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  1. morbot

    Software Update 2018.32.2 3817fdd

    Got the update to this version last night. I did notice that my traffic is refreshing more frequently now. Still a bit of a delay after starting up the car, but I don't have to manually refresh it or use the navigation just to get traffic updates. I've encountered a really crummy bug though...
  2. morbot

    Firmware 8.1

    I just got update to 2018.32.2 3817fdd last night. When I try to use the steering wheel FWD/BCK buttons to change between streaming radio channels, it doesn't work. And, after attempting, the media player completely freezes. It'll finish the existing song, but you cannot skip songs, cannot...
  3. morbot

    Traffic colors wrong in some zoom levels / not refreshing

    They did this intentionally? This is the worst decision since New Coke. This needs to be reverted immediately and whomever decided it was a good idea should be fired... out of a cannon... into the sun. Our "luxury" cars now are lacking real time traffic - a feature than you can find on a Kia...
  4. morbot

    What to do with old gas ?

    It's going to vary depending on where you live, but check your local services for Household Hazardous Waste Disposal. In Seattle for example you can drop off plenty of items, including gasoline, for free (daily limits apply) and they'll make sure its properly disposed of.
  5. morbot

    Voice Music search 8.0

    I like that it plays without me having to look away from the road. Haven't had it play a wrong song yet. When doing a voice search, i just add "by artist" at the end, that usually gets it right. Like: "Play Frank Sinatra by Cake"
  6. morbot

    Slacker: No more songs available

    I got this the other day too while listening to Slacker's comedy station. I've also notice my songs load up a LOT slower over the past week. To the point where I can hit the buffering and the song pauses. I have the LTE upgrade and most the time i have a strong connection when this slowness...
  7. morbot

    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    It's easy to think it'd be hard not to see a semi turn in front of you, but in the wrong conditions like this... obviously it can happen. All it takes is taking your eyes off the road for a moment and missing the cab. Whether on standard cruise control, TACC, or just out on a somewhat deserted...
  8. morbot

    New Center Console notice email

    Yeah, the new one looks more solid than the drop-in version I have from Tesla. The drop-in definitely feels flimsy. The piano black surface on it is covered micro-swirl type scratches that catch the light, despite me never putting anything on top of it. The phone charger aspect of it never...
  9. morbot

    Firmware 7.1

    I got the update this morning and I have a gym membership... that I haven't used in like 3 years. Does that count? ;)
  10. morbot

    Newer car reliability poll (2015-2016)

    Technically received 12 days before 2015 but I'll chime in here: I know rattles are such a minor thing compared to some of the stuff people have had, but man is it frustrating. I've had few a new rattles develop, one is coming from the passenger side somewhere, either the B or C pillar, I...
  11. morbot

    Anyone have a creak in their rear hatch fixed by Service?

    I had couple issues with rattles in my rear hatch which Tesla fixed. One was with the speaker grill below the window. They fixed that by adding some felt to make the grill more snug so it didn't shake. I could repro the noise on most roads & also by firmly tapping just below it. Another...
  12. morbot

    Think we'll ever have 3rd party apps?

    I haven't heard any discussion on this in awhile, and when I searched there were several posts from back in 2014 predicting we'll have it by 2015 :rolleyes: Anyone have any insight? Has this come up in any interviews or speeches lately? Kinda seems unlikely at this point, which is too bad. I...
  13. morbot

    Bluetooth problem? Entering the car while on a call - doesn't transition to speakers

    Edited the first post to clarify a bit: My phone switches from speakerphone to bluetooth mode. (speakerphone shuts off, bluetooth talk mode button lit up [Android OS].. its trying to transition to the speakers... just nothing happens) Everything on my phone UI shows it is connected. The car...
  14. morbot

    Airport parking at SeaTac?

    I'm not sure... I thought I read something about some spots having access to a standard wall plug, but I've never remembered to check. most trips I take are under a week, and if longer I usually just get a car service as it comes out to about the same price.
  15. morbot

    Source button gone! - 7.1 update

    Hmm... I've worked in software development a long time and take issue with a few of the assumptions you're making. I obviously do not work for Tesla nor do I have any insight into their operations, but I do know industry best practices and I've seen my fair share of software approaches. Yeah...
  16. morbot

    Bluetooth problem? Entering the car while on a call - doesn't transition to speakers

    It's pretty common for me to already be on the phone when I get in the car in the morning, lots of morning meetings. I've noticed it a few times now, when I enter the car with a call in progress, the audio does not come out of the car speakers. The phone is conencted via bluetooth: 1...
  17. morbot

    Airport parking at SeaTac?

