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    Performance Model 3 Drag Race - 2021 vs 2018 - Is it Faster?

    Can't test on different SW. M3p had better starts before. And they messed up something with the synchronization of the motors...
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    Unable to login Youtube

    Works on 1 out of our 3 cars.
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    Performance Model 3 Drag Race - 2021 vs 2018 - Is it Faster?

    20% soc. 12.5 second from 0-60mph Huge number of people wants to return theirs M3p in Norway. We're waiting for software fix.. Tesla bjørn also have some youtube videos about it. Hoping for some article on electric or similar sites.. If Elon get to know about this problem. Things will move...
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    Performance Model 3 Drag Race - 2021 vs 2018 - Is it Faster?

    Under 80%. It's really slow. Std long range is faster. It's some kind of SW problem. Tesla sais it has 1. Priority to find the problem.
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    Performance Model 3 Drag Race - 2021 vs 2018 - Is it Faster?

    We have problems with EU models. 2021 is slow as f... Even with hot battery. Several cars can't even retain speed limit when getting under 20% soc. It's not a temp problem. As some stupid Norwegian YouTubers think..
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    3 Unintended Acceleration events when parking my Tesla S P in my garage.

    Don't be angry. Just turn on creep mode. You can easily get this data yourself. Maby mount a gopro and try doing the same? You should be glad you don't have a P85D or P90D. They are WAY quicker the first feet. Would mess up your garage, really bad :)
  7. K

    3 Unintended Acceleration events when parking my Tesla S P in my garage.

    Always a story about how many fast cars the person has owned or owns... But 90% of people know the brakes is way stronger then the engines... And faulty throttle? Nope... Turn on creep mode.
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    Phantom braking fixed?

    Never been worse. Tesla is logging a lot of cars in Norway because of this. With "help" from TOCN. Had one "ok" trip yesterday. Dangerous cars to use with ACC and autopilot on public roads.
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Not fixed. A lot of owners in Norway have problems. Lowering the car helped a bit. Not long for people with a heavy foot.
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    It's actually a first prinsipp when designing a driveline. Why do you think they lowered the speed limit and distance in "high"? Because tesla finely found a manufacturer that could make a driveshaft? It doesn't sound right ;) You don't need to believe me. Just Google drive shafts angels...
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    Phantom braking fixed?

    And of course.. White trucks still mess with autopilot. Can't believe how they went from the best system, to the worst
  12. K

    Phantom braking fixed?

    In Europe we call it phantom breaking too. Because tesla stopped showing us wrong speed limits. Same phenomenon. Car snaps wrong speed limits from roads far away. It's really bad. Just getting worse every time they update. Was fine for some weeks. When they had a *sugar* storm in Germany...
  13. K

    Phantom braking fixed?

    It's not fixed. It won't be fixed until tesla removes speed limit in tiles. And they won't do that.
  14. K

    "Raven" Shudder

    Lowering the car (as tesla started to do) have always helped
  15. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I don't understand why you think a new manufacturer wold fiks this problem? It's a design problem. That's why tesla lowering peoples model x. They need to move the drive unit. Shudder will be back. But if they lowered your car, it will be fine for a long time
  16. K

    Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Record Lap At Laguna Seca

    Probably in the first meters. P100DL is slow, compared to P85D P90D.
  17. K

    Phantom breaking getting worse on 2020.36.3.1

    It's a big safety concern in Norway. Lots of wrong speed limits. ACC and autopilot is useless with AP2+. I really miss the good old ap1
  18. K

    Large Rear Drive Unit Replacement

    They also have a algorithm for change, before it get a sound or simular. Had it on my P100DL.
  19. K

    HDMI interface to the touchscreen

    Don't work :/
  20. K

    Anyone want to help modify a Radio Flyer Model S?

    forgot to update this thread. (And hook up my new battery.). Will update in some days.
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    Anyone else bothered by the "3D" zoom-out on the IC nav display

    I think the autopilot team have done some work her. Worked fine before. Just like autopilot did
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    Driver Side Wiper Hits Frame

    Same issue on our model X. Tesla fixed it. But... They adjusted both wipers. So when it started raining. Car acted crazy. Passenger wiper wasn't close to wipe in front of the camera. Had to stop and adjust it myself. How can anyone at a workshop be that stupid?
  23. K

    360 surround view + HDMI kit testing

    Worked great with mcu2 ap2. Haven't testet with the newest SW. If it doesn't work.. I will ask tesla to downgrade.
  24. K

    Will MCU2 allow audio streaming while driving?

    Some SW allows audio and video while driving. Some allow video.. Sometimes not allowed at all...
  25. K

    Whoa Holy Phantom Braking

    Don't complain! Autopilot is useless in Europe because of this. 2015-2017 was the best years of Tesla
  26. K

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    I know why they wanted me to change wheels and suspension.. Picked up the car. They bendt the rear wheel badly. I can actually see the tire in the mirror. Car shakes as hell. It's so bad that the dashcam is shaking. I wouldn't care about small marks... But they made the car dangerous to drive...
  27. K

    "Project Palladium" = big refresh to Model S/X?

    Take a look inside a P100D raven Looks like a 2012 S 60.. Cheapest interior ever. How bad will the new S be?
  28. K

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    Tesla didn't like my post about P100DL performance loss... They suddenly says it's because my car is lowerd 1" Can't go past 120mph because it's dropped 1" at a service cent, so I don't need to replace drive shafts every month. I'm getting tired of this *sugar*...
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    Sustained performance degraded?

