model S wi-fi system. I would think that you could do it via USB, which should have sufficient bandwidth to handle the chore. Perhaps this is part of a major push...
  45. J

    Will Tesla support CarPlay?

    The stuff I'm reading here reminds me of other tech boards where Android vs. iOS debates run rampant. I think most here seem to think Tesla should (or even will) support all phone systems. However, I think the pushback has more to do with the reality that there are limited resources at Tesla...
  46. J

    How do you deal with valet?

    I've valet'ed many times in L.A. without a hitch - I think every valet in the city has parked a few Teslas by now and they know the drill.
  47. J

    Supercharger - Primm, NV

    This is a great development for us 60 owners! But graphics are not caught up, I was at Hawthorne yesterday and the supercharger graphic there had a blank spot for Primm but a giant red dot for Las Vegas.
  48. J

    Next OC Tesla Meet 2/15 or 2/23 10 am to noon.

    I can't wait for the software patch that reverses gravity!! Apoc, thanks for organizing! A very informative event today. I encourage others to come next week (if there are still spots available).
  49. J

    Has anyone received a replacement 14-50 in the mail?

    I talked with someone at my service center today, and they mentioned that while there are "updated" 14-50 adapters floating out there (including one I just got with the green dot), that the version with the new sensor/fuse is not yet available. No update on the timeline either.
  50. J

    Set Up WiFi Popup

    It's a bug. I had the same issue, and after I tried all the tricks you guys attempted, I called the service line. They ID'd it as an incorrect flag in my profile. They dialed into the car, wiped the flag, and I haven't had a problem since (and it's been a few weeks now).

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