    I really liked MasterPark Lot G with their express pay system and all, but I've not used them since getting the Tesla as I'm not thrilled about having someone valet the car. I've been using WallyPark Premier garage self-park. They have canvas protectors between each spot to prevent door dings...
  18. morbot

    Tesla moments

    Had an odd moment last week. Was heading home late in the evening and decided to pick up something quick from the drive-thru at Wendy's. Behind me in line was big ol' pickup truck from maybe the early 80s with some loud rumbly motor under the hood. As I'm at the window waiting to grab my...
  19. morbot

    Tesla Priorities: Refine Autopilot or Fix Everything Else?

    Everyone has a different view into what the priorities should be... and none of us are certain how much Tesla hears us or what they're up to. It's bound to cause anxiety. It'd be nice if they enhanced the MYTESLA section of teslamotors.com for verified owners and included some sort of...
  20. morbot

    Summon Parking Experiences?

    I honestly cannot imagine a time I'd use the feature to pull into a spot. If the spot is that tight, I'm not going to park there... you never know if the person next to you has a passenger that might ding you. Now pulling out of a spot, that'll come in handy if some jerkwad parks too close...
  21. morbot

    Power Folding Mirror Failure (or User Error)

    Sometimes one of my mirrors won't fold... I think partially because the paint protection and chrome delete are causing it to be pretty snug. If only one mirror unfolds, I always just hit the button and they sync up again. Never had to manually/physically adjust it... does worry me each time...
  22. morbot

    Those with paint armor, does it ALWAYS have the line across the hood?

    Hopefully it doesn't have the "half hood" implementation as shown in your screenshot... it's terrible having that line across the hood and I can't believe they even offered it in the first place. As CHG-ON mentioned, check the edging, particularly the corners, and you may see an edge. If it's...
  23. morbot

    Humorous Album Art

    The album "2.0" by Big Data looks a lot like a "broken image" icon for gifs. Looks funny when it comes up on Slacker.
  24. morbot

    Android app's new version

    7 now, he's a selling machine! Would be cool if he gets a Model X, would love to see the additional videos :)
  25. morbot

    Android app's new version

    Valet mode option is a nice new feature. Would've been nicer if they'd enabled some notification options that iOS has had for a long time. The "From Elon" button seems kinda just, slapped on a random space and it overlaps with my car's name. I don't mind the new interface for news & updates...
  26. morbot

    Post pics here of your wrapped or custom painted Tesla

    Posted before, but here's my XPEL Stealth wrap which allows the black paint underneath to show through, but alters the look of the finish:
  27. morbot

    Continuous clicking noise under dash, please help.

    Sounds like a fan rattle or vibration... similar to when something goes wrong with a PC fan. Given that it doesn't seem related to anything with the cabin of the car (infotainment, air conditioning, etc) as it continues while the system is off, it could be related to core systems or battery...
  28. morbot

    2nd caliper on rear brakes

    I was under the impression that the 2nd caliper on the rear tires are the regenerative breaks? Never had it confirmed though. This doesn't seem like a good idea.
  29. morbot

    Tesla Advertising Now?

    That is true, but when you think about "traditional" advertising (TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, etc), their lack of participation in those areas is pretty unique. I would imagine that around the time we see the Model 3 entering production as a car priced for mass consumption, then maybe...
  30. morbot

    It looks like I have LTE enabled

    Had my car in at the service center today to fix a rattle. While doing a test drive with a technician and asked about the LTE service. He mentioned that he thought it was just basically changing out essentially a SIM card type chip, but he wasn't aware of any official retrofit being offered or...
  31. morbot

    Quality problems; "veteran members" tell us, how significant are they?

    I don't have my VIN in my sig... and while discussing a rather minor issue here they were able to track me down and contact me regarding it. Was pretty interesting they were able to find me out, although I supposed I revealed enough info about myself :)
  32. morbot

    Hotwheels Model S

    More news - Tesla Model S Matchbox And Hot Wheels Toys Are Finally Here - Gas 2 But no solid information on when we'll find them in stores. Matchbox - Looking Good Hotwheels... not so much. That spoiler! Kill it! Kill it with fire!
  33. morbot

    Tesla Service

    They give you all the hardware required to do a front mount and they will install it for free if you want it. I don't think Tesla enforces it to be installed when required by state law, at least here in WA it is the law but they did give me the option of if I wanted to have it installed or not...
  34. morbot

    Access to Front Camera

    It's a shame that the autopilot cars seem to be so close to having built in front & rear dash cams... but they fall short of it. Granted, we don't know what the camera "sees" or what the specs are... but it seems like with just a bit of software and a storage device, the car could have built in...
  35. morbot

    Can we handle lane keeping and other autopilot features when they are released?