    Yes, tesla do this to every performance. Se my thread. My P100DL is slower then my x100D now. My P85D (not L) is faster then my P100DL.. S75D i rental car... People didn't believe me when I started my thread a year ago. Now it's happening to a lot of people. People thought Top Gear cheating...
  30. K

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    I have papers from Tesla. Telling me that my P100DL won't go past 136mph if my battery is 70% or less. (PS. It won't go past this with 85% soc or 90% either..) They said it BMS protecting my battery. But I baugt a performance car. My X100D is faster from 0-120mph. The S75D is faster to.. With...
  31. K

    Reduced torque after half shaft and clevis mount replacement to fix acceleration judder/rattle?

    I have a thread on this. Tesla says my car won't go over 231kmt because I just had 70% SOC. Didn't help when I charged it to 85 or 90.. "BMS is protecting your battery". So I asked for new appointment this week. I will update my thread soon. Nice to have some facts from Tesla on this.
  32. K


    20.1 and T5 works fine on our X. Stopped working in my S..
  33. K

    Auto dimming mirrors

    I found a picture on a forum of it. And it has dimming. So I guess it's real. Sad they don't use the automatic in it.
  34. K

    Auto dimming mirrors

    Model S X and 3 has sensor in the mirror for this. Can't understand why tesla don't use them.
  35. K

    Did Tesla just de-tune my car?? (Death rattle gone)

    My P100DL is so "down tuned" I can't reach top speed. But all the smart people on this forum. Tells me tesla don't do stuff like that. Best regards "Owner of a P100DieseL"
  36. K

    2020.12.5 New Launch Mode and 2017 P100DL Slower Now!

    Your full off BS... That's what people are telling me... Tesla dropps the power fast on older P100DL. From 0-190kmt. My Model X100D is just as fast as my S P100DL. I can't even react top speed anymore. I tried to make a thread about this last year. But people trashed it. No wonder why Top...
  37. K

    Sentry Mode USB flash drive failure costing me thousands

    My car is "eating" sticks and ssd. They works fine in my model x. After a day or hours, I get an X (it actually happened just as I wrote this). I tryed 20-40 different high quality sticks and ssd.
  38. K

    New 85kWH battery for my 2013 P85+

    Of course it has... Do you think they restrict the batterys for fun? I know exactly what Tesla is doing with their batterys.. Ben monitoring restrictions on 85packs several years before everybody got restrictions... Same thing happened to my P100DieseL now.. It's so restricted that ny 100X is...
  39. K

    New 85kWH battery for my 2013 P85+

    I know you don't need to. Just saying some of us had this restrictions year's ago. Because of hard use. It's totally normal to have degrading battery's. Tesla would have world domination if they made batterys that could handle this kind of use year after year...
  40. K

    New 85kWH battery for my 2013 P85+

    I know the cells can't handle it. If you used your car hard. You got this "charge gate reduction" years ago. Som of us had this happend in 2016 and 2017. My friend got a new battery after a contactor gave up. Back to old "faster" charging.
  41. K

    Anyone want to help modify a Radio Flyer Model S?

    I have one you can test with. Swaped the Motors on one of the childrens car. Soft start would be nice. On the "Parents Edition", I just used a throttle from a scooter. Strengthen the chassis with aluminum frame and bearings.
  42. K

    New 85kWH battery for my 2013 P85+

    They will always slow down charging after a while. No battery in the world can handle the same charging speed it's entirely life. Tesla won't recall all old 85 packs for replacement. Not a problem. The only problem is that Tesla have given people impression that a battery won't have any...
  43. K

    Warped rotors

    Jupp. Not warped rotors. If you don't use your brakes. Your steering wheel will shake after a while.. Warped rotors don't shake your wheels. Just your brake pedal.
  44. K

    Ludicrous+ easter egg dialog box removed from 2019.40.1.1 ?

    It's gone on some trips. ( Like the older update, with the same problem). Lane change and wiper update is better. They brought back a lot of old problem with this update. I think they need to send test updates to people who actually uses their cars.
  45. K

    P100DL max power with 36.1?

    Dragtimes also did a video where they compare how slow a "used" P100D is.. I don't need a device telling me a P100D is slower. It's obvious for people who owns this cars. Just try a Model 3 performance in reverse. If you can't feel how much faster the throttle response is.. See a doctor. (And...
  46. K

    Model S P90D

    Suspension in low.
  47. K

    P100DL max power with 36.1?

    The P100D Get way slower over time. Great that american people are beginning to noticing this. On our "on ramp", my P100DL has the same topspeed as our P85D, m3P and X100D. The funny thing is that it's the same speed with my P100DL, "cold" battery, warm, 100% soc. 30% soc.. Only me in the car...
  48. K

    P100DL max power with 36.1?

    Traction limited? Sorry.. But try a P85D / P90D . It's kicking P100DieseL in the start.. Cars that have some miles with "hard" usages, get power reduction faster than a newer car. I made another thread about it. But people is blind in this forum.. Tesla have reduced the power before.. And...
  49. K

    Model X P100D vs Model 3 Performance

    I have s thread on this. Tesla has removed a lot of power in the start of P100D. P85D and P90D is still the old "Tesla kick" off the line. (Have both.. And wife got a X).

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