    To expand upon my quick between meetings reply: If we could trust everyone to always be responsible grown-ups in all situations, there's a lot of things that we could have that would make life more interesting or cool. It seems that for some time, things have been getting dumbed down and the...
  36. morbot

    Can we handle lane keeping and other autopilot features when they are released?

    I don't think it's a problem unique to "Tesla Community". Humanity in general tends to mess things up and its why we can't have nice things.
  37. morbot

    Cracked windshield

    Yup, in Washington you're almost guaranteed to pay it out of pocket (depends of course on your deductible limit). Is replacing a Tesla window more complicated/expensive than a "normal" car? If not, it should probably run ya somewhere aroune $300-$500. Buddy of mine has had terrible luck with...
  38. morbot

    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    This is a bit off topic, but ever since learning more about this case it's kinda frustrating to see people still reference it as an example of a frivolous lawsuit. While the "hot coffee" lawsuit was roundly mocked in the news and media (because honestly, it sounds silly!) the elderly woman was...
  39. morbot

    So when do you stop loving your car and ignoring the small (and not so small) issues?

    While everyone's experiences are going to vary, and some people it seems have had worse luck than others with certain items I think the important thing is to look how Tesla is handling issues. Most stories I hear are about fantastic service. About Tesla stepping up, trying their best, etc...
  40. morbot

    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    First off, sounds like everyone in your family is ok? At least you don't mention any injuries. If so, that is great news and something to be thankful for. Looks like the car did a very good job absorbing the impact and protecting you. I hope the people in the other car were ok too. There's...
  41. morbot

    I want to buy a used Tesla, how do I make sure it has the self driving hardware?

    While checking the build date will help filter your searches, the most obvious information would be revealed in a test drive before purchasing. You'll be able to see through the features, and via the car behavior if it truly has autopilot.
  42. morbot

    Random Model S sightings

    I'd never intentionally park like that... begging to get keyed. Between a tight spot and the risk of getting ding'd, or doing that and asking to get vandalized, I'll take my risk with dings. Of course, if there's a 3rd option to park further away I'd take that... but that's not always an...
  43. morbot

    Model S Squeaks, Creaks, and Rattles

    Made an appointment to do a drive-along with a Tesla tech... they give you a print out form you can document each creak/rattle on now which should help them get it right the first time. Just about everyone I've ever known who has bought a new car eventually notices rattles, it's not an issue...
  44. morbot

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    The Black Pearl (the material I used on my chrome delete is called "black pearl")
  45. morbot

    Hotwheels Model S

    I'm hoping its just shadow or something... but it looks like the one in packaging has a huge pronounced rear spoiler? Little more info for people looking to find it, based on the package I was able to find this wiki site Toy#: CFH03 Col#: 217 (also noted on the packaging) Series: Garage (seems...
  46. morbot

    Firmware 6.2

    I went from .124 to .188 last night, but I think the middle patch mostly effected P models right? I'm on a standard. Was too tired & zoned out this morning to pay attention to any different feel of the car, will see how the evening commute goes.
  47. morbot

    Model S Buyers: What's Your Income?

    While it's interesting question to ask, you have to realize that income level is not the only way to measure finances and wealth. There's a lot of factors from where you are in life; young, old, married, kids, single, savings, etc. A person could be retired, with a lot of savings and only...
  48. morbot

    Frunk Dent (Frustrating...)

    Does the frunk have a design flaw? Well let me put it this way... I'm so nervous about causing a crease/dent in the hood that I don't use the frunk. I have an emergency roadside kit in there which I rarely if ever need access to but aside from that the entire space is wasted, I didn't even...
  49. morbot

    Firmware 6.2

    Guess I'll try reporting it through the build in bug reporting system next time I notice it. Problem is, the days are getting so long that I'm not doing as much night mode driving. Hate to call that a "problem"... I love our long summer days here in Seattle :)
  50. morbot

    Firmware 6.2

    Did some searching but didn't find anything... Anyone else having problems with screen brightness settings? I originally had my daytime brightness set to 65% and my night time brightness set to 35% then set it to auto... and it would change brightness accordingly. Since 6.2, it seems it just...

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